Reggio Emilia Travel Guide

  • Walking leisurely
    Walking leisurely
    by Ina08
  • View from the top of the hills
    View from the top of the hills
    by Ina08
  • View from the rolling hills
    View from the rolling hills
    by Ina08

Reggio Emilia Things to Do

  • Hiking Monte Orsaro - Prati di Sara

    When it is really hot in the plains around Reggio Emilia people either escape to the beach or to the mountains. An excursion to Monte Orsaro can provide respite from the heat, a great weekend sleeping over in one of the huts, a great 4 hour return hike up to the Prati di Sara with a view on the Cusna (one of the highest mountains in this area) and...

  • Short walk on the hills

    If you want to do a short walk on the hills close to the city the circular tour from Puianello to Monte Cavolo is off the road and quite scenic. The whole walk is about 2,5 hours and if you time the trip you can stop at Monte Baducco for lunch and to admire one of the biggest, if not the biggest donkey farm in Italy. See tip...

  • Donkey farm & lunch

    Monte Baducco is not only one of the biggest donkey farms in Italy, it also is a Agriturismo (farm stay) and restaurant.A fun place to stay with kids, do some walks and enjoy the summer swimming pool "La Favorita" with its slide.

  • European Photo Festival

    Reggio Emilia's municipality has been organizing the European Photos Festival for some years, gathering many exibitions of artists coming from all over Europe. It starts usually at the end of April with a week in which all exibitions are open untill 11 pm but they go on until Mid June with more regular timetables. Moreover, on the "Notte Bianca" (a...


    Nothing in comparison with bigger cities, but in Italy every town can offer a good selection of churches. To have the Vatican state inside our own border has also a bit of advantages (sorry for the anticlerical comment). The Santuario is the biggest church in all Emilia Romagna region but it's not our cathedral. It is located in Corso Garibaldi,...

  • the first thing to do is...

    to go to the tourist information office, recently set up in the central Via Farini. They will suggest you everything, from the place to stay (there are some bed and breakfast in Reggio but I am not writing tips about it because I've never seen them) to the things to visit and happenings worth to be attended. They give you also some complimentary...

  • Il Mauriziano

    Ludovico Ariosto is, I think, the greatest man from Reggio Emilia. Born in 1474, he was a playwright and the author of an epic poem “Orlando Furioso” that had a big advantage on all the other obligatory readings in school: it was fun to read.His house still exists and is an interesting example of the architecture of its time, surrounded by a nice...

  • The Cathedral

    In the 5th century Reggio was already a bishop’s seat and there are archeological findings proving that there was a church in the 6th century in the place where the present cathedral is situated. The cathedral we see now was built around the year 1000 and was later modified, with enlargements and additions. It is smallish in size and it is very...

  • Teatro Ariosto

    Reggio has a beautiful and famous theatre named "Teatro Valli", but it has also another one, the Teatro Ariosto. It is much smaller, but it is also beautiful.The exterior is in a neoclassical style, and the interior is really cute. It looks like a toy because of its size, but it is very charming.It is used frequently for plays, although the "Valli"...

  • Visit an "acetaia"

    Balsamic Vinegar is a sort of godness' nectar. I mean the Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale, which costs years of patience and work, not regular Aceto Balsamico, which can be found in every supermarket in the world for fews euros. Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale is produced in both provinces of Reggio Emilia and Modena. There are a slight difference, but...

  • Theater Romolo Valli

    Its former name Teatro Municipale was turned to the new name not many years ago. But we still call it with the old names (this is typical perhaps everywhere but here especially. everything is called with former names). It's more or less 150 years old so just few years before Italy's reunion (1860). The style is neoclassical, as you can see but the...

  • Sala del Tricolore

    Such a huge ambience was crated by Ludovico Bolognini with the aim to build an archive space for the Este Family, which reigned Reggio until Italy's unification in 1860.It dates back to 16th century and, on Jan 7, 1797, gave birth to the Italian Flag, the "Tricolore". Now it is the hall where town coucil meets. Except for the meeting days, you can...


