Iceland Favorites

  • Our mayor holding a speech - electing the tree :)
    Our mayor holding a speech - electing...
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    Coloured houses
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Iceland Favorites

  • Tjornin

    Reykjavík Region Favorites

    Like most cities Reykjavik has a central area where you find the oldest part of the town. Reykjavíkurtjörn is the town's pond and here our Mayor is located. This can often be a beautiful spot, if the weather is good that is.

  • City views

    Reykjavík Region Favorites

    Reykjavik doesn't really have a skyline, but there are a number of nice places to get a sense of the cityscape. The mountains are never too far away - and the winter snow makes them appear even closer.

  • Glaciers/ Geysers/ Waterfalls

    Reykjavík Region Favorites

    Take a trip outside the city to see Gullfoss, the 'Golden Waterfall'. Even if you're just visiting the city for a couple days on a layover, make an effort to get outside the city to see the countryside. The trip to Gullfoss takes about 3 hours each way and passes through some spectacular scenery. The waterfall itself is breathtaking, particularly...

  • Perlan

    Reykjavík Region Favorites

    Perlan is a upper-class restaurant built on top of water storage tanks at Öskjuhlíð hill near downtown Reykjavík. Controversial while being built but now generally viewed as a beautiful building and major landmark in the city. In the vicinity is a small forest and a popular outdoor area for Reykjavík´s citizens. Also there is a artificial geyser...

  • Nature/ Wildlife

    Reykjavík Region Favorites

    If you want to experience something totally different take a guided day tour to Greenland. There are tours everyday from Reykjavik airport, you leave at around ten in the morning and come back at six in the afternoon. It's totally different from Icealnd and it's not far away. go to

  • Hallgrimskirkja

    Reykjavík Region Favorites

    If you like art or would like to see some local handcraft be sure to visit Skólavörðustígur. It is a street that goes down from Hallgrímskirkja church to Laugavegur main shopping street. It hosts several galleries and handcraft shops. If the weather is ok you could go up to the tower of Hallgrímskirkja (approx 70m) and get a great view of the city...

  • Blue Lagoon

    Reykjavík Region Favorites

    It's a lunar landscape on the peninsula where the Blue Lagoon and Keflavik airport are located. Volcanic eruptions have left behind a thick blacket of black lava, making this part of Iceland oddly similar to the Kona Coast of the Big Island of Hawaii. The architects of the Blue Lagoon have done an excellent job of blending the spa building into...

  • Swimming

    Reykjavík Region Favorites

    Go swimming. There are alot of swimmingpools around the city and on a good day it is a fabioulus thing to do. You need to go to see the Pearl aswell. It is a restaurant and an outlook point built ontop of 6 watertanks. The view from there is amazing. You need to do a little bit of duty free shopping. Since Iceland is not a part of the European...

  • Swans are ruining the corn fields in...

    Swans are such a beautiful sight in the Icelandic nature, but at the same time they are ruining the fields where the Icelandic farmers are trying to grow their grain. The farmers have all but given up and are seeking permission to shoot the swans, even though they are like totally preserved in Iceland.The farmers will give up trying to grow grain...

  • The Icelandic goat

    The Settlers of Iceland, the Vikings, brought the goats with them, but to see a goat in Iceland has always been something out of the ordinary for me. There are no sources of goats being imported to Iceland after the Settlement, so it is believed that the goats left in Iceland are descendants of the "Viking" goats.In the mid 20th century the number...

  • Visa to Iceland in Seydisfjordur

    Being european I was not asked a visa, but passport is needed to enter Iceland. They gave me 30 days entry permit. Hitch hicking was easy. I boarded a ferry in Bergen, Norway, and stopped on the way to Faroe islands. I flew out of Iceland from Reykiavik, flying to London.

  • The tourist industry in Iceland.

    The tourist industry is now (2015) the largest industry here in Iceland, it just recently changed places with our fishing industry. In 2009 we got 155 billion ISK from the tourist industry and in 2012 we got 238 billion. It is estimated that we will be earning 342 billion ISK in 2015 or 29% of the export revenue.In the first 11 months of 2013 ca...

  • Links to adventure tours.

    I will be adding here links to adventure tours and all kinds of interesting trips in Iceland. I am having a hard time keeping track of everything that is going on here, so when I come across and interesting article in the newspapers or a pamphlet I will add the links to the websites in this tip.Mountaineers of Iceland offer various interesting...

  • Trees in Iceland.

    The Vikings said that there was great vegetation and a lot of trees here when they arrived, but after centuries of letting the sheep roam free here the ground is barren. Which then causes sandstorms, and as the Icelanders put it - our land is being blown out to sea.When the Vikings came to Iceland they talked about the island being green and...

  • Icelandic livestock.

