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See all 1035 Bologna Tips
  • Towers - Torri

    Bologna Things to Do

    The two towers, both of them leaning, are the symbol and the emblems of Bologna and they have a names of course. The taller one is called Torre Asinelli while the smaller but more leaning tower is called Torre Garisenda. The names derive from the noble families which are traditionally credited for their construction between 1109 and 1119. There is...

  • Grand Hotel Baglioni

    Bologna Hotels

    Quite expensive but situated right in the centre of the city , very nice hotel ,rooms and bar , and...

  • La Felina

    Bologna Restaurants

    The restaurant is located on the hills of Bologna, quite big and with a variety of tipical disches from the menu. It's a good choise for who wants to organize a great meeting! The design and the decorations of this restaurant are warm and confortable. I ate "tigelle" ! They are like little flatted sandwiches where you can put every kind of sauce...



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  • Mosaics

    Ravenna Things to Do

    “O lone Ravenna! many a tale is told Of thy great glories in the days of old: Two thousand years have passed since thou didst see Caesar ride forth to royal victory.” — from “Ravenna” by Oscar Wilde (1854-1900). This poem won the Newdigate Prize for poetry in 1878 Ravenna has a school that teaches mosaics arts, both their creation and their...

  • Albergo Cappello

    Ravenna Hotels

    The worst thing about Albergo Cappello is that it is difficult to find. There is a discreet bronze...

  • Theater

    Ravenna Nightlife

    If I were to be accurate, I'd have to check off theater, concert, dance, and live music as the appropriate themes for this tip. For more than twenty years, each June and July, Ravenna has hosted a cultural extravaganza -- often siting the concerts, plays, operas or ballets in the mosaic-rich basilicas at its disposal so that tourists get an...



See all 260 Rimini Tips
  • Beach

    Rimini Things to Do

    Rimini has 15 km of beach along the strip and it's used well. In the summer months it's really crowded here, but when I arrived in the beginning of September it was less people, and more space. The beach is divided in different spots, with a number. Most hotels have their own part of the beach, but there are also parts that are for everyone. I...

  • Hotel Card International

    Rimini Hotels

    Double room: definately 4 star standard, 15minutes walk to the beach, 2min train station. Staff...

  • Discos

    Rimini Nightlife

    Me and my friends have been at Bounty in Rimini. It was a special night! We ate a lot italian food and drank delicious cocktails. After dinner we were there because the Dj started playing beautiful music and the people started to dance.....was so funny! Outside the Bounty there was live music. I recommend you go there because it's a place to see!...



See all 221 Modena Tips
  • hop on and off bus

    Modena Transportation

    This is a new service that takes you around Modena, it goes in the city and in the cities nearby, you can buy a voucher for the all itinerary or just for the single trip you intend to do. One of the most important stop is the galleria Ferrari at Maranello though I did not particulary liked it, I reccomend the Sassuolo castle as it's really...

  • Hotel Real Fini Via Emilia

    Modena Hotels

    I strongly do NOT recommend this hotel which we stayed in for one night. We are a afamily of 4 with...

  • Food and Beverage

    Modena Shopping

    Typical products are balsamic Vinegar, Parmesan, mostarda.The vinegar you normally buy in the shops is made by wine winegar and must, the traditional Modena balsamic vinegar is made only by must and it is really too expensive in my opinion. You can pay a 100 ml bottle12 months old 40€ and a 25 months old 70€ so, if you need it just for your...



See all 254 Parma Tips
  • Lack of luggage lockers at the station

    Parma Warnings and Dangers

    The railway station is being totally rebuilt and the works are supposed to go on for years, so in the meantime there is a provisional station that lacks a left-luggage service.The tourist information office (IAT) is willing to help, by keeping visitors' luggage in their premises. They do not charge any fee, but they will ask you to leave an ID...

  • Hotel Stendhal

    Parma Hotels

    A great stay, very comfortable, excellent service and very professional personnel. Situated near...

  • The Palace in the Park

    Parma Things to Do

    This palace, inside the Parco Ducale, is the Palazzo Ducale. It is where the Dukes lived, whereas the Palazzo Pilotta was used for functions and was the home of dignitaries.This small palace was built in the XVI century, but it was completely changed two centuries later.It is currently, and it has been for several years, the premises of the RIS...



