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    by leafmcgowan
  • Clubs
    by leafmcgowan
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    by pontiff
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    Zanzibar: Thousand and one nights...

    by AR76 Updated Nov 26, 2003

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Enter this venue and step into the world of Sheherazade! This pub/club is not quite what you would expect in Ireland. The interior is decorated with 'arabic' designs and huge (and I mean huge) terracotta pots.

    The DJ looks down on you from a pulpit and plays all classic dance music and chart hits.

    The upstairs can be booked for e.g. company parties.

    Dress Code: Make an effort, like the locals would.

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    Lillies Bordello: See those b-list celebs

    by sourbugger Updated Oct 19, 2003

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Lillies is one of the bigger Dublin nightclubs that is quite hot on trying to get celebs in.

    Last time I was there some little minx pushed her way to the bar before me.

    A couple of rather large gentleman pursuaded me with their physical presence that perhaps one of "The Coors" needed a drink more than me at that precise moment.

    Check out to see who has been recently - that explains the photograph.

    Dress Code: Smart - bouncer will not let any sign of plebby scruffiness through the door.

    A visitor to a Bordello

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    My favorites.....: I love the Night Life!

    by Inga78 Written Jul 17, 2003

    I love going out in Dublin. You can always go out that the beuty of it all. The places that we went the most to are: Lilly´s (Club), Bobs(club), Porter House(live music), Q-bar(club), our local pub Harry Byrnes on Howth rd in clontarf, the Gaytie Theater of Grafton st and on really late nites we would end up at Legs on Leason St....NICE! The Clubs I counted were great for dancing and going all out and getting all dressed up. Porter House is a place were you can be relaxed and enjoy some amazing talent of people who play good and well known music. Harry Byrnes is the local pub, really nice people short distance from our apt and no music is played there wich is good when your going for a talk with your mates. The Gaytie I talked about in my intro and legs is a place where you can go to if you haven´t had enough...don´t recomend it but it worked...

    Dress Code: I know that Lilly´s are a members bar but we always got in because we were from Iceland and maybe beeing flight attendants had something to do with it but I´m pritty sure that they have a dress code. I honestly never got stopped because of what I was wearing so I can´t tell you where there are dress codes and where not....Sorry.

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    Bad Bob's: Dancing The Night Away

    by sarahandgareth Written May 29, 2003

    For a wilder evening of heavy drinking, serious people watching, and late night dancing, Bad Bob's is one of the best. There is often a cover charge (arrive early and you won't have to pay), but when you get inside the sheer size of the place makes the minimal charge more than worth it. With four floors and at least as many bars, you won't believe your eyes when there isn't a seat in the house by midnight. Always fun with a group and equally fun if you want to try to meet a new group.

    Dress Code: Typical dress is trendy, and remember less is more. Don't even think about trying to go here wearing sneakers!

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  • ccmoira's Profile Photo

    Spirit: Techno music, dancers, holistic healing

    by ccmoira Written Apr 11, 2003

    This is "the place" for young Irish revellers - or so I was told.
    Techno music on the top and the second floor, and bars on both. The top floor also has a stage show with half-naked female dancers and a male dancer (who, I kid you not, carries a snake during one part of the, um, performance).
    The bottom floor has a non-alcoholic bar where they make smoothies and stuff like that. There are chairs and tables and beds. There is also an holistic healing center where you can get massages. You can also get tattoos, piercings, and have your fortune told. I know the guy that used to work at the bar there but he's gone to Cyprus.
    Be prepared to get groped if you're a girl. Also, a lot of the people there were on Ecstasy (watch for the people drinking only water).
    If you don't know anyone to put you on the list then I think the cover is something outrageous, 15 euro I think.

    Dress Code: I think it's mainly about the overall impression you make. But you'll feel out of place if you're too casually dressed.

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    Gaiety Theater: Gaiety Theater (Theater & Nightclub)

    by Deefstes Written Feb 28, 2003

    There are a few theaters in Dublin, perhaps not as extravagant as the London West End but they're cheap and good fun.

    The Gaiety Theater is one of my favourites because it's very small and cosy.

    The fantastic thing about the Gaiety Theater is that on weekends it doubles up as a late nightclub which is in my view the best of all Dublin nightclubs.

    Unfortunately the nighclub has a steep cover charge but at lesat then you know you're walking into what must be one of the most upscale nightclubs in Dublin.

    Gaiety Theater

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  • Deefstes's Profile Photo

    Zanzibar: Zanzibar

    by Deefstes Updated Feb 25, 2003

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Zanzibar is a very lively (and rather trendy) pub where you'll find lots of action any night of the week.

    During the day it has a nice laid back atmosphere that's ideal for having a meal and a slow pint but by 21:00 the tempo picks up and the pub becomes a very energetic joint.

    On Sundays they usually have a live Jazz band performing over the lunch hour and I'd go there quite often if only for the music.

