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  • Local Customs
    by stevemt
  • Local Customs
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  • Local Customs
    by stevemt

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    Hugh O'Flaherty

    by stevemt Written Jun 25, 2014

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    The late Monsignor Hugh O'Flaherty, lived for a while in Tralee & Kilgarven. They then moved to a house on the old Killarney Golf Course.

    Hugh joined the priesthood and soon was at the Vatican in their diplomatic service.

    During world war 2, he (and a few friends) established the Rome Escape Line which assisted over 6500 allied soldiers to get home.

    Hugh has been the subject of books and movies. His story is also told at www.hughoflaherety.com

    There is a street named after him in Killarney (where there is also a mural on a wall in the street, and a few statues.

    Have a look.

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    Smirting & The Smoking Ban

    by orlikins Updated Apr 4, 2011

    Smirting is a combination of the words smoking + flirting, geddit? It started when people had to go out for a ciggie after the ban was enforced, and got chatting to fellow smokers outside on the street, eyes meeting across a cloud of blue nicotine... ;) So you may just meet a local hottie in this way!!

    REMEMBER - Since March 2004, you CANNOT smoke inside bars, cafes or restaurants, or anywhere where people are working (e.g. taxis, offices etc.)
    The legislation is officially known as the Public Health (Tobacco) Act, see link to it below for a summary.

    You may smoke in outside in the street or in designated smoking areas, but never inside a place where people are working (includes offices, bars, restaurants, shops, shopping centres, taxis, etc)

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    No Nappies!

    by Dabs Updated Oct 26, 2009

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    The big news story in Killarney while we were there, if you can believe it, was the debate over whether the horses used to pull the jarveys (horse drawn carts) should be wearing nappies (dung catchers) or not, while we were here the jarveys were banned from Killarney National Park because they refuse to attach the nappies to their horses. The National Park and Wildlife Service argued that they should to control the enormous amount of horse dung that is littering the roads near Killarney, it probably also cost Killarney the coveted title of "Tidy Town". The jarvey drivers argue that they shouldn't as it was uncomfortable for the horses and potentially dangerous, in my photo you can see them protesting outside the national park. For a few months in the peak travel season, they allowed them to continue on without the nappies but as of October 2009, they have banned the jarveys for a 2nd time until they comply.

    Now I've been lots and lots of places where there are horse drawn carriages carting tourists around and never have I seen it allowed for a horse to deposit their "apples" wherever they fall. It's not tolerated in other places and somehow the horses survive, I really didn't see any strong arguments being made by the jarvey drivers although they did trot out some veterinary experts to try and make the case for them.

    Nappie protestors No nappies!

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    Jaunting Carts

    by grandmaR Written Jul 1, 2007

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    Killarney seems to have made a big business out of jaunting cart rides. Some people regard them as tourist traps, and some think of them as a nice way to see the country.

    In our case they were paid for as part of our tour, so if it was a tourist trap, it was an enjoyable one.

    They have jaunting carts downtown in Killarney and also out at Muckross House (photo 2).

    Horse and cart waiting in the shade Muckross house Cart Depot Cart on the street Cart in Killarney waiting for a customer Kids in the front of the cart
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    Respect the Republicans

    by mrdarius Written Mar 24, 2003

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    One night, we were at a bar called Tatler Jack's which you can read about in my restaurant tips. The last song of the night for the performers was "A Nation Once Again."

    Since we were sitting up front, we didn't realize until the song was half way through that everyone in the pub was standing. We felt a little strange when one youth began Sieg Heil-ing to the band.

    Now while I doubt that this happens very often, you probably want to steer clear of insulting Republican sentiments late at night in rowdy bars.

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    this is more plant culture...

    by kathycollins Written Nov 8, 2002

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    this is more plant culture than human culture...
    Rhododendron are plants native to China that were brought to Ireland in the 19th century. They are ideally suited to the climate and have spread throughout the native forests, taking over and supplanting the native oaks and vegetation. Whole mountainsides are loaded with them - a lovely sight! An effort is being made to irradicate it in some National Parks so the visitor to Ireland might enjoy Irish plants! Beautiful it may be, but Irish IT IS NOT!

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    Tinkers (sometimes known as...

    by feline01 Written Sep 17, 2002

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    Tinkers (sometimes known as gypsies) can be found alongside rural roadways in Ireland. They're like everyone else, just trying to make a living. Many times, they sell or do handicrafts that are beautiful and much less expensive than in tourist areas. Stop and look around, have a chat and maybe make a purchase.

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    Irish People have a wicked sense of humour

    by scottishvisitor Written Dec 28, 2005

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    Down threw the ages Ireland has been renowned for it's great writers. Their wit is sharp & very funny = you have to be very quick to retaliate.

    Please bring a sense of humour
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