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  • Pery Square, Limerick
    Pery Square, Limerick
    by orlikins
  • Shannon River
    Shannon River
    by Kristina1701
  • Warnings
    by irishjon25
  • Them Families they be feuding

    by Eric1977 Written Jan 16, 2004

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    Lets be realistic people anywhere you go in the world has its bad parts and Limerick is no exception.
    I can not lie i have lived in Limerick for most of my life and at times i feel their is an element of tension in the air.
    Around supermac's, chickenhut and Kranks Korner are not areas for socialising after the disco's finish and their are also certain housing estates ( Moyross, Southill, Weston and the Island field) that are not geared up for the tourist trade. But lets be very clear on this one point the majority of the people from these estates are salt of the earth and possibly some of the wittiest people i have and will ever encounter. I believe living in a city which 'The Capital' loves to vilify has this effect on its people. What I will assure you is that most of these murders are in some way connected to the ongoing feud so in that respect there is little or not a lot to worry about.
    The beauty of all this media character assasination is that we overlook the greatest kip on the face of this planet. The heroine infested rathole that is our nations capital. So if you really want to be robbed or randomly beaten Dublin is the place for you.

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  • SarahEire's Profile Photo

    I love Limerick but....

    by SarahEire Updated Dec 10, 2003

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    Limerick has a very bad reputation. It has unfortunatly been given the nickname "stab city".

    There is a fued in Limerick between certain families. The majority of the trouble in Limerick is connected to this fued.

    I have lived in Limerick all my life and even I wouldn't feel it safe to go every where in limerick.

    As a tourist there is someplaces best avoided:
    St. Mary's Park - The Island Field

    The two city centre parks are not safe at night. Arthur's Quay Park and the People's Park are lovely places to visit on a sunny day but after dark they become places for people that are up to no good.

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  • Kristina1701's Profile Photo

    Stab capital of Ireland

    by Kristina1701 Updated Sep 22, 2003

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    Unfortunately Limerick has a very high crime-rate and is known as the stab capital of Ireland. I found it hard to believe when I first heard about it but during my 2 week's stay there one student got attacked and another one stabbed! It seems that the area along the Shannon River, as well as some parts of the city centre aren't really safe at night and one should only go there in a group of at least 3 people.
    I was told that most of the crime is family-related though. There must have been an argument or something among two school kids of two different families, then the parents got involved and somehow it all went "out of control". Another reason for the high crime-rate is the high unemployment- rate.

    Shannon River
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  • ciaus's Profile Photo

    In Limerick do not......

    by ciaus Updated Jul 22, 2006

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    In Limerick as in any other city/town in the world you just do not travel into some area's which are considered doddgy. I could list these for limerick but you will e told of them if you ask locally and it would be unfair of me to mention them here as there are good people living in those area's of limerick who unfortunately get tarnished with the same brush as the scumbags.

    If your enjoying the Nightlife with Friends, It is advisable to avoid hanging outside Super Macs on O'Connell street after all the night clubs empty at 02:00am as if there is trouble it will most likely start here, also note Taxis are inpossible to get after this time.

    Stick to more well known Pubs, Clohessys, Old Quater, Dolans, the Locke bar & so on.

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  • lauriejeanne's Profile Photo

    Beware if you're travelling in...

    by lauriejeanne Updated Apr 30, 2003

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    Beware if you're travelling in winter. Central heating is not to be taken for granted and the damp cold is absolutely biting!!! I recommend a summer visit myself! But having said that, if you are from a dry climate, be sure to bring extra sweaters and jackets regardless of the time of year. The wind can be chilly any time!

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  • irishjon25's Profile Photo

    Certain Limerick Housing Estates

    by irishjon25 Updated Jun 3, 2004

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    I suppose as in the case of many cities there are certain places which are not very desirable.

    In Limerick the problem seemed to come about in the 70's due to bad planning.

    There are three housing estate's not far from Limerick City which would fall into this category. O'Malley Park(Southill), Moyross and St Mary's Park, there are large numbers of inhabitant's in these estate's unemployed and crime is higher than in other area's in the city.

    Please note that this is just a reference, there are many (and i mean many) very hard working and high standing Limerick men & women living in these area's however i would not recommend anyone from outside Limerick travelling to these area's on foot.

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  • orlikins's Profile Photo

    Red-light districts

    by orlikins Updated Jun 26, 2006

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    Red-light districts are Pery Square, which is behind the Peoples Park opposite the railway station and the Dock Road.

    Dont get involved in any fights that nearly always take place outside fast-food shops in the city centre every weekend. I know that sounds really obvious but you never know...

    Pery Square, Limerick

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  • irishjon25's Profile Photo

    O'Connell Street (After night clubs close)

    by irishjon25 Written Jun 3, 2004

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    Between 2 am and 4 am on weekends the nightclubs close and everyone gets put out on the street.
    While there are no nightclubs now on O'Connell Street all the take away's and fast food joints are situated there.

    At this time the street is very busy and can sometimes be dangerous when there are people around who have consumed too much alcohol.

    There are hundreds of people hanging around waiting for taxi's, friend's ect. It is almost impossible to get a taxi at this time.

    You are much safer if you are accompanied by a couple of friends during this busy period.

    O'Connell Street By Day

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  • illumina's Profile Photo

    Stab City

    by illumina Written Apr 25, 2006

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We were warned by our coach driver not to go wandering around Limerick in the evening/night, as the place is locally known as 'Stab City', and can apparently be quite dangerous. We didn't, so I don't know how true this was, but it's usually best to heed the advice of locals.

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  • Tuesdaysraven's Profile Photo

    Traffic hassle

    by Tuesdaysraven Updated Sep 5, 2004

    There is a one-way system in the main part of Limerick and although the city roads run in a grid the lanes are marked on the road, under the cars. When it's busy it's pretty hard to see which lane you need to switch to until it's too late.

    Also, everytime the lights change cars pile into lanes from all directions. Be tough or the taxis will eat you for breakfast. This isn't a city to drive in for the fainthearted.

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  • Oct 31, 2013 at 3:54 PM

    I have lived in Limerick for a large part of my life and I recommend tourists to stay away from certain parts of the city, such as Moyross, South Hill, Weston and St. Marys Park (Island Field). Other parts of the city are pretty much ok, there are a few dodgy areas around Thomond Park, and a few in Corbally and Raheen that should be ok during the day but avoided at night.

    The City center is generally safe, as others have said when the nightclubs close and people pour onto O'Connel street, this is when trouble can start, Stay away from any fights and do not get involved, it can quickly escalate. Taxis are very difficult to get when the clubs close so best bet is to leave just before they close and grab a taxi back to where you are staying.

    If your driving in the city centre pay close attention to the road markings and signs, there is a lot of one way system roads and during busy times you will get a very large amount of traffic crawling through the city center.
    Pay close attention to pedestrians!!!! In Limerick people often walk out in front of traffic expecting cars to stop for them, so make sure you are watching what is going on around your car.

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