Iceland Shopping

  • 66° North.
    66° North.
    by Regina1965
  • The Nordic Store.
    The Nordic Store.
    by Regina1965
  • Wollen Icelandic sweaters, the original pattern.
    Wollen Icelandic sweaters, the original...
    by Regina1965

Iceland Shopping

  • Grocery Shopping

    Always shop for groceries at Bonus. You will pay a lot for groceries in Iceland, but will pay considerably less at Bonus than you would at other stores, like 10-11. The prices at Bonus are much lower than the prices elsewhere.You can't miss it, it's the store with the drunk looking pig as it's mascot!

  • Be mindful of the tax!

    Be mindful of the high tax in iceland. Most of the stores will give you a receipt and a form to fill out to get some of your money back at the end of the trip. Keep your receipts and forms, and bring them to the airport with you before your flight home to get some of the money you paid in tax back in your wallet.

  • Buying milk in Iceland.

    I have been told that tourists get confused when buying milk here in Iceland, so I am adding here photos of various types of milk and the English translation.Nýmjólk = whole milk (blue cartons)Léttmjólk = low-fat milk (yellow cartons)Undanrenna = skim milk (pink cartons)Súrmjólk = butter-milk (ymir)AB-mjólk = milk with acidophyllus (big AB-letters...

  • Wool is King!

    The "Rammagerdin" Gift Shop at the Loftleidir Hotel had a fine selection of woolens and other items from Iceland. The small airport in Keflavik had another well-stocked shop and lots of woolen items. Also there was a post office for picking up some great "Island" stamps. Iceland is a great place for buying almost anything woolen. While we were in...

  • Terrific woolen goods

    Alafoss is the famous brand of Icelandic woolen goods.The factory already exists since 1896 has recently opened their online shop.The factory lies right next to small waterfall - Alafoss (hence the name of the factory) - of which the water power was used to operate the machinery in the early days.The store is located in the town of Mosfellsbær...

  • Sim Card for Mobile Phones

    Not sure where I put the telecom tip on this site. You can get a 2,000 ISK sim card package from the Icelandair duty free catalogue, so you will be able to set up your phone the minute you land. The network is Siminns, which has pretty wide coverage of the country. For the price, you get a sim card and 2,000 ISK in credits to be used on calls and...

  • Iceland Souvenirs

    Got all my souvenirs and gifts at this store in Akureyri. Prices were pretty decent and they had good variety. Wool is the main thing here

  • Mall

    This is a nice Shopping mall , well located and easy to get to full of shops and restaurants and fast food stands. You can also let your kids go playing while you go and spend your money and that is easy there as every where in Iceland. What ever you like Much !!

  • Excellent souvenirs, shirts at Viking...

    Tourists in Iceland will probably get some stuff from The Viking Store, just as I did! I did not know that this store in Hafnarstraeti is actually a famous old building called the Falcon House. But I did find very friendly service here and some of the items were surprisingly affordable. I got the cap and shirt combination for just about less than...

  • Spa products.

    These products I recommend. Algae & mineral conditioner 200 ml: EUR 26.00Algae & mineral shampoo 200 ml: EUR 22.00Mineral bath salt 500 ml: EUR 45.00

  • Voyager Discount Card

    Voyager Card is really great value. It's a discount card which gives you up to 20% hundreds of stores and services in Iceland. The card only costs 16 euros so you save much more than the price of the card if you use it a few times. You can buy it online here:


    BLUE LAGOON is Iceland specialized product, cannot get it any where.Why ? a place so clean & so pure, you got to have it from that place & no other country will give you the same product.As a woman who loves to test & buy beauty products all the time, I think the best product is the Moisturizer. The Sicilca Mud Mask is good only if you aim to...

  • VAT refund ~

    VAT is a value added tax which is included in the purchase price. Foreigners can claim this tax back when they leave the country.When you shop in any of the stores with the Duty Free sign over ISK 4,000, you can ask for a refund form to get up to 15% cash back at airport or at the tourist information office.If the refund amount of a single cheque...

  • where I bought hair products

    The original idea was to experience the Blue Lagoon but Mr. Sweden didn't feel up for it, so we only went as far as their shop. I can honestly say that they don't call it blue for nothing hehe.What I can vouch for is the shop. The souvenirs have more or less the same price as in Reykjavik, with the exception of the apparel of the brand "Lost in...

