Hungary Warnings and Dangers

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Hungary Warnings and Dangers


    We had just come from Romania where there were many horse and carts on the road. Here, in the rural areas of Hungary, horse and cart was being used too!We did notice a road sign warning of them travelling along the main roads, which is exactly where we came across one. Travelling slow, I was able to have a good look and noted this was more like an...

  • Watch Out For Crazy Drivers!

    We were traveling from Poland to Greece, and our bus stopped in Hungary to get gas. I got out of the bus, so I could set foot on Hungarian soil, and stretch my legs a little. It was night time, and the area was dimly lit. As I was walking back to the bus, I almost got taken out by a Hungarian driver. He just came out of nowhere, and was pulling out...

  • Restrooms: "F" is for men!

    When you are looking for restrooms, do not be tempted to think that "F", or Férfi, means females or women: "Férfi" means Men!The word for women in Hungarian is "nõk", and "women's WC" is "nõi WC".

  • Beware of pickets

    Beware of pickpockets in large cities especially at crowded places like the Central Market Hall, West End City Center or Central Railway Station in Budapest where pickpockets are common every day! Don't carry your ricksakes or other travelling bags behind your back. The best way is to carry them in front of you so that you are aware of what is...

  • Airport Security Check-Not so Secure!!!

    Here is a good one. I have been travelling a lot over the years, gone through plenty airport security checks, but Hungary's Budapest Airport security check takes the cake! On our last exit with my husband, we unloaded our personal belongings into the grey bins that they roll through the X-ray machine for security check. I went in front of my...

  • Bad for Your Diet!...

    Hungarian cuisine is rich and tasty, but if you are looking for dietary food items on the menu, you may be in for a surprise... In a restaurant in the Matra region, under the heading "Dietary Foods", we found the following suggestions:- Cauliflower fried in breadcrumbs- Mushrooms fried in breadcrumbs- Cheese fried in breadcrumbsYummy, but not much...

  • Pickpockets in Keleti Palyaudvar train...

    It says in my guidebook to be careful around Keleti station and while we were waiting for a train at 1 p.m. we got talking to 2 English students who were waiting for the same train. When we got on the train and found some seats one of the guys realised his wallet had been stolen - in broad daylight. Luckily he had no money or credit cards (he was a...

  • DUI = lose 1500 Euro. Hungary has ZERO...

    Hungary always had "zero tolerance" law. The allowed alcohol level in the blood is 0.00%. The number of dead due road accidents is on the raise. I did read recently, the lawmakers decided to increase the fines tenfold. Fines of 300000 HUF won't be uncommon. This is going to happen within next few month.This is the last opportunity to take your...

  • 1 Water quality in Hungary ...

    ·:*¨`*:·~My§ticÄl~·:*¨`Latest NewsHungary is a land-locked country, located in the heart of Central Europe, which shares borders with seven other countries. It is situated in the Carpathian basin on mostly plain terrain. It has both surface and subsurface waters. The largest and shallowest lakes of the Central European region, such as Lake Balaton...

  • 3 More about water quality

    In 2002, only 56% Hungary's households had sewage treatment facilities and there is much to do, at great cost, to meet EU requirements in this area. Even though the current water consumption figures are much lower than the EU average - consequently, wastewater discharge is also lower - it is also more concentrated in pollutants and significant...

  • 2 Hungarian water quality

    Hungary is rich in subsurface waters of good quality, which are put to many uses. The quality of these waters is sufficiently good to meet about 90% of the demand for drinking water in Hungary without any substantial treatment (work is required however to meet the requirements of the EU Drinking Water Directive). By contrast, much shallow...

  • Theft on trains: yes, it's really bad.

    Theft on trains is very, very bad in Hungary. Always watch your bags, always keep your money and documents on your body, and be especially cautious during longer stops in big train stations (such as Budapest), when lots of people board and leave the train. While there is occasional police presence, individual policemen seem to be completely...

  • Sirok village on the first day of the...

    WINTERTIME IN HUNGARY CAN BE LIKE A SIBERIAN SNOWSTORMSirok village on the first day of the year 2000.There are 4 village women dressed in black, can you spot them? It was the coldest day of the year at -18 degrees cold.....Brrrrr.


