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  • Tory Island Beach
    Tory Island Beach
    by helenjones
  • Same beach, slightly different angle!
    Same beach, slightly different angle!
    by helenjones
  • 3pm - Gearing up for the evening rave!
    3pm - Gearing up for the evening rave!
    by helenjones

Tory Island Things to Do

  • Cycle around the island

    Because we couldn't get accommodation at the last minute we only spent a day on Tory - much to my regret. After being met from the ferry by the King of Tory (I kid you not), we hired bikes and cycled around the island taking in as much as we could in that short time. I won't go into any details as Sourbugger has covered most things on his page...

  • The Torpedo

    The Torpedo was washed ashore during World War II, defused and years later, it was erected midway between East town and West Town. It stands near the site of what was perhaps the bloodiest battle in the history of the Island. Sir Henry Foillot massacred the forces of Seán Mánais Óig Ó Domhnaill, the last Irish leader to submit to the English after...

  • Seal Watching around the lighthouse

    There are many seals around the crinkled coasts of Tory Island - but you can usually be guaranteed to spot a few off the cliffs around the lighthouse.Without a high-powered close-up lens it's difficult to show the full 'effect' of the activity, so I just include a picture of the Lighthouse (which you can't access) for reference.It's a good (1mile...


Tory Island Nightlife

  • The only bar on Tory

    This is an add-on to Sourbuggar's Tory page on nightlife - I've just found this picture when rummaging through old photo's and thought that all (one or two!) of you reading these pages might like to see where Sourbuggar stayed up dancing til late into the morning! This is the one and only bar on Tory - make of it what you will - the rest is up to...

  • Up all on

    Nightlife on Tory Island revolves fairly and squarely around the pub in the one hotel. Anything that is going on will at least start there. When we last stayed the dancing began around 11PM and carried on until daybreak. At that point we returned to the cottage and collapsed, although my sister-in-law and her partner just had a quick shower, a...

  • Tory Island Hotels

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Tory Island Transportation

  • sourbugger's Profile Photo

    by sourbugger Updated Oct 25, 2003

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    The ferry from Magheroarty doesn't take cars, which is no bad thing. Even in the height of summer its hours of operation are completely unfathomable.

    For example in July 2003, when I was there they put on an extra run so a VIP coud get to a funeral on the island!

    It's best to ask and presume on one sometime in the morning and one sometime in the late afternoon. In the depths of winter be warned - if the seas are rough you could be marooned there for days, even weeks.

    The cost is currently 22 euro. Or 12 if you have connections to the island, or 6 if you are an islander ! Odd how this dosn't seem to get published.

    Even odder still they are allowed to 'cart' 72 passengers over in the summer but only 58 at a time in the winter.

    Tory island ferry
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Tory Island Shopping

  • The Tory Islanders : people of the...

    Robin Fox wrote an in-depth book about the Tory islanders that is available from Amazon and 'all good bookshops' as they say (and presumbly from several crap ones as well).The book gave rise to a debate in the academic sociology community about the meaning of community. Some said that Tory Island was a perfect example of a true community, whilst...

  • Buying original works of art

    Several of the 175 inhabitants enjoy painting and there is something of a 'Tory Island school' that has developedFor example this bird's eye view of Tory, is by Patsy Dan. The King of Tory (see another tip), Patsy Dan is an original member of the internationally renowned school of "primitive" Tory painters inspired and encouraged by English artist...

  • The Betty Ford clinic for shopaholics

    Tory island is served by just one shop. You can tell this because the brochure for the island just lists it as "The Shop".It's friendly enough - although it only sells life's essentials.The feeling that it is "A local shop for local people" still comes through loud and clear - Royston Vasey eat your heart out ! None A bit more than normal - it's...


Tory Island Local Customs

  • sourbugger's Profile Photo

    by sourbugger Updated Mar 31, 2004

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    The Illicit distilling of Poteen takes place in many areas across Ireland, but this is one of the finer places for it to happen.

    Sometimes known as Irish moonshine, it is in fact similar to vodka as it is based on the Potato. Be warned (I almost put this on the dangers section) it can be very strong - although you seem to get drunk from the feet up, and when you stand up : you tend to fall down again.

    Being illegal, one should not ask for the stuff, but if you are really getting on well with someone a bottle might just appear !

    You can now buy commercially produced stuff, but it is obviously far weaker and less potent than the real McCoy.

    by John McGuffin

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Tory Island Warnings and Dangers

  • Steep cliffs - don't fall over one!

    If you get off the jetty, turn right and keep going you will eventually come to a narrow strip of land separating two beaches at the northern end of the island. Beware! The cliff to the left (which you may well not see) is a sheer drop with no warning and no fencing. We were on bicycles and could easily have gone over the edge. That said, it is...

  • Don't get stuck here !

    The seas around Tory can get very rough. Apart from the obvious danger of seasickness, you may also be physically cut off from 'the country' or more accruately - mainland Ireland.It has been known for the Island to be cut off in winter for up to SIX WEEKS.This is very unlikely in summer, but you may lose a day - so don't rely on a 'must-do'...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Tory Island Sports & Outdoors

  • Easy fishing for beginners

    I am 35 years old, and this was the first time that I have ever taken my rod out (Fnarr-Fnarr)We fished off the quay at the end of the island past East town and I bagged a fish on my very first attempt. On the second cast I caught two fish together - to my astonishment..I caught Coalfish - although I was really after Pollack (as in the picture) as...

  • Jogging rarely gets this good

    Jogging on Tory island is wonderful - mainly due to the fact that there are very few cars and only one road.You can jog from one end of the island (about 3 miles) and never have to worry about where you are.A jog out to the lighthouse is also good fun following a road, then a cart track, then a path before heading back by the road.With so many ions...

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