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  • Reggia di Caserta and garden
    Reggia di Caserta and garden
    by Cristian_Uluru
  • Caserta's Palace
    Caserta's Palace
    by Ipanema_Princess
  • Things to Do
    by suhadis

Caserta Things to Do

  • Reggia di Caserta - The Palace

    Only a few of the rooms of this huge palace are open to the public, but they are well worth seeing, being a mixture of opulent and grand, and charming and bizarre.My favourite room was the Hall of the Nativity Scene. The model of the stable at Bethlehem, in Italian presipio, is very much a Neapolitan craft, and the one in Caserta Palace is on an...

  • Reggia di Caserta - The Park

    The Caserta Palace garden is now a park. Its main feature is an enormous series of fountains leading to an 82 metre high waterfall fed by a specially built aqueduct. It is a very long walk from the palace to the waterfall, so you might want to take the bus back that goes up and down the park.

  • The avenue of statues is a must see in...

    From the palace to the last fountain the roadway is straight . Fountains, pools, statues and various other sculptures around little stairways lead you up to the next level. When you reach the end of these, the roadway broadens and forms a semi-circular avenue marked by a wall (decorated with these statues). It is a very beautiful sight. Google...

  • The gardens

    Luigi Vanvitelli (and his son who continued the work afterwards) is also responsible for the gardens, who climb up the hill for up to 3km. Fountains, ponds and statues decorate the park and the walk, with the artificial river running in the middle and descending in cascades from the hill. From the farther end of the gardens, you can have great...

  • Palazzo Reale

    The palace itself was built by Luigi Vanvitelli, an architect from Naples and is really impressive, with its 1200 rooms and 1790 windows. Inside, the sheer height of the ceiling in royal rooms and the decorations that stay on the "light" side (classicism reigned at the time) provide a feeling of grandeur, but without being oppressive or...

  • Reggia di Caserta: Pt 4 Gardens Walk-...

    Warning: this 'extra' part of the Garden's walk is not recommended is you are not able bodied, or in a large family group with kids! There are risks involved in the part of the climb.Apparently there is a path leading right up to the top of the waterfall at the end. It has been blocked off with wooden planks on both sides, but people (like me)...

  • Reggia di Caserta: Pt 4 Gardens Walk- At...

    At the end of this walk, you will come to a spectacular fountain with sculpture works by Paolo Persico, Angelo Brunelli and Pietro Solari, depicting the mythilogical episode of Diana and Actaeon, with the spectacular man made water fountain as the backdrop.

  • Reggia di Caserta: Pt 4 Gardens Walk...

    In this stage, you can see cascading pools of water from nearly the back of the gardens. Each pool there are large carp-like fishes. It's refreshing to hear the water gushing from one pool to the next. The gradient of the land starts to slope up.

  • Reggia di Caserta: Pt 4 Gardens Walk...

    In this second stage of the walk you will first see a large flat pool, with live fishes in them, they look like carps..At the end there is a nice large fountain with many statues. There wasn't any water spouting from the statues at that time, but the poses of the statues really define the scene to be quite like a great painting. Unfortunately the...

  • Reggia di Caserta: Pt 4 Gardens Walk...

    Follow me on the long Gardens walk at Reggia di Caserta!.. It's actually long walk on foot ~40 mins +++, but you're having this comfort from your PC! This is 1st stage on of the walk, which starts from the castle complex to the first roundabout. In this stage, there are no fountains, just a large flat area of grass.If you're there, i think there...

  • Reggia di Caserta: Part 3 The Rooms (3)

    The interiors remind me of Versailles castle, but both being spectacular in their own ways.. This is picture set 3

  • Reggia di Caserta: Part 3 The Rooms (2)

    The interiors remind me of Versailles castle, but both being spectacular in their own ways.. This is picture set 2.

  • Reggia di Caserta: Part 2 Initial...

    The Entrance to the castle leads to a long corridor along the complex and straight to the gardens at the back (you won't notice this until you walk to the end!). The ticket counter is here, and they have different tickets (for the palace rooms, the gardens, or both). Somewhere along midway on the left is the entrance to the castle's rooms.Coming...

  • Reggia di Caserta: Part 1 First...

    When you first visit this palace, you will only not see the "grandness" of the scale of the palace. The palace building looks basically just a longish rectagular complex from the front. I think maybe it's because during my visit, there was some construction for the gardens going on for the front of the palace, which is typical for any palace to...

  • Reggia di Caserta

    Reggia = Royal Palace.This is an impressing building, built for the kings of the Bourbon dinasty who ruled over Naples. You can visit the rooms, and it's an interesting tour or just stroll along the huge and beautiful garden. Just walk there or bike, or rent one of the many horse carriages, or just jump on a bus. The garden is beautiful, and there...

