Iceland Transportation

  • Keflavík International Airport (Iceland)
    Keflavík International Airport (Iceland)
    by Redang
  • Flybus (Iceland)
    Flybus (Iceland)
    by Redang
  • Flugfélag Íslands airplane.
    Flugfélag Íslands airplane.
    by Regina1965

Iceland Transportation

  • public transportation

    Reykjavík Region Transportation

    The city centre, not being a large area, can be easily explored on foot. To rent a car or a taxi is an option, but an expensive one. To rent a bike can be fun in the summer, although Reykjavik is not as bike friendly as it should be. Perhaps it is best to use the municipal buses. It certainly is the cheapest way of getting around. The Reykjavik...

  • airport/ planes

    Reykjavík Region Transportation

    Keflavik airport is clean and well-designed. The international wing where Icelandic Air operates is specially designed to work as a "hub": in other words, you deplane from your flight from Boston, Baltimore, JFK or Minneapolis and it is only a short walk of a few hundred feet to your connecting gate for London, Copenhagen, Oslo, etc. (But it's...

  • walking

    Reykjavík Region Transportation

    Reykjavik is a very cool place and if you choose your accommodation (and attire) properly is pretty easy to get around by foot, or bike. I always pack some good shoes and this was a great city for walking around! Excellent paths along the shore and up to the Pearl, and easy walking around Reykjavik 101 and the shopping streets.

  • Cheap Jeeps Car-rental.

    Cheap Jeep went bankrupt in October 2014 when it turned out that their cars were not insured.There is a new car-rental here in Iceland which is growing fast. It is called Cheap Jeep and only rents out cars which are ca 10 years old or older. They only started out with 5 jeeps and they planned on not expanding for the first year. But the demand was...


    As Iceland can be quite an expensive country it would be advisable to find a good deal when booking flights. Easyjet fly every morning from Luton and although they are not a great company it is possible to save well I've 100 pounds by booking online early. It is possible to find flightsxss cheap as 100 pounds return, but the guy sitting next to me...


    I booked the FLYBUS online several months before and found them to be excellent. I arrived at the airport and quickly passed through immigration as I only had hand carry? I was directed to where the bus was parked, 100 meters from the terminal, showed my ticket, and after the bus was full we were on our way in 10 minutes. Arrived at the bus station...

  • WOW air.

    Now this is my favourite Icelandic airline WOW air. It has been operating since 31st of May 2012 and it took over the other Icelandic airline "Iceland Express" on the 23rd of October 2012 - so now there are two airlines in Iceland, Icelandair and WOW air.WOW air is so much fun to travel with and their motto is to keep the flight interesting and...

  • The yellow/blue bus around Iceland

    There are now public buses which travel around Iceland - the yellow and blue buses. Route (leið) 57 travels from Reykjavík to Akureyri and back. It stops in Reykjavík-Háholt-Akranes-Borgarnes-Blönduós-Suðárkrókur-Akureyri. On the way back from Akureyri -Sauðárkrókur-Blönduós-Borgarnes-Akranes-Háholt-Reykjavík.Route (leið) 56 travels from...

  • Keflavik airport

    Most people will arrive in Iceland through this airport. This airport is also called "Flugstöð Leifs Eiríkssonar" or "Keflavíkurflugvöllur". It is located on the peninsula of Reykjanes, south of Reykjavik.The airport itself isn't all that big, so there's nothing of the hustle and bustle like in the larger airports around the world.We always found...

  • The Icelandic flight companies.

    I updated this tip as now Iceland Express has been taken over by WOW airline.In Iceland we have two airlines, Icelandair and Iceland Express. I have been asked if there is a difference between these two airlines, and yes, there is. Icelandair has much better airplanes with a private TV-screen in every seat, where you can choose from the latest...

  • Carpooling

    The price for fuel is high in Iceland so we locals use this option of carpooling with other people, who might be going to the same destination in Iceland Samferða. Here you can accompany people from all over Iceland on their way to or from Reykjavík or other places in Iceland to places all over Iceland. Or just people going from one part of Iceland...

  • Links for private tours in Iceland.

    There are several private companies in Iceland from which you can order private tours f.ex. Mountaineers of Iceland and and Iceland on track which will take you on day tours, Golden Circle tours, Lava tube caving, snowmobile, northern lights and midsummer night tours to name some of their tours - on super jeeps.There are also:Activity...

  • Car rental in Iceland

    I have traveled a lot in Iceland and I have to say that the easiest way is of course having a car to go around with. The price of a rental car is not cheap but I can get 10 % discount at this car rental.

  • Setting GPS

    The GPS unit we had only recognized the Icelandic spelling of the locations, which proved a bit challenging as we don't know how to enter the Icelandic characters. (e.g. Thingvellir needs to be entered as Þingvellir.) Another problem is that we entered the name and two or three choices popped up, often 30-50 km away from each other. We ended up...

