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  • Airports from & to Rome
    by shavy
  • Airports from & to Rome
    by shavy
  • Cheaper way to get to the city of Rome
    Cheaper way to get to the city of Rome
    by shavy
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    by travelgourmet Updated Apr 8, 2014

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

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    Autonoleggio con autista (car rental with driver), is an easy and stress free way of getting to and from the airport in Rome or to and from the port, Civitavecchia, in Rome. My wife and I scheduled Roma Limousine for a driver with a Mercedes ( they also have vans and limousines) to pick us up at the airport and take us to our hotel in Roma. We also used the same driver to take us to the port, so we could take a cruise five days later.

    Sandro, our driver, is the son of the owner of the company, ROMA LIMOUSINE, and he was not only an excellent driver but quite fluent in English, as he worked in New York for a while and now lives part timein Maimi. He not only drives to locations but you can hire him out for sight-seeing and tours. One of the perks is that he is willing to stop for a break of espresso or a bite to eat while enroute to your destination.

    Both my wife and I highly recommend Roma Limousine for the relaxed way to get to and from and out and about in Rome. Sandro gives a great overview tour of Roma and stops at the sites you want to visit and a few of his own best of Roma sites. Yes, it is much more expensive than the train and about the same as a taxi, but the service of pick up and helping out, as well as a well spoken driver like Sandro who knows the area backwards and in English, was a welcome relief to help us have a carefree time in Rome and not miss the boat or plane. No walking here or carrying heavy luggage to and from trains or taxis. Only the finest care and service, we will call on Sandro on our next return to beautiful Italy. We did return and not only used RomaLimo for ourselves, we also sent a couple of friends travelling through Rome to visit my wife and me needing to get to FCO via RomaLimo, Roma to FCO on the last minute call. Grazie to Sandro. If you use Sandro, please tell him travelgourmet / "Larry and Sue from California" say hello. Ciao

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    by jayantamadhu Updated Jan 9, 2014

    We landed at fiumicino at 21:00 pm and directly headed towards the train station to board Leonardo express to go directly to the TERMINI.
    We were first stopped by the cab drivers and told no trains this time.
    But since I was before checked the train time table which are 22:39 pm. 23:08 pm and 23:38 pm so we knew well the train is there. It was not so many people going to train station but we could find way. Most of the small shops were closed and we found some ticket vending machine to buy the tickets but we didn’t try because we had some Questions. So we were looking for ticket counter where we can buy directly with cash and ask if our 4 years old kid travel free with us. We finally could find the train which was almost ready to start and very few people inside. We found only one shop which is dont seems to be train company official counter but there was a lady selling tickets there. We directly ask her 2 two tickets for us by Leonardo express and asked if its 14 Euro and no ticket for our kid. SHE CONFIRMED BUT AFTER STARTED THE GAME. SHE SHOWED THE MAP AND TOLD THERE IS SOME REPAIR WORK GOING BEFORE THE TERMINI STATION SO TRAIN WILL NOT GO TILL THE END AND NOT IN PLATFORM. AND THERE HAVE TO WALK 15 MINS IN THIS COLD. BUT SAME PRICE THERE ARE SHUTTLE WHO CAN TAKE US. THE CATCH IS ALREADY THE SHUTTLE OPERATORS SET THE TRAP TO GET TRAVELER AND OFCROUSRE THE SALES LADY WILL HAVE SHARE IN THIS. I SIMPLY REFUSED THIS OFFER AND TOLD SORRY ITS NOT A PROBLEM I CAN WALK 15 MINS. She told me again and when saw I am not easy person she gave up and started talking to the shuttle guys in Italian. Unfortunately I saw there are few tourist already didn’t buy the train ticket and waiting for the shuttle. And the shuttle operators were waiting for more passenger to get into there bus./cab.

    So be careful of such trap. Directly tell you don’t mind walking.

    Also be careful about punching the ticket before getting in the train. It can be confusing because the automatic door have some light but don’t try to touch the ticket. There are small green colour punching machine which some work and some not. The QR code also dotn work. So it’s the best to try other machines if one is not working thee are few around. Insert the ticket and swap from left to right and you can hear odd printer sound. Means the date is printed. It must be readable else 100 Euro fine + ticket price.

