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  • Local Customs
    by yooperprof
  • Local Customs
    by yooperprof
  • a drink in the lobby bar before the show
    a drink in the lobby bar before the show
    by yooperprof

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    ATMs in the centre of Dublin

    by Ines28 Written Oct 17, 2004

    Everyone knows that Dublin is quite an expensive place to visit. But even for the people living in Dublin it seems to be expensive, too. At every ATM in the centre of Dublin, there were queues of 10 to 15 people waiting to get some money! I have never seen this before, but it was really at every ATM - on the street, in the shopping malls, etc. So if you need to restock on cash, do this at an ATM not situated in the very centre, there are plenty!

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    "Happenny Bridge Across The River Liffey"

    by C.GOROSTIAGA Updated Apr 20, 2004

    The Ha'penny Bridge is Dublin's oldest pedestrian crossing over the River Liffey.
    It was erected in 1816 as the Wellington Bridge and it acquired its better known nickname from the halfpenny toll levied on all users of the bridge up to 1919.
    It is one of the earliest cast-iron structures of its kind.

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    by don1dublin Written Apr 7, 2004

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    Do not bring up anything Political while in a pub or bar sipping away at your pint......bars are for drinking......please dont ask us what we think about the situation in the north.....we dont want to be explaining 800 years of history on a fri or sat nite.....please read your history books before coming :0)


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    The 40 foot dive

    by orlikins Updated Jan 3, 2004

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    This is a long-standing Dublin tradition, where on New Year's Day, Dubliners go down to The 40-foot on the coast and dive in! Usually any money raised from doing this is given to charity but I guess a lot of people do it so they can get lots of hot whiskey from the organisers after the dive! :)

    Sandycove (from www.uiowa.edu/~irishwp)

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    Local topics of conversation

    by sarahandgareth Written Jul 3, 2003

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    You'll find, if you eavesdrop on conversations, two themes that are constant favourites among Dubliners. First, the old reliable, the weather, but second, the new reliable, the price of houses. That might lead on to a discussion of the price of things in Dublin generally, including, inevitably, the price of drink.

    Irish people (since I am one, I feel more comfortable with the stereotype!), like English people, appear constantly amazed and shocked by the weather, as if rain was a personal insult: it's incredible that we get so much mileage out of weather that is rarely all that out of the ordinary, but it's the subtle variations that appeal to us. The most famous bit of Irish weather irony is, of course, the description of light rain as 'a nice soft day'.

    House prices are quickly becoming an obsession to rival the weather: the price of property is a real problem in Dublin, especially for a young buyer, but again, talking about it every single evening doesn't do a whole lot to change the situation...!

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  • Meet the rich and famous

    by sabsi Updated Mar 30, 2003

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If you want to meet the celebrities you have to go to Dalkey and Killiney. This is where Bono, Eddie, Enya and their friends have their little houses!

    On the pic you can see Bono's gate and rubbish... I only recognized it because when I walked by there were 20 Italian backpackers outside waiting for their hero ;) I was glad they left their guitar in the hostel ;-)

    Bono's rubbish

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  • Tourist Information

    by sabsi Updated Mar 30, 2003

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Dublin is the only place I know where the Tourist Information is in an old church (St. Andrew's Church). Probably an old protestant church...?!?! ;)

    Anyway, there's a good souvenir shop inside and excellent information for tourists. Just pull a number first....

    Address is
    Dublin Tourism Centre
    Suffolk Street, Dublin 2

    Tourist Information Dublin

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  • Read!

    by sabsi Updated Mar 30, 2003

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Before you go to Dublin for the first time - read the novels of Roddy Doyle - especially the Barrytown Trilogy including The Commitments, The Snapper and The Van (My favourite). It teaches you more about Dublin than any travel book can do. I love these books, they are so funny. All three books are made into brilliant films by the same name as well. If you like Colm Meaney - these are his best films I think!

    Roddy Doyle

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    Adelaide Road Presbyterian Church

    by Deefstes Written Feb 28, 2003

    If you're looking for a church to go to in Dublin may I suggest Adelaide Road Presbyterian? I started going there early on after arriving in Dublin and they have been so friendly and hospitable. I owe them a huge debt of gratitude and I am absolutely convinced that anyone going there will be received as warmly as I have.

    If you do go, please send my regards because I love these people more than I can say.

    Adelaide Road Presbyterian Church

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    most irish people are pretty...

    by donal Written Sep 7, 2002

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    most irish people are pretty well travelled and we love people coming to our country so never be afraid to ask anyone directions or stupid questions - 99% of people will be really helpful.
    we're getting a bit more used to foreigners now but we still can't comprehend the fact that irish people drink in amuch different way to most people - we tend to consume a lot of alcohol over a short space of time. foreign visitors who take their time over a drink will be guaranteed to receive some good natured abuse from other drinkers! you know you've gotten into irish life when you can drink with the best of us!

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    Ireland -- 'Land of Legends'

    by lolitajane Updated Sep 2, 2002

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    There are plenty of folk tales, faeries and ghosts stories to listen to and to read about...Should you have time do not miss any ghost tour or the Viking Experience, I am sure you will be charmed and enthralled by all these fantastic stories!

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    This is Flussi in the Jaccussi...

    by GRENDEL_PL Written Aug 26, 2002

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    This is Flussi in the Jaccussi (sorry for spelling). It is located at the former site of Wellington monument. The story is that one of the Irish terrorist groups (as English called them) blew it up and Irish - with their sense of humor - founded something like THAT. (If you want the full story just let me know).

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    Dublin is a pretty open and...

    by dracko Written Aug 25, 2002

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    Dublin is a pretty open and modern city. Just about anything goes. But as I said before, avoid wearing sneakers when you go out for a night on the town. You may very well be turned back at the door if you do.

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  • kellensdad's Profile Photo

    Here at the Guiness brewery...

    by kellensdad Written Aug 25, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Here at the Guiness brewery the second time in my life. The first time was at this very bar (in the picture) in 1985, I was with my friend, Laurion on VT, and we managed to consume a couple extra free pints thanks to bartenders continually going on break.

    I came back to this very bar in November of 2000 only to find the bar recently closed and soon to be removed. The Guiness brewery opened a mammoth new bar area on the other side.

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    Take a tour at Trinity...

    by Wenasje Written Aug 25, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Take a tour at Trinity College, guided by one of the students. It's not expensive and they're great story tellers! (No student-tours in winter...)

    Here's a picture of what it looks like on the campus grounds.

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