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Modena Things to Do

  • Duomo - Cathedral

    It was started since early 1099 and finally got consacrated in 1184 by Pope Lucio III. The dome is one of the best european romanic style masterpiece. But what caught my attention are the decoration of the ndoors. In the door next to the tower you find Fedro's stories (second photo) and on the other one Bibles stories such as the creation of woman...

  • Day Trip to Maranello - Ferrari

    Its 12 euros each (Aug 07). We got a refund. After a 35 minute visit. IF you can find it as their (Ferraris) Galleria web directions start from the wrong Motorway exit... very confusing. Is this why they drive around in circles? I saw a house in Hawaii, on an open house, that had 4 Ferraris just in his garage. So unless you live in Siberia you...

  • Palazzo Comunale - Town Hall

    It is on Piazza Grande, if you have the chance go up the steps and ask to visit the rooms, they are opened to public untill 7 pm usually. The main room are sala del fuoco(fire room) with Nicolò dell'Abate frescos, sala del vecchio consiglio(room of old parlament) when you can find the Gonfalone painted by Ludovoco Lana in 1633 as a thanksgiving for...

  • Palazzo dei Musei

    The Palazzo dei Musei is a large complex which is home to Modena's main galleries and museums. The most important attraction here is the Galleria Estense, located on the top floor of the building. Here you can see the impressive art collection of the Este family, which consists of paintings and sculptures dating back to the early...

  • Balsamic Vinegar

    We stopped at the vineyards of Leonardi to see the the making of the real balsamic vinegar. We got to taste 10 year old balsamic vinegar, 30 year old balsamic vinegar and 100 year old balsamic vinegar. The vinegar is thick - a bit like jam and what a delicious taste - with an aroma left in your nose. It is a closed cycle farm because all the...

  • Palazzo Ducale

    “The military colleges are preparatory for the senior cadet schools, of which there are two: the Military School (Scuola Militare) at Modena for cavalry and infantry cadets, and the Military Academy (Accademia Militare) at Turin for engineer and artillery cadets.” — from “A Cyclopedia of Education” 1913 Edited by Paul Monroe The interior of...


Modena Hotels

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Modena Restaurants

  • Redecocca

    5 out of 5 stars

    The price is affordable (20 euro per person) and the atmosphere is familiar and relaxed. No elegant dresses are required. Noisy as all the italian restaurants!! Gnocco fritto and Tigelle (typical Modena's menu), with cheese, lard, parmesan... add Pinzimonio (mixed vegetables) with balsamic vinegar, salt and olive oil Also try 'Pennette al barolo'...

  • Oreste

    4 out of 5 stars

    This place was like a trip in the '60, it is kind of an institution in Modena and it is well worth it. The restaurant has been directed by the same family since I think the '20 and moved to the current location in 1959. And it freezes there. All the forniture, chair, tables, decor, ceilin lamps, even the tiles are originals from back then. The...

  • Belvedere da Danilo

    3.5 out of 5 stars

    This is a nice restaurant in the sentre of the town which offers mainly local dishes. I suggest you to eat local pumpkin tortelli and mixed boiled meat. It is absolutely heavy and hard to digest so may be it's better you go for lunch if you want to follow my suggestions, lambrusco is local good red sparkling wine. The meat and the sauces were...

  • Cervetta

    When I visited Modena on a Sunday in April 2010, most restaurants were closed. So I asked a nice local lady at a bakery where I could find a restaurant that was open and served an authentic modenese meal. She directed me towards l'Antica Trattoria Cervetta, only a short distance south of Piazza Grande, and part of the tiny 3-star Hotel Cervetta....

  • Saporiamo

    Specializing in all types of pasta, from super fancy to speghetti.....Walk in and order by the weight. Even if you don't want to is worth a look, check out how the locals have access to good pasta, made fresh. Ravioli filled with squash

  • Caffè Concerto

    Located on the ground floor of Palazzo Comunale, Caffè Concerto has the strategic views over Piazza Grande and il Duomo. The spacious establishment is graced by a beautiful dining room under the arches and vaulted ceilings of the palazzo and within its arched portico. It functions both as a café and as a restaurant during meal times. I stopped here...


Modena Nightlife

  • Great place for Happy Hour

    After an afternoons wander around Modena we figured it was time to relax for a while with an aperitif. We stopped at Caffetteria Drogheria Giusti because it had a lovely outside terrace area and there was a spare table that looked just perfect for us.Caffetteria Drogheria Giusti is a fabulous place to stop for a drink and a snack, or a light meal....



  • There is not a lot of...

    There is not a lot of nightlife in Modena itself. If you are on foot a good place to go is Club 37. The atmosphere is very friendly and the crowd is youg. You can get cheap food and drink and it is open till around 12.If you are looking to go clubbing and you are on foot then you could go to Snoopys if only for a laugh. It is quite sleazy but...


Modena Transportation

  • hop on and off bus

    This is a new service that takes you around Modena, it goes in the city and in the cities nearby, you can buy a voucher for the all itinerary or just for the single trip you intend to do. One of the most important stop is the galleria Ferrari at Maranello though I did not particulary liked it, I reccomend the Sassuolo castle as it's really...

