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Ferrara Things to Do

  • Castello Estense

    4 out of 5 stars

    At the very beginning this castle was a tower built in the XIII century. In 1385 by Niccolò II d' Este ordered the construction of a big fortress in order to defend himself and his family against the citizens' uprisings. Ferrara' s citizens protested against heavy taxation at that time. After a few centuries the danger of uprisings ceased and from...

  • Duomo - Cathedral

    On the right part of the facade, just above side entrance to the cathedral, there is the statue of Alberto V d'Este, who in 1391 obtained a papal bull from Boniface IX for the institution of a University. The side of the Cathedral, along Piazza Trento e Trieste, is flanked by two loggias with carved pillars. In the lower loggia, which is called...

  • Palazzo dei Diamanti

    4 out of 5 stars

    The name of this long and huge palace comes from over 8000 pink and white marble stones cut in the form of pyramids that cover its facade. I have read that the diamond was one of the emblem of the d' Este family. The works on this palace begun in1493 by Biagio Rossetti. It was modified and completed in the next century. This palace was built for...

  • Palazzo Municipale - Town Hall

    Palazzo Municipale is located across from the cathedral. The façade that faces the church is called Volto del Cavallo, the Face of the Horse. That is because the main entrance is flanked by two columns, thought to be the work of Leon Battista Alberti, on which stand bronze sculptures of Marquis Niccolò III seated on horseback and his illegitimate...

  • Corso Ercole I d'Este

    Another fine example of the architecture of the Renaissance, whose main feature of interest is the superb marble gate. The dominant architectural element in this building is the magnificent portal, characterized by a high entablature with rich frieze, on which site the putti supporting the balcony. The portal, perhaps the most beautiful of the kind...

  • Piazza Savonarola

    The Dominican Girolamo Savonarola is son of Ferrara, born here in 1451 during the Este reign, was judged a heretic for his strong criticism of the Catholic Church and its actions. Savonarola was burnt at the stake in Firenze in 1498. Savonarola was an very influential contributor to the politics of Florence, from 1494 until his execution in 1498....


Ferrara Hotels

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Ferrara Restaurants

  • Hostaria Savonarola

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    This is my favorite restaurant in Ferrrara, I come back every time I am in town. It is centrally located and easy to find. It is nicely decorated with antique and with delicious hanging salumi. It is well known among the local so if you go during the weekend it is better to book in advance as it tend to get full. Cold cuts are great in this area...

  • Asia - Chinese Restaurant

    From first appearances, Ma and I felt assured of quality food. You can often tell, but not always of course. The exterior was bright tones of red and gold, and the interior was much the same motif. Service was quick, efficient and friendly. Everything was fresh, and a delight to receive. Portions were a bit small, but we had ordered enough to...

  • Mcdonald

    McDonalds is McDonalds. However, expect a pastier burger than you might find in North America. The texture is different here, even with the fresh ground burger you find at the butcher shops(??). Cheddar cheese in Italy is almost non-existant so a funny colour cheese spread is used, ketchup (called Mato Mato, 'ma tomato, get it?) is tangier (not...


Ferrara Nightlife

  • Old fashion cafe

    There is beautiful old fashionable cafe-bar on Piazza Savonarola with outstanding glass garden overlooking the square and the nearby Castello Estense. There was heavy rain, that late afternoon, when I came to Farrara and it was the best possible spot to have esspresso and glass of white wine. I spend some time here, just before dinner time,...

  • Street music

    From August 22-28, the city of Ferrara was host of the 18th international festival of street music, known also as the Buskers Festival. The groups and the individual musicians, from all over the world, came to Ferrara in that week making it joyful and colourful capital of Italy at that moment. There was music for everybodies taste, from classical...

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Ferrara Transportation

  • By train.

    I went to Ferrara by train.I had to take some trains to get there. I live in northern Italy, so it was better for me to take a train to Bassano del Grappa and another train to Padova from there. There are direct trains from Padova to Ferrara every day. The journey between these two towns lasts around one hour.I could have gone to Ferrara taking a...

  • Rent a Bicycle is the easiest way around

    Once you enter Ferrara the first thing you see is the signboard as you enter the city, "cittadelle biciclette. Ferrara is the city of cyclists. A wave of cycling meets you when you leave the Ferrara Station. It seems like Amsterdam in miniature. That's not surprising, because Ferrara is the second cycling city in the world. Any resident owns an...

  • Park your car in parking lot

    We have a car during our visit to Ferrara, but we couldn't use this in town center, the center of Ferrara is pedestrianized either we walk or hire a bike. So we have to leave our car outside the center in one of the parking space. There are also free parking outside town if you got lucky, but this is mostly full, local people use free parking, but...


Ferrara Shopping

  • Fine antiques shop

    In a first place, I was pleasantly surprised by the look of this smal square which obviously hasen't been much changed during the centuries. It is situated just a foot from the church of San Paulo.In the central position of the Piazzetta there is an fine antiques shop, hold by an enthusiastic Ferrarese, with a lot of interesting collections of...

  • Pampepato

    Pampepato was possibly invented by the nuns of the monastery of the Sacred Heart in 1600. They got inspiration for this creation from an ancient recipe by a cook. The nuns used to send this cake to priests at Christmas time.Pampepato is made with bitter chocolate mixed into the dough and covered with bitter chocolate as well. Other ingredients of...

  • MyFE. The tourist card.

    As in other Italian towns you can buy a tourist card which allows you to enjoy several attractions (palaces, museums) for a single visit; free of charge.Moreover this card entitles you to have discounts at some shops.I bought a two days tourist card and it was enough for me to visit all the main attractions in Ferrara. There are cards for more days...


