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    Secrets of the Castle

    by Pawtuxet Updated Jul 2, 2015

    Favorite thing: My son had his own games at this castle...finding tiny hiding places.The boys were young then and sometimes difficult to entertain, but these mysterious little hiding places provided plenty of opportunity for jokes and entertainment.

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    Archway to the castle

    by Pawtuxet Updated Jul 2, 2015

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: My husband and son entering a garden and cemetary. The stone work was massive, old, and wonderful. You will see a lot of wonderful old stone work in Ireland. Predominantly grey/white, it becomes a nice contrast to the constant sea of green.

    Dutch & Hoot
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    Experience all seasons in one day!

    by Paulm1987 Updated Jan 19, 2015

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: I loved every activity i engaged in when i was in Ireland and every tour was just great. There is alot to see and i couldn't see everthing. a tour to County Galway was one of my favourate and I did enjoy it. It was amazing for me to see myself on a ferry for the first time in my life. I really endured the memorable moments but hey it was etremely cold in the west coast.

    The Galway tour included places like Kylemore abbey,that place was just fascinating to see.At one point one will wish to stay there forever.

    Fondest memory: Eish I miss everything. Most importantly i miss having a cup of Irish coffee in Dublin (Temple bar)

    Famine memorial site Dublin city centre Irish coffee mixed with whisky Kylemore abbey
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    Gerry Ryan on 2fm - radio Phone in

    by sourbugger Updated Mar 24, 2014

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: Weekdays between 9 and 12 in the morning Gerry Ryan rules the airwaves. His phone in show on 2fm is a glimpse into the concerns of modern Ireland both trivial and serious that is hard to underplay.

    Once, I was totally absorbed one of his discussions on what people bring on holiday with them, that I just didn't want to get my destination.

    People were going about bringing sausages and bacon for fry-ups at the hotel, not to mention a woman who took oranges because (and I quote) "They don't taste the same abroad as Irish oranges!"

    He has a quick wit and an intelligent friendly manner with his callers. What really makes it however is the sheer talkativeness of the callers.

    UPDATE : Sadly Gerry passed away a few years back, but his style of broadcasting will be long remembered

    Fondest memory: Just to prove that not all broadcasting is up to Gerry's standards I heard this conversation on a local radio station in August 2003.

    Presenter : Hello, who's that calling ?

    Caller: It's Wayne.

    Pres : Ah good, Wayne who ?.

    Caller : Wayne King

    (I swear this was not a wind-up and there was no smirk at the name on either side)

    Pres : And where are you calling from Wayne ?

    Caller : Mee Tractor.

    Pres: O.K Wayne, we really want to give away this CD, so here is the question..Sean (somebody) scored 134 points for (certain county) this season, but only a few were goals. How many ? I'll give you a clue, it was less than ten.

    Caller. I'm none too sure

    Pres: It rhymes with Heaven, Wayne

    Caller : Nine

    The master of the phone in
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    Dublin Visitor Centre, O'Connell Street in Dublin

    by hopang Updated Sep 7, 2013

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: Dublin Visitor Centre is located at 17 O'Connell Street Lower (just two blocks from the Millennium Spire), north of River Liffey with telephone number +353 1 8980700 in case you want to make a call to them. It is a rather busy and friendly tourist information centre. You may ask for a free map of the city, enquire about location of a popular tourist attraction in the city, buying a day trip out of town or simply buying a hop on hop off sightseeing bus tour in the city. The friendly staff are ready to offer their assistance.

    They have a number of day trips out of town which are interesting and enjoyable especially the well-known Glendalough and Wicklow Tour. We bought the Grand Wicklow and Coastal Tour online before arriving in the city of Dublin and collected our tour tickets in the morning of our day trip. This Grand Wicklow and Coastal Tour is highly recommended to both local and foreign tourists. The tour was really interesting and enjoyable and it costs just €30.00 per adult. This is an entire day trip betweem 10.00 a.m. and 5.30 p.m. All entrance fees are included in the tour price. However lunch at Powerscourt House is not included in the package.

    To purchase a day trip out of town from Dublin Visitor Centre, you may visit their following website:- The opening hours of Dublin Visitor Centre are between 8.30 a.m. and 6.00 p.m. daily. You may also e-mail to the following address for more information:-

    Fondest memory: We certainly enjoyed our Grand Wicklow and Coastal Tour which is one of the highlights of our trip to the city of Dublin. Our tour guide cum bus driver Joe has a great sense of humour. We would like to thank Joe for his great service that day.