    In the Sagas there are tales about the farm-animals which the Vikings brought with them to Iceland. The Vikings brought with them sheep, so there have been free-roaming sheep here since the Settlement - and now they greatly outnumber the population of Iceland. And they are slowly eating up our land.And they brought goats with them as well and...

  • The Icelandic census from 1703.

    The Icelandic census from 1703 is now on the UNESCO Memory of the World Register. The census is one of the most precious gems in the Icelandic Hall of Records "Þjóðskjalasafn Íslands".The census is registered in 92 books all in all 1709 pages, the largest one being more than 100 pages from Snæfellsnessýsla county.The census from 1709 is the oldest...

  • BJÖRK Guðmundsdóttir - the singer.

    Björk Guðmundsdóttir is Iceland's most famous international singers. She had an outside concert here in Reykjavík in Laugardalur walley in June 2008 for the conservation of the environment. It was very well attended as you can see from the photos. At least two VT-members attended, that I know of, myself and Ove who was in Reykjavík for a...

  • A few statistics about Iceland.

    Our main export is not fish but aluminium.6,8% of the population in Iceland were foreign citizens (January 1st, 2010).Most foreign citizens travelling through our international airport are British citizens.95% of all 16 year olds are in college.Two out of three graduates from University are women.79% of all our electric power usage goes to the...

  • The fishing industry - one of the main...

    One of Iceland's main industries has always been the fishing industry seeing that we live on an island. The fish (along with the sheep) has kept Icelanders alive through the centuries. It counts for more than half of Iceland's exports with ca 26,3% of our foreign currency coming from the fishing industry. In 2012 we earned 269 billion ISK from the...

  • Car Rentals in Iceland

    Car Hire in Southern Iceland: here's my experience; research for the hire was conducted the month of February & early March 2012. For our 20-day trip in March/April 2012 (minor snow, rain, clear roads) I researched all the car rental options I could find on line and narrowed it down to the least expensive at the time (Viking, SADCar, Blue Car...

  • Transport and accommodation in Iceland lot of other places :) I...

  • Snow and hot geothermal water.

    There is something so fascinating about geothermal activity in winter time. Everything is covered in snow and then all of a sudden warm water and steam come from the ground. You will see this in several areas, but the photos I add here are from south Iceland relatively close to Reykjavík by ring-road 1.But take care while visiting these areas in...

  • The best time to visit Iceland.

    The best time to visit Iceland is end of June when daylight lasts for 24 hours, so mid June-mid July I would recommend you to come for a visit so you can make the most of your stay and enjoy this magical time when the sun almost doesn't set. Spending time in nature in the middle of the night in daylight is the best thing about Iceland and makes up...

  • The nature

    We used Nordic Visitor to arrange for car rental and hotel accomadations. They were very helpful and gave us the freedom we wanted with enough support and advice. It was so nice to not have to worry about a lot of the details. We had 10 days to travel the ring road but really could have used 4 more. If you go in the summer, bring and eye patch...

  • Island 2010 - Nebe, peklo, ráj...

    Island byl už nějakou dobu mým snem. A jelikož sny se mají plnit, i já jsem se musel vydat tímto směrem. Říká se, že komu se líbí Nový Zéland, ten bude nadšený i z Islandu. A musím říct, že mě nezklamal. V létě chládek, hory i nížiny, zeleň i pouště, moře a oceány i suché planiny, příroda a...

  • The Northern Lights .. did they appear

    Any one reading this can feel free to email me and I will add their sightings and dates based from the Northern Lights InnFriday 25th the lights appeared as green, but only a cloud across the skySaturday 26th no lightsSunday 27th no lights. Sitting up a hill in the snow with Rachael drinking Vodka.

  • Northern Lights

    The scenery is incredible - from city, to rural, and then vast stretches of other-worldly views. Spending a long weekend in the fall. The colors had changed, the air was a bit cooler and the weather behaved (for the most part) so that we could get around without getting soaked.

  • More statistics about Iceland.

    The biggest island is: Heimaey 13,4 km2.The deepest lake is: Jökulsárlón (see my tip) 260 m deep.The longest river is: Þjórsá river 230 km.The tallest waterfall is: Glymur in Botnsá river 190 m high, yes, but now they have discovered another waterfall near Skaftafell, which is 228 m high (on the 20th of June 2011 it still hasn´t got a name, but the...

  • Organising your trip around Iceland

    I had 6 nights and 7 days to explore at least some of Iceland with my 20 year old, student son. I knew he would be happy taking photos whilst I could do some birdwatching. We both enjoy the outdoors and have a healthy interest in history. It was the need to do something active without too much hassle or even too much risk that I chose to book a 3...

  • The saviour and the destroyer of...

    In Iceland the sheep has proven to be the saviour of the nation, as we eat the meat and use the warm wool for sweaters, mittens, socks, scarves and caps. But on the other hand the Vikings let the sheep roam free in Iceland and eat the vegetation. The Vikings said that there was great vegetation here when they arrived, but after centuries of letting...

