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    Geysir Bursting
    by Rroja
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    The true magic!

    by jpeter Written Jan 27, 2016

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    It is hard to perceive it as a wonders of nature, because it looks more like Hollywood special effects or something. And a big difference with Yellowstone, USA, because in USA you can see the actual geyser`s eruption from a great distance, but here, you can stand in couple of meters from it and witness the vertical stream raises above your head. It is scary but stunning!

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    Geysir geothermal area

    by kaloz Written Feb 15, 2015

    Iceland has given the world a word -- Geyser. Home to the original Geysir which has since retired. Not to worry, the Strokkur Geysir has taken its place, erupting every few minutes. This stop on the Golden Circle Tour also features an interpretive center with a Geyser multimedea show, two eateries, and a huge store called . . . wait for it . . . Geysir. There is also a location on the main tourist street in Reykjavík (Laugavegur). Caution: You do not know how hot the water can be, so do not test it. This warning is given on every tour and there is a warning sign, but I see people reaching down to test the water.

    Strokkur Warning
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    Very cool site !!!

    by jlanza29 Updated Oct 13, 2014

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    About 30 km or so north on Highway 36 from Pingvellir … you come upon the 2nd of the sites in the Golden Circle .. The Geysir's …. at the stop there is a nice restaurant and huge souvenir store and a quick self serve cafeteria style shop with hot food options.

    Crossing the small street you enter the Geysir area … there is signs everywhere instructing people not to touch the water … it's basic common sense …. the first geysir you come upon is the little geysir … and you can just see the anger of the earth as the water boils ….

    If you have never seen any of this type of stuff ….it is very interesting to say the least … I hadn't ever seen it and was left memorized by the site …..

    You continue to walk the mark pathway and it leads you the the main attraction the main shooting geysir …. you must stand there a couple of minutes before it goes off ….. just starring at it was very cool … They go off every 3-6 minutes …. The day we were there we had about 50KM winds so as soon as the geysir went off the wind blew most of it away … even with the wind it would shoot up at least 50 ft in the air …. a local tour guide said if there wasn't any wind it could reach almost 100 ft in the air …. fascinating !!!!!!

    From the main geysir you can walk up to see a couple of more geysir's but they are silent meaning they aren't active.

    We spent about 30 minutes at the geysirs and then had a quick lunch at the shops.

    No admission price but they do have a place for donations for upkeep of the area as you walk into the path leading up to the geysirs… we left 500 ISK each.

    Little Geysir The main Geysir caught the main one going off very cool site !!!!!

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    by shavy Updated Dec 21, 2013

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This valley is an active geothermal area, every 5-8 minutes creates an eruption that may be. More than 20 meters high In the area there are many more hot springs. Many of these springs have a clear blue color because of silicates in the water
    It symbolizes Iceland and is a natural wonder that visitors fascinates with its breathtaking beauty
    Geothermal area where one finds this geyser , located in Haukadalur in the valley of Haukadal

    The water from the Great Geysir sometimes reach heights of up to 60 m, it is very beautiful and very unique to be allowed to make an outbreak. The area has more than thirty small geysers and hot springs. Some pools are made for visitors and are the ideal place to sit back and relax. It really is an area that you should not miss, in the background a beautiful landscape, and enjoy an unforgettable time. The geysers are the main attraction of Iceland and provide an exciting and adventurous vacation

    Small eruption with fountain

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    Stop Two - Geysers

    by IreneMcKay Updated Jun 16, 2013

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Stop two was at some of Iceland's most famous geysers. The guide explained that geysers took their name from the most powerful geyser here but that it seldom spouts nowadays. Instead Strokkur is the most likely to gush. The area has a giftshop, cafe, clean, free toilets. There are several geysers. Only Strokkur gushed when we were there. There was a lovely bubbling Little Geyser. One geyser had a wonderful volcanic blue crater and there was sulphurous steam rising everywhere.

    You have to be patient to see a geyser spout. People stood with cameras poised for what felt like forever to get a shot of it. Some impatient people left without seeing it at all. We saw Strokkur gush several times. Each time was incredibly brief.

    As we were leaving my husband said, 'Time to go back to the bus and I said, 'No look it is about to blow.' but he did not believe me and we walked from our safe spot to the area it gushed into only for it to give a massive burst which sent water all over us and resulted in us shamefacedly returning to the bus soaking. I took a photo as we got drenched. I think it is really funny. It is like an underwater shot.

    Strokkur in action. Volcanic blue geyser. Our comeuppance. Run!!! Wonderful scenery.
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    by pure1942 Updated Apr 4, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Geysir is another one of the highlights on most people's trip to Iceland. The thousand year old area of Geysir is located at the foot of the Bjarnfell and is dotted with hot springs from which bubbles and splurts boiling water heated below the earthe's surface and bursting and bubbling up through cracks and pools all over the area.
    The most famous of all geysers and from which they all take their name is the famous 'Geysir' which erupts water over seventy metres high. However, this geyser is very unpredictable and visitors should consider themselves very lucky if they ever see this geyser erupt. A better bet is the nearby geyser 'Strokkur' which erupts every 4 minutes or so and can shoot water thirty or forty metres high. Watch out for the distinct blue coloured dome which forms just before the geysir erupts. See my photos for each stage of the eruption.
    A geyser contains water which is constantly boiling at 100 degress celcius. They erupt when the temperature rises above boiling point shooting water into the air.
    As well as these two famous geysers there are other smaller geysers and bubbling mud and water pools such as Blesi and Little Geysir. Steam and gases also escape from cracks in the earth and can clearly be seen all around the area.

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