Campania Favorites

  • Panorama from the balcony towards Minora
    Panorama from the balcony towards Minora
    by iandsmith
  • View from our room, Castle d Ovo and Capri
    View from our room, Castle d Ovo and...
    by DoveRedRobin
  • Favorites
    by blusky

Campania Favorites

  • Victims

    Pompeii Favorites

    Over the cobbled streets, the buildings, the forum, and even vesuvius itself, the first thing most people think of is the dead bodies. Everywhere in Pompeii there are the plaster casts of the bodies of the victims of the eruption. Created by italian Archeologist Giuseppe Fiorelli, the plaster casts give a horryfying insight into the last seconds of...

  • The Entrance

    Pompeii Favorites

    Once you enter the archeaological area and buy your ticket, you will be approached by guides. Though not 100% necessary, especially if you have a good map, if you choose to hire one, make sure he is government licensed and agree on a price before you set off.

  • Streets

    Pompeii Favorites

    One of the sights I remembered from an earlier visit to Pompeii 40 years ago were the step stones used for crossing over busy streets (pictured). They are still there, of course! Wheeled vehicles could pass around them easily yet kept the residents free of the mud and slosh generated there. Also, notice how much higher the sidewalks are compared...

  • Ruins and history

    Pompeii Favorites

    Famous at the global level, the excavations of Pompeii is the only archaeological site in the world, along with that of Herculaneum, capable of returning visitors a Roman town, whose life has remained firm to a distant morning in 79 AD, an era from which the Vesuvius decided to cancel by earth orbit. Hour from November 1 to March 31 daily from...

  • Villas and Houses

    Pompeii Favorites

    When we came to this home, I pictured it belonging to a family who enjoyed the finer things in life. I think it would have provided a comfortable life style in 79 AD! Homes of the rich and influential contained pools, skylights, gorgeous artwork, mosaics, multiple bedrooms, gardens, solariums, atriums, peristyles, tricliniums and other...

  • Frescos

    Pompeii Favorites

    It's almost impossible to believe that wall frescoes survived the burial of ash and lava at the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius, but they did and are there for you to see for yourself! Just as some enjoy making their home showplaces today, the people of Pompeii did as well.

  • Vesuvio

    Pompeii Favorites

    When in Naples and Pompeii you will be able to watch the Vesuvius (unfortunately only from apart). Mount Vesuvius is a stratovolcano in the Gulf of Naples, about 9 kilometres (5.6 mi) east of Naples and a short distance from the shore. It is one of several volcanoes which form the Campanian volcanic arc. Vesuvius consists of a large cone partially...

  • Pompeians activites

    Pompeii Favorites

    While wandering around Pompei we came across some pottery and other things found or moulded over the years... I have heard that some of these things aren't the 'real thing' but cement (?) replicas made from the shapes left in the hardened ash...

  • Temples

    Pompeii Favorites

    It seems the Goddess of Luck, otherwise known as, Fortuna Augusta didn't quite do her job where Pompeii was concerned. Maybe she was sleeping when the eruption of Vesuvius occurred. Fortuna Augusta was supposed to ensure the good fortune and fertility of the Emperor, so perhaps she should be excused for what happened to this ancient city. It...

  • Theaters

    Pompeii Favorites

    Having experienced the Ruins of Pompei, I have learned a lot about the devastation that occurred that was caused by the volcanic eruption. A very sad scene, but yet this ancient city has been well preserved as a result of this tragic event. I learned a lot about ancient life here. The Amphitheater was one of the well preserved architectures.

  • Always Ask If You May Take a Photograph

    I learned quite quickly while touring Europe that it is always wise to ask before you snap a photograph! Some people do not want his/her photo taken under any circumstances.The Photo on this page is an example of asking before snapping. We were in either Amalfi or Positano, and a wedding had just been completed. Professional photographs were being...

  • Visit All the Towns Along the Amalfi...

    When driving the Amalfi Coast, try to stop at each village & town because each has its own personality. Even if you are taking the bus, it stops at almost all the towns. You can get back on the bus because it makes frequent runs.The differences between the towns surprised me...some, like Sorrento, was great for shopping & eating; yet, somehow still...


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