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    Westport Quay area

    by sourbugger Written Oct 18, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Clew bay heritage centre

    Clew Bay laps gently into this area of the town, and it is quite a striking and dramatic spot to be.

    There is a good range of crafty-type shops, cafes, restaurants and pubs these days (including the very 'boaty' pub called 'The Towers'), so it almost rivals the town centre as a place to relax and have fun. Most of these are contained in well restored warehouses facing the Quay.

    The Quay area itself includes the Clew Bay Heritage Centre, which is FREE, and contains a range of arterfacts covering the local history of the area right back to pre-historical times. It sits on the end of the Quay, which is still a semi-industrial, semi-derelict space. I guess there will be moves in future years to further 'enhance' the facilities. The one thing that can't be enhanced is the view - spectacular !

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    Rewriting history in Westport

    by sourbugger Written Oct 17, 2005

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    The post prominent feature that vistors to Westport is monument in the 'Octagon', which is rather fine Georgian square.

    The monument was originally put in place by Lord Sligo's agent. Obviously this bloke had one massive insecurity complex as monument is not event to Lord Sligo but to himself, in his own honour ! - talk about Lording it over the Locals.

    This statue of Mr. Glendenning was in place until the 1920s when in an action similar to that seen in Iraq recently when Saddam Hussain was removed from power - the statue was toppled/

    The monument remained vacant until the late 1980's when the monument was then cleaned and restored. To re-use the pace a statue of a young St. Patrick was put in place along with the tablets of St. Patrick's writings around the eight sides of the monument.

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    by eden_teuling Written Jul 30, 2003

    On board an all weather luxury catamaran, you can visit working salmon and mussels farms.

    On board are a nice Bar and Restaurant.....which is always great!

    You can see Ireland's only FJORD.
    Its magic will be the high point of a rainy day..
    You can experience the Outdoors from Indoors.....
    You will get unique photo grafic opportunities...
    You will see sea salmon leap in their farm cages...
    It is the ultimate rainy-day-experience IN connemara....


    Doesn't that sound great??

    My day was far too rainy and it was already too late in the day to partake, but do give it a try!

    They are located at Nancy's Point 2 km west of Leenane village on the Main road to Clifden, the N 59, a fine road........I went south-west from Westport via this road!

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    LITTLE LIST OF.....part 2

    by eden_teuling Written Jul 30, 2003

    Home of the famous sea-queen Frainne Uaile ( Grace O'Malley).
    There is a ferry service to the Island from Roonagh Pier (20 km. from Westport)
    Telephone: 09826307 and 098 25 045

    Here is a National Monument, a 12th Century Round Tower and a 13th Century Church .
    St. Patrick is reputed to have built a church here.
    The site alsocontains several Patrician Relics.
    It lies 7 km. to the south of Westport.

    A famous Abbey, 17 km. from Westport. The Abbey was founded in 1216 by Cathal O'Connor, King of Connaught.
    Still in use it is a historians dream.
    Tochar Phadraig , an ancient Pilgrims path runs from the Abbey through Aughagower to Croagh Patrick.
    Guided Tours are available....
    Telephone: 094 30934
    email: btuabbey@eircom.net

    An exciting guided exploration of our culture through ancient festivalsand farming covering 5000 years.
    For further information: telephone 094 30709

    In front of the Roman Catholic Church on the Mall.
    There is also a plaque at Westport Quay to commemorate Major John McBride, Boer War Veteran and executed leader of the 1916 Rising.

    A pircuresque waterway running through the heart of Westport town, with a lovely tree-lined boulevard.

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    LITTLE LIST OF..... part 1

    by eden_teuling Written Jul 30, 2003

    what to see and/or do when in Westport....

    The choice is yours.

    W.M.Thackeray: "The islands in the Bay which was of gold colour look like so many dolphins and whales, basking there..."

    from "On Westport" 1842........

    One of Ireland's Stately Homes, Westport House was designed by James Wyatt.
    It is open to the public in summer and guided tours are available.
    Telephone: 098 25430 or 27766

    Located at the Tourist Information Office, James Street, Wesport
    Discover the story of Westport.
    3D models and interactive displays bring this charismatic town to life steeped in history and heritage, explore the story of Westport from early Christian times to the present day.
    Open: daily and seasonal.

