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Most Viewed Restaurants in Hungary

  • Café Miró Grande: Café Miró Grande

    by Julia65 Updated Apr 4, 2011

    I would like to introduce a famous restaurant in Budapest, Hungary.
    Café Miró Grande, the most elegant resturant and event venue of Budapest. It's located in the heart of Budapest at 9. Liszt Ferenc Square.
    Hosts were friendly in a great romantic atmosphere.
    This is traditional Hungarian cuisine. Wine selection is mostly Hungarian wines. My favourite wine is Tokaji in this restaurant.
    Main dishes are fantastic! I always eat Buttery veal roast or Paprika chicken with egg-dumpling souffle. And prices are ordaniry, not expensive.

    I tell all my friends to go and eat there if they are going to Budapest.
    You can read more information in Café Miró Grande's website

    Favorite Dish: I always eat Buttery veal roast or Paprika chicken with egg-dumpling souffle. And prices are ordinary, not expensive.

    Caf�� Mir�� Grande
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  • Café Miró Grande: Café Miró Grande

    by Paul35 Updated Apr 4, 2011

    Actually, I have been at the Café Miró Grande with my friends recently, and we had the opportunity to taste the best wines with the best food according to Hungaria traditions. We had really good impressions on the Hungarian cuisine and hospitality. The food fresh and delicious, the waiters were polite as well.

    Favorite Dish: My favourite dishes are Tuna fish salad with olives and Chicken breast baked with sun-dried tomato and basil ewe cheese, served with baked cheese and potato pie in Café Miró Grande.
    Miró Grande's website is contain the full Menu.

    Caf�� Mir�� Grande
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  • laziali's Profile Photo

    Randevu sorozo&restaurant: The not so usual pizza house

    by laziali Updated Apr 4, 2011

    Very friendly italian restaurant with well-equipped bar :-) and maybe it wouldnt be anything special as the "gulash soup" is somewhere near here - but the pizza make the difference- absolutely great -remember to try th one with GOAT CHEESE.

    Favorite Dish: All dishes pizzas or pastas are good prepared as I mentioned the pizza with the goat cheese is the "specialite de la maison"

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  • Paprika: Huge Portion of Authentic Hungarian Food

    by tamasbr Updated Aug 22, 2010

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Authentic Hungarian Restaurant with HUGE PORTIONS. Highly interesting interior; based on Hungarian cottage peasant life, it features log ceilings, wowen-reed walls, and original hungarian oven, feels like you are in the villages of Hungary somewhere not in Budapest.
    Very Popular place, so make reservations or show up, register and go nearby for a cofffee.

    Favorite Dish: Venison and vegetables ragout served with sliced dumpling and cranberry sauce, Pancake filled with chicken breast meat and cheese sauce,Chestnut pure with whipped cream

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  • Bécsiszelet: Breaded Veal, Chicken, Pork paper Thin

    by tamasbr Written Aug 19, 2010

    Bécsiszelet éterem has 7 locations in Budapest. Excellent thin pounded meat covered in delicious breading. Enormous portions. Friendly Service and Polite Waiters and Waitresses.
    Here are a few locations: One on the Buda Side and a few on the Pest Side.

    II.ker.Margit krt 6,
    tel: 06/1/212-4755
    Open from: 11.00AM - 10.00P.M

    VIII.Üllõi út 16/a
    tel: 267-4937
    Open: 11:30A.M - 10:00P.M

    VII.Király utca 69.
    tel: 351-6043

    VII.Dohány utca 43.
    tel: 268-0535
    Open: Mon to Sun: 12:00AM-1200P.M :Friday and Saturday till 1:00 A.M

    VII.István utca 8.
    tel: 321-6718
    Open: Fri-Sat:11:00AM - 11.00P.M.,Sunday till 10.00PM.

    for a full list of locations and opening hours check out their web link below.

    Favorite Dish: This restaurant specializes in 'Wienersnitzel' so it is the reason to go; My favourite is veal, but you can have chicken, or pork. I like it served with potato Croquette and Red Cabbage Salad.

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  • Kisharang Etelbar (Little Bell Eatery): Truly Hungarian Dishes

    by tamasbr Updated Aug 19, 2010

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Excelent little Eatery; small and crowded at lunch time because it is so good, so cheap, and popular. Menu in three languages. Open daily from 11.30 A.M. to only 5.30 P.M Best to go after the local lunch crowd, say 1.30 P.M

    Favorite Dish: Some of my many favourites from this excellent little place: Chicken Paprika ,cauliflower soup, and their 'aranygaluska' or goldennoodle desert.

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  • zaffaran's Profile Photo

    Vendiof Vendeglo: Halaszle-fish soup in Baia

    by zaffaran Updated Dec 27, 2009

    Located in BAIA (which is well-known for it's traditional fish soup) on bank of the river. The place is very nice and tables are situated in the shadows what is very important when the temperature reaches 40 centigrade degrees.
    Baia is a town on the way from Mohacs to Segedyn (road No 55)

    Favorite Dish: Yummy (and very traditional ) fish soup which in Hugarian is called halaszle

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  • Penelope4's Profile Photo

    Tercia Kft: Restaurant near Sopron w/ great wines!

    by Penelope4 Updated Sep 11, 2009

    I have been to Hungary a couple of times - at times by train, by car, by bus. Whenever I join a day excursion, I have noticed that the bus stops at Tercia Kft. And every time we have our stop over there, we get served fast, the meals are fresh, the waiters are pleasant and we get to keep our timetable.

