Hungary Tourist Traps

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Hungary Tourist Traps

  • Labyrinth in the Buda Castle

    Actually, it's not a trap. It is just not a tourist sight, but rather an entertainment for teenagers.While planning my itinerary I doubted about this place. On the one hand I read a lot of reviews stating that this is an absolutely great place and one of the "must" in Budapest. But on the other hand its old site stated that it is permanently...

  • Fatal Restaurant

    They will heap you with enourmous meals, enormous bill and enormous insults. Somehow the tourists find this place interesting because they serve meals in an old fashioned cast iron pan. The waiters and the service is extremely unfriendly and impolite- so who needs this when there are so many other places to enjoy in Budapest. You are better off at...

  • Corruption on trains

    Corruption is common in Hungary. It happened to us several times that in spite of having valid train tickets we were told on the train by the ticket inspector that "the tickets were not valid and she/he would make us pay the fine"... Of course, if we had paid the fine, it would have landed in the inspector's pocket....But we did not pay and...

  • Right Change

    In Budapest if you don't ask for your change you often won't get it.. Make sure you always ask if you get change before you purchase something.. The bus is the worst. They will only accept the exact change.. The easy way to combat this is to always carry lots of low demonination coins and notes as to always have 'schraps' to pay for things with...

  • My first Visit to Budapest & got Trap

    I visited it for the first time in 22/7/2008 .. however I got cheated 550 Euros and 40,000 fohrin. I went to the park at the end of the Elizabeth bridge (opposite citadel) at 9.30am 22/07/2008 ... there is a "greek" tourist greet me and ask where I came from (he speak very fluent english), then he said he had walked for 1 hour and couldn't find a...

  • Do not buy train tickets to/from Hungary...

    The tickets to/from Hungary bought overseas cost 3-4 times more than in Hungary. Besides there are numerous local discounts. stamp the train tickets bought overseas at the station invalidating them. Often it is better to get a hit and pay 15% penalty for returning unused ticket or railpass than to use it!Buy tickets locally afterwards. Ask on VT...

  • Find the Hidden Card

    Don't fall for the "find the card" trick performed by professional money relievers stationed on various corners in the touristic parts of Budapest. I was only there for one full day. The best bang for your buck is a paid tour where your ride around on open-air buses, stopping for pictures at historical locals. Stay longer.

  • Hungarian Train Ticket Conductor Scam

    There is an everyday-scam in Hungary involving Hungarian ticket conductors on prime international trains. Most of the time foreign tourists are targeted. The scam is going on unpunished and silently encouraged since mid-60-s.The legal base for this scam: the REGULAR Hungarian international train tickets are MUCH more expensive than domestic ones...

  • Corrupt conducters

    If you ride through Hungary by train the risk of meeting a corrupt conducter is high. Insist that you have the right ticket.Ask for a second conducter. If you have luck the second conducter is correct.If you are unlucky don't be nervous.Insist that you have the right ticket.If they say you have to get off the next station not be nervous.The same...

  • Currency

    If you want to change Forint be careful.Some exchangers give you a better rate .At the end they take a service charge.If you have given them the money they won't take it back. Alway ask before you change. Sometimes there is only a short information. You ATM. There you will get a good exchange rate.The service charge depends on your bank.

  • Taxi mafia

    In many countries the taxi mafia is active,If they see a tourist they see the dollars and try to cheat you.So don't be naiv, Get a feeling for the right price by asking other people.Always ask for the price before you get off.Always look what the driver does if he uses the taxameter.In Hungary they have sometimes a manipulated taxameter.If you...

  • Careful on the Metro

    While not complicated and getting better in English, the Budapest metro can quickly become unpleasant. Be aware that when you change lines, you need to use a new ticket. "Ticket police" are at every point of transition between the lines and ready to pounce on tourists who don't know the "rules." Fines can range up to $100 USD for a transgression....

  • The Esztergom Basilika

    The Esztergom Basilika is the largest church in Hungary and the center of Hungary's Roman Catholic Church since the 11th century.

  • CAUTION with the TAXIS

    .This is a big city, so you must be careful with all things that you do in all the other big cities, but there is one that I want to advise you to be really careful about: the taxis services in Budapest. % If you get a taxi and you don't speaks hungarian, surely you will pay 3 or 4 times more the price of the service.So, if you use a taxi, ask for...


    Everything in Hungary seemed cheap (compared to back home), so I didn't really feel overcharged at all.Not all the information boards in places such as museums had translation in English, but then I can't recall ever seeing information boards in England having a Hungarian translation!The wax museum underneath the castle in the town of Eger...

  • Mugged at the border

    While travelling on the train from Budapest to Ljubljana at the Hungarian's side, I was asked by the custom official whether I carry any Hungarian Forint with me. He demanded me to hand over the cash and said "This one no good..", took the cash and simply walked away. Once we reached the other side, the passenger next to me said that I should have...