See all 328 Ferrara Tips
  • Delicios local food

    Ferrara Restaurants

    This is my favorite restaurant in Ferrrara, I come back every time I am in town.It is centrally located and easy to find. It is nicely decorated with antique and with delicious hanging salumi.It is well known among the local so if you go during the weekend it is better to book in advance as it tend to get full. Cold cuts are great in this area and...

  • Hotel Annunziata Ferrara

    Ferrara Hotels

    Small, elegant and across the piazza from the Castello Estense, the Albergo Annunziata is the...

  • Depth Of Floods Shown

    Ferrara Things to Do

    At the side of Piazza Savonarola is a marble monument which shows the various depths of floods during the past centuries. The city has been covered with watered numerous times and it is amazing how deep the water was.The dates of the floods are recorded on the monument.



See all 25 Maranello Tips
  • Gnocco fritto & Tigelle

    Maranello Restaurants

    After the visit of Maranello museum we finally went to have lunch and I finally had the chance to taste the local gnocco fritto and tigelle. Tigellas(photo 1) are small discs consisting of clay taken from underground, which was then mixed with refractory earth and water to make the disc.Gnocco fritto, literally fried gnocco(photo 2) is made of...

  • Locanda del Mulino

    Maranello Hotels

    Via Nuova Estense 3430, Maranello, 41053, Italy

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

  • Ferrari museum

    Maranello Things to Do

    This museum welcomes more than 200.000 visitors from all over the world every year, as I said in my introduction, many many many more than Modena's dome.The museum is structured in separated theme areas to satisfy the curiosity of the fan of the new model and the expert of the historical ones.


Reggio Emilia

See all 65 Reggio Emilia Tips
  • Hiking Monte Orsaro - Prati di Sara

    Reggio Emilia Things to Do

    When it is really hot in the plains around Reggio Emilia people either escape to the beach or to the mountains. An excursion to Monte Orsaro can provide respite from the heat, a great weekend sleeping over in one of the huts, a great 4 hour return hike up to the Prati di Sara with a view on the Cusna (one of the highest mountains in this area) and...

  • Hotel Posta

    Reggio Emilia Hotels

    Piazza del Monte, 2, Reggio Emilia, 42100, Italy

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

  • Short walk on the hills

    Reggio Emilia Things to Do

    If you want to do a short walk on the hills close to the city the circular tour from Puianello to Monte Cavolo is off the road and quite scenic. The whole walk is about 2,5 hours and if you time the trip you can stop at Monte Baducco for lunch and to admire one of the biggest, if not the biggest donkey farm in Italy. See tip...



See all 19 Piacenza Tips
  • Forget first impressions

    Piacenza Restaurants

    The food here is in-cre-di-ble. The staff is higly qulified in the kitchen and serving the tables: they were the staff of a very old restaurant in the very heart of Piacenza (l´Agnello) that has closed because of retirement of its owner. When you sit, you will notice a jar with smashed grease and bacon chunks in it and green spices: it´s the...

  • Hotel Ovest

    Piacenza Hotels

    Via 1 Maggio, 82, Piacenza, Emilia-Romagna, 29100, Italy

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

  • The remains of ancient Rome

    Piacenza Off The Beaten Path

    In the province of Piacenza, in a beautiful landscape of low hills, it is possible to visit the remains of the Roman town of Veleia. It was discovered in 1747, many centuries after the town had been abandoned and forgotten.There are documents about the existence of this Roman town, but nothing about why it was abandoned. In this area landslides are...



See all 15 Forlì Tips
  • Forli Airport

    Forlì Transportation

    It works as Bologna's secondary airport. Discount companies like Ryanair fly to and from.Forlì airport is only 6 km away from motorway A14. It is quickly and easily connected with Rimini, Bologna, Milan and Rome thanks to motorways A14 - A1 - E45.The town's bus service, every 20 minutes, connects the airport to town and railway station, which is...

  • Relais Varnello

    Forlì Hotels

    Via Rontana 39

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

  • Palazzo Paulucci Piazza

    Forlì Things to Do

    Inspired by the Lateran Palace in Rome, this palace was built in the late 17th century on order of Monsignor Camillo dei Conti Piazza. It was never completed and in 1890, it was bought by the city and turned into a school. When the fascists took over the power, it became a court building and since the end of WWII, it is used as seat of the...