    A plus for travellers - adjacent to the restaurant is a souvenir shop. You will always find something.

    Favorite Dish: I have tried many of their dishes but I enjoy trying a glas of Hungarian wine (it takes time to choose because they have so many nice variety of white and red).

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  • DueSer's Profile Photo

    Gerbeaud's: Classic Budapest Coffeehouse

    by DueSer Written Mar 28, 2009

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This place has been in business for over 150 years and is THE place to go in Budapest - at least it was in the past. It's still fun to go now but it is an expensive place. Consider going just for coffee and a pastry so you can see it and be able to tell your friends you've been. It's a fun experience. I sat inside and at the next table was an elderly English woman talking about when she used to visit in the 1950s. It was fun listening to her reminisce.

    If you want to eat outside, there are tables and chairs that face out onto the square. It's a busy, popular spot so the people watching would be fantastic.

    Favorite Dish: They have a very large case of pastries and other sweet treats that are all reasonably priced. I had what the waitress called cherry pie but it sure didn't look like any slice of pie I'd ever seen. It was simple but delicious.

    Gerbeaud's classy interior Gerbeaud facing out onto Vorosmarty ter.
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  • DueSer's Profile Photo

    McDonalds: No Really

    by DueSer Updated Mar 28, 2009

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    What makes this McDonalds worthy of a visit? It does not look like any McDonalds you've ever seen before that is certain. Designed in a turn-of-the-last-century style, there are lavendar ceilings, gold chandeliers, green wrought iron, tile floors, and lots of potted plants. It's PRETTY. No red and yellow stripey action like you'll see in other McDonalds. They've done an excellent job of blending in with the Eiffel-designed station where they're located. Good for them.

    Go see it even if you don't eat here because it's really nice and you can amaze your friends at home when you show them the pictures.

    Favorite Dish: I found that there were a lot of things on their menu here that I've never seen at any other McDonalds, US or international (not that I spend much time in McDonalds when I'm traveling abroad but, desperate times and all that. I have popped into a few). What excited me the most was the raspberry pie. Not only was it the old-fashioned fried pie like US McDonalds used to have but don't anymore (sadly) but the filling was raspberry! Never seen anything like that before and it was yummy.

    That's just one example, though. There were numerous sandwiches here that are, if not unique to Budapest then, at least, not readily available other places.

    A Most Unusual Mickey D's
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  • Pest-Buda: Worst Service Ever!!

    by nzbumpkin Written Jan 20, 2009

    The food was *** and the service even worse. The decor and interior is nice but it's all downhill from there. There's some seedy dude on the violin checking out all the girls and making creepy eye contact with everyone. All the waiters look like they're from the Mafia with long greasy hair. When we left they charged us a service charge (12%) which we left out. He chased us out the door and demanded we pay or else he'd call the police as it was against the law to not pay service charge. It mentioned service charge on the Hungarian menu but every other one it was blanked out... Rip off!

    Favorite Dish: Food is overpriced and absolute rubbish. Do yourself a favour and walk a few minutes down the road. Or in fact don't go to this area at all.

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  • DueSer's Profile Photo

    Vendiak: Great Place

    by DueSer Written May 6, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    It's a small place but it actually has a non-smoking section, a rarity in Central Europe. Their food is a nice mix of foreign and traditional Hungarian.

    Favorite Dish: Hungarian Bean Soup. It's fantastic! And it comes with a basket of homemade bread.

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  • British pubs: Go local

    by treekiller Written Mar 18, 2008

    There are a few british pubs to eat in when your there. DONT.

    It worked out about 25 euro for just a plain boring pub lunch. It wasnt worth the money, so when your there go local, they generally know best.

    There are some really nice taverns with various themes, so look them up, its worth the experience.

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  • Fatal restaurant: you have to try it!

    by mbittner123 Written Apr 8, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    what I really like in this restaurant is the way how they serve food: in a frying pan! Of course , it depends on what kind of dish did you order but every time I had my meal served in a pan :) and knieves sticked into the sausage or some meat. looks really crazy!
    and the food is delicious! maybe too much for a lady but it is really tasty and interesting!

    Favorite Dish: I can`t recall the real name of it but you cannot miss anything you take! And, of course - they have menues in german and english and you can choose whatever you like. I would not recomend it for vegetarians...

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  • Paul2001's Profile Photo

    The HBH Bajor in Eger: My First Meal in Hungary

    by Paul2001 Written Jul 8, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The first city I visited in Hungary was the lovely town of Eger. Hence the the first place I sat down for a meal was here. I found that the HBH Bajor was the perfectly located restaurant. It was just off of the main square. Therefore since this was a weekend and the weather was beautiful, the restaurant was nearly full of tourist. Still I managed to get a seat on the patio (pictured). The service here was hurry but friendly. The meal really was not that expensive when you consider the location that attracted the tourist crowd.

    Favorite Dish: Although the HBH Bajor advertises itself as a "Bavarian Beer-house", it also serves local Hungarian cuisine. The trouble is I cannot remember the name of what it was that I ate. It was something resembling a casserole but very spicy.

    The patio for the HBH Bajor

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