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  • Corso Centocelle, Civitavecchia
    Corso Centocelle, Civitavecchia
    by maykal
  • Teatro, Corso Centocelle, Civitavecchia
    Teatro, Corso Centocelle, Civitavecchia
    by maykal
  • Civitavecchia beach
    Civitavecchia beach
    by maykal

Civitavecchia Things to Do

  • Make friendship with the fishermen

    While waiting for my ferry to Barcelona, in Spain, I went to greet the fishermen and I asked them how they live. They were very friendly.


    The Municipal Theatre was designed by the 'architect Antonio De Rossi was named in honor of the emperor Trajan Trajan Theatre founder of the city. I thought this was quite interesting, in that the original shape of this building was a horsehoe, and the curtain was made up of an oil painting depicting a sacrifice to Neptune Emperor TrajanIt was in...


    Where the Cathedral stands today, once stood a smaller Church. The City and population outgrew this Church, and a new one was built, which was the Cathedral I was viewing today. It was a simple Church until 1805, when the Church of San Francesco became the Cathedral of the Diocese of Civitavecchia. If you look up to nearer the top of the Cathedral,...


    The Fort, you will see from the Cruise Ship, and will be the first major sight when being dropped off by the shuttle bus at the end of the Pier. When standing beside these walls, I realized just how massive they were, and even though I couldn't measure the thickness, I read they are 6 metres thick, wow! It was the Pope in the year 1503, who decided...

  • Civitavecchia visit

    Just came back from Civitavecchia from a cruise visit. C is much changed since we were last there about 8 years ago, then we just went to Rome and just spent about an hour in C but this time we didnt go to Rome and stayed in C.It is now a more like a asmall seeside town with a lot of shops , market, restaurants and bars.You can change money here...

  • Ancient Baths - Terme Taurine

    Terme TaurineLocated in Civitavecchia you'll find the Archaeological-Botanical Park of the Taurine Baths. These baths were built around naturally hot sulfur (sulphur) spring water. The site has two parts: The Republican Baths which date back to the 1st century B.C. and The Imperial Baths built by Emperor Hadrian between 123-136 A.D. For approx. 5...

  • The walls and Forte Michelangelo

    You can walk along the top of the walls...not as exciting as it sounds, as it is more like walking along a wide pavement, but you do get good views over the busy harbour and Forte Michelangelo, a 15th century fortress museum at the entrance to the port. Can't tell you more about the fort...if Civitavecchia merits a mention in any tourist guide, it...

  • Seafront Market

    I don't know if this is a permanent feature or whether it just appears for a few weeks in summer, but in the park behind the beach clubs along Viale Garibaldi, there was a large market selling second-hand books, tie-died clothing, friendship bracelets and the usual tat. I didn't notice it in the morning, only finding the market with an hour to go...

  • The Beach

    Steps from the promenade lead to a sandy beach which stretches beyond the Pirgo. In August, it didn't seem too overcrowded, and unlike many Italian beaches, sunbeds and umbrellas were not set out in rows. For a public beach very close to one of Italy's major ports, the water was remarkably clear and there were swimmers aplenty.

  • The church at the end of the seafront idea what the church is called...and to be honest, it isn't anything rushing out of your way to see. But after missing a train to Tarquinia and having to wait an hour for the next, I'd spotted what looked to be an intriguing building from the top of the station turned out to be this yellow church, with a statue of...

  • Il Pirgo

    I liked the absurdity of il Pirgo, the ornate pier that leads to a very small and possibly man-made island just off the main beach. It looks better from afar, and there are nice views of the seafront from the end, but up close the pier has been vandalized with black marker pens. I like some graffitti when it shows artistic talent, but scribblings...

  • The Seafront

    Instead of turning off left to the station, cross over the busy road and you'll find the pedestrianized seafront promenade. Again, the buildings (including some outdoor cafes with good views) along the promenade do seem to have been restored and given a lick of paint. I'd read some damning reviews of Civitavecchia before going, but walking along...

  • Viale Garibaldi

    The busy street along the seafront leads to the train station and the in the morning, throngs of cruise ship passengers walked in one direction, while late afternoon there was mass migration in the opposite direction. Shops and bars along here have obviously tried to capitalize on this passing trade...there's a loud English pub and some...

