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  • DedovicSarah's Profile Photo

    Rossopomodoro Porto Antico: AMAZING food and staff!!!

    by DedovicSarah Updated Jan 13, 2015

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    AMAZING food and staff!!! Italian, Pizza, Bar, Pizza & Pasta. You'll have a great time with interesting drinks that you can order. For football lovers they have prepared two huge screens to watch the games. The atmosphere is incredible. The space is huge and it's visited by a lot of people with good reason.

    Favorite Dish: I tried a pizza with four kinds of tomato sauce and plenty of cheese and it was fantastic. It was maybe €15 but it was worth it definitely! Even I could not finish it, and I eat a lot. It was so big and delicious! I drank a fruit cocktail, rum chocolate and I tried their tiramisu with nutella. It was great.

    front of the restaurant
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  • croisbeauty's Profile Photo

    Pizzeria in Porto Antico: I had no time for the gastronomic experiences

    by croisbeauty Written May 27, 2012

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    It was kind of "run and gun" visit to Genova, we got 3 hours only for the individual explorings of the city and then rushing in the direction of Portofino. We had time for a short break only and I regret so much for not testing again delicious cuisine of Genova. I got poor choice, or missing taking the pics or missing food. I chosed to stay hungry.

    Favorite Dish: Can't say anything about this inconspicious looking restaurant and pizzeria. It was right in front of our bus stop at Piazza Caricamento before we left Genova. I took this picture coz of armor.

    armored pizzeria

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  • alza's Profile Photo

    Al Lupo: A scâ

    by alza Updated Apr 23, 2011

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    23 April 2011 - In a good food magazine today, there was an article about Genoa and the one restaurant they recommended was this one, Al Lupo, on Vico Monachette. It pleased me no end that they were recommending the restaurant I enjoyed so much when I last visited Genoa. And I'm happy to know that Al Lupo is still there. I'll put the link to it here now. :)

    This restaurant was great. First, I found it by chance, as I was strolling along via Balbi, near Stazione Principe. It's a small osteria on an alley off via Balbi and it looks very inviting.

    I didn't have much time and didn't want to eat too much either. But the menu was tempting and the waiter recommended polpi for starters, then some trenette alla genoese. He said that wasn't much to eat. Don't know where he got that idea. It was a LOT!

    The place filled up with people on their lunch hour, all regulars obviously, judging by the way the owner talked and laughed with them all. She acknowledged me too, very nicely, asked if everything was ok.
    One senior customer, who looked like an academic, saw that I couldn't finish my trenette and started a pleasant conversation with me. He said my two dishes would be too much for a Genoese too, at lunch. Two friends were looking at travel photos and we all ended up talking about travel. It was fun.

    The waiter was very young, and very efficient-looking. Brisk movements, nodding of the head, clicking of the heels and off to the kitchen before you had time to finish your sentence. I had told him I only had 50 minutes, would that be enough? He assured me that it was but then he sped around the place and I could hardly get his attention. An Italian friend of mine told me later that Italian waiters don't like serving people who eat in a rush... they see it as lack of respect for food. Ha! what a joke! I wasn't in a rush for one dish, he's the one who pushed two main courses on me. And he was the same with everyone. That was a bit of a downer.

    There was a poster with the Genoese singer-composer Fabrizio de André on it, with a big "Thank you, Fabrizio". I love him too so that made me feel good. The ambience is very quiet, old Genoa and I loved the place.

    Favorite Dish: The polpi were delicious! Cooked au naturel, served with plenty fresh lemon, on a bed of tasty potatoes boiled to melting perfection. I guess the English word for polpi is 'octopus'. I don't think I'd ever had octopus before. Hope I can get the recipe! I want to make them just like Al Lupo's does.

    The pic is just one of the many "A scâ" found in Genoa. I don't have a pic of the Vico Monachette, where the restaurant is. Vico is another word for alley.

    A sc��, where the cat naps

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  • pingu25's Profile Photo

    La Berlocca: Fresh and excellent foor

    by pingu25 Updated Apr 4, 2011

    3 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Berlocca might look like an Osteria, but it's kitchen is some of the finest tastes in Genova with selected food and a chef who never stops experimenting with new flavors, surprising every day with his choices.

    Favorite Dish: Branzino alle mele

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  • Erkmen's Profile Photo

    Ristorante-Pizzeria Piedigrotta: Ristorante-Pizzeria Piedigrotta

    by Erkmen Updated Apr 4, 2011

    Ristorante Piedigrotta is one of the best pizza house you can find in Genoa. It is located near the Corso Buenos Aires, at the Piazza Gerolamo Savonarola.