    Dublin Visitor Centre Inside Dublin Visitor Centre Dublin Visitor Centre Dublin Visitor Centre in Dublin Dublin Visitor Centre in Dublin
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    Trying to see too much of Ireland, slow down

    by GrainneB3 Written Feb 1, 2013

    Favorite thing: Hi there, I know you will have a super time but you need to be far less ambitious. The driving might look easy when you see the map but while the motorways have vastly improved, you will never get all that done better to limit yourselves to the most important things for you which seems to be Giants Causway, take your time to look around and drop into the local places then do Belfast and go on one of the 'republican tours' of the city so called but really you get to see both sides of the divide on a guided bus interesting for all and a great way to give the car driver a rest! Go into the famous ancient Globe Bar in Belfast, yes you are allowed bring children before 7pm. Titanic stuff well worth it and then really you should go to Newgrange the ancient site older than the Pyramids and an ancient wonder of the world, fabulous natural surroundings and interactive visitors centre and tearooms etc for all. Then onto Dublin and I would suggest you get on one of the tour busses, you pay a fee and can hop on and off at will during the day and visit the museums and see the sights best way to do it really, I would suggest that before leaving Galway you go to the Burren and see the amazing lunar landscape there, there are guided walks etc. Connemara is just something else and again you might consider just getting in the car and driving and stopping at will, quite normal in Ireland and call into the local pub for your evening meal and live traditional music children and young adults welcome. Family orientated fun and craoic. Try and allocate two days to Dublin and Belfast etc, there is also a great tour bus that takes you on the coastal tour of Dublin as the city is located between the sea and the mountains. Petrol is expensive in ireland and you may find the cost of living is higher than you thought but if you take your time on the trip you will really enjoy it, the pleasure of the country is to be more laid back and relaxed and slowly explore. Be prepared for rain with light easy fold up rain gear and layers as it can be cooler and damper than you might expect.... well thats why we are so green. On the other hand it could be 20 degrees+ so layers work well. Enjoy it. Grainne

    Fondest memory: Tayto Crisps
    Red Lemonade
    Barry's Tea
    Jacobs Fig Rolls

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    Irsko 2011

    by qquest111 Written Dec 29, 2011

    Favorite thing: Čím mě opravdu tato země uchvátila? Jsou to nepochybně hory, útesy u moře, skály a příroda. Je to země plná zelené barvy a zvířat, krásných pohledů, průsmyků a kopců. Nic tu není jednotvárné, jako např. v Nizozemsku nebo Lotyšsku, ale rozmanitost je tu cítit na každém kroku. Opravdu až nečekaně jsem si tu chvílema připadal jako na Islandu, což byla doposud podívaná nejkrásnější.

    Létat do Irska jde v dnešní době velmi snadno, nízkonákladové společnosti mají v oblibě Dublin (jedna ze základen irského Ryanairu), ale také třeba i Cork (Wizzair) a nebo Galway na západě ostrova. Autem to jde už poněkud hůře a stejně to nedoporučuju. Půjčovny tu nejsou předražené a je lepší si na silnici s jízdou nalevo půjčit auto s volantem napravo. Když otočit, tak se vším všudy :-)

    Cílem této 5ti denní zastávky bylo určitě projet si nejkrásnější místa ostrova a také se podívat po městě hlavním - Dublinu. Začali jsme tedy hned první den po příletu, kdy jsme si v zápalu nedočkavosti po něčem IRSKÉM nakoupili polské sardinky, lotyšský chleba, litevskou vodu, běloruskou čokoládu a další věci v nějakém skvělém, na první pohled nenápadném obchodu se severoevropským zbožím. Cesta nás vedla až k městu Drogheda, kde kousek odsud je hroba Newgrange, prý patrně nejpůsobivější hrobka na cekém území Irska. Irové si ji také řádně opečovávají, mají tu visitors centre, kde může člověk hodinu chodit a číst si o hrobce, potom nasedneme na jejich místní autobus a jedeme k hrobce společně s davem dalších turistů. Zde na 10 minut vejdeme dovnitř, průvodce nám něco málo poví a jde se pryč. No prostě nic extra.

