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  • Pompeii
  • Lararium, Thermopolium of Asellina, Pompeii
    Lararium, Thermopolium of Asellina,...
    by goodfish
  • Peristyle with aedicula, Pompeii
    Peristyle with aedicula, Pompeii
    by goodfish

Pompeii Things to Do

  • Human Remains

    One of the most impressive sights were the petrified bodies in exhibiting. Reading the guide, Horacio claimed that they were original. It would be too much violent so I told him they were scaled reproductions. He didn't insist and I relaxed. But not very sure. True or imitation, the figures hit the goal - to remember the human dimension of the...

  • Lupanar

    Pompeii was famous for its brothels and a "phallic symbol" on the street walls points to where these establishments were. The Lupanar of Pompeii is the most famous brothel in the ruined Roman city of Pompeii. It is of particular interest for the erotic paintings on its walls. Tired and stressed Romans who needed to relax went to these places, and...

  • Amphitheater

    Pompeii's amphitheater was built about 70-80 BC and is the oldest yet discovered. Smaller than the more famous version in Rome, this oval-shaped arena had no underground facilities but did have a similar canopy system for shielding spectators from the elements. Close by is a huge square (palaestra) with three-sided portico that was used for...


Pompeii Hotels

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  • Hotel Diana Pompei

    We intended to stay 2 nites.... we ended up finishing our month in Italy here, a little over a week....

  • Hotel Forum

    stayed in pompei 1 night but well worth it. get off at the cicrcumsision station pompei and turn...

  • Hotel del Sole

    The hotel location is on the main street in the center of Pompeii, opposite to the archaeological...


Pompeii Restaurants

  • Porta Marina

    4 out of 5 stars

    OK, my title for this tip could be an exaggeration, but I’ve rarely had such a delicious and refreshing glass of juice as the one I got here after our visit to the ruins. There are in fact a few cafes in a row on the road that leads from the station to the entrance – we went to the one nearest the entrance because its colourful display of fruit...

  • Thermopolium - Fast Food

    5 out of 5 stars

    The Romans were not fool and they had already invented the fast-food. In this restaurant (to be remodeled), they sold three types of soups. The customer chose his soup which was heated in a vat and received it immediately in a bowl, ready to be eaten.

  • Local Food

    4 out of 5 stars

    After a long day walk and was very bad weather ( rainy), in the street where we are staying there were several restaurants even in our hotel there is a restaurants but is not open yet. We didn't bother of walking around to search another one. The first restaurant we have passed we've taken it. This restaurant is in the center, we walked in and we...


Pompeii Nightlife

  • Pompeii by night

    ***NOTE: this program is currently not running (summer 2007)...please check the www2.pompeiisites.org in the future to see if the program starts back up***There is a program now (running from May to October) wherein the excavations are open in the evening from 8:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.As the website says "A moonlight walk...

  • Large Theater

    Not really current night life but it was what they had back then. An open air theater where they performed.

  • Drinks and more

    As we took a bus trip we were at the mercy of the bus driver.Now where else in the world can you pull into a gas station and got to the bar all in one stop.The food and drinks were not bad and I think the driver was getting a cut of what we spent there.


Pompeii Transportation

  • The train

    On the Circumvesuviana Napoli-Sorrento line it takes 30 to 40 minutes to get to Pompeii from either Naples or Sorrento. Get off at "Pompei Scavi". At the station, you can leave your bags for €1,50 (collect by 7:00PM in summer, 6:00PM October to February), or leave them for free at the ruins (pick up by 7:20PM) Train station in Pompeii is a short...

  • Train station

    On the Circumvesuviana Napoli-Sorrento line it takes 30 to 40 minutes to get to Pompeii from either Naples or Sorrento. Get off at "Pompei Scavi". At the station, you can leave your bags for €1,50 (collect by 7:00PM in summer, 6:00PM October to February), or leave them for free at the ruins (pick up by 7:20PM)Train station in Pompeii is a short...

  • Can you say Circumvesuviana?

