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  • Entering the Grotto Azzurro
    Entering the Grotto Azzurro
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    Giardini Augusto
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Capri Things to Do

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  • Grotto Azzurra - Blue Grotto

    3.5 out of 5 stars

    There are several caves in the island, but Grotto Esmeralda is the top attraction in the harbor, everybody "forgetting" to tell you that you can only enter with good sea and low tide. So you may pay your trip, start the ride, stop at the entrance and discover that, unfortunately, you arrived exactly when it will be impossible to enter. It...

  • Mount Solaro

    5 out of 5 stars

    Mount Solaro is the highest point of the island, and obviously the widest sightseeing point. The transport up and down by the funicular is interesting, however, unfortunately, we are always facing some of the most discreet areas of the island, but the summit compensates us.

  • Villa San Michele

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    Axel Munthe is a name to remember. This man's incredible life story is a must-read. Hailing from Sweden he became the youngest doctor to ever graduate from a Paris university, spent time in the wild with the Laps; went into the middle of Naples worst ever cholera epidemic at great risk to his own life; had a passion for animals and attracted some...

  • Villa Jovis

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    It's a 45 minute, largely uphill, walk to get to this Roman villa, but worth it if you have the time and energy. You'll walk along some fascinating little lanes on the way, have fabulous views .... and the opportunity to peer into numerous villa gardens! The Roman Emperor Tiberius had this place built for his retirement. In fact, he ruled the...

  • Marina Grande

    The charming seaside Port of Marina Grande, encompassed by two narrow quays, borders the picturesque town of Capri. Lying to the north of the island, and facing the Gulf of Naples, the port welcomes every kind of wanderer, on every kind of journey. Commercial travelers and tourists arriving from the continent on hydrofoils, arrive west of the port,...

  • Anacapri

    Anacapri is a Community on the island of Capri. He is located high on the hills to the west. It has a separate status from the city of Capri. The most important sight in the village is the Villa San Michele. As opposed to the City of Capri, Anacapri is much cheaper to visit and stay at. French composer Claude Debussy was a regular visitor to...


Capri Hotels

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Capri Restaurants

  • do it like Jackie!

    There are not many things that one can say about Bar Tiberio. History says it all. It is the place to see and to be seen. A hot spot for Aristotle Onassis (the Greek magnate) and Jackie Kennedy Onassis back in the early 70s, Bar Tiberio is proud of its famous customers. It is centrally located in Piazza Umberto or else the Piazzetta and it is great...

  • Among the rich and famous!

    Villa Verde might seem an ordinary restaurant from the outside, but when you see the gallery of celebrity pictures on the entrance you will definitely get excited that you're about to dine where politicians, actors, actresses, pop idols, rock stars and so on had dined. There is a comfortable inside-room and a garden terrace where all sorts of...

  • Good value!

    This tavern/cellar (Buca) of Bacchus, the god of wine (Bacco) was built upon ancient Greek walls and is one of the best values on the island. Its wood-fired pizzas, hearty pastas, amazingly fresh seafood and local specialties have delighted hungry travelers for over 30 years. We'd come across a lot of recommendations for this little trattoria and...

  • Excellent Dinner in the heart of Capri...

    WONDERFUL dinner, reasonably priced (compared to some other Capri town restaurants), very nice staff and a great view. Right in Capri town, just a short walk from the main piazza. Take the passageway that goes behind the church and follow the signs to the restaurant. We had AMAZING fried zucchini flowers as an appetizer (they are listed as a side...

  • Capri's Sunny Cafes

    Beneath a sun-washed yellow umbrella, we sat at a table in the plaza people-watching and resting our feet. We needed to quench our thirst, so my husband and I ordered a light-Coke with lemon and watched the tourists flow by.Capri's cafes are the perfect place at which to absorb the atmosphere of the island. Any number are ready and willing to seat...