    Another very important thing is the train only one side the door opens. So if u see the side you are door not opening please came back and change the other door. If you are in hurry to get in make sure try first door and if you are in correct side. You are ok but wrong side the train will simply leave in front of you. There is non to help or tell you and you cant read anywhere the direction.

    This is my first night in rome and I want to share my first night experience with fellow VT members.

    If I experience some more unexpected things I will post that too 

    Good stay in Rome.

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    Terravision Airport Shuttle Bus

    by shavy Updated Jan 3, 2014

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Cheaper way to get to the city of Rome
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    The cheapest shuttle bus of all kinds. We depart from Brussels Charleroi airport to Rome Ciampino airport. They have a ticket booth at Charleroi airport at the departure area
    Arriving in Ciampino airport, there are different shuttle buses that willing to take you to the city center, but they are slightly expensive than this bus
    Terravision is only 4 euro one way

    When you arrive in Ciampino Airport. when you get out of the arrival go straight outside and then to your left where the other buses stands you will find Terravision

    The shuttle bus runs from the airport every 30 minutes, is a non-stop service and is about 40 minutes ride from Ciampino Airport to the city of Rome.
    The shuttle bus stops at Termini Station and from here you can continue with the metro to your hotel destination

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    Fiumicino airport

    by gwened Written Aug 23, 2013
    going bus terminal at T3
    4 more images

    well I know there is another airport but I always landed here and by now its like home, very easy to move about having gone thru many times on business trips and now back for a tourist family vacation.

    as usually happened this is not in Rome but in the town of Fiumicino about 23 kms away. There is train , taxi,shuttle, bus to get to the city of Roma,I have taken taxi, shuttle, and now bus.

    It is divided into 4 terminals that runs each other like a half moon around it, and the outside transport is in T1 for some and most at the bus depot on T3
    TERMINAL 1 - Alitalia domestic and Schengen flights - in code-sharing with Air One, KLM and Air France (Sky–Team alliance) – and Luxair and Air Italy
    TERMINAL 2 - domestic flights, Schengen and Non-Schengen
    TERMINAL 3 - domestic flights, Schengen and Non-Schengen
    TERMINAL 5 – direct flights to the United States and Israel operated by American and Israeli airline companies

    you can get layout terminal maps here

    all kinds of services for food and bank cash machines etc is here

    the transport coming and going from the airport to the city info is here

    The rates on taxis is fixed from 45€ to city center to 55€ to where I was outside the center.The shuttle is the same price as the taxi as we had it.

    There is train service direct connection with Termini railway station and a connection by metro. The "Leonardo express" service departing from Termini railway station takes about 30 minutes to reach the airport without intermediate stops. The cost is 14 euros
    as an alternative it is possible to take Sabina-Fiumicino line (FR1) which stops in some of the main Roman railway stations (Tiburtina, Tuscolana, Ostiense, Trastevere) usually every 15 minutes, and on holidays, every 30 minutes. The cost is 8 euros

    there are several bus companies taking you center Rome such as

    on most buying online saves you one euro per person, but you need to know your times exact, I dont reserve and get on them easy this time it was tambus and they were great. 5€ per person!!!
    And its only 8 minutes from T1 to T3 bus terminal!

    You will have an easy time in Fiumicino an easy airport to get on and off.

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    Trains, planes and automobiles (and buses)

    by goodfish Updated Jul 14, 2013

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    There are many ways of getting to central Rome from Fiumicino or Ciampino airports: it all depends on your budget, what time of day you leave/arrive, how much luggage you have and any mobility issues you need to contend with. Both airports are some distance out of the city so taxi is your most expensive option and buses are the best for the budget-conscious. Trains fall somewhere in the middle.