    Daleko zajímavější však bylo však cestou na západ ostrova, dle většiny průvodců zajímavější a přírodně krásnější část Irska, zastávka nedaleko města Barrymore u obrovského jezera Lough Ree. Zde je prales zvaný St. John´s wood, kde je okružní trasa pralesem s mnoha dalšími cestami, které se pralesem proplétají. Krásná procházka něčím ne zcela typickým. Nedaleko odsud je také další trasa pro turisty, na které lze narazit na Dunguaire castle, zříceninu starodávného kostela a nebo zříceninu mlýna. Ano, tady se začínám poprvé cítit konečně jako v Irsku.

    Další zastávkou po dlouhé, téměř 400 km cestě je konečně západ ostrova a město Galway. Odsud směrem na jih začíná spoustu View pointů, útesů do moře, krásných cest, kopců, atd. Popravdě řečeno tady se nám to začíná opravdu líbit. Galway nás nijak neohromilo, je to starší rybářské město, dnes je třetím největším v Irsku po Dublinu a Corku, takže jsme se sem ani moc nehrnuli. Zácpy tu ale byly slušné. Spíš jsme se hnali sehnat nějaké dobré místo na spaní, nejlépe někde u vhodného View pointu s výhledem na západ slunce u moře. A pak jsme už samozřejmě byli natěšení na jednu z největších chloub Irska - útesy Clifs of Mother, které jsou zapsány i na seznamu dědictví UNESCO a navrhovány mezi další divy světa (což nás teda docela udivilo, asi jsme z Islandu moc rozmlsaní, ale tam je takových a dle mého názoru ještě hezčích mnohem více).

    Irové se samozřejmě obchodně rychle této příležitosti chytnuli a jen za vstup na tyto útesy si člověk zaplatí cca 12 EUR. Jediná výhoda je snad zajímavé visitors centre, ještě zajímavější záchody zde a Wifi zdarma ve zdejší restaruaci (a vedle ní).

    Po cestě dále na jih jsme zastavili na několika dalších View pointech s nádhernými výhledy do vid Tichého oceánu. Na koupání to ale nebylo. Nebylo ani škaredě, ani vedro, prostě úplně přesně tak, jak je mi nejlépe. Jemný větřík, teplota okolo 18 stupňů, kupodivu celý týden přes den pořádně nepršelo, co víc si přát!

    Irsko má několik poloostrovů, kde je několik národních parků a nebo krásných míst (např. i poloostrov nad Galway), nejkrásnější a nejznámější je ale poloostrov Dingle. Tady vede okružní jízda podél pobřeží a výhledy jsou tu skutečně úchvatné! Rozhodně nejkrásnější místo Irska, tedy pro mě. Skloubení hor, útesů, moře a krásných výhledů mě prostě fascinuje.

    Další poloostrov níže od Dingle je poloostrov Killarney, tady by stálo zato se určitě taky podívat, ale časový harmonogram nám to nedovolil. Zajeli jsme ale aspoň do Killarney národního parku, kde jsou jezera, vodopády, hory, lesy, no prostě paráda.

    Chtěl jsem se zastavit ještě také ve měste Cork, o kterém jsem slyšel, že je starobylé a pěkné. Byl tu ale zrovna nějaký Garden festival a všudě děsně moc lidí a na silnicích už tak plno. Proto jsme ho museli nakonec vynechat a mířit nazpět na východ ostrova do Dublinu. Po cestě bylo v plánu pohoří Wicklow Mountains, které je pouhých cca 30 km od Dublinu. To nás ale ze západu čeká ještě tak cca 400 km na východ. Pohoří je krásné, s pěknou silnící, oblíbený ráj motorkářů, kteří si sem po dálnici z Dublinu zajedou provětrat své koně. Já mohl provětrat akorát tak svoji hlavu na čerstvém vzduchu, protože nadmořská výška je tu celkem slušná a výhled obrovský. Je tu také velké zastrčené parkoviště, kde kempovalo pár karavanů, dobrý tip na nocleh. Kousíček je tu taky jezero, na které je výhled a startovací cesta z Wicklow Gap.

    No a poslední den hurá do města. Po téměř týdnu jízdy vlevo už jsem si troufl i do centra města, kam se tedy ve všední den vůbec nedoporučuje jezdit. Naštěstí to vyšlo krásně na neděli, takže to bylo celkem v pohodě. Navíc v neděli je tu spoustu parkovišť neplacených i v centru, některé jsou placeny, ale většinou až odpoledne od 14 hodiny, což je vždy na značce přehledně vyznačeno. Pozor taky na irské dálnice. Mají tu takové kouzelné mýtné brány zvané TOLL, kde je potřeba zaplatit za dálnici. Jsou to ale jen úseky, na které i značky dopředu upozorňují, které jsou značeny i v jejich mapách a dají se celkem bez problémů objet po vedlejší cestě.