    Each time I visit Genoa, I can not pass without eating at this pizzeria. The delicious Pizzas are making you adored. The pizzas are so big and most of the times you doubt of finishing your plate. On the other hand they are so delicious that you dont want to waste a part of it.

    The restaurant also serves other courses such as Fish and Meat. But Pizza is the best of the bests.

    Favorite Dish: Pizza Pizza and Pizza..

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  • Mikebond's Profile Photo

    E prie de ma: Typical restaurant, uncommon owner!

    by Mikebond Written Mar 26, 2010

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    My mother and I would always have dinner at this restaurant with a Genoese name meaning "The stones of the sea", because it lied just opposite Hotel Nuovo Nord in via Balbi, where we had our room.
    If you are a guest of this hotel, ask the lady at the reception for the voucher that entitles you to have dinner at "E prie de ma" for 15 euro instead of 20. You can also have breakfast at that restaurant for four euro, but we didn't go there for breakfast because we are not accustomed to have ham, cheese or eggs for breakfast.

    This restaurant offers some typical Genoese dishes, such as the pansotti al sugo di noci (a kind of ravioli with walnut sauce), which I strongly recommend, or pasta al pesto, or several sorts of fish.
    However, what makes this restaurant special is the atmosphere, with pop and rock music always playing, and its funny, crazy owner, who pretends he speaks English and French and is a really uncommon person. You'd better meet him in person, since I cannot describe him well enough.

    Photos will come.

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  • csordila's Profile Photo

    Trattoria Archivolto Mongiardino: Father of Columbus sold wine here!

    by csordila Updated Jun 20, 2009

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    To find this small fish restaurant amongst the alleyways of the Genoan historic centre, just ask for the place where the spiny lobster is made.
    This is a small, spartan place where meat may be prepared on request. Customers used to able to choose their own lobster here. There is a restricted, yet satisfying menu which is great for those who like Ligurian cooking with some personal touches.

    Homely service, optimal portions, decent prices are normal. From the historical archives emerge also that, in this small trattoria the father of Cristoforo Columbus sold wine !!!!

    Favorite Dish: The menù of the day is fact, the lobster is the undisputed queen of the place.
    Lobsters are always available, but I have taken sole fish.

    "... from Liguria typical Kitchen made up of fresh fish, lobsters and crustaceans"

    I have eaten sole only Lobster, shrimp etc.
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  • Elisabcn's Profile Photo

    Da Maria: Cucina casalinga

    by Elisabcn Written Nov 29, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    A must in Genoa!. Opened since 1946 and situated in the heart of the centro storico, not far from Carlo Felice Theatre, this is one of the few genuine places that has survived the past of the years. Da Maria is a typical osteria Genovese where you could eat great home-made cuisine for few euros. Students, workers, employees, nobel prizes… no matter the origins everybody has enjoyed Maria’s simple dishes and personally Maria saved me from too many Sundays-empty –fridge . . . Also known as Maria la zozza or Maria la succida (her osteria was not always as clean as we would wish. . .) she was a charming old woman and although I always saw her very busy in the kitchen she always had time to greet personally her customers and chat with them for a while. Which was her speciality? Le troffie al pesto, of course! !And her dolce della casa was very tasty as well!!!

    Unfortunately we recently lost Maria. . . a terrible lost, we will miss you a lot!

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  • T&THartin's Profile Photo

    Pizzeria Da Asporta: The best pizza in Genoa

    by T&THartin Written Jun 26, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This friendly pizzeria with a rustic interior is located just round the corner from Porta Soprana and is very popular with locals. You can see how they make their pizzas as the front room is also the kitchen. Staff are three very friendly locals who were happy (and probably a bit surprised) to see us come back twice - this place seems to be undiscovered by tourists). Their pizzas are amazing both is taste and in value - we paid only 11.50 Euro for two pizzas and a bottle of local beer. We had pizzas in various other restaurants in Genoa, but nothing compares to Da Asporta!

    Favorite Dish: Pizza Ciciliana

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  • ristorante centrale casella: ristorante centrale casella genoa

    by sandra_micheli Written Jun 18, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Hello Everybody

    we live in boston but my husband falmily is from genoa where we spend some weeks every year.

    for the first time we took a tiny nice train from Piazza Manin going up in the hills to Casella a very nice place, but not such much to do there...

    we have decide to stop to a restaurant in the main square in Casella, ristorante centrale.

    A pretty old place, located in an historic building... well, one of the most wonderfull meal I ever had.