    We took a shared van on our first trip and while we were lucky enough to be the first dropped off at our hotel, we could well have ended up being the last: not what you want if you're ready to hit the ground running. On trip #2, we grabbed one of the shuttle buses from airport to Termini and walked from there to our hotel nearby. I really like the express buses as they're idiot-proof: no figuring out train tickets when jet-lagged; they're cheap; luggage is securely stored in the hold underneath; they're air-conditioned and comfortable; many are privately owned so city transport strikes do not affect them; you get a nice little visual tour on your way into the city. Sure, they take a bit longer than the Leonardo Express but not enough to matter much to me. I took the bus shot above in Milan but it's similar to those in Rome.

    I can't speak for Ciampino but the kiosks selling bus tickets are in the exit hall directly off the luggage carousels at Fiumicino: just walk up, hand over your euros and they'll tell you which bus stand to go to and what time the next one is leaving. There are signs everywhere; can't miss 'em. Some buses even allow you to pay the driver directly in lieu of buying a ticket. The one caution here is that express buses don't run 24/7 and while advance reservations aren't usually necessary going into Rome, I would reserve a seat if going TO the airports to catch an international flight, or take one earlier than you might otherwise need to. Some of them are very busy, fill very quickly, and people with reservations are accommodated first. Heavy traffic may also affect the amount of time it takes to get from point A to B.

    The list of transport options to/from either airport can be found here: (Italian only)

    And a few quick links:

    • Terravision bus: to/from Fiumicino or Ciampino airports to Termini:

    • Cotral, Sitbus (our choice) and a couple other lines also handle transfers to/from Fiumicino, Ciampino to either Termini or other stations in Rome:

    • Leonardo Express train to/from Fiumicino to Termini:

    This service is guaranteed in the event of a Trenitalia strike: buses will be substituted if necessary.

    • FR1 trains to/from Fiumicino from Trastevere and other points around Rome:

    Service on these trains is not guaranteed in the event of a regional or national strike

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    T.A.M Bus from Termini station to Fiumicino

    by SWFC_Fan Written Nov 7, 2012
    T.A.M Bus at Termini station
    2 more images

    At the start of our visit to Rome in October 2012, we caught an airport bus operated by SIT Bus Shuttle ( from Fiumicino Airport to Via Crescenzio in the "Vatican area" of the city. The cost of a one way journey was 6 Euros per person.

    At the end of our stay in Rome, we needed to get back to Fiumicino Airport from Termini train station. We had established upon our arrival in Rome that the airport buses were cheaper than the trains, so we tracked down the airport bus stops that line Via Giovanni Giolitti adjacent to the train station.

    You will find several bus stops along this road, displaying timetables for the various bus companies. We walked along the street and identified a couple of buses that would get us to the airport at the time we required later in the day; a 4:15pm bus operated by T.A.M Bus ( and a 4:40pm bus operated by ATRAL (

    We caught the T.A.M Bus at 4:15pm and the following details were correct as at October 2012:

    We arrived at the bus stop at around 4pm and purchased tickets from a salesperson before the bus arrived. It seemed that the salesperson was controlling the number of tickets sold to ensure that buses weren't overbooked. Indeed, as the bus departed, we noticed that there were many passengers left at the bus stop forced to wait for the next bus (which was at 5pm). If you need to catch a certain bus, ensure you arrive at the bus stop in plenty of time to buy a ticket – don't just turn up at the time the bus is scheduled to depart!

    The cost of a one way ticket was 4 Euros (incidentally, ATRAL were charging the same price).

    Although scheduled to leave at 4:15pm, our bus actually departed just after 4:30pm. The driver indicated that the journey to Fiumicino would take around an hour. However, despite heavy traffic in the area around Termini, the journey only took around 40 minutes so we arrived at the time we expected to despite the late departure.

    The bus dropped us off at the airport's bus station which is less than a 5 minute walk from the terminal buildings.

    As you'd expect from an airport bus (but can't always take for granted), the bus had a large undercarriage for luggage and passengers were discouraged from taking large items of luggage on board with them. All passengers on the bus were seated for the journey; there were no passengers standing in the aisle. This made for a comfortable journey for all concerned.