    ________________________________________________________________________---------------------------------------------------------------YES it's something most of us do or have done!enjoying the 'ol brew, Jeesuz Juice, nectar of the grape! spirit from the grain, Dutch courage.BUT BEWARE IN HUNGARY IT MIGHT EVEN TASTE BETTER AND A LOT CHEAPER THAN...

  • Check the Mattress First!

    In a few of the smaller pensions/hotels we stayed at the mattresses were not up to our expectations and were downright uncomfortable. They were about 3 inches thick and filled with some kind of material that flattened out when you laid down on it. It was more what you would see on lawn or poolside furniture. Maybe we're just wimps, but none of us...

  • Take care on the train -- Robbers

    My friend Helga who I meet up with from time to time was meeting me in Budapest, She caught the train down from Vienna and was robbed just as the train was pulling into Keleti railway station, Budapest. There are two railway stations that the Vienna train stops at in Budapest and some people got on at the first one and one of them came to the...

  • Dodgy Police

    Hungarian police earn §§-all, so, naturally, some of the people on the force are neither the smartest, nor the most ethical. Despite massive anti-corruption efforts in the last year, a popular police scheme is to catch motorists commiting petty offenses (like turning without indicating) and letting them know that there is a very expensive fine on...

  • Making phone calls

    It's abit different then elsewhere, so I try to make it clearer:The country code is +36The are area code/prefix for Budapest is 1The area codes/prefixes for the other regions have two digitsMobile phone nets have the codes/prefix 20 (Pannon), 30 (Westel), or 70 (Vodafone)Phone numbers in BP have seven digits, elswhere in the country 6 digits....

  • The best way ro get a traffic fine.

    If you drive, you will be surprised of the good skills that Hungarian drivers exhibit. Speeding is fairly rampant, but you will be warned by the flashing headlights of the hidden danger of police presence. The most likely way a tourist getting pulled over is not having your headlights turned on. Outside city limits, your head-light have to be on 24...


    Don't let your boyfriend loose on the locals. Just look what happened when Greg spoke to a Hungarian in Eger (just under the castle) - bored him rigid!!!

  • Rip Off Resturant

    Gundel Posted 4-13-2002 08:16 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------For the 'supposedly' cream of Hungarian quisine, Gundel is a Joke. The food is mediocre and over priced, the Gypsy band gets on your nerves and on some evenings the 'primas' plays constanly in your ear until you pay him to go away, the...

  • There are some dangers in...

    There are some dangers in Budapest while travelling in the city. 1. Ticet collectors: they are very severe if you dont have the proper ticket on the bus, metro etc. And the ticket-system in Budapest is a bit confusing, there are a lot of type if them. The best you can do to avoid fining (which is expensive) is to buy a season ticket (you need a...

  • Worse than the Italians...

    I had been told that driving in Italy was a real nightmare, I did it and I'm still alive... Now, my friends did not let me drive in Hungary, I'm wondering why ;-) We didn't drive too much inside Budapest, it was probably safer... However driving on the secondary roads is maybe worse. The motorway network is not very much developped (basically a...

  • Safety information

    Very safe. One problem people may encounter is cheating in bills in restaurant make sure your bill does not include a service charge. Police 107 Ambulance 104 Tap water: Is drinkable in most major town. Sometimes very delicious. In most major cities, hospitals/clinics have good facilities. Most doctors can speak English.Some tourist restaurants...

  • Never cross the street!!

    In Budapest -- there are underground passages to cross the busy streets. These also may be entries to the subway. Sometimes there are shops there. A running joke between me and dad was that whenever we came to a turn it was "up or down?" I always chose up. There are many steps in Hungary, so be prepared.

  • Travelling from Romania into Hungary by...

    If you are travelling from Oradea in Romania into Hungary and make a stop at the town of Puspokladany for onward connection, make sure you have some Hungarian forint for your next train connection. There are no currency exchange there, nor are there any ATM machine near the train station. I was there without any Hungarian currency and ended up...

  • Train glitch:If you're on a...

    Train glitch:If you're on a long-distance train in Hungary, make certain you are aware if some of the cars are taken off and sent to a second destination somewhere during the trip. This often happens on the Budapest-Sopron route (Sopron is on the Austrian border). Half the train goes to Sopron, the other half to Szombathely, some 60 kilometers to...

  • Driving

    Here in the States we don't drive quite as fast as Europe. 120KMh is about all. Hungarians, Germans, Holland, Austria drivers don't care. Also the motorcyclists have a death wish, weaving in and out of cars traveling at 200kmh or better.

