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  • Things to Do
    by globetrotter_2006
  • Things to Do
    by globetrotter_2006
  • Things to Do
    by globetrotter_2006

Knock Things to Do

  • In memory of Father Joseph Traffe

    While I was walking by the cementary, I came upon this monuments & tree that was erected in memory of Fr. Joseph Traffe.

  • Old Cementary

    Withing the cementary rests the graves of the witnesses of the apparition of Our Lady, St. Joseph and St. John the Evangelist on the south gable of Knock Parish Church.

  • St. Joseph's Rest House

    Got to be honest with you, and let you know that I didn't go in the Rest House. Thus, I don't know much about it expect that I took the picture from the outside.

  • Basilica

    This is an enormous Basilica within the grounds. Take a minute to walk inside and admire its beauty.

  • Calvary

    Calvary is the hill in Jerusalem where Christ was crucified, or any experience that causes intense suffering. Take a moment to walk around the Calvary, pray, and enjoy the silence.

  • Knock Shrine

    On Tuesday, Jan. 3rd 2006, Harry & I took a religious pilgrimage to Knock where on the 21st of August 1879, fifteen people of varying ages witnessed over a period of two hours the apparition of Our Lady, St. Joseph and St. John the Evangelist on the Gable of the Church. To the right, in the center of the Gable, was a plain altar on which stood a...

  • Tackiest things to buy in Ireland

    Whilst I'm not Knocking Knock (try saying that quickly), outside the shrine area are some stalls that really do need a close inspection. I have witnessed some of the most gaudiest and downright tacky things for sale here.A Virgin Mary that lights up in a variety of colours and plays a hymn is probably one of the more sensible items. I must admit I...

  • Holy water

    Stock up on holy water !I have a sneaking suspicion that the taps that spew out the holy water are connected directly to the mains supply - but it will certainly make an unusual gift. And who knows perhaps there is something in the water.I've borrowed the picture from - so it's obviously not me on the photograph. The above site is...

  • Ireland's National Marian Shrine...

    One unique thing about it is that about one and a half million pilgrims come to Knock each year, not only within Ireland but also across the globe! It's a very beautiful place...a place where you can experience pilgrimage yourself.What does a pilgrim find at Knock? A chance to pray, a chance to relax, a chance to find peace. The devotions that have...


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Knock Transportation

  • Are we there yet?

    Getting the bus - and this includes a car as well - is very tedious. You have to contend with traffic. Road works. Wrong turns (car). Cramped space. The only upshot is you have a lot more flexibility to leave.Check out Bus √Čireann web site for bus times etc and The AA for road updates.

  • Bus

    We took the bus from Dublin to Knock and back. It took about four and a half hours each way, but it was well worth it.Along the way, we got to see the gorgeous country side & the sunset.

  • A very Irish airport

    Knock Airport is something of an oddity. It consists of a runway over a bog, a small apron and bugger all else. I like the fact that a jumbo jet landing here makes the news section of the website.Being so small it's also quick. My record (handbaggage only) from the door of the aicraft to outside the terminal builing is ONE MINUTE THIRTY-FIVE...


Knock Warnings and Dangers

  • Money, Money, Money

    You see...religion is BIG business so watch out for the millions of "gift" shops that'll sell you anythng from your very own halo to a cast of the footprint of 'Herself'.Apart from the rip off merchandise - which, let's be honest would be everywhere, jumps at you from all directions it's actually a very safe place.

  • The wonkiest in the world

    I swear that the baggage trollys / carts at Knock airport are the worst in the world.These rusting hulks rarely seem to have even one working wheel and are so knackered that even a desperate Bangladeshi scrap metal dealer would not take them.UPDATE : JUNE 2005. Upon arriving at the airport in June 2005, I thought things had improved when I spotted...

  • Beware of nuns who drive

    As Knock is a holy pilgrimage site there are more than the usual density of nuns around these parts.Beware, they always travel in pairs when driving and believe they have an inalienable right to talk fourteen to the dozen to each other, oblivious to the fact that they are travelling at 32 miles per hour in the outside lane of the dual carriageway...


Knock Off The Beaten Path

  • sourbugger's Profile Photo
    Father Horan

    by sourbugger Written Jun 7, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Father Horan must have been quite a character. There can't be many catholic preists who single handedly by a combination of arm-twisting , guilt-tripping, 'persuasion' and pure-bloody mindedness get a International airport built on the local bog.

    His vision of turning Knock into the Irish Lourdes may not fully have taken off, but the airport is beginning to.

    Find his statue just inside the entrance to the terminal.

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  • How to get to Knock

    Knock Shrine is located in the town of Knock, in County Mayo on the West Coast of Ireland. Access by air to Knock International Airport (8 miles from Knock) with scheduled services from Dublin, London, Manchester.Train services from Dublin to Claremorris (6 miles from Knock) and bus services from all major towns and cities. By road Knock is 140...

  • Small shed at the airport...

    Knock airport is probably unique in the world in that it has a 'shrine' office in the middle of the arrivals hall.This consists of a small wooden shed staffed by ladies (one at a time) of a certain age who dispense everything and anything to do with the Marian Shrine up the road.Beware, these ladies after years of training as Irish mother-in-laws...

  • Delightfully small airport

    On a recent visit by my father, I am told that whilst waiting on the runway at Knock airport the pilot came on the intercom and asked :"Has anyone left a small child behind"...a large group of blokes realised they were missing one of their flock.As the plane taxied a little further, again the pilot came on the intercom.."Has anyone left a blue...


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