    Inside Zanzibar

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  • Deefstes's Profile Photo

    Pravda: Pravda

    by Deefstes Updated Feb 25, 2003

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Pravda is another quite trendy and very enjoyable pub in Dublin. It has a very strong Russian theme and it's worth visiting if only to appreciate the interior. During the day Pravda is pretty much dead and it would be a better idea to visit Zanzibar then (which is just around the corner). If you can't stand loud music, don't go to Pravda because you'll get plenty of it there.

    Inside Pravda

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  • orlikins's Profile Photo

    Gate, Olympia, Abbey, Gaeity, Andrews Lane: Theatre

    by orlikins Written Feb 17, 2003

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    They are the 5 main theatres in Dublin.

    Olympia often has music gigs as well

    Gaiety have clubs open til 4am on Saturdays but I think it's crap. Too expensive, spread out and too easy to lose your friends in.

    The Abbey has the greatest theatrical pedigree and is considered Ireland's national theatre.

    This pic was taken during the anti-war rally against Bush & Blair in Feb 03. Two protesters mounted the entrance of the Gate theatre to wave their banners as you can see here.

    Gate Theatre, Parnell St

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  • orlikins's Profile Photo

    Kennedys: Best of the 80s

    by orlikins Updated Dec 11, 2002

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If you love dancing to 80's music, then you have got to go to Kennedys on a Saturday night!!! It's run by a local radio station called Sun FM and they also do an 80's night in Sadliers on Parkgate st (the north side of Heuston station)
    €8 entry fee

    Dress Code: neat.

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    The Gaiety Theatre - Late Night Clubs

    by laurentka Updated Dec 2, 2002

    On Friday and Saturday nights, after the performances finish, the Gaiety opens its doors to late nighters. There are bands and DJ's playing everything from hip-hop to jazz and reggae in the various bars on all the different levels. In the main auditorium they always show films, usually classics. Great buzz!

    Dress Code: No dress code - yooohooo :o)

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  • call_me_rhia's Profile Photo

    Fibber Magees: Dancing: Fibber Magees

    by call_me_rhia Written Sep 21, 2002

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    It used to be the place to dance to alternative tunes - hopefully it still is. it's dark and gloomy - pints aren't too great - but the venue has character. The crowd is somewhat young. It's "Fibbers" for friends.

    Dress Code: It used to be a goth haunt when I used to go there. Don't know about it now, but I suggest some alternative clothes , you can't go too wrong

    fibbers' location

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    by tvdm Written Sep 12, 2002

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    You may find many of Dublin's clubs veritable meat markets. Copper Faced Jacks is definitely one of those, and lots of my friends seem to like it. But hey, to each his/her own ;-)
    The ground floor area is a pub, with a big dancefloor downstairs. The buzz doesn't really get going until 11pm. And like I said, if you want to meet someone, this place is as good as any!

    Dress Code: Go casual, unless of course you want to make a grand entrance.

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    The Clarence Hotel

    by tvdm Written Oct 12, 2002

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The Clarence Hotel is one of the hotspots in Dub. The U2 owned club The Kitchen is a prime target for all fans.
    The Clarence is a place where U2 used to hang around when they were just beginning, and they've since bought it. The Kitchen nightclub is in the hotel's basement. House and techno rule here and the cover charge is steep. The Octagon, the hotel's newest bar, opened in 1996. Very nice, very modern.

    Dress Code: You won't get in here if you're wearing the usual casual outfit: make an effort... make a BIG effort!

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  • donal's Profile Photo

    first off, there's got to be...

    by donal Written Sep 7, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    first off, there's got to be the kitchen nightclub and the octagon bar, two places in the same building, the clarance hotel, which aren't that like each other at all.
    the octagon bar is a great daytime and early evening hang-out - it's never that busy except at night when it is to be avoided - it takes about a half hour to get a drink! the clarance hotel used to be where the nuns and priests would go to have a discreet tipple in the centre of town and with all it's wood panelling you can picture them with a little sherry resting in front of them. the octagon also has one of dublin's newest snugs - a snug is a little partitioned section most old irish pubs used to have - perfect for thos clerical tete a tetes. they also have the best crisps in the world - kettle crisps - which they leave out on the tables. the octagon used to be an expensive place to drink, until everywhere else in dublin caught up with it!
    if you're micheal stipe you get to head down to the kitchen nightclub via a secret passage from downstairs to upstairs. the corrs and the rest of us plebs go around to its regular entrance and down into one of only dublin clubs that have pretty decent nights every night. the back lounge is groovy and well worth getting in really early to get a seat in - you'll enjoy the night a lot more.

    Dress Code: for the kitchen the most important thing is to bring photo i.d. - they like to know who you are and what you're like. a good attitude and friendly manner are far more important than how you dress.
    the clarance upstairs don't have a discernable dress code but as it's a 5 star hotel you get a lot of poshies hanging about. having said that considering that bono and the edge own the place it would be hypocritical to not scruffys in! if you do want to go there at night get in early as they close their doors to all but residents as early as 10pm as they don't let the place overflow.

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