    Getting to Pompeii and/or Herculaneum is very easy and inexpensive by train from Sorrento (we did) or Naples. Go to the station and ask for round-trip tickets on the Circumvesuviana: you'll want the Napoli-Sorrento line, trains run frequently (although not 24/7) and the trip will take about 30-40 minutes from either place. You'll want to get off at...


Pompeii Shopping

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  • cameo necklace

    on entering this shop i was met with an elderly man at a work bench making cameos all shapes and sizes.. he did not speak english but was more than happy to let me watch and even posed for a picture.. i am looking for the name of this shop its on the street outside the main entrence to the ruins on ( Pompei Scavi | Via Villa dei Misteri 2, Pompei,...

  • pompeii lava jewellery

    I too bought some jewellery from one of the stores on the right, wish i had bought more, cannot find any where else for sale, i think it is actually Austrian crystal they are faceted purple green and blue, am hunting the type of stone down at my local crystal supplier, very frustrating thay are beautiful. Buy the jewellery from the stalls,they are...

  • Shops at the Pompeii entrance

    Some sellers offering pieces of lava from volcano Vesuvius. Covered with green and purple crystal it look great (better then on the picture). For few € you may buy some like I did.


Pompeii Local Customs

  • Roman Gods in Pompeii

    Pompeii has many temples in its walls, so I thought I would tell you a little bit about the Gods and Goddesses associated with the town.Venus - Goddess of Love and Beauty - Greek: AphroditeVenus is the patron goddess of Pompeii. She is depicted in many paintings, most famously Botticelli's 'The Birth of Venus' (1485), depicting Venus being born...

  • The Destruction of the City

    The Story of PompeiiIn 79 AD, Pliny the Elder died during the eruption of the volcano Vesuvius. His nephew, Pliny the Younger escaped the destruction of Pompeii and left a written account of the eruption." The carts that we had ordered brought were moving in opposite directions, though the ground was perfectly flat, and they wouldn't stay in place...

  • Calidarium

    The Calidarium was the first stop after entering a Roman Therme. It was a huge place with a very hot temperature (range from 30° to 60°C), that helps the body to have a skin more elastic and also the blood circulation and the arterial pressure too. it also can be used to eliminate toxins. We can think about a calidarium as a modern turkish bath. In...


Pompeii Warnings and Dangers

  • The dogs

    While we were there in April 2010 the signs around Pompeii were quite clear. The dogs have started out as strays but have been 'adopted' by Pompeii which has been establlished as a dog sanctuary. All the animals are fed at least once a day, subject to vet checkups and wear red collars to denote as such. Other than this they are left to their own...

  • Stuff to be Aware Of

    As I've mentioned in previous tips, the site has had some issues with lack of visitor services and general deterioration. The good news is that this is being addressed so hopefully many of the needed improvements will have been accomplished by the time you go. Just in case, here are a few little things you might want to expect:Tour Guides: The site...


    The main Pompeii site is not blessed with a lot of toilets. Most are outside of this huge site. Remember, this was once a city. The main toilets are at the exit. Not very handy. Also there is one not too far inside the site (pictured). That’s about it. I would find the first one and kind of stay focused on where you are. You cannot walk fast in...


Pompeii Tourist Traps

  • Menu at Brothel

    Erotic fresco. The brothel was named the Lupanare — from lupa (she-wolf), the colloquial Latin term for a prostitute. Prices were posted outside the building, which had three entrances, and the frescoes depict the sexual services on offer.

  • Guide or No Guide?

    There are official licensed guides at the entrance to the site. Since I had been there on a prior visit (I don't remember whether I had a guide at that time or not), and knew the history of the site and had an idea of what I wanted to see. Plus my grandson had studied about the site and already had some knowledge of it. So I didn't hire a...

  • Parking in Pompeii

    Obviously this only affects those travellers who have rented a car, and are planning on driving into the Pompeii Scavi area. When we arrived in the area, we were directed into a car park at the bottom of the hill by a guy who looked official. After we'd pulled into the area my husband asked him how much it was to park there, and he said €10 for the...


