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  • In the House of the Mosaics
    In the House of the Mosaics
    by NedHopkins
  • Herculaneum
    by ptcruiser70663
  • The Site
    The Site
    by Jetgirly

Herculaneum Things to Do

  • Temple of the God Autustus

    Historians argue whether it was Octavian (Augustus) or his great-uncle, Julius Caesar, who was more responsible for ending the Roman republic -- for recognizing that the empire had become too large and its peoples too diverse to be ruled by a narrow aristocracy in the city.In any event, both Julius Caesar and Augustus were declared, after their...

  • Visit the Archaeological Site

    The site is located downhill from the Circumvesuviana train station, directly at the bottom of the hill. When you arrive, buy a ticket and then go across to the information office to get your free site guide (in several languages). The site is below ground level, and you will descend a gently sloping ramp around the perimeter, giving you excellent...

  • Thermopolia

    The McDonalds of days of yore, thermopolia were places where people gathered to be served hot food and drinks. The jars (called dolia) you can see displayed the food, which was dished directly from them to hungry lunchers (as lunch was not usually eaten in the home).

  • House of Argus

    This house is located near the entrance/exit to the site, and has been re-landscaped beautifully, with low hedges and fresh green grass. There is lots of shade under the columns (and the inexplicable, permanent smell of urine). During excavations, archaeologists found a pantry here, complete with loaves that were ready to go into the oven, and...

  • Hall of the Augustals

    Full of beautifully detailed frescoes, the Hall of the Augustals was a place where freed slaves met and discussed matters of business, religion and politics. The building was dedicated to the emperor Augustus, and was actually constructed while the emperor was alive (between 27 AD and 17 AD).

  • Homes and Artifacts

    Unlike Pompeii, Herculaneum was covered by layers of volcanic rock (lava?) following the eruption of Vesuvius. Consequently, a large amount of organic material was preserved, including rope, wood, plants and fabrics. This preservation is unique to Herculaneum, and many of these artifacts are on display at the site. Because the population of...


Herculaneum Restaurants

  • by gaiusmarius Updated Apr 4, 2007

    Not only is the food awful, this is a rip-off place to snare unwitting tourists. Not only is the dreadful food horrifically overpriced, but they also charge a service charge. Unfortunately, it is conveniently located at the top of the hill from Herculaneum as you walk back to the Circumvesuvia RR. It has outdoor tables which seem pleasant until you taste the food (insult), and then receive the bill (injury). The owners/waiters ooze charm to lure you into their tourist trap.

    Favorite Dish: Prior to La Fornacella, I said, there was never a pizza made that I didn't like. Their pizza is awful. To add the proverbial insult to injury, the waiter asks if you wish cheese on your pizza which results in an extra charge of three euros.

    Other food ordered by our party was not quite as awful as the pizza (in a class all its own), but was quite bad. It's only virtue was that it was not as bad as the pizza.

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Herculaneum Transportation

  • Circumvesuviana

    You can reach Herculaneum by Circumvesuviana, a local commuter train connecting Naples to Sorrento, and stopping at all the important achaeological sites in-between. Tickets are priced depending on the length of your journey, and are valid for a certain number of minutes, including return trips (if they are within the time limit). Buy your ticket...

  • Naples to Herculaneum

    From the main train station in Naples, buy a ticket on the Circumvesuviano train for a small fare and travel to Ercolano (Herculaneum). (Ignore the little old man who wants to buy your ticket for you; he'll want money.) From the Ercolano station, walk down the hill, following the "Scavi" signs and you'll be at the archeological site. Stop at one of...

  • Herculaneum Hotels

    0 Hotels in Herculaneum

Herculaneum Warnings and Dangers

  • Big Fiery Mountain

    Mt Vesuvius has not erupted in a long while. But you cn see all the distruction it caused the last time!

  • Cavis Canum!!!!!!

    This is a warning... or at least it was a warning in ancient Roman times. This here happens to be the oldest eample ever found of a "Beware of the Dog" sign.

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Herculaneum Off The Beaten Path

  • not so very serious ;-)

    Hahaha, sorry everyone for this photo! It's not a very serious one of Ercolano :-)) Ercolano didn't live up to my expectations I have to admit. I visited Pompeii earlier on in the day, and after hours of walking and feeling tired by now, I arrived in Ercolano. I heard from several friends that they thought Ercolano was more beautiful than Pompeii,...

  • Fresco

    Taking a closer look at one of the fresco's. The colours just amazed me. The walls are so richly decorated with these fresco's, it is hard to believe that they are for real.

  • Mosaic floor

    In this picture you can see a one of the beautiful mosaic floors of the bathhouse. I think it's amazing that you can still see it so clearly after all those years!


Herculaneum Favorites

  • Don't miss it.

    Herculaneum is a don't miss in Italy. While Pompeii is vaster, Herculaneum's sights are much more condensed and better preserved. One villa has a virtually intact ceiling in a room. The baths are in a fine state of preservation; the Temple to the Devine Augustus enchanting. For the sore of feet, it is not nearly so spread out as Pompeii. While Herk...

  • Campania Arte Card

    The Campania Arte Card is a great way to explore Campania's many attractions and archaeological sites. Here's what you need to know in order to take advantage of this deal:Anyone can use the full-price Arte Card. The reduced-rate card for those 18-25 can only be purchased by people residing in EU countries or countries with a reciprocal agreement...

  • Where is Herculaneum located?

    This gives you a rough idea where Herculaneum / Ercolano is located. Click on the map, so you can see the red little dot.Herculaneum is located in the region of Campania, just south of Naples, or maybe better said, in the city of Naples. It is 6 kilometres to the south for the city centre and easily reached by train. From Sorrento to Herculaneum is...


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