    Favorite Dish: In particular we had a very very good Pesto and some very tasty Ravioli... uhmmm :D

    Very very good the Late Dolce, we had it before in another place in Genoa downtown but this one was incredible :D

    We found a guy speaking english pretty good so he described us all the dishes.

    I defenetly suggest it.

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  • craic's Profile Photo

    Only the locals seem to know its name: Quick and great food - 2006

    by craic Updated Mar 19, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I was rushing around with locals on Blooms Day in Genoa and it was time for lunch so they took me to this place. It didn't seem to have a name that I could see. But it is on the waterfront and right next to the alley which has a sign pointing to the Hotel Veronese.
    Massimo said something like it is the oldest takeaway in Genoa. Something like that. Run by the same family for generations? He did mention the name - but I forget. No sign up to say what its name is. Or if there is it is really unobtrusive and I didn't notice it.
    Anyway, it was great. The fried fish in batter was mmmmm! And the pizza was mmmmm! But maybe the coffee wasn't so mmmmm because I was whisked next door to a cafe to have a stand up coffee there.
    This is a stand up sort of place. They have a few stools but it is hard to get one. Tiny place. A real hole in the wall.

    Great food

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  • Maryimelda's Profile Photo

    Trattoria Pino: The best Minestrone in the world.

    by Maryimelda Written Jan 23, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    When you're a stranger in an otherwise gloomy city and it's cold and rainy, it is like coming home to enter a place like Trattoria Pino in Genoa. This is a very homestyle restaurant run by a wonderful aging Italian family. There are handpainted murals on the walls which have all seen better days but the place has an overall wonderful feeling of cosy, welcoming comfort.
    This is a place to take a good appetite because it will all be a waste if you're not really hungry.

    Favorite Dish: The minestrone is out of this world. So hearty, tasty and hot and served with as much crusty bread as you can eat. Likewise the pasta (whatever variety) will more than do justice to a hungry traveller. The desserts are fine but not as memorable as the first two courses.

    The blue awning in backgroun is Trattoria Pino
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  • BlueLlama's Profile Photo

    Focaccia shops: Genoese fast food

    by BlueLlama Written Jan 17, 2008

    Genoa has dozens of shops specialising in focaccia, the typical regional bread that is now world-famous. For just a couple of Euros, you can get a slice or two to take away and enjoy a cheap and filling lunch while wandering the city. Shops are busiest at lunchtimes and offer a variety of focaccias and drinks. You can usually sit in too.

    As well as the types of focaccia you see outside Italy, you can find a more unusual speciality, focaccia di Recco, all around Genoa. This is a flat, pie-like affair filled with stracchino, a (non-vegetarian) soft cheese with a unique flavour that is produced in Liguria and the surrounding area. Although Recco is not actually Genoese - it comes from a nearby town called Recco, funnily enough - it's more widely available in Genoa than anywhere else, with many, many shops selling it. As well as the lunchtime focaccia shops, you can eat it in pizzerias. Genoa, in fact, boasts its own rather sickly version with pesto in some of its pizza restaurants!

    See my Recco page for more info on focaccia di Recco.

    Focaccia, farinata and more
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  • marco2005's Profile Photo

    EdoBar: If you are leaving Genoa going eastward...

    by marco2005 Updated Dec 7, 2007

    If you are leaving Genoa going eastward...
    along the SS1 called "Aurelia" you will pass through nice little town, as Nervi, Bogliasco and (15km away from Genoa center) Sori.
    If you are driving consider a cheap but tasty stop there. On the side of the restaurant there is also a cover parking lot with surveillance.

    My tip is in the SORI page.

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  • Emily07's Profile Photo

    Tre Caravelle: Pizza and beer in Porto Antico

    by Emily07 Updated Apr 27, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Tre Carravelle is a birreria and pizzeria right in Porto Antico next to molo vecchio. It has a nice glassed in patio area overlooking the port, and between that and the restaurant's building is a small open air seating area. It makes for a scenic, peaceful setting.

    In a country where the beer selection at a given restaurant can usually be counted on one hand it's a rare treat to have a full page of beer choices, including 4 on tap. Most cost 4.50 for a medium or 2.50 for a small, pretty reasonable. The pizza choices are fabulous with all the usual choices such as Napoleatano and Margherita and a few of their own creations like the Porto Antico topped with stracchino cheese and sardines. The pizzas generally cost between 6 and 7.50, again, pretty reasonable.

    Even if beer and pizza aren't your thing, the menu has more to offer including wine and typical pasta dishes. For the scenic setting and delicious food and drink, at a reasonable price, Tre Carravelle is worth a visit!

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