Dublin Warnings and Dangers

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Most Viewed Warnings and Dangers in Dublin

  • 1. Around Dublin

    Use caution when you're withdrawing money from ATM machines. Crime, like any city is rampant in Dublin especailly when it comes to withdrawing money from cash machines. Make sure no one is peeping...

  • 2. Drinking

    Back in 2010 Dublin residents were presented with the surreal sight of a real live penquin walking around the streets of the North inner city. Whilst some might have passed it off as an hallucination...

  • 3. Driving / Walking

    I picked a hotel in Ballsbridge, southeast of the city center, specifically so we wouldn't have to drive through central Dublin but then we listened to the Dan Dooley representative who said that it...

  • 4. Tourist Victim Support Service

    If you're in difficulty or have been a victim of crime report the incident to the Gardai (Police) and call ITAS. The office is open seven days a week and assists tourists throughout Ireland. ITAS...

  • 5. non-smokers

    Since March 2004 Irish Government introduced a ban smoking in the workplaces in Ireland. This includes office blocks, various buildings, public houses/bars, restaurants etc. There are usually some...

  • 6. Taxi Service

    Fares from the airport to the city should never be more than 25 euro, If you are going Southside make sure that the driver does not use the M50 motorway as it is 18 miles longer that way, Always go...

  • 7. The brown Stuff

    I have always thought that the phrase 'Brown Thomas' sounds like a pupils at a minor public school. Wheather the 'Brown' is a surname or a nickname, I'm not...

  • 8. Sunny spells with scattered showers

    Both times we were in Dublin the weather was pretty much the same, sunny at noon, raining at 2pm, sunny at 4pm, so and so forth. Some people might find this a...

  • 9. Watch out for spades.....

    This tip is only 170 years plus out of date....if I take you back to the 1830's then the pride of Dublin at the time for Irish catholics would have been the...

  • 10. What a rubbish exchange rate !

    I was surprised it still happens - but it does ! Back before the days of the Euro, it was quite common for shops in Dublin to accept pounds sterling. In those...

  • 11. Language Barrier

    As an Englishman in Ireland, i thought i would have no problem with the language...However, i would estimate that OVER 50% of the 18-30 population i met was...

  • 12. Luas

    When on the Luas make sure you have a valid ticket to ride on the tram other wise you face getting a fine if caught. They will ask you for ID and even if you...

  • 13. Return Tickets

    This happened to me last week, I had bought a return ticket from Dublin to Wexford on the internet, luckily for me a friend of mine was on the same flight and...

  • 14. It can happen you know.

    It is quite possible than in a semi-inebriated state in Dublin you may have an uncontrollable urge to buy some appauling touristy piece of tat.Do not worry,...

  • 15. NO TROUBLE.

    After reading alot of warning and dangers we were lucky we didn't see any trouble and no drunks in Dublin.We found the local people were really friendly and...

  • 16. Reputable Tour Buses

    Make sure you do not start a tour with a bus that may not make it!We were 4 days into our 10 day trip through Ireland when we ran into a little trouble with our...

  • 17. beware!

    this is not an extremely dangerous city,still use the same precautions you use everywhere;be careful with drunk young guys, saturday night,that are looking for...

  • 18. I hope you have a one euro coin...

    A few years ago quite a large sum of money was spent to make Dublin airport bigger and better. As part of this process someone had the bright idea of replacing...

  • 19. Learn the lingo

    You will find in Dublin alot of people use slang.......here are some exampleswhats the criac...means how are u any fun etc....farting around....means not doing...

  • 20. Scumbags

    You can usually spot a scumbag a mile away.....scumbag is Dublin slang for a robber....thief...bad person etc....they usually wear tracksuits(sweats for u...

  • 21. Colors

    I only found one danger while there in Dublin, the story of which I relate in the Travelogues titled "After Action Report". It's a long tale, mostly providing...

  • 22. 27 November 2000 - There are...

    27 November 2000 - There are some really bad strikes on at the moment which are affecting travellers. The trains have been on strike for quite awhile (well, not...

  • 23. Leprechauns

    BEWARE OF THE LEPRECHAUNSThey have been in the news recently in Dublin for spiking young girls drinks in bars to get the lucky way with them......UVE BEEN...

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