  • The other side of Corso Centocelle

    I'm not sure if this is still part of the centro storico...the buildings are a mixture of new and not-so-new, and some of the streets are narrow...a few piazzas with outdoor cafes and shops. Lots of buildings have been painted disturbing shades of pink, which may be an attraction for some I suppose.

  • The main street, Corso Centocelle

    The pedestrian main street of Civitavecchia seems to have had a recent paint job, and has several attractive buildings painted bright colours. The most striking building is probably the theatre. Aside from this, there are plenty of shops, cafes and restaurants, and lots of cruiseship crew members enjoying a few hours off.

  • The rest of the Centro Storico

    There's not much more to the centro storico, just a few streets with old buildings and the odd church...nothing too exciting, but nice to walk around if you are sick of crowded touristy towns.

  • The little archway

    It may look like Piazza Leandra is a dead end, but look again. Up the steps at the far end, you'll see a tiny archway almost hidden in the corner. Through the archway, the centro storico continues a bit more, and this side of the archway is more picturesque, housed under a tiny brick tower sandwiched between two old houses.

  • Piazza Leandra

    Behind the cathedral, Civitavecchia's centro storico begins, and is actually quite a nice place to walk around. True, there aren't any amazing must-sees, and fans of architecture will definitely get more of a thrill in 1001 other Italian towns, but Civitavecchia's centro storico is almost completely free of tourists, which in my book is a very big...


Civitavecchia Hotels

  • Tenuta dell'Argento Resort

    Colline dell'Argento s.n.c., Civitavecchia, 00053, Italy

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Solo

    Hotel Class 3 out of 5 stars

  • Hotel San Giorgio

    Viale Garibaldi 34, Civitavecchia, 00053, Italy

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Business

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

  • Hotel Traghetto

    Via Braccianese Claudia, 4, Civitavecchia, 00053, Italy

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Solo

Civitavecchia Restaurants

  • travelgourmet's Profile Photo

    by travelgourmet Updated Aug 10, 2013

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    There are more than a few restaurants in Civitavecchia, some are more upscale than others. A family style restaurant that might be more for locals than tourists is ristorante Trattoria Sora Maria. English translation is Sister Mary. Is this a religious order running the restaurant. No, It was opened in the 1800's and run by the family and not the church. Well, the food is simple but tasty. Mostly seafood and the menu is quiet small. I found that this quaint restaurant did offer the ambiance of Italy and with a little glass of vino rosa, one can forgive the short list on the menu. The staff seems to be trying to please you from the minute you walk in. Seating is also a bit strange as the one section is colorful and more for lunch, while the main room is rustic with wine racks on the walls and a lovely stone arch.

    Favorite Dish: Seafood is the house special and the seafood platter is a bit overwhelming but a nice selection of fish. The rissoto with seafood is also a satisfying dish. Sora Maria is open Tuesday thru Sunday for lunch and on Thursday, Friday and Saturday dinner as well.

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Civitavecchia Transportation

  • Civitavecchia Port Private...

    We used Fattori Car Service for a private transportation from Civitavecchia cruise port to Fco, the price were very fair, the minivan was clean the excellent friendly punctuapl driver, who was waiting at the ship for us.My family recommend Fattori Car Service.

  • Private transfers to Rome and Fiumicino

    Another reliable company which provides Civitavecchia transfer services is My Cab in Rome.The service is punctual and comfortable, and you can get to Rome in just a little more than one hour, or to Fiumicino airport in less than an hour.The driver was really friendly and spoke a really good english, so he gave us many useful tips about typical food...

  • Use Google Street View to navigate...

    Before we rented our car after the cruise trip, I went on Google earth (street view) and veiwed the routes around Civitavecchia, Tarquina, and Ostia. When driving, I already had a picture in my mind of what to expect. On the day of the trip, even though I had never been to Tarquina, it was more like remembering.


Civitavecchia Warnings and Dangers

  • No luggage storage at Civitavecchia...

    Please note: there is no luggage storage facility at Civitavecchia train station.In October 2012, we arrived back in Civitavecchia after a week long cruise. We had already spent a weekend in Rome prior to the cruise, so we hoped to explore somewhere else nearby on the free day that we had prior to our evening flight home.We were hoping to leave our...


