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  • Delfino Verde boat in Trieste
    Delfino Verde boat in Trieste
  • Opicina tram: Tram 406 at Trieste terminus
    Opicina tram: Tram 406 at Trieste...
  • Delfino Verde boat arriving in Trieste
    Delfino Verde boat arriving in Trieste

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  • alectrevor's Profile Photo

    Trieste is out on a limb.

    by alectrevor Updated Oct 10, 2010

    If you look at a map, Trieste is on extreme corner of Italy. There is a good train service into Italy, but not elsewhere. Trains to Ljubjana go by a roundabout route. To get to Koper by train, one a day several hours in time By bus to Koper one hourTrain to Pula one a day several hours journey Bus to Pula 3 a day , 3 hour journeyTrain information can be got on Bus information on On the website of Man in Seat 61 he explains a way round Trieste to Ljubjana, by the Trieste historic tram to Opcina,then taxi to Sezana, then regular trains to Ljubjana.

    Station to left,

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  • sourbugger's Profile Photo

    tis a long way

    by sourbugger Written Nov 12, 2009

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Considering the importance of Trieste as a transport crossroad in the 19th century, it is a kind of shame that historical circumstance means that Trieste is now somewhat out on a limb.

    Most trains that get to Trieste from the Italian side are localis trains from Venice Mestre (about 2 hours), although there are a number of trains that come from deeper inside Italy. One interesting train makes an overnight journey all the way from Lecce on the southern 'heal' of italy (and Vice versa) taking some 13 hours.

    The approach into Trieste makes the rather sluggish journey times worthwhile. Clinging to the cliff-face along the last few miles into town the railway is the only way to enter the city.

    Travel into Slovenia and beyond is still not really reliable, by train, but many coach routes run from the coach station.

    The airport is at Mountfalcone, and is simply connected to Trieste with a reasonably priced service bus (or get a local bus to the train station and rail it it in). Flights are a little sparce, but Ryanair has a selection of routes that maybe of use.


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  • ciaobellamici's Profile Photo

    The Tram

    by ciaobellamici Written Oct 2, 2009

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This was so fun! We would walk through the center of town, past the Grand Canal to the Tram. It made stops in the square every 1/2 hour and was popular with locals, who used it to travel up the hill to Opacina.
    Outwardly, it resembles a trolley car. At one point, the Tram would stop and connect to an engine which would push it up the steep grade.
    I would leave my daughter at the top to work at school and I would enjoy the ride back to Trieste.

    Picturesque and Relaxing

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  • Mikebond's Profile Photo

    Reaching or leaving Trieste by bus

    by Mikebond Written Sep 3, 2009

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The central bus station is located very close to the railway station. There, you can take a bus to many destinations in Central and Eastern Europe (Slovenija, Hrvatska-Croatia, Srbija-Serbia, Romania and Balgarija). However, the main reason why you may want to take a bus is to go to Slovenia: sadly, there are no daily trains connecting Trieste to Ljubljana, and the night train arrives in Ljubljana at 1.30 am. So, you have two choices:
    1) taking a bus to Ljubljana, but beware that there are only two of them, one leaving at 2 pm and the other at 7.20 pm. The travel time is about 1 hour 40 minutes;
    2) taking a bus to Koper/Capodistria (they are far more frequent) and from there a train to Ljubljana.
    For all the timetables of bus lines to and from Trieste, check the website below.

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  • Ekaterinburg's Profile Photo

    Economocal, convenient option : Come by Bus

    by Ekaterinburg Updated Mar 23, 2008

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I came to Trieste by bus from Rovinj in Croatia. The Brioni Pula Bus left the station at 7.40 and we were in Trieste before 10. This is a direct service, stopping only twice to pick up passengers en route. This bus had come from Pula and there are good connections between all the coastal towns on the Istrian Peninsula and Trieste. Another bus leaves Rovinj every morning at 5.40 a.m. and as with all the bus stations in Istria, the timetable is posted clearly on the outside of the building. The bus was extremely comfortable and sitting right at the front I had an unimpeded panoramic view of the countrysde for the entire journey.

    An interesting point about this journey is that you will pass three international borders: Croatia, Slovenia and Italy. Unfortunately, the bus thunders through Slovenia at the speed of light and it's not possible to disembark there.

    A word of warning. The bus station in Trieste is very convenient to the centre of town, in Piazza dela Liberta. A five minute walk brings you to the Canal Grande and as it's is a straight line along the seafront you don't even have to consult a map or ask directions. However, the bus and train stations are all bunched together around three buildings. Because I was chatting to an American I'd met on the bus I walked away without checking where exactly the bus had stopped. Returning in the evening I found myself in the train station in a state of some confusion. The bus terminal is the third building in the group and the buses leave from inside. If I hadn't allowed myself plenty of time I would have missed the bus, so make sure to note the exact location carefully. To add to the confusion, the railway station is lined with buses on the forecourt.

    This is NOT the bus station Morning sky en route to Trieste Driving through Slovenia en route to Trieste
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  • Mikebond's Profile Photo

    A poor majestic railway station

    by Mikebond Updated Feb 2, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Trieste is a very important city in a strategic position for Italy and Europe, especially nowadays, and its importance is to increase in the near future with the adhesion of the Balkan states to the European Union.
    However, few trains go to the Trieste Centrale station at present: only regional trains to Venezia, Udine and Tarvisio (at the border with Österreich), one Eurostar train to Milano and one to Roma, one Intercity train to Torino, an Intercity and a Intercitynight train to Napoli and one Intercitynight train to Lecce. Sadly, none of the two trains to Slovenija and the Balkans left stops at Trieste Centrale.
    After two years of restyling, the renewed station was inaugurated on 28th March 2007.

