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Isola d' Ischia Things to Do

  • Spend some hours at La Mortella Gardens.

    La Mortella Gardens is a very large green area with more than 3000 species of esotic and rare plants. It was built By William Walton (an English composer) and his wife Susana on the site of a hillside quarry. This park is divided in two areas; a lower garden (the valley) and un upper garden (the hill). The lower area was designed starting from 1956...

  • The Aragonese Castle.

    The Aragonese Castle is a fortress which stands on a volcanic rock connected to the island by a bridge built in 1438. It was originally built by Hieron I of Syracuse in 474 B. C. It was then occupied by the Parthenopeans; the ancient Neapolitans. In 326 B. C. the Romans took it over and then again the Parthenopeans, Visigoths, Vandals, Goths,...

  • Go to the beach!

    There are two nice beaches you shouldn' t miss on this island, if you like to lie in the sun. San Montano Bay and the Maronti Beach.San Montano Bay is situated in Lacco Ameno. One side of this beach has free of charge entrance and the other is owned by Negombo Thermal Gardens. There is an outdoor cafe on this beach.The Maronti Beach is the largest...

  • Giardini Poseidon : the modern thermae

    I "Giardini Poseidon" or "Poseidon's Gardens" are a park of balneotherapy located on Ischia Island. There, you will be able to relax with the technics invented already by the Romans. In fact, the park has 22 pools with different temperatures from 20 to 40° celsius.You can experience the "Kneipp" a pool at a very hot temperature where you are...

  • Castello Aragonese

    Castello Aragonese is one of the most striking monuments on the island. It stands on a small island near Ischia Ponte. The castle can be reached over a stone bridge. The small island is about 113 meters high and the climb can be made on an old mule track or by using a modern elevator that was installed in the seventies. The castle was built in 1441...

  • Church of Soccorso

    This tiny white-washed church is located in a truly spectacular position: in the square on the Punta del Soccorso in Forio, that looks out onto the crystal clear sea. A typically Mediterranean site of astounding beauty.

  • Bay of Sorgeto

    World famous Sorgeto bay was a little rough and tumbly on the day we were there. Even the owner of our hotel which was a five minute walk away told us you could swim in the sea all year long because of the hot vents. But it was a wild stormy day and we walked down the steps, had the place to ourselves, it was very beautiful, but it looked very...

  • Castello Aragonese

    This beatiful castle is built on a rock. A bridge allow to reach it from the coast. It has been used also as a convent for catholic nuns. The castle is worth a guided tour. Obviously, there's a ticket to pay. It's also a perfect place for anchorage if you go by boat. On the coast in front of the castle there is a small town, Ischia Ponte, where you...

  • Fabulous blue sea

    The Must See Activity number 1 is WATCHING ... There are enchanting views and fabulous colours that you can't miss...


Isola d' Ischia Restaurants

  • Pastries, cakes, bread and more.

    Il Fornaretto is a bakery with some seatings.Here you can find a large selection of pastries; several cold and hot food as bread with various fillings et al. At this bakery you can buy cold beverages as well.There are even some beautiful cakes on sale here. I liked much a pastry with ricotta (a kind of soft cheese) and a croissant with Nutella....

  • Ice cream!

    This confectionery has a good choice of pastries, but I only went there to have a couple of scoops of ice cream which I liked it very much.I have to advice you that ice creams and other food here will cost you much more if you sit at one of the tables of this cafe. At Dolce è La Vita they have various ice cream flavours. I liked much the lemon...

  • The finest food in Ischia

    For my money, the best food in Ischia is made by Ciccio Buono and his son, Guido, at Da Ciccio in Ischia Ponte. Amazingly simple dishes, cooked in the most traditional ways, using fresh tomatoes, garlic, chilli, capers and olive oil and, of course, the local catch from the island. Fish and seafood are dominant on the menu, as are beautiful fresh...


Isola d' Ischia Transportation

  • How to get to the island from Naples.

    I went to the island by hydrofoil. This boat was operated by Alilauro company. I took it at Molo ( = harbour) Beverello in Naples. The journey to the island took around 45 minutes. The hydrofoil arrived at Ischia Porto. I had to take a bus from there to Panza; where I booked a room.

  • Once you are there

    Once you arrive in Ischia off the boat, you will have no trouble getting around. There is a small bus system that loops around the island continuously. It cost 1,20 euro for a 90 minute ticket which you validate on the bus. It would seem that residents, especially old and school age, do not need tickets but you as a tourist do. It is a good and...

  • Rent a moke!

    We decided to rent a moke for about 30 Euros per day on a whim. Let me tell you, the experience in itself was worth so much more! It's hard to take yourself seriously as you drive around in one of these vehicles... Trust me! If you don't believe me, ask me to tell you the story about the bus stop or the dead end next to the block of apartments.