  • Fine Dining at it's Best

    One of best dining experiences I have ever had... But you pay for it, buyer beware. The setting of the restaurant is crisp and smart and beautiful. Mostly white with black accents, murano glass glassware, all stunning. The outside patio is lit with sparkling lights and the inside has posh couches set around tables.Obviously a place for the elite,...


Capri Nightlife

  • Ekahau's Profile Photo

    by Ekahau Written Aug 9, 2003

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Discoteca Zeus
    Address: Via G. Orlandi 103
    City: Anacapri

    He advised it was a large disco that seemed to be frequented by the young islanders. At about 2 AM a lot of the kids that work on the Island resorts show up and hang out.

    Dress Code: informal

    Zeus  at  Zeus

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Capri Transportation

  • Bus station in Capri

    This is very convenient bus station in Capri Island, so you do not need to take taxis or hitch hike. Prices are reasonable. They leave to Anacapri, another interesting place in Capri and less expensive.

  • Shuttle Buses

    Other than walking, the cheerful little orange buses are the least expensive way to get around the island - at least where motorized vehicles can go. Tickets can be purchased on the bus, from ticket offices near the piazzas in both Capri and Anacapri towns, and a ticket office at Marina Grande. There are both single-ride tickets, plus hourly and...

  • Getting here

    We came to Capri by jet boat from Naples but you can do it from Sorrento as well. I've picked this tip about taking day trips by boat up from my Sorrento pages, thus the references to buying tickets at the dock there: Varied transportation options to the beautiful islands and towns in the Amalfi Coast region are another reason tourists flock to...


Capri Shopping

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  • Touristy commerce

    I had no time (nor interest) to explore local commerce, but Fernanda did. The centre of the city is full of all kind of stalls and shops, selling everything that tourists may want. The prices? Well, Fernanda didn´t buy anything, so...

  • Sunshine in a bottle

    Limoncello is everywhere on the Sorrentine Peninsula. It's a bright yellow liqueur made from the rinds of lemons and usually served as an after-dinner "digestive" - although you can buy little glasses of the stuff any time of the day. It's like super-intense lemonade with a serious kick and the traditional version is made strictly from lemons that...

  • All For A Bell

    Our shopping advisor aboard ship informed us all about the Chantecler Bell. Never heard of it? I didn't either until the shopping facts were presented that morning. From this point on, most of us were intent on purchasing this lovely symbol of Capri.This shop specializes in bell pendants of all sorts: silver, gold and encrusted with tiny jewels....


Capri Local Customs

  • A Traditional Drink--Limoncello

    LIMONCELLO is a drink you'll find identified with both Sorrento and Capri, but I heard it first mentioned in the movie, Under the Tuscan Sun--how I love that movie!Although most people think of Limoncello as being primarily a drink associated with Sorrento, Italy, Capri has its tradition with it, as well. Albeit, more recent than the other locale,...

  • Quest for the Loo

    Public bathrooms in Italy can be an experience, and FINDING one can be an adventure. We were having a late day beverage at Gran Caffe on the Capri piazzetta when nature called. A request to the waiter for the location of their facilities sent him running - only to return a few minutes later with a key. A key? After much pointing and discussion, it...

  • Tiny trucks for tiny streets

    With the majority of Capri and Anacapri towns having streets far too narrow for cars, goods, suitcases and, occasionally, people are hauled to shops and hotels with these little vehicles. If you've pre-arranged with your hotel for your luggage to be transported for you, this is likely how it'll get there (but you'll probably have to hoof it).


Capri Warnings and Dangers

  • Touts

    While you wait for the boat inland, there will be people around you trying to sell you a boat circuit in the island. You better skip it. Upon arrival, real boatmen will approach, offering their boats, cheaper than the previously booked trips, and, more than that, allowing you to know the exact program of the trip. Inland they always sell the blue...

  • Watch your step.

    A serious point here.I walked to the Arco Naturale, then took a downward path to visit the Grotto Matermania and onward to Capri town.Whilst it was an entirely lovely walk, it did include many, many downward steps. And these were not particularly well-maintained, in many cases being covered with leaves and other debris.A lovely walk indeed, but...