    At the time of our visit, T.A.M Bus operated buses from Termini to Fiumicino at the following times:

    Every hour from 04:30 until 07:30
    Every half hour from 08:00 until 15:30
    Every 45-60 minutes from 16:15 until 20:30

    Similarly, buses from Fiumicino to Termini departed the airport every 30-45 minutes between 08:00 and 18:30 and then every 45-60 minutes until 23:30.

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    SIT Bus Shuttle from Fiumicino to Rome

    by SWFC_Fan Updated Nov 4, 2012

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Bus at Fiumicino Airport, Rome
    2 more images

    We flew into Fiumicino Airport when we visited Rome in October 2012. The airport is around 35km south-west of the city centre.

    I had done a bit of pre-trip research into the cheapest and easiest way to get from the airport to our hotel (Hotel Joli) close to the Vatican, but as we were waiting for our suitcases we still didn't have a definite plan of action.

    My original plan was to catch a train directly from the airport train station. The ever-reliable provided me with the timetable information that I needed. I could see that there were 2 trains per hour (at 8 and 38 minutes past the hour) to Rome Termini station. The non-stop train journey would take 32 minutes and from there we could then transfer onto the Metro to Ottaviano San Pietro station which was close to our hotel.

    Alternatively, we could catch a train from the airport to Rome San Pietro station (just south of the Vatican) and walk to our hotel from there. Trains to San Pietro were more frequent (every 15 minutes; at 13, 28, 43 and 58 minutes past the hour), but the journey time was a little longer (48 minutes) and included a change of trains and a 16 minute wait at Rome Trastevere station. I was also unsure at to how easy it would be to walk from San Pietro to our hotel with heavy luggage in tow. With the benefit of hindsight, it would have been something of a tiring struggle, especially on a warm and sunny afternoon.

    Thankfully, the good folk at Fiumicino Airport have provided excellent information boards by the luggage carousels which provide valuable information on the various methods of getting into the city. So, we were able to see that taxis were expensive, and buses were more cost-effective than trains (even if they took a little longer).

    The boards informed us that the direct train to Rome Termini was 14 Euros per person, while the regional train (with several interim stops) to Trastevere was 8 Euros per person, and we'd then have to travel onwards to San Pietro. Buses were being advertised as "from 4 Euros per person" and advertised the fact that they included a "Vatican area" stop as well as the final drop off at Rome Termini station. We couldn't ascertain exactly where the "Vatican area" stop was (it turned out to be Via Crescenzio, close to Piazza Cavour), but we knew that it would be more convenient for us than Rome Termini would be.

    We followed the signs to the airport's bus station (a few minutes walk to the right after leaving the arrivals hall) and discovered that buses operated by SIT Bus Shuttle departed from stand number 1.

    We purchased tickets from a man at the bus stop for 6 Euros per person. I've since discovered that you can save yourself a Euro by buying tickets online in advance for 5 Euros each.

    There is a timetable on the company's website, showing that buses leave the airport every 30 to 45 minutes between 08:30am and 00:30am. We caught a bus at midday and the journey to Via Crescenzio took around 50 minutes. There were no interim stops en-route, but the bus was carrying on to Termini station after dropping off at Via Crescenzio.

    It is worth noting that the company's website includes a news bulletin informing passengers that the stop at Via Crescenzio is a temporary one, having moved from nearby Piazza Cavour. This news was released in January 2012 and was still in force when we visited in October 2012. It isn't a big deal though; the stop on Via Crescenzio is only a couple of minutes walk from Piazza Cavour anyway.

    As you'd expect from an airport bus (but can't always take for granted!), there is plenty of storage space for luggage. We put our large suitcases in the undercarriage and smaller bags in the overhead storage racks.

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  • leics's Profile Photo

    Terravision bus to/ from Ciampino

    by leics Updated Jul 25, 2012

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Terravision bus
    3 more images

    Ciampino airport is used by many European budget carriers, and by some charter flights as well. so it may be that you will fly into Ciampino rather than Rome's main airport, Fiumicino.

    Both airports are pretty close to the city and transport is easy.