  • Blue car rental

    We rented our car through Blue Car Rental, which offers an extra day for free if you rent a car for 7 days. They also include unlimited mileage, CDW, TP, GP, SCDW insurance and taxes. We were going to rent a Kia Sportage but decided to pay a little more for the Toyota RAV4 class because they throw in a GPS. While you don't really need a GPS on the...

  • Great airline

    Like most people flying to Iceland, we booked with Icelandair.I have to say that is is one of the best airlines we've used so far ...OK, you don't get a meal included on board, but that wasn't really necessary for a flight of 3 hours from Amsterdam.But the kids both got a hot meal - on the inbound flight it was pasta, on the return flight it was a...

  • Driving: Asphalt Ends Here!

    When driving in Iceland, pay attention to the road sign in the photo, saying (in Icelandic only!) "Malbik Endar", meaning "Asphalt Ends".When you see this road sign you should expect the good asphalt road to turn abruptly into a gravel road. Prepare to slow down accordingly.

  • Bustravel in Iceland.

    There are several companies which offer organized group tours in Iceland. I have mentioned Reykjavík Excursions and Iceland Excursions, and then there is Netbus, which offers a combined tour of the Blue lagoon and The Golden Circle, which can of course be taken on two different days. Just compare the prices of these companies. I have often...

  • A VT-member offers a discount on...

    An Icelandic VT-member Dassi can offer VT-members a discount on various car-rentals. Contact him if you are planning on renting a car in Iceland or going on organised trips. I will for sure contact him when travelling with Iceland Excursions, which I do from time to time. Dassi is not working for any of these companies, he just has some contacts so...

  • Book your car rental early for a good...

    I've been organising a 2 week holiday to Iceland this summer and I was dismayed to find the cost or renting a car to be astronomical, however, after a bit of searching around price comparison websites I got an earlybird deal for a 5 door compact car (VW Golf or equivalent)It should have cost £1200 for 2 weeks, I got it for £100! Thats a saving of...

  • Maps

    This is another item very important, at least for me. You can find some free maps surfing the net, and the Tourist Offices have some, but I considered (I consider it after the trip too), that it is a good investment to buy a good road map. I did it before I went to prepare the trip, and it helped me to perfectly find where the falls, lakes and...

  • Layover in Reykjavik

    If you ever have a long layover in Reykjavik, it is definitely worth taking the shuttle to the Blue Lagoon hot springs. Yes, it is a bit touristy, slightly over priced, but very nice and organized. It is great to wile away the hours of a layover soaking in therapeutic silicone mud with a cocktail in the steamy water. They have showers and lockers...

  • Roads

    This recommendation is for those (like me) who rent a car and visit Iceland on their own.* Road N1, also called Ring Road, is the most important and it’s a good paved one. Roads with two digits are normally good enough for cars. The ones with three digits, can be gravel ones, and normally are good for, let’s say, “normal” cars, but many times it...

  • Car Rental in Iceland

    I would like to preface this by saying that it seems essential to obtain a rental car if you really want to see what Iceland has to offer. The one exception may be if you have a lot of time on your hands, as it is still possible to see most of Iceland without one, albeit very time consuming and requiring much advance planning. There were two areas...

  • GILDO car rental

    I rented a car through gildo while l was visiting Iceland and I have to say not only was the the car in perfect condition, the staff was very knowledgeable with directions and l felt very comfortable with them while I was visiting a foreign country. I really recommend gildo and I want to thank them for making my vacation a wonderful stay! They are...

  • driving in december

    I visited Iceland last December and rented a car. Something you need to consider is that from mid December its only light between the hours of 11am and 2pm. That may cut down on what you can see/do and you need to plan around that. The roads are in good condition, are really quiet and the driving standards are high. Even Reyjkavik is really like...

  • there & back by air

    The international airport is situated in Keflavik which is 50km from Reykjavik.It is a small airport - easy to navigate and is clean, well presented and able to cater for most of your needs. I would, from experience, suggest that it is not worth staying any closer to the airport than Reykjavik! Airport security is very strict and tight. Be prepared...

  • if you come off the road....

    Should you come off the road and I really cannot stress how easily this can happen...Because a lot of the roads are slightly raised it and due to how sodden the ground under the snow is, it is very difficult to get back onto the road but very easy to slide down, further away from it!I firstly checked the car was not on a dangerous surface and not...

  • driving around

    Headlghts must be on at all times.There are plenty of N1 petrol staions dotted about Iceland but I would recommend always keeping well filled.The speed limit on the ring road is (in most places) 90kph. The speed limits on other roads differ. There are speed cameras in some areas.There are yellow posts, usually on both sides of the road but...

