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Isola di Capri Things to Do

  • Villa Jovis - Preserved Roman Villa of...

    Villa Jovis (Villa of Jupiter) is a Roman place on Capri built by Emperor Tiberius who ruled from there between AD 27 and AD 37. It is the largest of the twelve Tiberian villas on Capri mentioned by Tacitus. While the remaining structure and levels only hint toward the original grandeur, recent reconstructions have the villa to be a remarkable...

  • Need to rest

    Fortunately there are benches all along the road for you to take a rest whilst exploring the island by foot.

  • Blue grotto

    The main reason why everyone visits this island, but it is something to experience. We were nearly stuck inside the cave as the swell was rising and our boat just made it out in time with everyone lying absolutely flat on their baks in the boat.

  • Avoid queing!

    We visited the island in the month of May. There were many tourists though its not peak season. We were one of them queing and waiting for the next bus back to the Marina grande ;) So avoiding the hustles, we decided to get a taxi with another couple taking part with the fare(10 Euro each). It was more convenient then. Not bad!

  • Idle on top of Solaro

    Idle and enjoy the picturesque view of the island but dont miss to catch the last lift down to Anacapri.

  • A pleasant itenary.....

    Catch the next pull to the highest point of the island, a 1932 ft. Mt Solaro. The station is located at Anacapri, the western part of Capri Island. Enjoy the panoramic views of the Gulf of Naples, Sorrentine Peninsula to the Isle of Ischias.

  • Shameless self-promoting self-photo

    Here is a shameless shot of me blocking the otherwise beautiful view of Capri Town and the mainland near Sorrento, from Mt. Solaro.

  • View of Capri Town and Gulf of Salerno

    This photo is another taken from the top of Mt. Solaro. This view is to the east, showing the island, with Capri Town, and the mainland near Sorrento behind it. You can also hike down to Anacapri from this mountain. It takes less than an hour.

  • Mt. Solaro

    See my previous tip on how to get to the top of Mt. Solaro (Capri's highest point). This is a zoom in on the centre of the town of Anacapri from Mt. Solaro. The view from Mt. Solaro I would rate as the number one thing to see and do on Capri. But then, I love sweeping views...

  • Chairlift to Mount Solaro

    In one day, if you go early enough, you can easily see Capri Town, then take a bus to Anacapri, and take the chairlift from Anacapri to the top of Mt. Solaro for a fantastic view, and then take a bus (or hike) down to the Blue Grotto.The chairlift takes you in about 12 minutes to the top of Mt. Solaro (589 metres above sea level) for a fantastic...

  • Capri - cliffs

    Wherever you go on the island of Capri, you see cliffs. I got to this cliff in a 15 minute walk along a laneway leading out to the northeast from Capri Town. This was a stunning sight - looking straight down into the clear blue sparkling water of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

  • Capri Town - wonderful corners

    Here is the kind of scene you run into exploring Capri Town laneways. This is a courtyard of a small group of apartments. No one was around except us.

  • Capri Town - more laneways

    Here's a laneway in the heart of the town. The buildings are whitewashed, and these laneways spread out from the centre like a spider web. They mostly have dead-ends. Some however will take you to fantastic cliffs.

  • Port of Capri

    This is the port of Capri, where your boat will land. Most people head straight for the funicular to take them up to the town of Capri. But then they get told they have to get their ticket elsewhere. So you can get ahead of almost everyone by going to the right from where you land (facing the port, with your back to the sea), and you will find the...

  • Exploring the laneways of Capri Town

    A great thing to do is explore the narrow laneways of Capri Town. They are often overflowing with bougainevillia and other flowers, and often give great views of cliffs and the sea. And you don't see so many tourists doing this - they all seem to stick to the centre of Capri Town.

  • pet the cat

    well as u are walking around make sure to find cats.. they are friendly, tame and adorable... give them a patt on the back would ya. So many of them there... they too need some loving

  • Way to Capri

    To go to Capri from the Marina Grande, you have the option to take a bus or a funiculair to climb up the hill. But there is another way to do it : by foot! There is a pedestrian steps-street starting from behind the funicular (there is an indication showing the way) and then it is all the way up in the middle of the nice houses and gardens! A bit...

  • Starting from the Marina Grande

    Whether you come from Sorrento or Napoli, you arrive by boat at the Marina Grande : a nice harbour...quite picturesque if there wasn't so many people.

