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  • Duomo on Piazza Grande
    Duomo on Piazza Grande
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  • Palmanova
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  • Palmanova - Italy
    Palmanova - Italy
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Palmanova Things to Do

  • Palmanova

    From the Villa Manin we are back again to Palmanova, where we take a short walk through the center itself. To bind to this place with memories of buying wedding rings. Ah, he's long gone! Palmanova is the pearl of military architecture from the Habsburg monarchy. It is built in the shape of eight-pointed stars, much like the city of Karlovac in...

  • The cathedral

    Facing the hexagonal large central square, the Cathedral was begun in the beginning of the 17th century and finished in the middle of it. It is a wide space, without any columns, which means that it is easy to see at a single glance the three chapels of the choir, the four side altars, the organ with the chancel and the suspended pulpit.

  • The walls

    In 1500, preventing Saracen raids, the Venetians sent Leonardo da Vinci to Friuli to study the defence system on the river Isonzo and at Gradisca.The fortified town of Palmanova, built in 1593, is one of the more important and better preserved examples of late Renaissance military architecture.Since then Palma was ruled by the Venetian until being...

  • The city plan

    It's very original and simple, the conception of the city - a large hexagonal square, with six streets starting from it, three of them to the city's doors the other three to the ramparts, connected with concentric streets forming successive haxagons. It's impossible to beat Google Earth, in a photo revealing this structure, but... we have Google...

  • The Little Things Matter

    Venice owned a large part of Italy and Greece. Their power reigned over the land and to show its power they chose the lion. All over northern Italy you will see statues of lions. Lions sitting, lions guarding important doorways, and even lions in churches. So when you see a lion..... you know why.

  • Other Useful Information on Palmanova

    Tourist Office, Borgo Udine, 4, telephone 039 0432 924815Municipal History Museum Borgo Udine 4 telephone 039 0432 929106Military History Museum Porta Cividale telephone 039 0432 928175Palmanova was an important city during WWI as the Italian Army needed a hospital that would be near the front, and there was also buildings housing the munitions....

  • Guided Tour of Fortress

    You can have a guided tour of Palmanova every Saturday from June 9 to September 8 (2012)Departing at 930 from the Tourist Office, found just off the Piazza.There is being offfered free wine tasting at the end of the tour.

  • Gates of Palmanova

    There are 4 old gates in which one can enter Palmanova. The more southern gates seem to have more items of museum interest. Pictured here is the Udine Gate. It was built in 1605. The wall was reinforced under the command of Bonaparte to give more protection from artillery placed outside.

  • Main Cathedral

    On the north side of the Grand Piazza is a wonderful cathedral, the inside being interesting with paintings and the usual hand crafted work from the past. Inside can be found a Saint, preserved in a glass casket, and paintings on the ceiling over the altar. Their are more modern stained glass windows using special glass from Venice, and this is...

  • Piazza Grande

    The impressive Piazza Grande stands in the middle of the six stars shaped fortress of enourmous proportions. It is one of the biggest squares in whole Italy and certainly one of the most beautiful.Unfortunatelly, the city of Palmanova is less known destination and one of the most underrated. Do not miss to visit it if traveling by car in direction...

  • Columns

    There are pair of interesting columns, standing right in front of Palazzo del Provveditore Generale. Unfortunately, I couldn't find out to whom they are dedicated. Perhaps some local member from this region can help me about.

  • Moats and curtains

    The fortification sector is a real open-air museum with Venetian and Frencj fortified structures. Palmanova was built to be a war machine and its creation is designed along military lines and needes.The bastione or baluardo (bastion or bulwark) is one of the most typical elements of Palmanova. It is an arrow-point-shaped rampart and on its corners...

  • Aqueduct

    Outside Porta Udine there is a curious construction (remaind on ancient aquaeducts from Roman period) made of Istrian white stone. It is the Aqueduct which took the water for civil use into the city. Water for military use was flowing in the fortress surrounding moat.

  • Statuetes to Provveditori

    Six radial roads tend to Piazza Grande; three borghi and three contrade. On each of the corners there are pair of statuetes representating the Provveditori Generali, the Venetian governors who ruled the place over the past centuries.

  • Duomo Dogale

    Cathedral of the Doge has long and interesting history. A lot of years went by from the decision of its building, in 1594, to the laying of its foundation stone. Its facade was built in 1615, in 1635 it was roofed but only in 1777 officially consacrated.The richly decorated facade in Baroque style is characterized by two sequences of columns in...

