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  • davidjo's Profile Photo


    by davidjo Updated Jul 31, 2015

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Paddywagon tours operate out of the hostel Paddy's Palace and i went on one tour with them to Kilkenny and Glendalough. The bus was comfortable and the driver was friendly and told us all about the sites and history along the route. If you stay at the hostel they also offer free pick up and drop off at the airport. Another bargain is , if you stay more than two nights at the hostel you will be entitled to a free day tour of Glendalough and Kilkenny should seats be available. I can really recommend taking a tour with them.

    airport pick up larger bus for some tours
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    by davidjo Written Jul 29, 2015

    Besides the train, bus, tram and taxi there are 3 wheeled bicycles that can take you home from Temple Bar when you have had too much to drink. I woke up early one morning and from my window i noticed quite a few of these pedal trikes rushing around. No idea of the price but i guess you have to make a deal with the operator.
    Another way to get around is by horse and cart, but i guess this is an expensive option, mainly for sightseeing.

    horse and cart tricycle

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    To Dublin from Clifden (in Connemara)

    by MalenaN Written Mar 11, 2013

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    On Internet I had seen that there were a few buses daily from Clifden to Dublin and I decided to take the 9:15 bus. The bus stop in Clifden is on Market Street, not even a minute away from Clifden Town Hostel where I stayed.

    The bus arrived in time and I left my luggage in the compartment below (large bags must be put there). On the bus I paid for the ticket to Dublin and it was 23 Euro (March 2013). After 1h 45min the bus arrived in Galway and there the passengers for Dublin had to change bus, but the bus for Dublin didn’t leave until 30 minutes later, at 11:15. It can be good with half an hour in Galway if you need to go to the bathroom at the coach station (it cost 20 cents) or need to go to the convenient store across the road to buy something to eat and drink.

    The bus was full when it left Galway for Dublin. It was an express bus and it only stops in Dublin at the railway station, the city centre and the airport. From Galway to Dublin city centre, a bus stop on Bachelor’s Walk, it took 2.5h. From the bus stop it was only a one-minute walk to Abbey Court, the hostel where I was going to stay, so very convenient.

    Dublin Dublin Dublin Dublin Dublin
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    air travel

    by iaint Written May 2, 2011

    On my April 11 trip I arrived on Ryanair and left on Aer Lingus (long story), so I can compare!

    Ryanair was only 50% full, so boarding was easy and getting seats together for the 2 of us was not difficult. The flight was on time. The main ”negative” was the constant stream of high volume announcements throughout the short flight. It made conversation difficult.

    Aer Lingus was a bit fuller, but check in was immediate and boarding was easy. You get allocated seats. I slept all the way, so presumably either they don’t have to sell lottery cards or can do it quietly. AL uses the new terminal (2) which is lovely - spacious and well appointed.

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    Nitelink - night bus: save money, taxi not needed!

    by WanderingFinn Updated Apr 4, 2011

    This was really valuable information for ourselves: whenever getting back to your accommodation night time, use the Nitelink bus service and no expensive taxi rides are needed any more! It also saves your feet.

    Nitelink is a night bus system operated by Dublin Bus. Its network is very covering; there are more than 20 routes in it. Please check the valid routes and other information at their weblink below.

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    Dublin Bus - City Tour, Hop-On/Off

    by TravellerMel Updated Apr 4, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    All around Dublin, you will see these double decker busses. Buy a ticket at any stop - the ticket is good for 24 hours from the time of purchase (if you buy the ticket at 3pm, it is good until 3pm the next day). There is a running audio tour, and they make stops at 23 Dublin attractions/sites including the Guiness Brewery, Trinity College (Book of Kells), Kilmainham Gaol and many more. This is a GREAT thing to do your first day in Dublin - take the entire tour to get the lay of the city, then use the transport to get to the places you want to see. When you are done at one location, just wait for the next bus to take you to your next. It was a great deal. There are at least 2 companies who run this type of tour - just make sure you get on the correct color bus!

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    The Emerald Isle By Bus

    by Marpessa Updated Apr 4, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The best way to get around Ireland (unless you're on a tour or have hired a car) is by using Bus Eireann. It is a lot cheaper than travelling by train, and they go to more destinations around Ireland. Also at their main bus stations (Dublin, Waterford, Cork, etc) you can find out about specialised trips, like the Ring of Kerry.

    Bus Eireann logo
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    Dublin Aiport....transport to the city centre

    by don1dublin Updated Apr 4, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Theres three ways to get from the Airport to Dublin city centre/downtown.

    1.Taxi - cost...around 20-25 euro

    2.Bus - cost...around 5 euro?

    3.Walk......cost? a spell in prison---.well you can try and walk but will more than likely get arrested as you cant walk down a motorway :0)

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  • MalenaN's Profile Photo

    From Dublin airport to Belfast by bus

    by MalenaN Written Mar 9, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    For me it was much cheaper to fly in to Dublin than to Belfast and as there is a bus from Dublin airport to Belfast that was a good option for me. Goldline service 200 runs every hour (almost) between Dublin and Belfast. The buses leave 20 minutes past every hour from Dublin Airport and leave Belfast on the hour.