  • Don't fall in the water.

    The sign in the photo at Capri's Marina Grande makes it very clear (well, as clear as the late afternoon light allowed).Falling in the water is not a good idea.You have been warned!


Capri Tourist Traps

  • Expensive Taxis!!

    When I first arrived on the Isle of Capri on 1 Jan, I was unsure of how I to get to Capri center. Since it was a public holiday I wasn't sure if the buses were running and I went to check at the local store and they were unsure as well (right!). Then, my friend & I went to ask the local taxi at the Marina Grande and they told us that it's a public...

  • say no to gruta azzurra in Capri

    It doesn´t have to pay to get a boat from the main harbour till the gruta and once there you have to pay again to get inside don´t stay inside even for 3 minutes, and can´t hardly see the blue color.. it is a lost of time and money... don´t go!!!

  • Swimming pool

    This is not the swimming pool. This is the local public beach. Bring your swimming suit or ...... Surely you can find other beach if you feel lonely here.


Capri Off The Beaten Path

  • Capri in Moscow

    On Sunday 21 October 2012 I visited the exhibition devoted to Italy. In the morning I worked at my new page about Capri. That’s why with great pleasure I watched an interactive slide-show in the exhibition about various cities and sights in Italy including Capri. I took several pictures about it.“EXHIBITALY. Tradition and innovation”. It consists...

  • Peace and Beauty - Anacapri Cemetery

    We caught one of the early buses up to Anacapri and took a nice ramble about the town while it was just opening up. A short distance from Piazza Vittoria, we ran into this gorgeous little cemetery and spent a good half-hour wandering around. Unlike many in the U.S. - often decorated with plastic foliage and too isolated to visit on foot - we were...

  • Untidy farmers.......

    .....I was just really pleased to see what's in the photo. Farmers are, in my experience, not especially tidy folk and even on pristine, twee Capri here was a pile or two of typical farm 'junk' left lying around.It made the island and its community a bit more 'real' to me. There is an ordinary, everyday working life going on here despite the...


Capri Favorites

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  • Capri

    Capri is a famous island in the Tyrrhenian Sea off the Sorrentine Peninsula, on the south side of the Gulf of Naples which can be easily reached from Sorrento and Naples.Features of the island are the Marina Piccola (the little harbour), the Belvedere of Tragara (a high panoramic promenade lined with villas), and the limestone crags called sea...

  • The way of the Krupp

    Via Krupp connects the area of the Charterhouse and the Gardens of Augustus with Marina Piccola, once linked to the town exclusively by way of Via Mulo.Commissioned by the German industrialist, Friedrich Alfred Krupp, the pathway was built in the early 1900’s, overcoming a difference in height of approximately 100 meters,Via Krupp was designed and...

  • How it was

    Walking. If you want to understand Capri, you have to walk. It's not all that long ago that you had to walk to get anywhere and the size of the streets and alleys indicate that this was so and modernization, as far as vias are concerned, only amounts to bitumen on some roads.It was less than a century ago when Capri (the town) and Anacapri were...


Top 10 Most Scenic Workouts: Capri

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Despite being the sixth island mentioned in this list, it is probably the most famous… and undoubtedly, the most fabulous. For decades, Capri has been associated with a level of luxury and exclusiveness that few travelers can afford, and a beauty that anyone would be lucky to experience even once. The pointed Faraglioni or the switchback path of Via Krupp may be the sights most affiliated with Capri, but no experience resonates like La Grotta Azzurra (the Blue Grotto). Though rowboats are used to take tourists inside during the day, it is also possible to swim inside the grotto, as the location can be accessed by stairway. If you can't swim in the Grotto due to the tides or wave conditions, a close second is swimming in one of the island's secluded bays. Since many bays are only accessible by boat, you'll need to grab a willing skipper in Marina Grande, but VirtualTourist members reassured us that is not a problem.

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