  • Loggia della Gran Guardia

    Loggia della Gran Guardia was the seat of the fort's troops who had to defend Provveditore Generale, the Venetian Governor of the place. Adjoining to the Loggia is the Palazzo del Provveditore Generale, housing today the Town Hall. It was built in 1596 and enlarged in 1611.

  • Palazzo del Governatore delle Armi

    Right behind the statues of the Provveditori, there is the Palazzo del Governatore delle Armi. The palace, built in 1613, was the seat of the Venetian Governor who, till that moment, stayed outside the fortress.Today this palace houses head office of the Historical Military Musem.

  • Palazzo del Monte di Pieta

    Palazzo del Monte di Pieta occupies western side of Piazza Grande, right opposite to the Cathedral. You can't miss coming out from Porta Aquileia.It was erected in 1666 in order to help the lower classes after the banishment from the fortress of some Jews useres. On its exterior angle, facing piazza, is located the marmor statue of Pieta.


Palmanova Hotels

  • Hotel Ai Dogi

    Piazza Grande, 11, Palmanova, 33057, Italy

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

Palmanova Restaurants

  • painterdave's Profile Photo

    Al Gambero Pizzeria Trattoria: Best Pizza In Italy!

    by painterdave Written Jul 23, 2012

    Having researched trattorias in Palmanova we decided on Al Gambero mostly because it was highly rated in another site, and because the prices were to be less expensive.
    Just looking at the outside gives one a happy feeling, and when you venture inside, you find a large, but cozy trattoria. Cozy because there are many smaller rooms with a color and decor that is pleasant. They have a large menu, fish items, salads and appetizers from the foods of the area, but I chose a pizza.
    I have lived in Italy for going on 4 years now, and I have to admit that this pizza was by far the best I have ever eaten. Everyone at the table, there were 7 of us, agreed with me. I am the only non Italian...
    I did see a wonderful dish of spaghetti with mussels and prawns. See photos of all
    The service was fast, the trattoria was super clean and the bathrooms were the same. I went into the cooking area and it was immaculate and efficient looking. The owner and his wife work the main area and are more than friendly.
    I believe the if you are in Palmanova, you would not go wrong choosing Al Gambero.

    Favorite Dish: I had the Diavola, which is a pizza with salami piccanti.. hot salami from the south.
    Prices were reasonable.

    Take a look at this page, to see the happy owner and some of their specialties are listed at the bottom of the page. This guy is the real deal, really happy and glad to see his customers are pleased with their meal.

    My Choice For Best Pizza Seafood Pasta Other Dishes That Went By My Table Part Of The Menu (listed outside) Hours
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Palmanova Transportation

  • croisbeauty's Profile Photo


    by croisbeauty Written Apr 11, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Palmanova is situated very close to the A4 highway, 10-15km far from Udine. The most easiest and comfortable way to get it is by car. In case you are traveling around Italy by public transportation, I suppose the best is to take the local bus from nearby Udine.

    Local bus
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Palmanova Shopping

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    Palmanova Outlet Village: Of course!

    by solopes Updated Jan 7, 2014

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    With the strong advertising in Lignano Sabbiadoro, and in all the ways around it...
    With the need to pass there to visit Udine...

    Could I ever escape this mall? Impossible!

    We went there, and felt like in Portugal since in Carregado, near Lisbon, there's an outlet named Campera that seems made by the same architect. Or, maybe, the outlets start seeming all alike to me!
    Fortunately we didn't waste much time there - Fernanda is not too interested in outlets, the visit was only a kind of obligation - and, after a fast sausage in a fast restaurant, and a fast general look of the shops' entrance (90 they say!), we had a fast retreat.

    My revenge - The visit of the city. I won, this time!

    Palmanova Outlet
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Palmanova Favorites

  • Municipio

    Palazzo del Provveditore Generale, the Governor Palace, was comissioned in 1598 by the governor Marc'Antonio Memmo, as writen on the arch above the portal. The palace was built to be home of the governor and his family, but also served as the office from where he governed the place. It was constantly enlarged by edding new wings and storeys.Since...

  • Porta Aquileia

    Porta Aquileia, also known as Marittima, is one of the three accesses of the town. The gates are all attributed to the famous Venetian architect Vincenzo Scamozzi, and were the only visible external constructions outside the fortress. It was the first gate, built in 1598, several years before the other two.

  • Porta Cividale

    Porta Cividale was built at the same time as Porta Udine, from 1604 - 1605, also by Vincenzo Scamozzi.Outside the gate you can see the huge moats and well preserved remainings of the second row of defending walls. It is the side from which the first attacks of Turks and Habsburgs' could be expected.


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