  • Visit the Reggia's Royal Apartments

    Reggia Apartments: While the main draw at the Reggia is probably the immense grounds surrounding the palace, the interior itself offers an interesting tour. Huge paintings adorn the ceilings, and grandiose decorations give a good sense of what palatial life at the Reggia must have been like. Bottom-line: If you’re not too tired from walking...

  • La Reggia di Caserta: Versailles a la...

    Located 40 mintues by train to the north of Naples, King Charles III of Naples commissioned the building of the Reggia di Caserta in 1752 to rival Versailles. In terms of sheer scale, the architects definitely succeeded. The palace itself is an immense structure, from which a large pathway leads 3.5 km past a series of fountains and sculptures to a...

  • La Reggia - the English Garden

    This is one of the loveliest section of the park: the English Gardens, embellished with a tiny lake and fake ancient ruins.Take care that the English Garden closes one hour earlier than the big Gardens.


Caserta Hotels

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  • Jolly Hotel Caserta

    Nice Hotel just in front of the castle and a few minutes walk from the centre of the city. The only...

  • Hotel Caserta Antica

    Via Tiglio Casertavecchia, Caserta, 81020, Italy

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Business

    Hotel Class 3 out of 5 stars

  • Class Hotel

    Piazza Vanvitelli, 12, Caserta, 81100, IT

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Solo

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

Caserta Restaurants

  • Picnic in the gardens

    In the palace, you have the cafe and a self-service restaurant, serving rather decent food, but the best option is to grab a few panini and drinks and head to the gardens. You will find plenty of space to eat and enjoy the picnic...

  • A fantastic restaurant

    Grand Hotel Vanvitelli has got 4 restaurants. The Ristorante Roof Garden is located on the fourth floor and there you can see views of Caserta. The environment is very elegant but the waiters are very friendly. Here you can taste a good choice of Campanian and Italian food.They have a La carte menu or the menu of the day with the starters, the...

  • Caserta Hotels

    17 Hotels in Caserta

Caserta Transportation

  • Take the train

    To get to Caserta the best way is to take the train from Napoli. It is cheap and fast. There are many daily departures.

  • Take the train from Napoli Centrale

    The train is the best public transportation option for getting to Caserta. It also drops you off right in front of the Reggia, only 400m away. Trains depart Napoli Central about every half hour or so, and the journey takes about 40 minutes.

  • Getting to Caserta

    The nearest city to Caserta is Naples. There are frequent trains from Naples Central station to Caserta taking about 35 minutes. See the online Trenitalia timetable for more details (search for trains from Napoli to Caserta and back).


Caserta Local Customs

  • davecallahan's Profile Photo

    Communities (frazioni)

    by davecallahan Updated Jul 31, 2007

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    The villages that make up the district around Caserta are:
    Casertavecchia... ancient place of public power until the 11th century
    Casolla... my great grandfather's village
    Falciano... former seat of church power (16th century)
    Sala di Caserta
    San Benedetto
    San Clemente
    Santa Barbara... my great grandmother's village

    Casertavecchia at night Palace at Caserta (by Leonardo Bellotti)
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Caserta Warnings and Dangers

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    The hike up to the water source.

    by unravelau Updated Apr 4, 2011

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    You can hike up either side of the water fall to its source, but if you take either the more gentle route or the straight up the side one, do make sure that you have good gripping shoes. Apart from the water and splashes, its littered with leaf and therefore very slippery.

    Final Caserta Fountain

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Caserta Off The Beaten Path

  • Capua Amphitheater

    Visit the Capua Amphitheater where Spartacus made his mark as a Gladiator. Not as glamorous as the Roman Colosseum but it still stands. Rarely visited, you can wonder without crowds into the lower levels to see where preparations for battle were made. A must see for fans of Spartacus and his Slave Rebellion.

  • It seemed that everyone walked through...

    but scarcely thought to look at it as other than the access to: - the garden, the waterfalls, the statues or indeed the staircase into the palace itself. The end view was pretty enticing really.

  • Mark 2 of the walk through the grand...

    Now I forget, myself whether this was on the right or the left hand side of the grand hallway but it is there somewhere.


Caserta Favorites

  • Another of the Versailles

    In 18th century every monarch that had a minimum of self-respect had to build himself a VERSAILLES. Of course better and richer than the original. So this impressive one owes its creation to the desire of Charles Bourbon, then king of Naples, who decided on his construction in 1752. On its own, the palace is really impressive and the perspective...

  • The palace was soooo grand.

    I just loved all of the decorations, statues, vases, clocks, paintings and everything inside really. That everything that is to be seen here, i.e. the gardens, the statues, the palace, the medieval area, the fountains etc., are just so beautiful and all at the one spot for my convenience.

  • The whole place appealed to my...

    I think that starting at the gardens might be the way to go because we ran out of time to see them and the medieval section. You can see these sculptures on the way in the bus but instead of walking up the mountain to investigate the water source (which was a steep and exhausting climb), you can still view that from the underside and save some...


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