    It's worth using the Terravision bus to and from Ciampino airport, especially if it's your first time in Rome. They have a stand in the arrivals hall and there are frequent services during the day. Terravision buses drop you off on Via Marsala next to Termini station, convenient for everywhere in Rome via bus, Metro or taxi. they collect from the drop-off point.

    I prefer to book my ticket in advance on the Terravision website although you can buy tickets on arrival. People with online bookings have priority when it comes to boarding. They don't get on first, but a seat is reserved for them.

    On your return you *must* go into the 'Terracafe' which is directly opposite the Terravision bus stop, to collect your 'boarding card'. You must go at least 20 minutes before departure and, as I found out, going the day before or even 2 hours before doesn't work. You won't get the boarding card. Fortunately, my hotel was only 3 minutes' walk from the stop so there was no problem for me to go back at the 'right' time.

    I walked past the Terracafe twice a day for 3 days and noticed quite long queues (it was July, so very busy). Do make sure you allow time to get your boarding card.

    And do book a bus which allows you plenty of time before check-in. Terravision say the journey will take 40 minutes (in fact, my journey took less than 30 minutes in both directions) but that is because they know about Rome traffic. Traffic can be very congested indeed and, if there is an accident or something else unusual, even Terravision buses will get stuck in traffic jams.

    It's always a good idea to get to airports 2 hours before departure, and Ciampino was *very* busy when I flew out, with long queues at security. so I suggest you catch the bus 3 hours before departure.

    The Sitbusshuttle also operates Ciampino and Fiumicino>Termini. I have not used it, because it drops you off at a slightly less conveniennt location near Termini (imo). But my friend used it from Fiumicino and was very satisfied.

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    Leonardo Express

    by leics Updated Jul 25, 2012

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Leonardo Express
    2 more images

    It's not particularly cheap at 14 euro (though much cheaper than the UK equivalent), but the Leonardo Express train is worth taking into the city if you land at Rome Fiumicino airport.

    It leaves every 30 minutes, and takes you straight through to Termini from the airport itself (the airport station is well-signed from and within all terminals). Journey time is about 30 minutes.

    Its one drawback, for small people like me, is the height of the carriage from the platform. That can be a real nuisance if you have to cope with a heavy-ish suitcase. There's not a massive amount of luggage space inside the train, although reasonably-sized suitcases will go under the seats.

    You really do not need to buy tickets online in advance for this train, although you can do so if you wish using the Trenitalia site linked below. There is a ticket booth at the airport station, in front of the platform. At Termini there is also a little booth on the Leonardo Express platform (platform 24, well-signed) but if the man isn't there you can easily get your tickets from an ordinary ticket machine (there are lots within Termini station) or the 'regional' ticket machine in the photo.

    I think the convenience of this train probably outweighs the fact that it is double the fare of the 'normal' stopping train. That train takes a different route as well, terminating at Roma Ostiense station. If you are staying near Rome Termini you will need to take a taxi (or Metro or bus). So the seemingly cheaper train will not always work out cheapest.

    Don't forget to validate your ticket using the yellow cuboid (or the new, green ovoid) machines on the platforms before you get on the train (this applies to all Italian trains, unless you have a seat reservation for a particular departure printed on your ticket). There are on-the-spot fines for non-validation and inspectors do check.

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    New rules (May 2012) for taxis to/from airports

    by mccalpin Updated Jun 25, 2012

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Effective May 23, 2012, the City of Rome has changed the fixed fees for taxis going between inside the Aurelian Walls (i.e., the city center) and the city's two airports: Fiumicino and Ciampino (i.e., in both directions). In addition, other fixed fares have also been set.

    • to/from Fiumicino Airport to Stazione Ostiense 45 euro
    • to/from Fiumicino Airport to Mura Aureliane 48 euro
    • to/from Fiumicino Airport to Stazione Tiburtina 55 euro
    • to/from Fiumicino Airport to Porto di Civitavecchia 120 euro
    Stazione Ostiense is the 3rd largest rail station in Rome and is next to a Metro stop. It is on the south side of the City center.
    Mure Aureliane refers to the Aurelian Walls, the Imperial walls that define the traditional City center.
    Stazione Tiburtina is the 2nd busiest rail station in Rome and is east of the City center. It is on a Metro stop. Trains that go through Rome from north to south and vv often stop at Tiburtina instead of Termini.
    Porto di Civitavecchia refers to the cruise port for Rome.