    Northern Feather, The Demesne, Westport
    Telephone: 098 25411

    This striking peak (800 mts. = 2.510 ft.) lies as an imposing background to Westport Town.
    St. Patrick, Patron Saint of Ireland, prayed here for 40 days of Lent 441 AD (according to the Legend.)
    He did so for the conversion of the Irish People to Christianity.
    A Pilgrimage is held on the last Sunday of July each year when over 60.000 people climb to the summit.
    The Pilgrims path starts at Murrisk some 8 km. from Westport.

    An old Augustinian Abbey which was founded in 1457. It was later destroyed by Cromwellian soldiers. It is located near the Murrisk Car Park.

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    by eden_teuling Written Jul 30, 2003

    Shop at the Farm Yard (Home & Garden)
    Garden Plants for Sale
    Jungle World (Indoor soft play area)

    this all are located in the Old Farm Yard buildings at WESTPORT HOUSE & COUNTRY PARK in WESTPORT.

    These buildings really must constitute one of the biggest set of Farm Buildings in Ireland and were constructed in the early 19th Century for the estate farm where there were granaries, laundries and stables.

    tel. 098 25430 / 27766

    email: info@westporthouse.ie


    There is a free car parking!!

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    by eden_teuling Written Jul 27, 2003

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness


    Westport Quay lies at the entrance to the estate WESTPORT HOUSE....

    Here you can find: good restaurants, fine hotels and inviting pubs where Irish music will enchant you!

    In October there is an ART FESTIVAL, IN jULY A street festival and during high season amateur actors and actresses play at the WYATT THEATRE.

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    by eden_teuling Written Jul 27, 2003

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness


    The centerpiece at the Heritage Centre is an interactive scale model of the town with individual video screens, interesting areas are illuminated in turn and linked to a voiceover in English, Gaelic (Irish), French, Italian or German.

    In second place (but as nice...) comes GRANUAILE.

    The history of the Browne family of Westport House has been interwoven with Westport for more than half a millennium.

    The most colourful member of the family is GRANUAILE or GRACE O'Malley, the PIRATE QUEEN, who ruled the high seas in the 1500s.

    The history of Westport House itself is also displayed.

    And of course we can't forget Croagh Patrick.
    Beautifully illustrated wall panels and a relief model explore Croagh Patrick, Ireland's Holy Mountain and its history dating back pre-Christianity to the dawn of time...

    Previously known as Cruachan Aigle it owes its name change to the 40 day fast of St. Patrick, Ireland's patron saint, on its summit.

    On "Reek Sunday" in July thousands of pilgrims, some barefoot, make the arduous climb to the church at the summit.

    These 3 interesting things can be seen at the Westport Heritage Centre.

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    by eden_teuling Written Jul 27, 2003

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness


    The lovely heritage town of Westport boasts a rich history which WESTPORT HERITAGE CENTRE presents in an enchanting and interesting fashion....

    Many of the superb photographs come from The Lawrence Collection and they truly bring the past to life.....

    This centre is situated IN the WESTPORT TOURIST INFORMATION CENTRE itself!

    Information and group bookings:
    Westport Tourist Information Office,
    James street, Westport.

    tel. 098 25711

    email: westport@irelandwest.ie

    see next TIP.......it will make things clear to you!

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    TO CAP IT ALL......

    by eden_teuling Written Jul 27, 2003

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness


    The Centre is located near the National Famine Monument in Murrisk.

    This magnificent piece of sculpture by JOHN BEHAN was unveiled by President Mary Robinson in 1997.

    It depicts a Coffin Ship with skeleton bodies and commemorates the anniversary of the FAMINE.

    There is an extensive Famine Landscape around Croagh Patrick.

    CEAD MILE FAILTE ....... WELCOME......

    Gerry & Gabrielle Walsh
    "teach na Miasa"
    Croagh Patrick Visitor Centre

    tel. 098 64114
    fax 098 64115


    email: info@croagh-patrick.com

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    by eden_teuling Written Jul 27, 2003

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    IRISH SKIES.....


    Safety is important for anyone wishing to climb the mountain which rises to a height of 765 metres.

    It is essential that climbers pay serious attention to weather conditions and are wearing proper footwear.

    The use of (at least) 1 stick (I myself prefer 2)
    is advisable.

    A brief climb to the statue of St. Patrick is fine for most people and for this short distance, no special footwear is needed.

