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Formia Things to Do

  • At least one festival, while in Italy

    This festival, I have seen in Formia on both trips to is absolutely amazing. The whole town turns out and its party from the moment S Giovanni emerges from his church, until after the huge fireworks display at midnight.iandsmith just asked the 'when' question, i.e when this magnificent festival takes place. It happens on the...

  • The tomb of Cicerone (Cicero to the...

    Cicero was a pretty famous person back in the days of Caeser. He caused quite a stir then, and 2000 years later we're still stirring him. Will he ever rest is the question.This picture is of Cicero's tomb, and the reason that he still might be wriggling around is because the experts cant decide whether his remains are here or not-- and if here, is...

  • Formia's ancient Roman Fishery.

    A series of rooms under "the villa" in Formia that houses the old fishery production rooms. It is quite spooky inside and has quite a history according to the custodian of the day.......It is only open one Sunday per month (if I remember correctly), but a lot of information is to be had as well as gaining a walk through the various rooms and a...


Formia Hotels

See all 4 Hotels in Formia
  • Kora Park

    Formia, Italy

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

  • Grande Albergo Miramare

    Via Appia lato Napoli, Formia, 04023, Italy

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Solo

  • Grand Hotel Fagiano Palace

    Via Appia lato Napoli 80, Formia, 04023, Italy

    Satisfaction: Average

    Good for: Couples

Formia Restaurants

  • Best pizza ever!

    A lovely family run restuarant that a friend seggested to us. We actually ate there every evening of our holiday as the food was so good. The pizza was really light and cooked in a wood fired oven. The seafood was amazing, we had a local fish called pezzogna. Considering we ate there for 6 nights we never got bored as they also had several...

  • My favourite coffee shop in Formia

    A truly wonderful, modern, clean and tidy restaurant, directly opposite Formia's Post Office. I am told that the food is good but I only ever had coffee and cake here. So I guess the bau bau (have no idea of the spelling), but its a beautiful light cake steeped in a honey flavoured sauce..........with more trickled on top. Yummmmmmmmmmm. AND you...

  • Formia Hotels

    4 Hotels in Formia

Formia Transportation

  • Getting around the water and getting to...

    On the last couple of days of my stay in 2001, I took a series of photo's of the foreshores from a position on a jetty jutting into the Gulfo di Gaeta (at Formia). So as I was standing in the water (so to speak), I had an ideal opportunity to observe the vehicles coming and going from Formia.

  • Orange busses in Formia

    Formia is like a starting point to many places in Lazio -- Gaeta, Itri, Fondi, Minturno, Maranola, Castellenorato, and Scauri to name a few. Further afield can be Sperlonga, Terracina, and Campodiemele etc., but these busses are usually blue, and a different bus line. So, Formia station is a pretty busy place and uphill or steps from the main road...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Formia Shopping

  • unravelau's Profile Photo

    The glass floor arcade.: A Special Arcade in Formia

    by unravelau Written Mar 5, 2003

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Much has been done to make this arcade of shops appealing to the general public but by far its main attraction is the way that it is built and decorated. In this photo you can see the painting on the wall and the emphasis on coloured glass in the floor. Further along the arcade and indeed right into the landing where there are stairs up (and out) or down to some old rocks which can be seen straight through the flooring..............a bit scary to walk on really. I have a feeling that the old rocks may be part of the illusive ampiteatro said to be around this area of Formia.

    What to buy: Postcards, trinkets and knick knacks are my special purchases.

    What to pay: I would limit myself to 20 Euro per purchase, excepting if buying some of that beautiful rose gold jewellery.

    Formia Arcade
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Formia Local Customs

  • unravelau's Profile Photo

    One custom is to have a memorial to war...

    by unravelau Updated Mar 23, 2003

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Every township that I went into had a monument to their war dead in a fairly prominent place. Formia is no different. This is to be found in a park alongside the main road through Formia ........Via Vitruvio, just about opposite the National Museum.

    Formia's War Memorial
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Formia Warnings and Dangers

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    If dependent upon bus for return home...

    by unravelau Written Apr 22, 2003

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    a festival, be sure to check the time of the last bus and indeed where it might leave from, because they often by pass the main road (via Vitruvio) in favour of the back streets to avoid crowds and side shows etc.

    I got a sickening feeling in my stomach when the prescribed time for last bus came and went and I was facing a 12 kms uphill climb at midnight.

    Formia from bus/train depot.
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Formia Off The Beaten Path

  • The Pathway to Formia from Rome is well...

    but the southern route is not so busy. Just out of town on the main road towards Scauri - Minturno and then Campania, you will see this structure, and probably wonder about it like me. Mind you the photo was taken out of a moving bus and therefore may not be as clear as if I had been standing there. None-the-less, you can definitely see that it is...

  • Venture Inland

    Venture a little inland to discover some lovely medieval hill top towns, such as Itri and Campodimele, and to explore the Aurunci National Park. .............................................................................. Please also take time to visit my Itri Travel pages.I actually live in Itri -Take a look at my Home Page at Virtual Tourist...

  • Sweet words of endearment.

    It hasn't outlived its usefullness, but still the original message might be interesting to translate.


Formia Favorites

  • You've heard of Vittorio Emanuel 11?

    The wonderful monument to V Emanuel 11 which takes up so much space in Rome? Well, in Formia, there is a monument to Vittorio Emanuel the first (so I was told)..........was this his Dad?.................... Not anywhere near as grand a monument although it appears to be the only monument in this park in Formia. I did try to find out more about it...

  • Returning the favour.

    Previous photo looking toward Mount Redentore from Formia..........this one from Mt. Redentore looking toward Naples. There is stacks of history to be had here...........not only beautiful scenery. Formia is a town right on the Appian Way.

  • From the same park..........a view of...

    It would be hard for me to put my finger on the one thing that makes Formia interesting to me, because I enjoyed it all.I really liked that as a stranger, I was treated as a member of their community and was therefore allowed to blend into the background.................which is not bad........i.e. the mountains with the view of the...


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