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  • Civitella Alfedena
    Civitella Alfedena
    by sandysmith
  • hiking to C. Alfedena
    hiking to C. Alfedena
    by sandysmith
  • the level path
    the level path
    by sandysmith

Civitella Alfedena Things to Do

  • View of the Village

    We didn't visit the museum - we preferred an ice-cream in the cafe nearby ;-) Nor did we manage to see any wolves in the enclosed sanctuary - they were hiding or asleep somewhere. However its worth climbing up the little hill behind the museum for the view over the village from the pak land there.

  • Tower in the Town

    The village has origns from a fortress built by the Cassino's monks in the year 1060. This castle was later destroyed along with other strongholds in the Sangro valley in 1240. Today the oldest part of the village centre is represented by the "Tower", the first fortified struture after the distruction of the stronghold. It has a lovely setting in...

  • Lake view

    Across the road from the grassy park area above the museum is a recreational area - just past this is a vantage point of the the lake of Barrea and at the far end of the lake Barrea, known as the "Pearl of the Abruzzo" can be seen. Barrea is also worthy of a short visit. Please check out my Barrea page for more pics and info.

  • Ring posts

    As you wander around the narrow steep streets of hillside Civitella Alfedena you can see where the animals - most likely mules- used to be tied up by the ring posts which are still evident in the old centre.

  • New fountain

    A more recent structure in the old town is this quaint fountain - hard to believe it was built in 1958!! Glad they kept the look in keeping with the rustic style.

  • Something for when the rains come...

    Civitella has a wolf musem -the building was originally a stable; it contains detailed information on the life of the Appennine wolf. There are resident "lupos" in a large enclosure just outside the city walls. They are rarely seen though as they tend to be sleeping in the undergrowth. The official explanation is that wolves in the wild are...


Civitella Alfedena Local Customs

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    no witches in sight :-0

    by sandysmith Updated Jul 22, 2005

    The ancient residentt of Civitella believed in witches, and to defend themselves from the wiches they placed "La granata" (the Broom) behind their doors and a small sack of millet, the "La lammia". The witch could not enter the house without having first counted all the seeds of the millet and the threads of the broom. Other superstitions are still present in the Civitella imaginary world, like the fall of the oil and of the wine, or the lunar phasers for cutting woods, the collecting of the fruits.

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Civitella Alfedena Off The Beaten Path

  • Wildlife

    We did not see much wildlife during our hike to the village - its not high enough to see chamois .....but we did come across these sheep with their new born lambs, must be just a few days old as they still had wrinkly skin, so cute! Guess they wouldn't want to see wolves!

  • Hills above the village

    There is a hiking path above the village - leading into the Comiscaiara area of the National Park which gives lovely views of the surrounding mountains.In fact hiking is probably the best way to travel to Civitella Alfedena -(see sports tip for more details) not only are the buses infrequent to the village but its such a scenic route.

  • Civitella Alfedena Hotels

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Civitella Alfedena Sports & Outdoors

  • The route taken

    The path to Civitella Alfedena from the Comisciara is well route marked from the Comisciara area of the park:From the car park entrance to this area of the national park walk about 30 mins along the road - now closed to traffic. View the waterfalls and then backtrack halfway down the road til you see a marker for route G4. At first the path enters...

  • Hiking to Civitella Alfedena

    A pleasant hike can be made from the Comiscara area of the National park - where the waterfalls can be visited first - to Civitella Alfedena. The path is a lovely mixutre of climbing up through the trees for a short while, an open meadow with great mountain vistas -perfect for a picnic spot - and a level path around the hill before dropping down...

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Civitella Alfedena Favorites

  • picturesque village

    Civitella Alfedena is one of 18 such villages in the Abruzzo National Park. It is indeed one of the prettiest though with its old rustic stone buildings, flowers around the hosuse doorways and cobbled streets - they do bounce off the heat though in the middle of the day. Once again we saw few of the three hundred or so inhabitants of this village.

  • Mount Sterpi d'Alto

    Situated just 17km form Pescasseroli, Civitella Alfedena lies on the slope of the Mount Sterpi d'Alto at an altitude of 1123m(part of the Camosciara Massive), facing the lake of Barrea. Indeed from the village of Barrea we could look over to here from the viewing terrace of Barrea - the best view in Abruzzo in my opinion - check it out on my Barrea...

  • Civitella Alfedena

    Civitella Alfedena is regarded as one of the prettiest villages in the Abruzzo National Park and as such was worthy of a visit - although an hour is plenty of time to walk around. Just as well really as by the time we walked round the town the afternoon clouds had gathered for the daily thunderstorm at 3pm - bang on cue as it had done for most of...


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