  • When you are drinking with...

    When you are drinking with locals, beware that drinking in Eastern Europe can be a bit more hardcore then in the West. To show hospitality, booz is being served plentyfull.Just a little annecdote: the founder of Ikea claims he became an alcoholic after being in Poland just for 3 months when he was expanding his business there. I will not go into...

  • If you are by car, never leave...

    If you are by car, never leave anything valuable like camera, or leather jacket, or anything that looks interesting. For the night try to leave it in guarded parking of your hotel ( the bigger ones all have it); While by foot you must watch out in crowded places, the most touristic areas are full of pick pockets

  • Beware of 'deals' offered by...

    Beware of 'deals' offered by hotels. The hotel that I stayed in shall remain nameless, but suffice to say it was one of the nicest hotels in Budapest. Because I had friends who live in Budapest, they alerted me: the hotel tries to steer you toward certain restaurants or may offer to hire a taxi for you. In the USA, you can find genuine deals this...

  • If people know you are a...

    If people know you are a tourist, especially from North America or other wealthier regions of the world, they may try to take advantage of you. Make sure you are not charged more for taxi rides and any other services for which prices can easily be altered.Also, while on public transit or just walking on the street, always watch your wallet! Often,...

  • Its very dangerous in Hungary...

    Its very dangerous in Hungary because there are lots of nice girls...if you get there you dont want to escape : )There are some tourist trap in Budapest,you have to be carefull with your bag or pocket.

  • SZEKESFEHERVAR, known by the...

    SZEKESFEHERVAR, known by the name Alba Regia, is one of the most ancient towns in Hungary. The Hungarian kings were crowned and buried inside the walls of the town.See more about on my Szekesfehervar page.

  • ___________Klick to image...

    ___________Klick to image please!~~~~~~~~~warnings!!!FIRE...!Free-will firemans from Dunakeszi.



  • Water pollution is Hungary's...

    Water pollution is Hungary's most pressing environmental problem. The main pollutants are nitrates from artificial fertilizers used to increase the country's agricultural productivity. These artificial nutrients can cause the growth of abnormal plant life in lakes. Hungary has implemented measures to try to control this problem, which is called...

  • One thing I remember about...

    One thing I remember about Hungary was when I got off a train in Budapest. There was two men waiting there with taxi cabs. They said they would take us wherever we needed. Pretty much everyone I was with spoke Hungarian. So we put our bags in the cabs. After a little bit...they took us to some very poor area where they really didn't have phones....

  • Hungary is not a dangerous...

    Hungary is not a dangerous place, is quiet, there aren't political or ethnic troubles,health problems, the transports are good and absolutely reliable, at least in the cities,so i think the most dangerous thing for a tourist is the traffic.If you want to visit Budapest you better go by train or airplane,because the traffic is a real nightmare,and i...

  • One of my friends called...

    One of my friends called Budapest 'Europe's Bangladesh'-and not without a reason!The city is not very well lit,and everyone should be careful(girls...!!!)But don't worry,it's not THAT bad,especially if you hang out in groups.

  • not all the office workers can...

    not all the office workers can speak english,even not in banks and ploice stations,so if you need to contact them,yuo should bring someone with you who can translate for yoube careful in the crowded buses,whatch your bagpack

  • when crossing the border to...

    when crossing the border to hungary and if you do not have an european passport and you travvel alone expect a very long waiting (after three hours I asked again and again and suddenly they told me the officer went to lunch. i, offcourse were not to leave the trainstation)

  • Hungary is not a particular...

    Hungary is not a particular place in Europe, as far as the criminality concerned, however:*do not take much cash with you*be carefull of bad faces, as well as the too polite and helpfull people*never make exchange or businees on the street*avoid to be seem of a reach man

  • Somethimes you can see very...

    Somethimes you can see very high water near the Donaub (Duna) and the Tisza river. This is not so dangerous this time but looking good. In this time you can't use your car around. (Like on the picture) The water is dangerous because too cold and dirty. Don't drink from the water!

  • The golden rule of Hungary is...

    The golden rule of Hungary is CHECK YOUR CHANGE!!! This is perhaps one of my favourite countries of all time, however they will try to keep hold of a few of your Forints for themselves, not that you can blame them.


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