  • Cosmetics from Blue Lagoon

    These products are generally on sale in Icelandic drugstores/pharmacists.But buying online is also very convenient, friendly and fast. At first I emailed them to ask the best products for psoriasis and if they could send me some testers. Which they did. Your order usually arrives within 4 or 5 days. All products from Blue Lagoon are excellent. I...

  • budget shopping heaven

    Near the old town ,facing the harbour,behind the iceland tourist shop, is what looks like a corrugated warehouse.It has a few entrances,and leads you into a paradise of shopping!There is a frozen 'fish' area,fresh vegetables [the tiny icelandic potatoes] and chinese 'tack' and lots of 'stalls' with everyyhing you could ever need...

  • Wonderful knives

    Very beautiful handcrafted artsy and use-knives are made by the knifemaker Palli Kristjánsson in Mosfellsbær. There is a sales outlet at Hafnarstræti in Reykjavik called Veidihornid. These thing are costly, but excellent as gifts for a big celebration the the person who has just about anything else... I'd go for a small, well crafted knife for...

  • Tax-free shopping on leaving Keflavik

    Keflavik has a limited selection of shops intended for departing or transit passengers with money to burn. There is one set of shops just after immigration before you hit the single-pier departure gates section, and one set near the extreme end of the pier. For liquors, perfumes and such international standard airport duty-fee goodies visit the...


    Avoid the big shopping malls outside the centre of Reykjavik, as they are CONSIDERABLY more expensive.

  • Main shopping street

    The main shopping street in Reykjavík is lined with sophisticated shops selling anything from funky Icelandic furs and fish-skin clothes to high-street fashion, eyewear and accessories. Iceland has a strong tradition of jewellery making and on Laugavegur alone you will find over 30 goldsmiths and craftsmen.

  • General local stuff

    The shops in Iceland are of international standard and carry a wide variety of merchandise. Local specialities are woolen knitwear (for example sweaters, cardigans, hats and mittens), handmade ceramics, glassware and silver jewellery. Also available is a great variety of high-quality seafood. Something quite different was the typical artistic...

  • Wine and beers

    This shop sell alcholics. You do not find wine or beer at supermarkets but only in this specific store, that you can find along the streets or in shopping malls. It is very very expensive.

  • "Black Death"

    I always like to come back from a trip with a bottle of the local fire-water and Iceland was no exception. Some of you may be surprised that Iceland actually distills it's own spirits, those of you who have been to Iceland may have tried this local brew. Black death is the nickname for this locally distilled Schnapps, some have described it as a...

  • Galleries Galore

    Skolavodustigur is the street that runs diagonally up the hill from Laugavegur and ends at Hallgrimskirkja at the top of the hill. The street is lined on both sides of its entire length with art galleries, gift shops, jewelry, fine art stores. There are also a few coffee shops and cafes that serve as marvelous rest stops! Spend an hour or so just...

  • You know you want to....

    If you're a beer aficionado.... you must try some locally-brewed Icelandic beer. This stuff is pretty good!

  • A tip for American visitors

    American shoppers need to be aware that, although the shopping is GREAT in Reykjavik, do not expect the same shopping hours that we experience in the States. The major malls do not stay open past 7:00pm or 8:00pm and, the 24-hour discount supercenters you're used to are not here. But hey, that's a good thing - right? You're not here to have an...

  • Woolen souvenirs

    Few souvenirs are more typical of Iceland than woollen goods. In fact, because the weather was even cooler than expected, my girlfriend Mélanie gladly bought a great-looking woollen sweater on our second day in Iceland, especially when she saw the variety (and quality) of the items on sale at the wool factory in Vík.Fortunately, for those of you...

  • The coolest outerwear around!

    The must have outerwear for Icelanders...Cintamani is cool but 66 N seemed coolest. I bought a polartec fleece and even though it was 85 F when I got home....I love it! $100- $500

  • For food & drink

    The cost of living is pretty steep in Iceland. If you're not one to splurge come meal time, the Bonús supermarket chain is just what you need.During our trip in Iceland, we often picked up cold pizza, cereal bars, water and juice to keep ourselves going during the day. By limiting ourselves to one restaurant meal a day (usually supper), we were...

  • Expensive

    Iceland is one of the most espensive country I've been. If you want to buy something of special there are very goog wool wear but they are very expensive.