Reggio Emilia Hotels

  • Hotel Posta

    Piazza del Monte, 2, Reggio Emilia, 42100, Italy

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

  • Albergo Morandi

    This 3stars hotel, run by a family, has been recently fully refurbished and is in Via Emilia, the...

  • Delle Notarie Reggio Emilia

    Via Palazzolo, 5, Reggio Emilia, 42100, Italy

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

Reggio Emilia Restaurants

  • best pizza in town

    In Reggio you can find a lot of pizzerias called "Piedigrotta". They came all from the same owner, which settled in Reggio from Campania region and opened in Reggio his first pizzeria. After so many years, there were a lot of spin-off so you can find Piedigrotta, Piedigrotta 2, L'Altro Piedigrotta and so on. In my opinion, this is the best...

  • a bad food experience

    This was one of my worst experience of restaurant in my town. A sort of Argentinian style. Unfortunately a friend of mine book there for 10 people but we arrived in 8. The owner complained about that. We asked to lower the air conditioning and he said no; we split the table into two (givin him the opportunity to have a table more) and he complained...

  • the best "tortelli" in Reggio

    Entering Burani Restaurant you get the impression to jump in the past for 15-20 years at least. The ambience is simple and clean but a bit old-fashioned but don't be afraid, the food will not disappoint you at all. You won't find a menu in English (I suppose) but everything you order is hand made accordingly with old receipts of Emilia Romagna, the...

  • Panacea

    Panacea opened in Autumn 2009 but has became popular in short times, thanks to a strategic location in the beautiful Piazza Fontanesi and to the quality of the food. You can choose the ground floor, the cellar and upstairs (I raccomend ground floor); ambience is rather modern and sophisticated but the cuisine is traditional and well prepared....

  • great deli to take away

    The Becco d'oca is basically a deli shop ; there is no manu because you can see what the chef has prepared. Everything is fresh (no frozen food), tasty and relatively light. Since it's on walking distance from the central station, you can decide to have a snack there rather than to the Mc Donald's of the central station.The owner has also a luxury...

  • Nice atmosphere in the city

    The restaurant gives the impression of a French bistro with it vaulted ceilings and large window front. It has a nice, cosy atmosphere, is not too cluttered tablewise and serves a mix of local and revised dishes.As the restaurant is within the area of the city with limited access by car, in summer they have an external area where to sit and dine.


Reggio Emilia Nightlife

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    by PALLINA Written May 25, 2008

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    Since 2003 Reggio Emilia's municipality organizes its Notte Bianca, as bigger cities like Rome alread does. It's normally the last Saturday of May: all museums and exibitions are open until 2 am, in every square of the town there is live music or ballets or cabaret and of course, all bars and restaurants are full of peaple. It's really a great atmosphere. Parking in town is impossible on that night, but there are some huge parking places just outside the old city centre where you can park. From there free shuttles to the old town.

    Dress Code: No dress code but I suggest for women no high heels because it's nice to walk everywhere

    FB Band concert on May 24, 2008 European Photo Exibition open all night (and free)
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Reggio Emilia Shopping

  • Second hand records

    This is one of the few shop selling second hand cd, lp and dvd. You can buy a second hand cd from 5 up to 10 euros (normally it's 21 euros for a new cd in Italy). It is run by a very nice guy who has been a music lover forever. Ask him everything, he will do his bests to satisfy your requests (he speaks English). He also sells concert tickets....

  • Outstanding bookstore

    Not nice to tell, but I find that in Reggio there are not may bookstores. Italians are well-known for not being such a good reader, actually. This bookstore is outstanding not for what they offer but for the very nice location in a very ancient palace. The refurbishing works took a long time but the results are really impressive: a mix between...

  • just on Sat morning

    In piazza Fontanesi, every Saturday morning the "mercato contadino" is held. You can find plenty of farmers offering their products, especially fruit and vegetables but also cheese, homemade jams and wines. The quality is very good and price are reasonable.Every Saturday, 8 am - 1 pm


Reggio Emilia Local Customs

  • Ars Canusina

    The Ars Canusina was launched by a book published in 1935 by Maria Bertolani del Rio, a psychiatrist in Reggio Emilia who had successfully helped retarded young patients by creating for them classes of arts and crafts: embroidery, leather, wrought iron. For inspiration she had looked at the decorations of local churches and other buildings dating...