    Trieste Centrale railway station
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  • Opicina Funicular Railway

    by murrayjb Written May 28, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I strongly recommend this tram which starts from Piazza Oberdan, costs €1 each way and climbs to Opicina, high above Trieste, in maybe twenty minutes.

    THE TIP is to disembark at the LAST STOP BEFORE the terminus. This has access to a couple of viewing terraces, with stunning panoramas of the city, the bay and northern Adriatic.

    Secondly, a leaflet has been prepared "Walking around Joyce's Trieste" (Passeggiando nella Trieste di Joyce) for those interested in James Joyce. Available at tourist office.

    Jim Murray, Dublin Ireland

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  • Bus to Villa Opicina on Sunday?

    by orlandotraveller Written Apr 22, 2006

    I am considering taking a train from Villa Opicina to Ljubljana on a Sunday. I have heard that the tram is not operating this year. Is there other public transportation on Sundays from Trieste to Villa Opicina? If not, what would a taxi cost?
    The alternative is taking a train to Monfalcone and then another train from Monfalcone to Ljubljana.
    Can anyone answer my question?

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  • Jmill42's Profile Photo

    Aeroporto Friuli Venezia Giulia

    by Jmill42 Updated Feb 9, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The Trieste Airport is about a 30 minute drive outside of Trieste. Quite a distance, but that is because it is serving other surrounding cities aswell. It is a small one level airport with not much other than a few shops before the passport checks. It has a good wine shop for local vintages and grappa, as well as a nice cafe. Unless you have someone to pick you up, you will have to hire a taxi or bus into the city.

    Coming from the Fruili airport, you can take a bus for 2.85 Euro into Trieste, taking roughly an hour with its stops.

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  • Jmill42's Profile Photo

    Trieste Station

    by Jmill42 Written Feb 9, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The train station lies in the center of the city along the shore front. From there it is easy to get about the city via taxi or by simply walking into "downtown". The station itself is not very big, but is relatively nice and has a nice restaurant and the newspaper stands that you would expect. The toilets are of the hole-in-the-ground variety, so beware!

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  • rexvaughan's Profile Photo

    Sometimes the bus is faster than the train

    by rexvaughan Written Oct 30, 2005

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We discovered that going to Ljubljana, and I am sure traveling the reverse, the trip is much faster by bus than by train. For some reason there are no direct trains between these two cities and the ones that do run travel a circuitous route with several stops and a change or two. The bus does the trip in about half the time. It still makes a lot of stops but is a nice comfortable coach. On our journey from Trieste to Ljubljana it made one stop of about 20 minutes at a cafe stop where the driver ate lunch. I suppose you could do the same although we bought sandwiches, etc before we left and ate on the bus.

    Trieste train station - the bus station is next do

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  • rexvaughan's Profile Photo

    No Metro but good bus system

    by rexvaughan Updated Oct 26, 2005

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I was a bit surprised that there is no metro in Trieste and think this may be due to the hilly terrain of the city. However there is an excellent bus system and we found our way around in pretty good fashion. A map with the routes is essential as is the schedule. I did not find a map just of the bus system, but the routes were indicated on my map of the city. The Monday newspaper 'Il Piccolo' has a complete listing of the bus schedules. You can purchase tickets for all day for about EUR 3 and this allows you to unlimited bus rides. With the daily ticket you must validate it on the bus but only the first time you use it. We found the system really convenient and easy to use.

    Piazza Oberdan is a major hub for buses both local and to the surrounding areas.

    Piazza Oberdan City bus

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  • jolou's Profile Photo

    Ryan Air

    by jolou Updated Feb 6, 2005

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Fly to Trieste - Ryan air generally do a cheap deal. The centre is about a half hour cab ride or bus trip from the airport. We managed to get around in a combination of buses, train and cab but mainly walking within Trieste itself. It's more difficult not speaking much Italian (hence a lot of giving up and jumping in the nearest taxi!)

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  • coceng's Profile Photo

    Reaching There...

    by coceng Updated Feb 4, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I arrived in Trieste at about 2 in the morning ! Took the train from Verona.
    Changed train at Venice-Mestre, bounded for Trieste.
    At Monfalcone station, we had to get off (no reason given, maybe there were less passengers...) & a bus was waiting for us.
    So, I can say that I arrived in Trieste by bus !
    Well, this photo was taken just infront of Trieste Train Station...I didn't know where to go at about 2 in the morning !
    Thought I took a snapshot of myself, feeling tired & very very sleepy...
    later on I moved to this bench in the park also just infront of the train station, & dozed for a few hours, I think.
    When suddenly I felt water sprinkled on my face !
    I thought it was rain but it was just the water sprinkler in the park, doing its round of watering the flowers !
    What a memory !

    Me at trieste Train Station, Italy...
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  • paoseo's Profile Photo

    going abroad

    by paoseo Written Dec 16, 2004

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Here there are some websites where you can find info about coaches:

    Next the railway station there is the bus station (tel. 040/425020)- it's very useful for all people arriving in Trieste by train. From here starts routes going to Pola, Rijeka, Split, Medjugorje and many other places, also in our region.

    ( Autotrans - It's a company of Rijeka - you'll find timetables of all buses that depart from Rijeka (it0s also in english)
    Since trains don't pass along the coast, going there is possible or by bus or by car.
    About the bus...the onIy problem you can find is when you have to catch it in a town that is not the one of the departure. This 'cause if bus is crowded it will not stop!!

    This society called SITA not only can goes to Croazia (Roma - Zagreb, Torino - Zagreb) but is also useful if you want to go to the southern itralian regions;

    SAF, you'll find timetablesand infos also in english

    • Eurolines - linea Venezia - Trieste - Medulin e linea Napoli - Roma - Firenze - Rijeka - Split
    With this society yiu can arrive to any eurpean region

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