  • Shopping for food

    If you are going to Iceland on a budget you might want to think about shopping food in our discount grocery stores. Its called Bonus and they have shops all over the place. Sometimes the prices are half that of the usual prices. Their food is maybe not the best quality but its good enough! If you want real Icelandic food or very good selection of...

  • Laugavegur

    It is wonderful to walk down Laugavegur, especilly at night when people are walking around and going to coffehouses or restaurants.In Laugavegur you will find everything. It is a mix of everything a cosmopolitan city has to offer. We have restaurants that suits all tasts, italian, chinese, vietnamese and more. As well as good selection of...

  • Shopping Malls

    We have two big malls and some smaller. In these malls you will find anything! We have all the biggest labels and then some Icelandic one! Good prices specially during the sales (utsala)

  • Viking For Sale

    Eden sells itself as a greenhouse and there is a greenhouse but it's surrounded by a tacky souvenir shop. You know the type, where you can get all sorts of kitschy stuff, including viking helmets like the one I'm wearing in this pic - NO, I didn't buy it!! It's all in good fun and a good place to find local souvenirs. Why.... a viking helmet of...

  • Dried Fish

    In each supermarket you can buy dried fish.I liked it very much when we had a beer party in the camp. As we do not have any salty water fish in the Czech Rep., I thought it is a good thing to bring home. Also because it is light to carry in your rucksack. However when I brought it to my friends, nobody was extremely happy, they almost refused to...

  • Plants and souvenirs

    I realised the most people here on VT consider this place a tourist trap, but I liked it. Hveragerdi has a huge geothermal area and this large greenhouse called Eden where you find all kinds of plants (and souvenirs). For me it was part of the Icelandic experience to see how geothermal energy is used in the greenhouses. Plants - or just have a...

  • Food

    Due to the high prices all I was buying in Iceland were a few gifts for my friends or some food. I had a weakness for the fish salads, my favourite were the tuna and salmon ones. Icelandic fish salads are the best in the world! They dont have the fishy smell, just a great taste and the price is also reasonable. Also I bought some dried fish to...

  • Antiques and such...

    This shop has got everything! There are so many various items in here all arranged somewhat haphazardly. But if you are looking for some good deal buys or special antiques this is a good place to start looking. There are some other antique stores but none as filled as this one.

  • Galleries and boutiqes

    This street is one of the premiere shopping streets in Reykjavik. There are galleries, boutiques selling locally designed clothes and jewlery, bookshops, antiques shops and locally designed ceramics or souveniers. Off-shoots of this street will also take you around to some local galleries and tourist shops. Kolbrun S. Kjarval gallery...

  • a bit of home....

    "...This place has everything..." Just like in the states or some other areas in Europe, this is a very large shopping mall with many of the comforts and stores of "home". The prices are not any cheaper here but you can at least pick something up in case you need it.

  • Cigarettes & Alcohol

    As with most things in Iceland, it has to be imported, therefore the price is high for most goods.Most Icelanders, arrive at the airport and head for the duty free shop (yes you can buy when you arrive). The price in the shop for a litre of JD was slightly more than we paid in Heathrow. Unless you have too much hand luggage, I would stack up with...

  • Icelandic Wool

    Surprisingly, the Hotel's Gift Shop had the best prices, but be willing to go into the waterfront main city area, tons of shops to research pricing. Their "mega mall" is just about 20 minute walk from hotel, a five minute cab ride. Wool, Wool and more Wool. Any winter outer wear is very special and unique here. Products sold here are not "imports"...

  • Biggest *** in the world

    Smáralind Iceland biggest super mall, with over 200 shops, restaurants, cafes, cinemas and conference rooms. You can literally find everything there.Also it is probably the biggest *** in the world according to the Icelandic news, how it is built, the architecht said that he did not notice it while he was designing it. Almost everything, Iceland...

  • Wool

    All the touristy shops carry lots of wool products. Some shops are better than others of course- avoid the obviously tourist oriented ones, and seek out the places that carry better quality products. We bought some sweaters (as gifts) at a weaver's co-op shop in Akureyri. There are lots of clothing boutiques in Reykjavik that carry more fashionable...

  • Art

    Reykjavik is full of art galleries- an astonishing number for such a small city. Some of the best are off the beaten path- in little clusters of residential area shops that obviously cater to locals. The local artists are extremely talented, and are putting out some very innovative work. The textile work in particular is top notch.We bought a lot...


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