  • Train

    I came by train from Milan. Modena is on the train line betwen Bari and Milano so there are many trains stopping here, you do not necessary need to take the fast and expensive ones, look for the sign RV regionale veloca on italian rail website: they are the cheapest ones.

  • Local Bus System

    Modena Bus system work very good. The buses are frequent and they will take you wherever you need to go. You can find detailed list of the routes and timetable on their site.You don't need to purchase tickets in advance, just get onboard with coins. One way will cost you 1.20 euros and the automatic machine does not give change.


Modena Shopping

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  • Food and Beverage

    Typical products are balsamic Vinegar, Parmesan, mostarda.The vinegar you normally buy in the shops is made by wine winegar and must, the traditional Modena balsamic vinegar is made only by must and it is really too expensive in my opinion. You can pay a 100 ml bottle12 months old 40€ and a 25 months old 70€ so, if you need it just for your...

  • Tea, coffee and candy

    Walking back from Mercato Albinelli toward Piazza Maggiore my eyes were captured by the little window of this shop. When I walked closed the smell capture me even more!They sell every kind of tea, coffee, candy, chocolate and spices. The shop is original from the '40 and still has the wooden shelves and the counter as it was. Teas and spices are...

  • Everything about food

    The covered market "Mercato Albinelli" is where you have to go if you have interest in food, no matter if you like to cook or just eat, this is the place for you.The building have an interesting architechture and have been inaugurated in 1931. In the middle of it there is a statue of a girl and a little fountain.The sides are a line of butchers,...


Modena Local Customs

  • Food & Beverage

    I must put typical food and beverage on this tips cathegory as I am not talking about a particular restaurant and because they are indeed part of the local culture and custom.Typical food in Modena are Tigelle(main photo) and Gnocco fritto (second photo) both are intended to be eaten with ham, cheese, salami. Typical wine of this area is Lambrusco,...

  • i Portici

    Similar to Bologna, many of Modena's buildings contain arched porticoes over the pavements. Although not as extensive as Bologna, Modena's porticoes are nevertheless widespread and cover many streets around the historic centre. The most famous among them is that of il Collegio San Carlo, on Via Emilia. Walking around the city, I came across two...

  • The statue to A. Tassoni

    The statue to poet Alessandro Tassoni stands on the little piazzeta, right beneath the Ghirlandina. Tassoni is known for his famous mock-heroic poem "La secchia Rapita" (The stolen Pail), inspired by the Pail, which original being held in the Town Hall.


Modena Warnings and Dangers

  • Ruthy2001's Profile Photo

    by Ruthy2001 Written Aug 25, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    There is quite a big split between the rich and poor in Modena (namely Italians/'extra'.

    The situation can get quite tense around the station at night, try to stay away from this area if possible as drugs and extortion is a big problem.

    If you are a female don't walk around alone at night, the streets are not well lit and it isn't safe, particularly in the winter with all the fog that is around.

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Modena Tourist Traps

  • jrobbo's Profile Photo

    by jrobbo Written Apr 19, 2004

    Be careful when you call for a taxi in Italy, they start the meter ticking as soon as you call, and so by the the time that they arrive to pick you up, the meter could already have a substantial fee on it, before you've even gotten in the cab to start your journey.

    This is completely legal, and is standard practise across Italy

    Fun Alternatives: The buses and trains in Italy are excellent, and frequent, if at all possible catch public transport instead

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Modena Off The Beaten Path

  • Lamborghini Museum

    Located in Sant'Agata Bolognese, 19km from Modena, is the Lamborghini Factory & Museum. We headed there one afternoon to have a drool over the delicious cars.We were told we had to make an appointment in advance to visit the museum, so I rang a couple of weeks prior to our visit to book a time. However, when we arrived we were able to just wander...

  • Maranello

    The town of Maranello is located 17km south of Modena, and is famous for being the birth place of Ferrari. The town is home to the Ferrari factory and museum, and everywhere you look you see people walking about in their Ferrari overalls (factory workers I hope!).Alex is a big fan of Ferrari's and I am not adverse to any shiny sports cars, so we...

  • Well, if only a mighty, shiny...

    Well, if only a mighty, shiny car is your idea of true art, don't waste too much time among architectural gems, but head straight to the nearby Maranello - yes, the home of Ferrari! The street leading towards Galleria Ferrari where all (or most of) their cars are exposed is a Disneyland for older kids - full of souvenir shops where you can buy...


Modena Favorites

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  • Sparkling wine from Modena

    Friends recommended we try a local sparkling wine with our meal. A great idea. Cleto Chiarli is a producer from Modena, which makes a number of sparkling wines from lambrusco and other local grape varieties.We tried a rosé, which went really well with the pasta and seafood dishes that we tried. It's not the lightest sparkling rosé I've tried,...

  • Parmesan factory

    In the things to do tips I was complaining about the fact that Mr. Panini sold his football steakers company and now had a Maserati collection. Well when you visit the Maserati collection you cannot miss to notice the many cowsheds. Here infact there is not just the Maserati collection but also a parmigiano factory which is a wonderful place, I...

  • Modena free audioguide and tourist...

    Modena has a site where you can download free audioguife about the town Download here It is offered in italian, english and german and it is very informative.You need a MP3 reader to use them.The Municipality site also offer a good amount of information to help organize your here to see : Comune di Modena


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