  • Smoke is forbidden in all restaurants

    Some years ago a new Italian law (Italy is not a federal republic so we do not have regional law) which forbid the smoke in all restaurants and cafes, unless they can offer separeted rooms. In Reggio the 95% of restaurants I guess are now for non-smokers so it is quite common, during a dinner, that half of your mates go out and smoke. If you see a...

  • Italians don’t have the culture for...

    Many Italians don’t have breakfast at all and drink only an espresso. if they do, they don’t take more than 5-10 min. We have caffelatte and biscuits or toasted bread with jams or cakes but do never take any cheese or ham or egg. Just if we are in an hotel with an international buffet, we could eat such stuff but never think to have them at home....


Reggio Emilia Off The Beaten Path

  • Torno Subito: the first photo gallery in...

    If you are fond of photografy like me and you are taking a stroll in Reggio Emilia downtown, it could be pleasant to stop by "Torno subito" (the translation should be "I'll came back soon") which is the first permanent photo gallery of Emilia Romagna region. It's a very small ambience (no more than 20 square meters) but has usually interesting...

  • Not just ruins: la Reggia di Rivalta

    La Reggia di Rivalta is located in Rivalta by Reggio Emilia (just 5 km far); since 2004 it is property of the municipality which has began a enormous restoration work after years of terrible decadence. The Duke Duca Rinaldo I d’Este (from the Este Family) commissioned its construction in 1722 in order to build up a "little Versailles" to the...

  • Beautiful balconies

    As already a VTer has written, Reggio Emilia is full of beautiful balconies especially in the central Via Emilia, founded by Romans and now the most important pedestrian shopping area. But please do not look only at shops...admire the ancient buildings (most of them are private) and their beautiflul balconies. The one of the pic is in Via Emilia,...


Reggio Emilia Sports & Outdoors

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    by Ina08 Updated Sep 27, 2009

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    There are endless possibilities to hike around Reggio Emilia. A short Sunday morning alternative is this:

    Today we went up the Enza Valley to do a 3,5 hour hike. The tour starts in the small hamlet of Scalucchia and is designed as a round trip which touches Spigone, Pineto, Legoreccio and Crovara to return to the point where you started.

    It is of medium difficulty, which essentially means that there are three a bit challenging ascending slopes, which are perfectly feasible, even if you are not trained. The slopes are maximum 200 m in length and pass through the forest and through grasses.

    The whole trail is signed with red-white stripes and if you buy a map look for "Il sentiero dei Ducati" and route number 670. The whole trail is less than 10 km.

    Equipment: Hiking or nordic walking shoes, water, a snack (bars, fruit, hard boiled egg etc), if you want nordic walking sticks.
    Depending on the season a sun hat, sun glasses, a fleece and a water proof jacket can be useful.

    A view of the trail The first sign post just off the road The trail in the forest Spigone The path formely was a mule track
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Reggio Emilia Favorites

  • Ballet

    Ballet schools and ballet companies in Italy are normally connected to the great opera theatres like the Scala in Milan. However there is another place where ballet is at home, and this is Reggio Emilia. It may suprise you that a small city has two ballet companies, and two ballet schools that are both famous.One was created by a private initiative...

  • Shops opening times

    In Reggio there are not many tourists so shops usually close for lunch time. If you want to go shopping on lunch time, you have to go to big supermarket or shopping malls, but they are generally outside the old town (the biggest are L'Ariosto and I Petali, both not far from motorway exit and from the football stadion). Please consider they usually...

  • Reggio Emilia has the best...

    Reggio Emilia is a pleasant town in Norther Italy, in Emilia-Romagna region. It was founded by Romans many years B.C. and has now 150.000 inhabitants. It's world known because of its fantastic "grana" cheese Parmiggiano Reggiano, its delicious traditional balsamic vinegar and because of its wonderful kindergardens. In the early '90s the American...


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