    O Dublinu se nemá moc cenu rozepisovat. Ono tu taky nic extra moc není. Za 3 hodiny jsme neměli co dělat a to jsme prošli jejich nejznámějším mostem do centra, po Millenium Bridge (mnoho podobností s Londýnem) zase zpátky, kolem několika tradičních drahých irských hospod občas i s vlasní živou irskou muzikou, kouknuli na místní campus univerzity, na nový moderní most na východ od centra města, kde je vidět i velké ruské kolo (opět trošku opičení po London Eye), nesměl chybět taky místní hrad, který je teda naprosto v centru a ještě ani ulici od něj nebylo poznat, že by tu nějaký hrad měl být. Nádvoří a okolní uličky pokryté dělníky (v sezoně), v parku spoustu lidí, jinak nic extra zajímavého.

    Musím říct, že kdybych měl jet teď do Irska znovu, sháním letenky do Corku a nebo Galway a projedu si jen tuto západní část ostrova s těmi krásnými poloostrovy a národními parky, ale o to hlouběji a pomaleji. Tam se mi to líbilo moc, i přes všechny turisty, atd. Irové jsou milí a nebyl s nima žádný problém.

    Hodnocení: 8 z 10ti

    Úroveň angličtiny: nečekaně 10 z 10ti i když irština jako jejich místní jazyk, ve kterém je tu dvojjazyčně napsáno skoro vše je dost šílený :-)

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    Dublin attractions/directions

    by candleglow8 Updated Feb 7, 2011

    Favorite thing: When You arrive in Dublin go to the public tourist office which is situated on O'Connell Street which is the main city hubburb. There they will advise you of all the tours which operate in Killarney town. You don't need to pre-book a carriage ride or bycles. If you like you can rent a car for a day in Killarney and drive around your selves. The trains today are much better and faster then they were a few years ago. We also have the trams in Dublin which are called "The Luas" and its brilliant transport in getting to far parts of Dublin. Oh when in Dublin, do visit Christ Church Cathedral its a must to see, also hold what is called "Dublina" which holds historic rooms full of the age old past. An also the wax museum on Dame St. There is plenty to see and do in Dublin. A great place which is well known to all in Dublin is "Temple Bar" thriving with the life of Dublin. One more note: Do watch your handbag and luggage as there is a lot of pick pockets and on a finial note keeps ur wits about you and don't be too trusting, I'd say the same would apply to where you live. Well thats all for now. God Bless you on your journey

    Samuel Beckett bridge The Four Courts Trinity College The Spire set in O'Connell Street
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    Getting clothes washed in Ireland

    by ralph.soule Written Jul 31, 2010

    Favorite thing: The secret to packing light is to wash clothes about once per week unless you bring spare underwear for each day of the travel (challenging, but possible for visits of 10-12 days). The Irish don’t appear to have any self-service laundries, but you can drop off clothes at a Laundromat and pick them up later in the day (hours are typically 0800-1700). Although catalogs selling clothes for travel will tout the benefit of washing some of the garments they sell in the sink, I noticed that all B&B proprietors frown on this, having signs that ask you not to do so. When I asked why this was the case, it is because they clean and dry the showers every day to prevent mold growing from the damp. If they allow washing, the damp from the wet clothes causes mold in the grout, not very nice for guests. I think the only way you could address this concern is to press a synthetic garment in a towel after you wash it before you go to bed so it would dry overnight.

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  • annemariebyrne's Profile Photo

    Tracing ancestry

    by annemariebyrne Written Jul 13, 2010

    Favorite thing: You should be able to obtain the plaque you want from a shop in Nassau St, Dublin called House of Names, you can email your enquiry to them at Their website is
    There is another shop on the same street called Heraldic Artists, their website is
    The National Library of Ireland has a section on heraldry, and follow the link for herladry, where you may be able to do some more research on your family name.
    Anne Marie

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  • ralph.soule's Profile Photo