    Guided tours to the Statue are available from the Centre during peak season (with advanced notice).
    These tours also give information on Clew Bay, the National Famine Monument and Murrisk Abbey, all of which can be seen from the place where the statue is!

    The Visitor Centre is a half way stop on the archaeological trail from Westport to Louisburgh, promoted by the Croagh Patrick Archaeoligical Committee and Westport Tourism.

    And..............thisis really fabulous: for a minimal charge climbers and pilgrims are offered showers....

    The craft shop sells: maps, books on local history and archaeology, walking sticks, socks, raingear, T-shirts with logo as well as a selection of crafts .....everything stocked in the shop and....sourced locally!

    Of course there also is a coffee shop-cum-self-service-restaurant at the Centre to cater for visitor needs....and we can be so hungry and thirsty while climbing and hiking, can't we??

    This restaurants seats 50 inside and another 40 outside on a terrace where both the food and the view can be savoured.

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    by eden_teuling Written Jul 27, 2003

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness



    The Director of Archaeological Excavations on the summit of Croagh Patrick, Gerry Walsh, and his wife Gabrielle opened the Croagh Patrick Visitor Centre at the foot of the mountain in March 2000.

    The Centre stems from the interest shown by the thousands of Pilgrims and climbers in the archaeological discoveries on the summit.
    Gerry realised that people would love more information in an accessible and user-friendly way and.....he made his dream come true!

    He also realised that people visiting the mountain were not being supplied with general information on the South Mayo Region, an area of unspoiled natural beauty and so he decided to make this all available too in the Centre, which was a great idea!

    The building housing the Centre maintains the natural appeal of the area with a profile which blends in with the existing environment, which is wonderful.


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    by eden_teuling Updated Jul 27, 2003

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness



    An archaeological excavation licensed by the National Monuments service started on 2nd August 1994.

    It discovered evidence of Christian activity but also showed that Croagh Patrick was a place of trmendous importance in the pre-Christian era, as indicated by the discovery of a celtic hill-fort encircling the summit of the mountain.

    The exciting discovery of a dry stone oratory pushes back further in time our knowledge of pilgrimage architecture on the summit.

    It is similar to the GALLARUS ORATORY in County Kerry and has been "radio carbon" dated to between 430 and 890 AD!

    How very fortunate that we have such ingenious ways of discovering things.....Amazing!

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    by eden_teuling Written Jul 27, 2003

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness


    The CROAGH VISITOR CENTRE is situated in MURRISK on the PILGRIM'S PATH at the base of Croagh Patrick and opposite the NATIONAL FAMINE MONUMENT.

    Croagh Patrick is only 5 miles from the picturesque town of WESTPORT and its conical shape soars majestically above the surrounding countryside.

    Magnificent views of CLEW BAY and the surrounding south MAYO-countryside are spectacular from all stages of the ascent of the mountain!

    And then about this famous MOUNTAIN: the mountain itself is renowned for its Patrician Pilgrimage in honour of St. Patrick's fast on the mountain for 40 days in 441 AD and the custom has been faithfully handed down from generation to generation.

    On REEK SUNDAY, the last Sunday in July, over 25.000 pilgrims visit the Reek.

    Individuals and groups come from all over the world and amongst these are pilgrims, hill climbers, historians, archaeologists and of course nature lovers.

    The tradition of the pilgrimage to this holy mountain stretches back over 5000 years from the STONE AGE to the present day and that without interruption, imagine that!
    It is such a wonderful thought.....

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    by eden_teuling Written Jul 27, 2003

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness


    Must see, must see....almost everything in Ireland is a MUST SEE......natural beauty, architecture, art, handicrafts, cultural beauty .....

    There I shall list some SCENIC ROUTES and the only thing you need to have is a good map!

    a. Westport - Newport - Mulranny - Currane - Achill Sound - Atlantic Drive - Keel - Dugort - Westport.

    b. Westport - Croagh Patrick - Murrisk - Leenane - Kylemore Abbey - Westport.

    c. Westport - Tourmakeady - Lough Mask - Lough Nafooey - Clonbur - Cong - Ashford Castle - Ballintubber Abey - Westport.

    d. Westport - Louisburgh - Delphi - Aasleagh Falls - Erriff Valley - Westport.

    e. Westport - Newport - Furnace - Shramore - Westport.

    f. Westport - Drumming - Sheeffrey - Delphi - Louisburgh - Westport.

    DO ENJOY THEM.....

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