Marina di Ravenna

  • from dawn to sunset

    Marina di Ravenna Things to Do

    Marina di Ravenna is the perfect place to spend vacation with friends. Many things to do during the day and the night. DayMarinara: is the new port, there are many luxury boats, many outlets for shopping and many bars and restaurant.Park: there is a big park close to the beach, very nice to have a walk there.Shopping: Marinara, viale delle Nazioni...

  • Hotel Riviera

    Marina di Ravenna Hotels

    Via Riva Verde 63, Marina di Ravenna, 48100, Italy

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

  • Pesce al 'cartoccio'

    Marina di Ravenna Restaurants

    On the channel of the port there are some restaurants that offer the service takeaway: we call them restaurants 'al cartoccio', it'is like a self-service, you wait your number as at the supermarket, you order dishes you want, after a few minutes they are delivered hot ... you can eat at home, but there are also tables available for eating them...



See all 11 Riccione Tips
  • Around the Marina

    Riccione Nightlife

    The Marina by day is a pleasant place to visit, as it is always nice to see the boats.The area is a centre of night time activity as there are a number of hotels and bars in the area.

  • Grand Hotel Des Bains

    Riccione Hotels

    Luxury 5 star hotel in Riccione Italy. The Grand Hotel Des Bains Riccione is close to Viale...

  • Lo sfizioso

    Riccione Restaurants

    I love it !Friendly atmosphere, I have only been there once but I have eaten food from all menu and more, the reason why I have not been there in person is that my dad used to ride his bike to Lo sfizioso and get food for all the family..I think the best dishes are the fish one, such as Zuppa di pesce (fish soup), gamberi saltati con rucola (fesh...


Milano Marittima

  • How to reach Milano Marittima

    Milano Marittima Transportation

    The easiest way to go to Milano Marittima is most probably to book a full trip with a travel agent. At least for Germany I know that almost each of the typical operators has Milano Marittima in the list of locations. Airports:If you want to travel independently, it is best by plane:The nearest airport is Rimini Federico Fellini (airport code RMI),...

  • Hotel Majestic

    Milano Marittima Hotels

    Traversa 23, Milano Marittima, 48016, Italy

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

  • Cesenatico – beautiful old ships in the...

    Milano Marittima Things to Do

    Cesenatico’s old port was a very much oh wow effect when I drove by. I didn’t intend to stop here, as I was on my way south to Le Marche. But then I saw these ships sitting there, very much colourful sails and even more so as it was a beautiful sunny day. Next to it was a parking spot, so I got out to see what these ships were all about. I was...



See all 11 Cattolica Tips
  • The beaches.

    Cattolica Local Customs

    As you know Cattlica is a long the coast with many other places of smaller Italian citieis like Rimini and Riccione. When you travel here you will discover the long and beautiful beaches of Cattolica. Here you can swim and rest with your friends and family. All is about the salt water and the sandy beaches, so long it is not raining which we hope...

  • Hotel Venezia

    Cattolica Hotels

    I enjoyed my stay at hotel Venezia, a simple but pleasent hotel, although the owner was a bit grump...

  • Truly romagna trattoria

    Cattolica Restaurants

    this is the typical old truly romagna trattoria, located in the old Cattolica, in a beautifull and peacefull littel square.Here you can fell like at home, like in a romagna house with the old grand ma in the kitchen, the grand pa taht take order and the sons that are the weiters.....takeing you traditional romagna dishes.In the summer you can have...


Sant'Agata Bolognese

  • sue_stone's Profile Photo
    Lamborghini Museum & Factory 4 more images

    by sue_stone Updated Apr 4, 2011

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Located in Sant'Agata Bolognese, 35 km from Bologna, is the Lamborghini Factory & Museum. We headed there one afternoon to have a drool over the delicious cars.

    We were told we had to make an appointment in advance to visit the museum, so I rang a couple of weeks prior to our visit to book a time. However, when we arrived we were able to just wander around and no one questioned us or asked for our name.

    The museum is basically filled with Lamborghinis. It is set over two levels, and there is a fabulous range of old and new cars, along with several formula 1 cars. I really loved the old red 350GT with a square rear-end, and the bright green Countach.

    From the 2nd level of the museum you could peek into the adjoining factory. It was really interesting actually being able to see the Lamborghini assembly line, albeit from a distance.

    Museum Hours: Mon-Fri 9am - 12noon & 2pm - 5pm
    Entrance is free of charge.

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