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Aviano Things to Do

  • Live Music, Organic Pizza, Horses and...

    Agriturismo al Ranch has a Western saloon, organic pizza, live music on the weekends, horseback riding lessons for children and more! Check out their facebook page for more info and schedule. Most fun I have had in my time here in Aviano! Owners speak English, very friendly atmosphere. I have seen Blues Bands, Italian folkloric music and dance and...

  • USO Rome

    Now if you just happen to be in my most favorite city in the entire world and you are military affiliated, you HAVE to stop by the USO and take a trip. You can check your email, get some water or cafe, and just plain relax and rest from all of that walking you'll do.They had an outstanding tour of the Vatican and the Roman Forum and Coliseum and I...

  • Hand made Ceramics

    Nove is in the Vicenza area. There are so many ceramic shops in this area. You can find the Lenox factory here and get deals you'll never see in Macy's. I got the Butler's Pantry print complete set of 16 for $32!!! I almost passed out when I went to Macy's to replace a coffee cup and saw they wanted $32 for the coffee cup. If I'd have known then...

  • ITT Office (Military affiliated only)

    The ITT office has some outstanding trips. They do the driving, you get a great English speaking guide and they really are worth what you pay for them. I went to Paris for New Years and Florence (Firenze) It was well worth the trip.

  • Restaurants & Winery

    There are so many places to eat right along Via Pordenone--Tussi, Aviano Inn, Mario, the Spagetti House, the Mensa in Area 2 (if you can get on the base). There's two places right outside of the Roveredo gate of the flightline. One has GREAT barbeque (cant remember the name-La Forcate I think) and the other is the first restaurant you come to right...

  • aviano is not all boring

    okay when my children and i got here we met my husband at the terminal on base and then went to the house. about 10 min later we headed to the mountains its called pianca palo{not sure of {spelling} you can ski there play in the snow if you can bare it eat lunch there bc they have picnic tables.also its nice for a romantic walk as long as youre...


Aviano Hotels

  • Golf & Wine Villa Policreti

    Via Iv Novembre, 13, 33081 - Castel D'Aviano (Pn),

    Satisfaction: Poor

    Good for: Solo

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

Aviano Restaurants

  • Just like home!

    Now, you wanna talk about a place feeling like family and home! I used to come here so much, I got food on credit! LOL. I would always forget they dont take credit card and they would let me pay the next time I came. Can you believe that?? Talk about the trust factor and loyalty of the Italian people. Tanti bacioni a mi famiglia italiana! I used to...

  • The Best Pizza

    The best pizzeria Ive been to in Italy. Its also a bar hangout. Not too rowdy at all and the chef was very nice in trying to speak English with me as I spoke Italian to him. Great ambiance. Nobody looked at me like I was freak because I was American. They were ALWAYS hospitiable. I even met a few cute Italian guys in there waiting for my pizza....

  • Stella

    Raisin Doré was the spumante that I fell in love with. And then they stopped carrying it. This is my FAVORITE restaurant in the area. Very eloquent family owned trattoria. Sit next to the fireplace during the winter. We had an American girls night out there one night with me and 6 other friends of mine and they LOVED us. I became such a "regular",...

  • Giorgio is the BEST!!!

    I was blessed with great food, wonderful environment for dining and a host team wrought with smiles, salutations and salutes. Giorgio and his team were incredible. His "special" lasagne was just as the first opinion reads. We then were privledged to a fruit pizza and the lemonchello! I can't wait to get back there and visit with the friendliest...

  • Best Chinese Food in Aviano

    Worth looking for! Tucked back in the winding roads of Aviano square, Yufen's is a diamond in the rough. Inside this quaint restaurant you'll find all of your favorite Chinese dishes and local Italian wines at a very reasonable price. One of the only restaurants I know of that takes exception to the normal Italian 'siesta' time. Their staff...

  • Just sit down and enjoy!

    Brasilian RestaurantSit down and enjoy an all you can eat salad bar and array of meats from the rotiserie. The staff will come thru the restaurant and offer you a variety of meats served to you right at the table. Chicken, Beef, Lamb, Sausage, Pork, and more. Don't miss the rotiserie Pineapple for dessert, you must ask for it! The above describes...


Aviano Nightlife

  • Aviano Nightlife

    The best thing I can tell you is find the Americans to tell you where the spots are. When I was there, it used to be Manhattans in the winter and Diamontik around Roveredo in the summer. Papillion in Roveredo, Havana in Treviso on Sunday for R&B (black music they call it) Palmariva in Portoguaro, Odessea a little past Conegliano, Miró in Lignano,...

  • bars and clubs

    Mostly a bar with a lot of people getting drunk. not a quiet place to just have a drink and talk but have a very friendly staff you can where just about anything there. as long as certain body parts are covered.

  • Aviano Hotels

    1 Hotels in Aviano

Aviano Transportation

  • Rental Car

    Regardless of what they say, you need a vehicle. Even getting around the local area. Rental car is where you wanna go. They accommodate EVERY budget and purpose. From $15 a day up. If you want to stay local, get a local type vehicle. If you want to get to Venezia, Padova, Vicenza, Trieste, Bibione, Lignano-beaches, rent a better quality car.If you...