  • To have in your car

    For driving in winter you want a thorough road map.Sleeping bags are extremely good to have in the car - they really do keep you warm if you break down, have an accident, sit out looking for northern lights etc... and some accommodations are cheaper if they are not providing bedding too!Drinks - Recommend a thermas flask!Snacks - Should you break...

  • hire car - before you set out

    Hiring a car - Around Reykjavik a 2WD will surfice but travelling further afield I would certainly advocate a 4WD. With Avis car rental I had a standard insurance but the excess, in case of damage to the vehicle, was astronomical - £1000! There was the option to pay £120 and upgrade to a protection that meant the excess would only be £40. It is...

  • Road types

    Road 1 is the ring road which circumnavigates Iceland. Conveniently most of the major sights are located along and just off of this road which makes things nice and easy. The road is in good condition and is mostly tarmac. It is also kept pretty freeof snow.Most roads that have 2 digit numbers are accessible in April. They tend to be a mixture of...

  • Public Bus

    I think the public bus is the only form of public transportation in Reykjavík.The schedule is not that frequent in winter, and exact change must be used.I remember the fare is about 280 ISK for adults You can get bus route information from this web site

  • Flybus

    It's reliable, comfortable and punctual, not to mention that it's perhaps the cheapest way to go to and from the airport.If you didn't buy your ticket online from their website, there's a ticket vending machine right next to the exit, and a Reykjavik Excursions booth about 10m away. On arrival to BSI bus terminal, there are small minibuses that...

  • Car rental

    The best way to see Iceland at your own pace is renting a car and we enjoyed doing this. We rented the car from a Swedish travel agency that works together with Hertz and booked a Toyota Yaris. The cute, little car took us wherever we wanted to go with no problems.When you rent the car (at least in our case), the clerks told us that we weren't...

  • to the middle of nowhere...

    There are two ways to get to Iceland. Fly or sail...obviously since it's an island in the middle of the atlantic ocean.The option of sailing is not very practical as it takes about two days to get to Iceland but it serves it's purpose if you want to bring your car,or if you just have a fear of flying. Maybe some people just like sailing, who...

  • Rent a Car!!!

    We flew Iceland Air from Baltimore, Maryland to Keflavik International Airport. Once we were there, we knew that we wanted to have our own transportation. We would have liked to have rented a 4WD, but it was just too expensive. We rented a Toyota Corolla, and it cost $600 USD for 10 days. It was worth it to be able to see everything on our own...

  • Amphibious Vehicle!

    One of the quirkiest methods of transport I have been on was the amphibious vehicle that we had a ride on in Iceland!!When we visited the glacial lagoon of Jokulsarlon we decided to take the boat ride on the lagoon. This was not in any ordinary boat - instead in an amphibious (wheeled) boat.We boarded the vehicle on dry land and then it drove along...

  • Hertz and Kynnisferðir

    I recomend that people take a Hertz rental car if they want to do things on theyr own pace. Now if you want to take a bus you should definetly use Kynnisferðir they have many years of experience and know what theyr dooing. You can expect to be maybe a littlebit late beeing picked up in the summer time since it´s high season and it´s mad at the main...

  • Smyril Line

    The Faroe Island's Smyril Line operates a weekly passenger and car ferry service during summer from Bergen in Norway and Hanstholm in Denmark to Lerwick in the Shetland Islands, the Faroe Islands and Seydisfjordur in Iceland.

  • The ferry to Vestmannaeyjar islands.

    The ferry to Vestmannaeyjar, The Westman islands has been having a lot of problems since a new harbour opened up on the 21st of July 2010. Then Herjólfur, the ferry, left for its first trip from Landeyjarhöfn and stopped sailing from Þorlákshöfn. The trip used to take 3 hours from Þorlákshöfn, but from the new Landeyjarhöfn it only takes 35...

  • Buses to/from the Airport

    Buses meet each flight as they arrive at Keflavik airport. You can buy your ticket in the terimnal building. If you pay a little extra the bus will drop you directly outside your hotel. It is also possible to arrange to be picked up from your hotel and taken back to the airport. Most hotels can organise this, but if for some reason they can't, just...

  • Driving the "F" Roads

    On our first trip to Iceland, we rented a "regular" car and found out that there were a number of roads, especially through the interior that were designated as "F" roads that were restricted to 4x4 vehicles.Yes they are rough and bumpy, but we can also find them here in Canada. The main reason is that there are no bridges across the rivers. You...

  • Good car rentals in Iceland

    You can try to send email to those adresses (legal oparetors) --- ATTN. Halli or this one : ATTN.Jonas Tell them Bragi sent you and see what prices they come up with.GreetingsBragi

  • Iceland Rental Car Scam (this one was...

    If you rent a car, be really careful about where you drive. I rented with Hertz, and they drew on a map a suggested route. One month later I had a $1442 fine on my card for driving on a road that was banned in the small print, a road that they suggested! They refused to respond to emails or voice mails and it wasn't until two months later when I...


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