Ferrara Local Customs

  • Multiethnic Ferrara

    Eversince the medieval times Ferrara is known for its tolerance to the other ethnic or religious groups. The huge colony of Jewish people existing here from the times of d'Este rules of Ferrara, long before it happened in other Italian towns. It is nice to see the places, such as Ferrara is, where different people or races live one next to...

  • Local bread of Ferrara

    While wandering around we pass to some bakeries and one thing attracts me through the window is this special form bread. I wasn't thought that is one of specialty here, and after passing to another bakery I've seen more and more of this bread inside the glass window. Out of my curiosity I went inside and bought one, I really want to try it. This...

  • Cappellacci di Zucca

    We always enjoy trying local foods during our travels, so when we visited Ferrara (as a day trip from Bologna) in June 2010, my girlfriend and I studied the cuisine section of our guidebook with interest.Being in Italy, we were not surprised to read that Ferrara's most famous dish is one that features pasta; Cappellacci di Zucca.More specifically,...


Ferrara Warnings and Dangers

  • Parking your car

    Biking is the main means of transportation in Ferrara. Apparently only city residents can park on the streets, so if you are driving, try to find the nearest car park. We left our car at the "Parcheggio CENTRO STORICO", which was a couple of blocks away. € 4.50 for 24hrs. If you have luggage, it's advisable to leave them first at the hotel before...

  • Mind the bicycles!

    The number of people who ride a bicycle is much higher in Ferrara than in many Italian middle-sized cities. However, this can prove a danger for those who are not accustomed to the way the Ferrarese ride their bikes.Cyclists feel as the masters of the streets, they do not break when they get close to a pedestrian, they ignore that all bikes have a...

  • Closed on Mondays...

    As a 'general' rule of thumb, attractions are closed in Italy on Mondays. Be sure to check ahead to confirm that what you have traveled thousands of miles to see, is going to be open to the public.Ferrara is a dead loss on Mondays. The castello, which we particularly did want to view, closes on Mondays. Strangely, the Tourist Information Centre was...


Ferrara What to Pack

  • Always travel light...

    My preference is a back pack if travel by train is expected, but a suitcase is much easier if you are traveling by car. Winter, Fall, Spring. Layer your clothing to accomodate the big changes in weather. Walking causes a person to overheat, and if you can remove layers rather than a heavy sweater or coat, you will remain comfortable, without...

  • Easy to find...

    of course you need a city map to visit Ferrara. You can find it to the tourist office. But the easiest way to get it is to go to MC Donald's in front of the Cathedral, there you can have very usefull maps.Tourist Information OfficeCastello Estense44100 FERRARA (FE )Tel: 0039 0532 209370 / 299303Fax: 0039 0532...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Ferrara Off The Beaten Path

  • Medieval house

    Can't tell anything about this house, not even the name of it or when was built. It obviously belong to a medieval period of Ferrara and d'Este rules of the town. As far as I remember the house is located in the area where Corpus Domini s situated.The house captured my attention by the simplicity of its forms which is in the perfect harmony with...

  • Via delle Volte

    I suppose we all, members of VT, are somehow cloned when writing reports from our travelling, in particularly if the tip is about ancient or medieval times structure. I guess it's because when strolling in some town we are "armed" with the city maps and brochures which indicating what to see, where it is located and whats the name of the structure....

  • The Coat-of-Arms of Ferrara

    The coat of arms of the Comune di Ferrara is that of the family that ruled the area for many centuries, the Este family. The partition of the field is parted horizontally, with the upper part Argent (Silver/White) and the lower part Sable (Black).


Ferrara Sports & Outdoors

  • Azhut's Profile Photo


    by Azhut Written Aug 11, 2003

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The Country Club Fossadalbero, about 15 kilometres from Ferrara, has its seat in a "Delizia" of the Este family, a magnificent XV century castle, built by the architect Giovanni da Siena and commissioned by the marquis Nicolò III, and completed under the duke Borso.

    Equipment: TECHNICAL DATA: 9 holes, metres 1562, par 29 - metres 600, par 27 (Pitch & Putt).

    FACILITIES: Practice course, putting green, pitching green, bar, restaurant, swimming-pool, tennis courts, football ground.

    SEASON: March to November.
    Closing day: Monday
    Green fee: 16 Euro.
    Green fee for the practice course: 11 Euro.

    HOW TO GET THERE: Motorway Bologna - Padova, exit Ferrara nord, follow the northern ring road and then the indication Copparo (on the left). After Boara, turn left to Ruina. Turn left again to Fossadalbero.

    Only for Country Club Members

    Country Club

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Ferrara Favorites

  • Cappellacci di zucca.

    The first written recipe of this dish dates to the 1584. Probably the name “cappellacci” comes from the resemblance of the huts worn by country men at that times. Cappellacci comes from “cappelli” that is the meaning of huts. Cappellacci di zucca are practically large ravioli (filled noodles) filled with a mixture of pumpkin, Reggian Parmesan or...

  • Have a stroll along via delle Volte.

    Via delle Volte is a long Medieval street with some covered passages which joined the merchant's houses and shops to their warehouses.Today there are some shops and restaurants along this street.

  • Restroom inside the shopping mall

    Looking for public restroom in Italy would be hard to find, and I think the best place to search for it is in a shopping mall if there is one. Traveling in Italy not all small town has shopping malls, and I think if urgently need a restroom the only place you can get is inside the cafe/bar, but not everyone is friendly to let their bathroom used...


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