    • to/from Ciampino Airport to Mura Aureliane 30 euro
    • to/from Ciampino Airport to Stazione Ostiense 30 euro
    • to/from Ciampino Airport to Stazione Tiburtina 35 euro

    The press release about these fixed fares is at press release.

    Note that the map of the area within the Aurelian Walls can still be found at Aurelian Walls Boundary.

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  • oRi_5's Profile Photo

    Airport Shuttle Express

    by oRi_5 Written Feb 14, 2012

    3 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We landed in Fiumicino airport and were planning to get the Leonardo Express Train to Termini Station (for €14) followed by the bus (for €1) to our hotel. We got to the Tourist Information/Ticket office at the train station in Fiumicino airport (in T3 level 1) and the guy at the desk asked us where we needed to go when we asked for the Train and bus tickets. He then said that if we use the Airport Shuttle Express it will cost us the same price (@ €15 each for 2 people), we have to wait less than for the train, travel less and get dropped off exactly at our door. It seemed like a good deal so we took it.

    Leaving the airport we were put in a van together with another group of people who were dropped off before us at another hotel and then we were dropped off next. We found this very convenient - saved hassles of carrying luggage around, risking possible muggings and walking around aimlessly looking for our hotel. In fact we decided to use them for our return trip too.

    They can be booked either online, or at the airport, or on a freephone number.

    We would highly recommend this service - best and cheapest way to get to/from the airport for sure!!

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  • private taxi

    by alvino20 Written Feb 1, 2012

    For me ,
    marco1989 is best company for Rome Private Transfer from/to Fiumicino Airport or from/to Civitavecchia.
    Transportation is furnished by licensed insured professional drivers and vehicles, who are qualified to perform public transportation services all over Europe. They offer a very efficent service of car with driver.
    the email andress:

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  • bpwarne's Profile Photo

    Fiumicino Airport to Rome Transfer by Terravision

    by bpwarne Written Dec 19, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Couldn't be easier. Walk out terminal and go right to Bus bay. Bus runs about every 30 - 45 mins. Direct, non stop to city center (Termini) and reverse. Nice, new, comfortable big buses. Only 4 euro/each if purchased in advance online, one of the best transportation deals I've found anywhere in Europe. Also available: Ciampino Airport to Rome, same price.

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  • croisbeauty's Profile Photo

    Getting to Rome

    by croisbeauty Updated Nov 29, 2011

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    train for the far platforms
    1 more image

    Rome is Italian capital but at the same time it is city of the world aswell. Many people from different parts of the world visiting it during the whole year, or dreaming to visit it one day. Those who know it well will gladly suggest never to visit the town in August, because of the heat and humidity. In fact, most of its citizens escaping from Rome during August and it is not because of Ferragosto only. If any possible visit Rome in May or early June.
    The quickiest way is to visit Roma by plain which will bring visitors to the airport of Leonardo Da Vinci, best known as Fiumicino. It is spacious airport with plenty of flights from all over the world.

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  • From Fiumicino to Rome center

    by roonney Written Nov 24, 2011
    SITBus Shuttle timetable
    3 more images

    - Leonardo Express train: Fm airport to termini every 30min. 14€ one-way. ALWAYS validate the ticket in the yellow machine.if you don't find it just ask.The fine is 50€.

    -Shuttle buses: variety of prices. I found from 8€ one-way to 15€ round trip (SITBus Shuttle).

    -FR 1 regional train:Fm airport to Roma Tiburtina station every 20min.(5.5€) From Tiburtina you can take the metro line B.

    In my opinion Leornado express is convenient but overcharged and dirty.I prefer shuttle buses with reasonable prices.Ask for the price and for the duration of the journey before you take one.

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