    We had actually bought our ticket and were on the Train travelling to Rome, when we first heard whisper of the Trains going on strike from mid-day that day.When the conductor came around, we asked her, and she told us from mid-day, there wouldn't be any Trains running.Panic, and the tourist information had omitted telling us this very important...

  • Civitavecchia Hotels

    12 Hotels in Civitavecchia

Civitavecchia Tourist Traps

  • by 00soda00 Written Jun 22, 2009

    An experience to pass on...
    Reserved a taxi for 4 adults + luggage to make a round trip from the Ciampino airport to the port of Civitavecchia (where the cruises depart) with the company ROME-SHUTTLE (negotiated 235 euros); they have a web site: http: //
    They never came!!! And when we called them, the woman answered that we never reserved a taxi !!!
    Unfortunately, I gave my VISA card number to make the reservation and I’m afraid that this company use my card...
    What shall I do?
    Other info: we easily caught a taxi from the airport, and the prices are cheaper than those practised by the taxi companies found on internet: 100 to 120 euros one way (I made 5 quotations before leaving: the prices varies from 130 to 180 euros one way).
    Taxi "ROME-SHUTTLE" Ciampino a Civitavecchia
    Un'esperienza a trasmettere...
    Hanno riservato un taxi per 4 adulti + bagagli per fare l'andata e ritorno dell'aeroporto di Ciampino al porto di Civitavecchia, col compagnia Rome-shuttle (a 120 euros l'andata e 115 euros il ritorno); hanno un sito internet: /
    Non sono venuti mai !!! e quando si li è chiamati, la donna ci ha risposto non avere avuto mai un taxi riservato al nostro nome !!!
    Ho dato purtroppo il mio numero di Visto per bloccare questa prenotazione e ho avuto paura che questa compagnia non abusa della mia carta...
    Che cosa fare ?
    Altro info: si trova facilmente dei taxi all'aeroporto, ed i prezzi sono buoni meno cari di quelli praticato dalle compagnie di taxi trovato su internet: da 100 a 120 euros il tragitto (ho fatto fare 5 preventivi: i prezzi che variano di 130 a 180 euros il tragitto).
    Taxi "ROME-SHUTTLE" Ciampino à Civitavecchia
    Une expérience à transmettre...
    Avons réservé un taxi pour 4 adultes + bagages pour faire l'aller-retour de l'aéroport de Ciampino au port de Civitavecchia (d'où partent les croisières) avec la compagnie ROME-SHUTTLE (prix négocié à 120 euros l'aller et 115 euros le retour); ils ont un site internet :
    Ils ne sont jamais venus !!! et lorsqu'on les a appelé, la femme nous a répondu n'avoir jamais eu un taxi réservé à notre nom !!!
    J'ai malheureusement donné mon numéro de VISA pour bloquer cette réservation et ai peur que cette compagnie n'abuse de ma carte...
    Que faire ?
    Autre info : on trouve facilement des taxis à l'aéroport, et les prix sont bien moins chers que ceux pratiqués par les compagnies de taxi trouvés sur internet : 100 à 120 euros le trajet (j'ai fait faire 5 devis : les prix variant de 130 à 180 euros le trajet).

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Civitavecchia Favorites

  • Civitavecchia-Roma train and... best...

    Well I thought we were looking for trasportation solutions or maybe .. gelato?For the first question, remember you will find a free shuttle from harbour to station, for you and your luggage.There is a reliable and accetably fast train service to/from Roma-Civitavecchia, is more hassle than a a shuttle of course, and it takes from 55min to 1h20min,...

  • Civitavecchia Lighthouse

    When we came back from our Rome tour, we saw that the ship was docked next to the replica/faux lighthouse. Date after World War II. Approx. 20 m (66 ft) round stone tower. In 108 AD, the Roman Emperor Trajan built two lighthouses at Centumcellae, now Civitavecchia. In 1616, Pope Pius V built a new lighthouse on the foundation of one of the Roam...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

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    Oct 23, 2013 at 1:41 PM

    I've been to Civitavecchia on August. I had decided to wander around and see the downtown on my own, but as soon as I went out of the port, I noticed the info point of the town and went there to get some information. I got surprised when I heard about a FREE WALKING TOUR of the town. I accepted and I spent a wanderful morning actually! The visit was surprisingly interesting and the guide very informative and nice! Really enjoyed!

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