Pompeii What to Pack

  • My guide book in Pompeii

    Here it is my guide books that provided me details about a geographic location, tourist attractions, or most interesting itineraries inAssisi.Casa Editrice Bonechi – Italy. “The Golden Book”. Pompei. 1995, 112 pages.

  • lots of sun and lots of walking

    Take a good, sturdy bag with you with lots of room. Take some sturdy walking shoes if you plan to see alot of the town. Definately dont go in sandals as you will really suffer. Wear light clothes, but make sure you take things that will cover your arms and legs because of the sun. Also take a good hat to keep the sun off your face. There will be...

  • Properly Equipped

    Comfortable and sturdy shoes are a must as you'll be walking on stones and down streets 2000 years old. Make sure you have ample film or memory for digital cameras as the archeaological site was much to photograph. A bottle of water is a good idea, especially on a warm day. None is available once you enter the site. Numerous vendors sell snacks...


Pompeii Off The Beaten Path

  • Villas and houses

    Close to the Casa di Caio Giulio Polibio there is the Fullonica di Fabio Ululirtemulo. It has got two wonderful paintings showing Roman legends: on the right yuo can see Aeneas, Anchises and Ascanius; on the left there is Romulus with the trophy of weapons of the defeated king Acron.

  • Ancient Shops and Products

    From Herculaneum Gate, also known as the Saliniensis or the “Salt Gate”, the Street of Tombs begins. This was discovered during the first excavations in the city (1763-1838) and constitutes a complete example of a suburban street lined with villas, shops and sepulchres or tombs.

  • Mount Vesuvius

    When you are at the Pompeii ruins, you can see Vesuvius up close and personal. Vesuvius is a National Park in Italy. View their website for more information, but for now here are two small details. On foot: the ascent begins at the 1000m high parking lot.Follow the signs to the trail... Going to the to edge of the crater -- 6 Euro.


Pompeii Sports & Outdoors

  • Palestra Grande

    The Palestra Grande was a good place to do your gymnastics - or practice those "track and field" events Roman soldiers specialized in.

  • Fun and games at the Amphitheater

    The Romans were great sportsmen - they certainly made heroes of the great athletes of their time. No Roman "Sports Illustrated" would have been complete without a full account of the latest battles and massacres at the local amphitheater. Certainly the residents of Pompei were fortunate to have such a splendid facility to observe the spectacle of...

  • Arena

    Thank God this "sport" is now dead in it's original form. This is the Arena where Gladiators used to fight each other and lions... It is a smaller one, one of the best preserved in the world. When I got in there chils went down my spine... Just imagine how much blood was spilled there for someones entertainment...


Pompeii Favorites

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  • Victims

    Over the cobbled streets, the buildings, the forum, and even vesuvius itself, the first thing most people think of is the dead bodies. Everywhere in Pompeii there are the plaster casts of the bodies of the victims of the eruption. Created by italian Archeologist Giuseppe Fiorelli, the plaster casts give a horryfying insight into the last seconds of...

  • The Entrance

    Once you enter the archeaological area and buy your ticket, you will be approached by guides. Though not 100% necessary, especially if you have a good map, if you choose to hire one, make sure he is government licensed and agree on a price before you set off.

  • Streets

    One of the sights I remembered from an earlier visit to Pompeii 40 years ago were the step stones used for crossing over busy streets (pictured). They are still there, of course! Wheeled vehicles could pass around them easily yet kept the residents free of the mud and slosh generated there. Also, notice how much higher the sidewalks are compared...


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    after a restoration of 2 years, Villa dei Misteri opens again, finally.

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    Jan 27, 2015 at 11:58 AM

    Important notice!
    coopculture.it/en/heritages.... is informing visitors, tour guides and school groups that for security reasons, backpacks and handbags larger than 30x30x15 cm (abt 12 x 12 x 6") are not allowed inside the excavations at Pompeii as well as Herculaneum, Oplonti, Stabia and the Museum of Boscoreale. Larger bags and luggage may still be checked at left-luggage facilities at the entrances. Reference the site for information.

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