Isola d' Ischia Shopping

  • Souvenirs.

    Torcanera is a shop located on a side street in Forio. Here you can find various kinds of typical items produced locally. For instance you can buy limoncello (a alcoolic drink made of lemons), cookies made with limoncello, beauty products (soaps, creams et al).

  • Levis in Italy

    Window shopping along the street, nothing was open, maybe it was Sunday or maybe it was siesta. Not jeans or at least not levis Levi's jeans for 85 euro, at the time that amounted to $110.00!

  • Birth control everywhere

    I suppose mens bathrooms have condom machines here in the U.S. but I don't see them. It seemed very funny to see stuck to the side of buildings everywhere these machines. No wonder they have such a low birth rate. Did not examine that closely.


Isola d' Ischia Warnings and Dangers

  • showe1966's Profile Photo

    don't kill yourself mountain biking

    by showe1966 Written Nov 4, 2007

    2 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    mountain biking on ischia is great but it is an "extreme sport".
    Don't bother trying to follow the route described in tip 2 i just wrote unless either you are an expert biker or you are tired of life, especially if you are going to try the decend from serra to maronti beach.
    I'm not joking, I knew a rider in Naples who was killed on trails like this.
    Dsc brakes tend to overheat and the gravel on the grounf makes for extreme biking conditions, not to mention the cliffs.
    So, don't try this at home, kids !

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Isola d' Ischia Tourist Traps

  • be cautious with taxi's

    Be cautious with the local taxi drivers. They all charge exorbitant prices which they're usually prepared to lower by half at least if you argue a bit. There will be much emphatic gesturing, lies about how far it is, comments about yourself, then they'll capitulate and take you wherever you want for a reasonable price.I generally steer clear of...

  • missed our bus but it was ok

    If you take the bus to Fontana to take the hike to the highest point on the island, Mt Epomeo, right across the street from the bus stop is a coffee shop. His name was Sylvio, and he was a cute older Italian man who practically drug us into the shop for a cappucino. Ok the cappucinos were huge, expensive, but very delicious, maybe the best I have...

  • Isola d' Ischia Hotels

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Isola d' Ischia Off The Beaten Path

  • mountain biking around sant'angelo

    Found an interesting MTB route this time.To follow this route, take the following directions:-Cycle down the main Panza- S. Angelo road.At a certain point, you cross a small bridge and there is a garage on your left.continue on towards s angelo, trying not to run any tourists over.You then get to another space and there is a left turn that goes up...

  • mountain biking on ischia

    It's a bit too vertical and rocky for any decent mountain biking however the roads are mountainous so you can have quite a decent ride if you stick to the asphalt.It is possible to take several of the tracks leading up the volcano from serra fontana and there is a good ridge trail along the top of the volcano's ridge which starts towards panza and...

  • Scenic view from Serrara Fontana

    Serrara Fontana is a tiny village on the island of Ischia, just below Mount Epomeo. It's about 500 metres on the sea level and from one of it edges there's a beautiful view on the southern coast of the island, including Capri on your left hand side and sometimes (when the visibility is very good) Ventotene on your right hand side.When you arrive in...


Isola d' Ischia Sports & Outdoors

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    Mt Epomeo highest point on Ischia

    by EllenH Written Nov 20, 2004

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Wait for a clear day, if it started raining or was foggy this would not be a pleasant experience. 789 meters high you take a bus to the last town of Fontana and hike about 50 minutes UP at 10%grade. Near the top the path narrows to troughs for the water to drain and for a short distance you are walking in a very narrow canyon or crevice that I had visions of flash flood wipeout. The views from the top though are incredible, all around the perimeter of the island you can see Capri, Sorrento, Procida, Ischia Ponte and everything in between.

    Equipment: Bring a jacket and a lightweight t-shirt as you will need them both. It is very windy at the top. Good shoes would be helpful, and a good camera is a must.

    Mt Epomeo from the town of Forio
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Isola d' Ischia Favorites

  • Forio.

    Forio is a large town situated along the western coast of the island. It has a long main street lined with shops, some cafes and restaurants. The main sights of Forio are “il Torrione” (an ancient tower) and the curch of Soccorso.

  • Ischia.

    Ischia is the main town on the island.It is divided in two areas; Ischia Porto and Ischia Ponte. Ischia Porto is the area where you find lots of shops, restaurants and the harbour (hence the name; porto. It means harbour). Ischia Ponte is the old core of this town.You should go to Ischia Ponte in order to visit the Aragonese Castle. Ischia Ponte is...

  • Drink some healing water.

    There are several water springs on this island. One of these is the Olmitello Spring. It is located some meters far from the Maronti beach. The healing qualities of this water are known since the ancient times. The more important studies about them were made by prof. Giulio Gasolino in 1588. He wrote about the healing properties of this water which...


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