  • Our Itinerary

    Here is an outline of our itinerary. Hopefully it can be of help to someone planning their trip. DAY 1 REYKJAVIKVisit harbor area (lunch at Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur)Tourist Information Center - Buy Welcome Cards1:00 pm Walking tour (FREE – meets in front of Tourist Info Center)Dinner at Austur Indía FélagiðDAY 2 REYKJAVIKReykjavik 871 +/- 2 1:00 pm...

  • Eating out with food allergies in...

    When i visited Iceland the first time i had a trouble to find a place to eat because of my gluten free diet. I noticed Icelandic restaurant owners don't really support people with food allergies. I even ended up in situations when i had to explain to the chef what contains gluten and what doesn't. So what I'm recommending to people is to find out...

  • a great hot bath in cold thermal pool

    One of the delights of a visit to Reykjavik is bathing in one of the many thermal pools, filled with geothermally heated water, which are found in every district of the city. Abundant resources of geothermal springs mean that the pools are always pleasantly warm, whatever the weather. Most pools are open-air. All have outdoor whirlpools or...

  • the tiny capital of Reyjkjavik...

    Visitors to Reykjavik experience easily the pure energy at the heart of Iceland's capital city - whether from the boiling thermal energy underground, the natural green energy within the city and around it, or the lively culture and fun-filled nightlife.

  • Things to Know about Dining/Tipping in...

    Although the country is currently experiencing economic shutdowns, there seems to be more people visiting Iceland now, especially because of the efforts of Icelandair to lower its rates and offer enticing vacation packages. So, good restaurants can still be fully booked and it is often better to reserve a table in advance.And, unlike in the USA,...

  • Don't forget your VAT Tax Refund!

    Tax Free ShoppingAt the airport, I found the Iceland Refund Tax-Free Center, and I was surprised to receive extra money for buying some souvenirs and sweets at the duty-free. They give up to 15% off, and you just have to present the receipts handed to you (but you have to fill the info needed and I think sign it too).Three Golden Rules when...

  • Where did Iceland come from?

    Where did Iceland come from, first settlers?My guide told me Iceland is a really very young landmass – if the Australian continent is 24 hours old, Iceland would just be 5 minutes….Hmmm, that’s really young. It does have a lot of volcanic and geothermal activity because it is located in the mid-Atlantic Ridge – with 30 volcanoes having erupted in...

  • Hvannadalshnjúkur

    Iceland´s tallest peak at 2110 meters. It is located in Vatnajökull glacier, Europe´s largest. You´ll get great views of the glacier from the main ring road and it is highly recommended to stay in Skaftafell national park in it´s vicinity to experience its magnificence. I hiked it in 2007 and had a great time. It takes 14-18 hours to do so it is...

  • The Eastern Fjords

    The Eastern Fjords may lack the specific tourist spots like Mývatn in the North and Gullfoss & Geysir in the South but the general landscapes are incredible. The roads are bad enough (some of them) so you really don't need these beautiful fjords and mountains to distract you from your driving. This area is perfect for hiking, just stop at some...

  • Reykjavik Tourist Card

    One of my favorite things about my visit to Iceland definitely is their tourist card. There are three to choose from: one that last for 24 hours, 48 hours, or 72 hours. They are available in the Tourist Information Office and the employees there will fill in your card with not only the valid dates but the times as well so plan when you buy it. If...

  • Sunny Days - Head Upstairs

    If you get a sunny day while visiting Reykjavik be sure that's the day you visit Hallgrimskirkja, the beautiful church that centers the city. You can travel to the top of the church's bell tower for fantastic views of the city and the harbor but it's 100 times better on a sunny day than on a cloudy one.The houses are all bright, gorgeous colors...

  • Me in Iceland part I

    Here are pictures of me in Iceland.The first 2 are made in Skogar. Picture 3 and 4 are made in Geysir. The last picture was made in Gulfoss.

  • Kids in Iceland

    Hi Jelle!I am living in Iceland and have three kids. Of course it is easier to be 'at home' with the kids, but I travelled a lot with them in this age and it went all well. The heat is maybe about 10°C so bring some warm clothes with you. If you rent a car you should be able to rent a baby seat with the car. I would not recommend any highland-trips...

  • Internet Access

    If you have not bring your laptop along, you can still connect to the world thru the internet at GROUND ZERO Internet Cafe.I remember its approximately under 300 ISK for about 30 mins use of their computer.Address is :Vallarstræti 10, Reykjavík. City Center location, very easy to find.

  • Useful links

    I found these links useful to me, and I hope they are to you too.Update Nov 2, 2008: a new link that I forgot to add then can be found at the bottom of this tip.- Map of Reykjavik: divided by zones, it also shows major attractions and has an index of all the streets on the map.- Hotel guide: this page has all the hotels available in Iceland, with...


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