    Caution - Don't over schedule your trip

    by ralph.soule Written Jul 12, 2010

    Favorite thing: Our hostess at Chelmsford House B&B in Killarney told us that the mistake most Americans make when they come to Ireland is over scheduling themselves: trying to do too many things in their short visits (even our twelve days seemed short) such that they spend most of their time rushing/traveling between attractions/cities, not enough time getting to know the locals, and without enough flexibility to accommodate recommendations from locals or investigating things that look interesting. My wife and I made this mistake on our first trip to Ireland in 1991 (6 days, clockwise around island, 4-5 hours of driving each day, brief interaction with B&B owners before getting back in the car the next day), but corrected it on our second in 1993 (12 days, just the west coast/Connemara, "home basing" in Cork, Limerick, Galway, and near Shannon airport). This, our third trip, was very loosely scheduled with lots of options, despite the way the account on the website reads. We only stayed in five places over twelve days: Dublin, Killarney, Limerick, Ennis, and Galway. We should have stayed in Limerick two days instead of moving on to Ennis because we spent most of one day at Bunratty Castle (an all day site) and Ennis is only about 30 minutes down the road from Limerick.

    Fondest memory: Getting to know a few areas well and doing things that seemed interesting instead of driving all over the island and trying to do too much in a short time.

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  • Self Catering Ireland

    by irishizzy Updated Jan 10, 2010

    Favorite thing: If you want to get a really authentic Irish experience, I recommend staying in a beautiful Irish Cottage. The cottages range from small, traditional, thatched to modern luxury. Cottages are located in some of the best rural spots, nestled at the foot of beautiful mountain ranges on near the edge of the rolling waves of the Atlantic Ocean - stunning sea views. There are some gorgeous cottages to rent when Self Catering Ireland where you can cosy up with turf fires, explore beautiful beaches and enjoy great Irish craic!

    Fondest memory: Turf Fires, Wind in my Hair, Stunning Sea Views

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  • Touring in Ireland

    by repleo Written Mar 5, 2009

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: The beauty of freewheeling in Ireland is that you are never more than 1/2 day drive from the airport (Dublin) so you can adjust as you go.

    B&B rates vary enormously depending on the type, date, location etc. The rates are usually per person - not per room. The typical Irish B&B breakfast is huge. Cereal, juice, tea, great brown bread and the legendary 'fry'. (Be careful with the brown bread - its delicious but if your system isin't used to it the results can be quite explosive!) You probably won't be very hungry by lunchtime but pub grub is easier to find then than in the evening. Expect to pay 10-15 euro pp for a hot pub grub lunch. Eating out in the evening can be very expensive-you could easily blow your budget on evening dinner alone. There is very little in the way of cheaper 'family' restaurants except for chineese take-aways or fish-n-chippers.

    An alternative to B&B's worth considering is to pick a a number of strategically placed 3-4 day 'bases' and head out on day trips from there. You can cover a lot of ground in a day in Ireland. Take a look at Prices about 100Euro / night in May.

    I usually rent my cars through Autoeurope. Insurance will cost you more than the rental. READ THE INSURANCE COVERAGE LIKE A LAWYER!!!! 'Inclusive' rates may not cover theft (a real risk in Ireland), fire, tires, door mirrors, windshield etc and even 'comprehensive' can have high deductibles. Most Credit Card insurances and travel insurance policies exclude Ireland. Even if they don't, the rental company may not accept them. One company wanted to 'freeze' the full purchase price of the car on my Gold MC. Also, check the car with a microscope before you take it out - they will do it when you bring it back and charge you for everything they can find. The Giants Causeway is in Northern Ireland so make sure you are allowed to bring the car across the border.

    Fondest memory: Traditional 'seisuin's in Doolin pubs.

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  • kierk1's Profile Photo

    Dublin tours and farther afield

    by kierk1 Updated Feb 3, 2009

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: I was down in Dublin (Jan. 2009) recently and saw a brochure on some tours arranged by Dublin bus. Here's their website:
    They do a hop on hop off tour of Dublin but also bus tours of the surrounding area and then rail and bus tours to places like Cork and the Giant's Causeway. This can give you some flexibility.You could use Dublin as your base.

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  • donpaul77's Profile Photo

    Get your tax back

    by donpaul77 Written Jan 12, 2009

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: When ever you buy any goods in Ireland (not including food), as a non EU citizen, you are entitled to get the VAT back. This works two ways:

    1. Ask the store clerk for the VAT form and fill it out. Save them all and deposit them at the airport and a refund will be credited to your card.

    2. Some larger stores (like the Blarney Woolen Mills) will take the VAT off right then, when you show a valid passport.

    The VAT is something like 17%, so don't forget!!!

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