  • Easy Jet

    Easy Jet is our choice of travel. Tickets can be cheaper than train tickets, and are about the same price as Ryan Air, depending on where you're going. The advantage of flying with Easy Jet is that you fly out of Venice Marco Polo Airport (Ryan Air flies out of a smaller trashy airport). You can get tickets from the base on a bus that takes you...

  • RyanAir

    If you are traveling around Europe, there are 2 main airlines, one being Ryan Air. The flights leave out of Treviso (a little more than an hour south of Aviano), and they fly to Brussels, Barcelona, Frankfurt, and 2 airports in London. From London, you can go to dozens of other cities in Europe for really cheap. A one-way ticket can be as cheap as...


Aviano Shopping

See all 2 Shopping in Aviano
  • Markets

    I miss the markets of Italy. This was an experience. Its just like a flea market in the states but they have them in every little town everyday. I used to get some of my cutest clothes at markets as opposed to the malls and stores. Now granted you may have to try your clothes on in the back of a van with a sheet separating you and the other person,...

  • Household items and Decor

    This is one of the best places to buy decor for your house. They also have appliances, dishes, vases, toys, patio furnature, and a LOT of accessories. The prices are quite reasonable compared to similar stores.

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Aviano Local Customs

  • Store Lines Dont Exist

    If you are trying to stand in line and a bunch of people seem to gather around and then cut in front of you, well, they are. Single file lines dont exist in grocery stores, markets, etc in Italy. I used to get ticked off at the Coop, La Standa, Scarpe Scarpe, and Mercatone Uno when everybody would cut in front of me. I eventually learned to treat...

  • Love the Kids!

    Do not be alarmed if you have small children and an Italian woman starts playing with, holding, talking to, and just loving on your child like she's known them all of her life. Italians LOVVVVVVEEE children. Their family lifestyle and culture is different than ours in America and they DO get attached to children of all races and ages. They will not...

  • Can you survive not speaking Italian?

    If you are reading this Aviano page, you are most likely getting stationed there because as I stated, this is not a tourist area. In that case, you need to learn Italian and FAST!! I suggest you buy Instant Immersion, Rosetta Stone, etc BEFORE you get there and take as many levels as you can with you. Otherwise, if you are just a tourist going back...


Aviano Warnings and Dangers

  • Train Stations

    Please keep your wits about you like you would in the US or whatever country you are from. Especially on the metros. Don't put your wallets in your back pocket for sure. I would recommend you be paranoid when you get on the trains because the thieves are professionals. Stay focused, if you are traveling with a map, check your map before you get on...

  • Gypsies (Vagabondi)

    Its understood by Italian law that if you walk in or wake up to a gypsy in your home stealing, you have to let them do it. If you attack them, YOU go to jail. Believe it! They didnt used to be physical and would only steal jewerly, euro, and small things they can fit in their pockets, but they did believe in gassing you while you slept. Now with...

  • Gas Prices on the Rise!

    Gas prices have risen more than a dollar in the past 6 months for us! If you are getting stationed here, rethink bringing an SUV. Most people live between 15-45 minutes from base, and with multiple trips daily (bringing kids to school, trips to the commissary, etc) even our smaller cars are gas-guzzlers. We are now paying $2.67 for a gallon of gas....


Aviano Tourist Traps

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    Carabinieri Lollipops

    by BellaMora Written Apr 25, 2007

    Its not a tourist area so there are no traps. Just make sure you stop when you see the carabinieri (Italian police )waving that lollipop in the street. They do carry M16 and they will shoot at you if you dont stop.
    They are always on the main street of Aviano--via pordenone that runs in front of the flightline base and Scarpe Scarpe. So slow down in that area.

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Aviano Off The Beaten Path

  • Buy aceto "la Bonissima"

    This is a small family owned buthcher shop with a fantastic twist of the new generation or art food. You can find here dried meat products but also ready to go fres meats and prepared rolls for the grill. The owner that runs the shop is an outgoing friendly person ready to help out and speaks English. Since I am a balsamico afficionado, I had to...

  • Plenty to Eat and SOOOOO good!

    Bufalo Branco --- Brasilian RestaurantVillaNova di Prata about 15-20 minutes from Aviano!Just sit down enjoy and watch the food keep coming. If you don't say you are finished, just keep eating and they will keep bringing!

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Aviano Favorites

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    Pet Passports

    by CindyInItaly Written Dec 3, 2004

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: If you are planning on traveling within the EU with your pet (cat or dog) you must obtain a pet passport. If being stationed in the EU (PSCing in or out) you do not need one. You will only need to obtain your certificate of health and a copy of certification of being microchipped. If you plan on doing ANY traveling from one country to another in the EU, you must get a pet passport.

    Fondest memory: http://europa.eu.int/comm/food/animal/liveanimals/pets/qanda_en.htm

    Pet Passport
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