  • Limoncello di Capri

    "Limoncello di Capri" - a place where u can find a lovely and original product of lemond... from liqour to chocolate... and lots more...its a simple natural product with no artificial flavouring or also colouring.. its all NATURAL... grandma secret's recipe indeed

  • Marina Grande

    Docking site of most of the ferries, Marina Grande has a few small restaurants and shops. From here you can take the funiculaire up to the town of Capri, catch a bus, rent a scooter or grab a cab. We took the cab option as we had a lot of luggage with us, but used the funiculaire after that. The taxi ride was quite hair raising as the roads are...

  • Blue Grotto

    There are many caves in and around the isle of Capri, but the most famous cave is the La Grotta Azzurra alias The Blue Grotto. Discovered in 1826 by a German writer (August Kopisch), the Blue Grotto continues to stun visitors with its unique beauty. The wonder of the cave is the sunlight beaming through an underwater cavity... and shining through...

  • Gardens of Augusta

    Caesar Augustus bought Capri from the city of Naples after visiting it in 29 BC. The Gardens of Augustus which belonged to the villa of Friedrich Alfred Krupp, son of the founder of the great German steelworks is fantastic. The panoramic views of the sea and the Faraglioni Rocks from the Garden and terraces are great.

  • Via Krupp

    This road, on the south side of the island, was the idea of A. F. Krupp, a German steel guy. He built an estate out here, and constructed this road, which is still closed to the public... unless you are in my group. A simple hop over a rail and you are on your way!! The road was built in 1902 and zig-zags back and forth along the cliffs of Capri....

  • Grotto Azure

    There is no contest as to what is the biggest tourist attraction on Capri. The Blue Grotto, or Grotto Azure, is a small cave along the northen part of the island. It is famed for the color of the waters reflection, which illuminates the inside of the cave in magnificent blue tones. There are two ways to see this sight. One, you can pay a little...


Isola di Capri Restaurants

  • Jmill42's Profile Photo

    da Gioia: Fabulous Seafood

    by Jmill42 Written Mar 23, 2004

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    After working up an appetite at Grotto dell' Arsenale, we walked along the coastline to Marina Piccola. Here we found a great restaurant with truly perfect views of the coastline and the Meditteranean waters. The seafood pasta was excellent, but we also had pizza as well.

    A perfect place to have a meal in beautiful surroundings.

    Favorite Dish: Seafood pasta

    My Dish!!

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Isola di Capri Transportation

  • Day Ticket

    This is a day ticket for one person. It is valid for two funicular rides and/or unlimited number of bus rides for Capri, Marina Grande, Marina Piccola, Anacapri, Faro and Grotta Azzura. Take some infos from the tourist offices. We did it at the Piazzeta Umberto.

  • Chairlift

    This chairlift commutes vice-versa from Anacapri up to highest point of the island (Solaro-589 m high). Enjoy the panoramic beauty of the whole bay during the rides.

  • Getting to Capri

    With arrivals to Capri only coming by way of water, you have limited options on how to arrive. My friends and I stayed in Positano and took the ferry from there. We decided to take the hydrofoil for the return trip as we were extremely tired after all of the day's activities. The ferry ride over cost 6 Euro and took about an hour. The hydrofoil...


Isola di Capri Sports & Outdoors

  • Cliff Diving Times 2

    The second and more secluded place for getting your thrills on Capri, is on the south side of the island at the Grotto Arsenale. This was an area inhabited by a nudists who lived under some rocks. I'm not kidding. But, we decided they were probably harmless, so we commenced our aerial water contest with much success! Even got a few claps from the...

  • Cliff Jumping!!!

    There are a few spots on Capri that allow for some good cliff jumping. My friends and I took full advantage of this! The best place is at the walkway that leads down to the Grotto Azure. There is about a 10 meter high concrete platform that you can easily climb onto. The water is deep enough!! I'm still here! Please note that this can only be done...

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Isola di Capri Favorites

  • Costly Capri

    Even with its separation from the coast of Amalfi, Capri still retains its penchant for over-pricing. Most things in the Amalfi Coast are exorbitantly priced, but good deals can be found, if sought long and hard. I chose to not stay even a night on Capri, because the cheapest accommodation was 50% more than what I could find at Atrani or Positano's...

  • Correct Pronunciation

    Locals will not hesitate to correct your incorrect pronunciation of thier small island.It is correctly pronounced CAP-ri, not CA-pri or ca-PRI!!This might save you from trouble and make it easier with the locals...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

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