    My flight was supposed to land at 11.20 so I hoped to catch the 12.20 bus. To my luck the plane landed almost 25 minutes too early so I could take the 11.20 bus. The bus stop is Stop 8 Atrium Road and it is only a few minutes away from the arrival hall. Just follow the signs from the arrival hall and turn right as you leave, cross the road, walk through a building and you will have the bus stop on your left. Tickets can be bought from a machine at the bus stop, but can also be bought on board the bus. I bought a return ticket for 20 Euro (February 2011) and they are valid for one month. The bus made a few stops along the way and arrived at Europa BusCentre in Belfast 2 hours and 5 minutes after we had left Dublin airport. From the bus station it was only a 10 minutes walk to the hostel where I was going to stay.

    Going back to Dublin airport I took the bus leaving 8.00 from Belfast. Suddenly the bus stopped and a man came aboard asking for passport or id-card. I saw we were standing in front of a sign saying Welcome to County Louth and I realised this was the boarder to The Republic of Ireland.

    Butlers Chocolate Caf��, Dublin Airport
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  • SELVA73's Profile Photo


    by SELVA73 Written Oct 24, 2010

    All transports in Dublin were great. Clean, fast, punctual, useful.
    Buses were everywhere in town and it was the 50 cent rate for the city centre, so it was very convinient.
    Train was comfortable and clean and punctual.
    Tramway was as good as in Barcelona (I think is the same)

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  • flytheworld's Profile Photo

    Trains from Dublin to Belfast

    by flytheworld Updated Sep 18, 2009

    Trains from Dublin to Belfast are a great way to get from one city to the other.

    IC trains leave Dublin for Belfast every 1-2 hours and the trip takes just over 2 hours. The cost is around 18 euros.

    Remember to bring your passport or European ID card, as Dublin is in the Republic of Ireland and Belfast is in the United Kingdom.

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    Intercity Trains

    by Jase1177 Written May 18, 2009

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The Irish rail system seems to be pretty efficient and upgrading as time progresses (although other European countries far outpace Ireland). The IrishRail Intercity trains can connect you quickly to various other major cities in Ireland. The major routes have newer trains, with other routes expected to be updraded as well. The Dublin-Cork train (3hrs) that I took was comfortable and clean, offering seating in some two-by-two with tray tables or four seats around a common table. The train had a snack and dining car, as well as a cart going through offering snacks. The station announcements and route marker were clear and helpful in following the train progress. Most of the Dublin-Cork trains have 3-4 stops, making the trip go quickly.

    The price for a standard round-trip was 56EUR (May09), with the premier car being 88EUR.

    Intercity train car Inside train car The snack cart The train route marker
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  • Gypsystravels's Profile Photo

    American Airlines to Dublin

    by Gypsystravels Updated Mar 3, 2009

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I will always try my hardest to get to any city in the world on American Airlines. They are my choice airline where I have status that makes my flying experience so much more enjoyable.

    My first trip to Dublin was a business trip and although my company uses United for all business trips I was able to convince my employer to pay for my ticket on American Airlines because I would fly coach instead of United business. I did this because I had arranged for Ferni to meet me in Dublin and we would return together. Thank goodness my boss is very accommodating and agreed to allow me to fly American Airlines (just this trip).

    American Airlines has service to Dublin via Chicago O'Hare on what seems to be one scheduled flight a day 6 days a week. Not a great option if you're flight is cancelled (sigh), but if you have status like I do, you will probably opt to go this route.

    The flight is about 6-7 hours long, depending on the direction of the winds. Service is good and the flight attendants are usually quite friendly and helpful which makes any flight enjoyable.

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  • tekiegirl's Profile Photo

    Tram/Luas in Dublin city

    by tekiegirl Written Aug 24, 2008

    Whilst Dublin is very easy to navigate on foot, there are buses and also trams (Luas) for longer journeys, and those who have trouble walking.

    The Luas (tram) has a more limited route than the buses, but seems to be very regular and punctual. There are three lines, with different fare zones, similar to the tube system in London, UK.

    Tickets are easily bought from self-service machines at Luas stops. Simply touch the station you wish to travel to and you are given a selection of different tickets to choose from. The prices in July 2008 were very reasonable.

    The stations are announced and displayed inside the Luas carriages, as you travel along the line, so it is very easy to use.

    This is a good way to travel to Phoenix Park or the zoo (located in Phoenix Park, along with many other attractions). Travel to Heuston station, and it's a 15 minute walk.

    Luas/tram routes
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  • AirCoach Bus to Hotel Locations Within Dublin City

    by Scanderbeg Written May 29, 2008

    As you walk outside the doors of the airport, make a left and you will see ticket agents selling bus ticket to all the major hotel within Dublin. Buses run very frequently...on more upon plane arrival. The one way ticket into the city, stopping at all the major hotels will cost you 7 Euros.

    Arriving late at night, there is not much traffic into the city and the ride is about 20 to 30 mins.

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    I travelled to Dublin (from London) for a business trip recently. I figured it'd be easier if I had an airport chauffeur service there to collect me - which turned out to be the right decision, it made life so much easier. I'd really recommend choosing LFLCS. I'll leave the link here if anyone wants to know about it :)

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