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  • Things to Do
    by Regina1965
  • Things to Do
    by Regina1965
  • The main building in Hólar.
    The main building in Hólar.
    by Regina1965

Hjaltadalur Things to Do

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    The History of the Bishops at Hólar...

    by Regina1965 Updated Mar 13, 2015

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    At Hólar there is both an exhibition on archaeology and the bishops at Hólar. The walls of the gymnasium are covered with big information signs on bishop at Hólar. A really interesting exhibition, especially for us Icelanders who learnt about these bishops in school.

    This exhibition was opened in 2006 and tells us about the history of the many bishops at Hólar.

    The older I get the more I appreciate Icelandic history and am eager to learn more about the Saga places in Iceland. Hólar in Hjaltadalur is such an important place in Icelandic history.

    Here is a list of the bishops at Hólar:
    1106–1121 Jón Ögmundarson
    1122–1145 Ketill Þorsteinsson
    1147–1162 Björn Gilsson
    1163–1201 Brandur Sæmundsson
    1203–1237 Guðmundur góði Arason
    1238–1247 Bótólfur
    1247–1260 Heinrekur Kársson
    1263–1264 Brandur Jónsson
    1267–1313 Jörundur Þorsteinsson
    1313–1322 Auðunn rauði
    1324–1331 Lárentíus Kálfsson
    1332–1341 Egill Eyjólfsson
    1342–1356 Ormur Ásláksson
    1358–1390 Jón skalli Eiríksson
    1391–1411 Pétur Nikulásson
    1411–1423 Jón Tófason eða Jón Henriksson
    1425–1435 Jón Vilhjálmsson Craxton
    1435–1440 Jón Bloxwich
    1441–1441 Robert Wodborn
    1442–1457 Gottskálk Keniksson
    1458–1495 Ólafur Rögnvaldsson
    1496–1520 Gottskálk grimmi Nikulásson ("grimmi" means "the cruel")
    1524–1550 Jón Arason
    1552–1569 Ólafur Hjaltason
    1571–1627 Guðbrandur Þorláksson
    1628–1656 Þorlákur Skúlason
    1657–1684 Gísli Þorláksson
    1684–1690 Jón Vigfússon
    1692–1696 Einar Þorsteinsson
    1697–1710 Björn Þorleifsson
    1711–1739 Steinn Jónsson
    1741–1745 Ludvig Harboe
    1746–1752 Halldór Brynjólfsson
    1755–1779 Gísli Magnússon
    1780–1781 Jón Teitsson
    1784–1787 Árni Þórarinsson
    1789–1798 Sigurður Stefánsson

    Bishops at H��lar

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    Hólakirkja Cathedral at Hólar in...

    by Regina1965 Updated Mar 30, 2014

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    There has been a church at Hólar since the 11th century but the current church was raised in 1763 and is one of the oldest stone-churches in Iceland. It is red and the red stones come from the mountain above Hólar.

    The first bishop at Hólar was Jón Ögmundsson helgi "the holy" - but the best known are Guðmundur góði Arason, Guðbrandur Þorláksson, who translated and published Guðbrandsbiblía Bible, the first Icelandic bible, in 1584, and Jón Arason, who was the last Catholic bishop at Hólar. A copy of Guðbrandsbiblía Bible is on display in the church.

    The church tower is so lovely and one of its kind here in Iceland seeing that it is free-standing. It is 27 meters high and stands beside the church. The tower was built in 1950 on the 400th anniversary of the death of bishop Jón Arason, who was the last Catholic bishop of Iceland. He was beheaded in the year 1550 together with his sons (see my tip on Skálholt) at the change of religion to Lutheranism (so Christian of them).

    The church tower is open to visitors and it is possible to walk up to the church bell. On the ground-floor there is a tiny chapel containing the earthly remains of Jón Arason. Do pay it a visit.

    All in all there were 36 bishops at Hólar, 23 Catholic and 13 Lutheran.

    I visit the Cathedral with awe, I just cannot help it, there is such a bip part of Iceland's history here. There are so many artefacts here and a beautiful altarpiece from 1520 - we Icelanders are not used to decorative churches being Lutheran.

    H��lakirkja Cathedral. The beautiful altarpiece at H��lar from 1520. A copy of Gu��brandsbibl��a bible in the Cathedral. Tombstones and a chasuble. The beautiful pulpit at H��lar.

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    The church tower.

    by Regina1965 Updated May 3, 2013

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    The church tower at Hólar is what makes Hólar so destinct in my eyes.

    It is a memorial for Jón Arason, the last Catholic bishop in Iceland. The tower stands by the cathedral. It is 27 meters high and here Jón Arason is buried. The tower was consecrated on the 13th of August 1950, to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Jón Arason.

    Hróbjartur Jónasson from Hamri í Hegranesi was the master builder of the tower, but Sigurður Guðmundsson designed it for free.

    One can enter the tower and walk up the stairs to see the church bell.

    As you enter there is the grave and a mosaic picture of Jón Arason. He was beheaded with his sons at Skàlholt on the 7th of November 1550.

    The church tower at H��lar. The mosaic picture above the grave. The church bell. The grave.

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