  • Pecs

    In the area around the Main Square you might be stopped by the young Gipsy offering you the change of money. Be careful about because it might be a trap. I sugest you to change your money in the hotels or the official change offices. Pecs, the second biggest town in Hungary located in the Southern part of the country.

  • Traveling by car

    If you are traveling by car, this is what you can expected on the border passings from direction of Croatia, especially on Saturdays. Lots of Croats from nearby towns goes to Hungary for week shopping. This one is the border pass Gorica -Letenye. There is nothing you can do about, just be patient. no alternatives

  • Restaurants

    Be very careful at Lake Balaton, because in some restaurants waiters tend to overcalculate and bring you a bill that cannot be real. Also, if you don't want to spoil your vacation by being sick, try to avoid meals made with meat around there, as you never know how old the meat is that they use. Don't pay the bill, if it's extremely high, even if...

  • Vaci Utca-Walking Street

    While new in town, I had heard about the exhorbitant prices that bars charge around Vaci Utca. An American, I recently moved to Budapest. One late evening while walking along Vaci Utca, I was approached by two young ladies who wanted to have a drink with me. Being already intoxicated and my judgement impaired, I decided to have them follow me to an...

  • Szentendre: everything so touristy!

    I went to Szentendre for a day. It is a small and nice town but everything is so touristy and expensive! If you are not there to spend money, you have nothing much to do there, to be honest.

  • Generally speaking Hungary is...

    Generally speaking Hungary is safe for turist but there are some cases when tourist are fooled by taxi drivers or with restaurant bills. I would say you don't need to be more carefull than usally you are in other European countries!

  • Be careful with taxis and...

    Be careful with taxis and while changing money in BudapestNever sit in taxis not belonging to a company. It’s better to sit into those belonging to the largest companies like Fotaxi, City Taxi if you don’t want to be cheated, many times to pay several times higher than the normal fee. Larger companies have signs on the sides of the car, while...

  • I was staying with relatives,...

    I was staying with relatives, so I didn't have to worry about tourist traps.Those of you who are on your own, please check out RWENZLOFSKY's page on Hungary.I did hear horror stories about the Vaci utca (street) area in Budapest and also about the airport taxi drivers.

  • Hungary is a quiet country,...

    Hungary is a quiet country, and you won't find many risks. But you have to pay attention to the night-club that offers strip-tease shows.They are a real trap for the tourist !! Don't go there because you risk to lose a lot of money!!

  • Not really a trap but a bit...

    Not really a trap but a bit schmalzy in my view is a trip on a narrow gauge train packed in with legions of beshorted tourists.


    ENGLISH VERSION Avoid BALATON LAKE AERA, nothing really interessant there to me. This aera is overcrowded in summer ; a lot of german people get there during this period, so,in pubs, you can find (goog) german beer, many things are written in german too ! I went, saw and run away ! And the prices a twice or three time higher than elsewhere. VERSION...

  • If the guy at the passport...

    If the guy at the passport control desk at Budapest airport wants to see a credit card as 'extra identification' when you're leaving the country, be suspicious. A friend of mine had a whole lot of Hungarian purchases appear on his credit card after this happened, and he hadn't used the card anywhere else in the country. It seems the guy at the...

  • Look at this! Whats that? Its...

    Look at this! Whats that? Its just a 'slot machine'.And what must you do with this one???Feed him with money and he told you your future!!!Nice Idea, but not my thing.And you find these machines everywhere. we found this one in siofok.

  • Lake Balaton is a great place...

    Lake Balaton is a great place to go and relax, but Siofok is a total German tourists haven, the clubs try to be Ibiza and succeed in being Majorca, so avoid them and spend the night watching the distant storms batter the centre of the great lake. This is a nice region to relax in, just don't linit yourself to Siofok.

  • Watch out for so called...

    Watch out for so called 'Guides' around Buda Castle trying to give you the hard sell, they are unofficial. Just be polite and say no thank you.This situation was made very funny for me when my friend in Hungarian said that we did not need a guide as she was Hungarian. The whole outlook of the 'Guide' changed and he now said he would show us all...

  • Vaci street (the walking...

    Vaci street (the walking street) in Budapest is very convenient in location and that there is a great variety of stores to shop in. However this area is very expensive so if wish to do a little traveling to other parts of the city you will find better deals.

  • Voltage Electricity! 220V...

    Voltage Electricity! 220V Bring transformers/adapters with you, difficult to find locally. Budakeszi Mariamakk Park.

  • If you take a taxi, order it...

    If you take a taxi, order it by phone, and look at the price-tables in the car. There are 'hyenas' who will take you on longer way then they should. I've heard that taxi drivers asked for 8-9.000 forints (30 USD) for the way from the airport to the center. It should be about 2.500-4.000 forints (10-14 USD).

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