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  • Murphys Brewery - Cork
    Murphys Brewery - Cork
    by suvanki
  • Murphys logo on canopies- Cork
    Murphys logo on canopies- Cork
    by suvanki
  • Beamish - A pint of Corks other Black Stuff
    Beamish - A pint of Corks other Black...
    by suvanki

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    Beamish - Corks other Black Stuff

    by suvanki Updated Nov 30, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Beamish is Corks other stout that is still brewed in the city. I enjoyed a pint at Cork Opera House during our VT Taste of Cork meet. (I must confess that Beamish is my least favourite stout when compared with Murphys and Guiness - it's a bit too sweet for my taste, but I still managed to sink it OK!)

    Some History:-

    Beamish has been brewed in Cork since 1792. The Beamish and Crawford Brewery was founded by William Beamish and William Crawford. They purchased a brewery on Cramers Lane, which had been brewing since at least 1650, though there is some evidence that brewing could have been in operation here in 1500!

    -1792 -production was 12,000 barrels per year
    -1805, the brewery had become the largest in Ireland and the third largest in the United Kingdom producing an output of 100,000 barrels per annum.
    -1865, the brewery was completely revamped at a cost of £100,000.
    -1901,The company went public - issuing a share capital of £480,000.
    -early 1900s -Acquisition of a number of local breweries led to an expansion programme
    - 1962, it was purchased by the Canadian brewing firm Carling-O'Keefe Ltd, who embarked on a modernisation programme at the brewery.
    -1987, Elders IXL purchased Canadian Breweries (incorporating Carling-O'Keefe).
    - 1995, Elders sold the brewery to Scottish and Newcastle.
    - 2008 takeover of Scottish and Newcastle, the brewery will pass into the hands of its main Cork-based rival (subject to competition authority approval in late 2008), Heineken International
    n addition to their own produce, they brew and distribute a number of internationally known brands of beer, with the Irish franchises for Fosters, Kronenberg 1664 and Miller.

    The Beamish and Crawford Brewery is still in operation here. Tours of the Brewery run twice weekly. Over 18s only as a free drink is served in the hospitality room after the tour.
    See web page for more info.

    Some Brewing info:-

    Lager malt, roasted barley, and a small amount of malted wheat are used in the mash to make stout. The malt is wet-milled to keep the husks more intact.

    Beamish brews concentrated wort; a beer with a 1.057 original gravity in the kettle will go out the door at 1.040. Brewing water is de-aerated for downstream blending. To reduce the load on the lauter tun, corn sugar is added, contributing about 15% of the wort’s original gravity. They use a 50/50 mix of British and European hops.

    Beamish uses a step infusion mash, starting with a 65-67C protein rest.
    Beta glucanate is added to aid runoff.
    Calcium chloride and calcium sulfate are added to the brewing water (both in the mash and the kettle) to influence flavor and enhance yeast growth.

    After the boil, the wort is whirlpooled, then chilled.
    Beamish uses 1.2 pounds yeast/barrel. Two batches combine in the closed fermentation tank. The primary fermentation for Beamish lasts about 3 days.
    Some CO2 pressure is applied to the fermenters; CO2 generated by fermentation is collected for reuse.
    After fermentation, the beer is run through a yeast filter to collect the yeast for reuse, repropagation, or sale. It is then cold-stored in one of 32 10,000 gallon conditioning tanks.


    Beamish and Crawford Brewery
    South Main St,
    Cork City,
    Co. Cork,

    Beamish and Crawford Brewery sponsor The Beamish Folk Festival . In 2008, it was held 2nd - 5th October, taking place in over 22 venues in Cork city . It featured over 34 acts, 280 musicians and 5,000 dancers as part of the Céilí Mór celebrations.

    Beamish - A pint of Corks other Black Stuff A pint of Beamish and VTers at Cork Opera House
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    Murphys - Corks Black Stuff!

    by suvanki Written Nov 30, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Although Guiness is the more widely known stout, it is brewed in Dublin, which is Corks rival city! It is said that a true Corkonian won't drink Guiness
    So, when in Cork, ask for a pint of Murphys (or Beamish) Though Guiness is available too!

    I enjoyed my first Murphys in Cork, at The Market Lane Restaurant on Oliver Plunkett Street during Ekaterinburgs Taste of Cork VT meet. The following day, on the way too and from Blarney, by bus, we passed the Murphys Brewery. I took a photo of it from the top of St Ann's Church in Shandon.(pic 2)

    Murphys Irish Stout is a dry stout, which has been brewed in County Cork, by the Murphys Brewery since 1856. It is still made from the original recipe.

    The brewery was begun by James J Murphy and his brother. (Their family had gained wealth as Traders and merchants, with over a centurys history of commercial activity in Cork)
    Together they formed James J Murphy and Company, and established the Ladies Well Brewery in the centre of Cork City.
    The Brewery was very successful, producing over 100,000 barrels of stout and Ale. They began exporting to the UK.
    Murphys is now available in over 70 countries - since being bought out by the Heineken company in 1983, when the name changed to Murphy Heineken Brewery Ireland Ltd.

    Murphy's is a lighter and sweeter dry stout than Guiness and Beamish, which are its 2 main competitors .
    Its flavour is said to be evocative of caramel and malt and is described as "a distant relative of chocolate milk". Murphy's is free from any hint of carbonation, and is delivered "black as strong cappuccino" with an inch of foam – "the head" – on top. The head, in particular, is noted for its remarkably thick and creamy nature and its "spoonable" density.

    This stout is made with all natural ingredients, and is subject to rigorous quality controls to ensure that each pint is perfect. Murphy's Irish Stout is a product obtained from wort, made from malted barley, roasted material (barley and malt), drinking water and hops, alcoholically fermented with pure culture yeast of the type Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

    Murphy's claimed the Gold Medal for stout at the 2002 International Brewing awards.

    Murphys doesn't have such a commercial stronghold as the Guiness brand, but you can purchase clothing etc.bearing the company logo. You can spot the brand around Cork (pics 4 and 5)
    The company also promotes Live Music events.
    While 'Guiness is Good For You' is a well known advertising slogan, Murphys most famous advert was probably its 'Like The Murphys I'm not bitter'campaign, though I spotted 'Murphys from the wood, that's good' on an old advertising poster at the Muskerry Arms in Blarney (pic 3)

    A Half pint of Corks Black Stuff! Murphys Brewery - Cork Old advert for Murphys - Blarney Murphys logo on canopies- Cork Murphys sign -  Mac Curtain Street Cork
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  • Cork is home to the Murphys...

    by drxym Written Aug 24, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Cork is home to the Murphys and Beamish breweries which means the pubs have a greater choice of drink than anywhere else on the Guinness monopolized island. These breweries produce many brands under licence plus of course their namesake brands of stout that many drinkers prefer to Guinness. Beamish stout has a complex sweet/fruity flavour and Murphy's is a smooth non-bitter drink. In my opinion both are better than Guinness but Murphy's is my favourite!

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