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  • Ballylee Castle, Home of WB Yeats
    Ballylee Castle, Home of WB Yeats
    by dustmon
  • Gort
    by MAIGO
  • Tower of Ballylee
    Tower of Ballylee
    by MAIGO

Gort Things to Do

  • Ballylee Castle, WB Yeats home

    This was rather eerie in the drizzle rain that happens alot in Ireland, but was a pretty fun side trip. The River Cloon slides gently by under the trees and the Tower Castle broods over it all, water stains reaching up the walls towards the crenellated top. Not much to see inside, but nice to walk around a bit on the grounds.Open from May to...

  • Modern pottery nirvana

    If you know anything about modern ceramic artwork (and I know bugger all) then you would know that Michael Kennedy is a leading light.He has picked Gort (Boland's lane) to convert a rather nice stone courtyrad area into a pottery and showroom. The stuff he produced are all unique, hand crafted affairs made with some of his own 'special glazes'.I...

  • see some literary grafitti

    Coole park lies just to the north of Gort. It was the seat (and i am sure she had a very nice seat) of Lady Gregory who played a leading roe in the Irish literary revival. The house has gone, but the ground and especially the woodlands provided great inspiration for writers such as Yeats who lived nearby.The rather fine parkland is now open to all...

  • Thoor Ballylee, home of William Butler...

    When it comes to generating tourist income, you really have got to bag a famous name. Call aplace 'Thoor Ballylee', then you will only get a trickle of anoracked tourists, but add 'home of WB Yeats' and you have a viable proposition.Down a delightful back road a few miles out of Gort, the museum and tea shop pay homage to the great Irish writer who...

  • Weighing all things up

    Right in the centre of town stands a very well restored weigh house from the 18th century. i presume it was used for all manner of things on market days, and some kind of 'official' status to it.Good to have such a bit of history hanging about, although it could be much better presented if it was the centrepiece of a sympathetic pedestrianisation...

  • Coole Park

    This was a home of Augusta, Lady Gregorya center of the Irish literary Revival, which once played host to many Irish writers and poets.(but, destoyed in 1941)The only physical reminder is the "Autographed Tree"a copper beech inscribed with the initialsW B & J B Yearts, G B Show, J M Synge, Sean O'Casey.........etc.


Gort Transportation

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    by sourbugger Written Jan 17, 2008

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    Gort is sits fimly on the main road between Galway and Limerick. This whole transport corridor is being upgraded over the next few years. It is likely that the west coast motorway will by-pass the town in the next few years, but Gort never had a strong tourist trade anyway and the drop in traffic volume may benifit the look of the town. Gort is more useful as a base to travel from rather than a destination in itself.

    The rail line will also be reconnected at some point when they get around to it. This development may well bring in more tourists as it will the most convenient setting off point for much of County Clare with the Cliffs, Doolin and all the rest of it.

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Gort Local Customs

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    by sourbugger Updated Jan 18, 2008

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    A rather odd cultural phenomenen has happened in the quiet little rural town of Gort. The population has swelled in the last few years with an influx of Brazillians who most work in the local agricultural based industries.

    I don't know what percentage of the town it adds to, but I do know that the local football teams are much more feared these days.

    I found two shops in the town that cater to Brazilian tastes. The 'Brazil Real' shop sold foodstuffs from Brazil including some amazingly big sausages. They also seemed to sell vast quanities of Basmati rice.

    A second shop, a clothes one, sold the sort of dresses and underwear that are just not built for the Irish Climate. You call a postage stamp and two shoelaces sensible daywear ? Fine by me.

    If you time things right you may also have the good fortune to hit Gort's Brazilian festival. Rio it ain't, but it certainly shows that Ireland is becoming more ethnically diverse by the day.

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Gort Off The Beaten Path

  • Father Ted Land

    If you are a fan of the surreal comedy series “Father Ted” then you will already have some kind of introduction to the area around here. Although made by a British company, and for a while banned in Ireland, the series became hugely popular.The use of the word ‘Feck’ was perhaps the shows most enduring legacy and the creation of the...

  • A little bit of History

    Deep in the annals of Irish History are many accounts of rebellion against British rule. The United Irishmen rebellion right at the end of the eighteenth century was one such affair. It is perhaps often ignored due to the fact that apart from a brief success in Wexford it was an abject failure.It was a non-sectarian movement that were inspired by...

  • The castle of the town

    This area of Ireland is not exactly short on the old castle front. When I visited, I had a good look at the map in the centre of the town and saw some dotted lines depicting a castle just behind the bank in the centre of town.I was quite aware of the fact that within justy a few miles of the town lie at least four castles, all of which are of some...


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