Liguria Local Customs

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Liguria Local Customs

  • surroundings

    Genoa Local Customs

    The sea is a basic part of Italian culture. After a day of fishing, local fishermen spend the remainder of daylight enjoying each other's company and re-living their experiences. Students walk and travel by public transportation to school each day. Genoa Aquarium and port area provide educational experiences for field trips.

  • people

    Genoa Local Customs

    Raffaele Rubattino was a visionary and the first Italian ship owner to commit his company to steam navigation. He formed the steamship line that would connect Genova to several ports of the Mediterranean and later to Middle East. Rubattino had political ambitions aswell, supporting Giuseppe Garibaldi in consolidation of Italy. The statue is work of...

  • museums and exibitions

    Genoa Local Customs

    Genova is city of arts and culture with number of outstanding art galleries containing many masterpieces from previous centuries. It is place of particular charm which attracted many artists to live here or to spend parts of their lifes in Genova or its surroundings. Museo dell'Accademia Ligustica di Belle Arti is located in Palazzo dell'Accdemia,...

  • language

    Genoa Local Customs

    The local dialect of Genoa (Zena) is most interesting. Coincidentally, Genoese is spoken in 2 towns in Sardinia, one of which is Calasetta, so i grew up speaking a little Genoese. In Genoa, as in all of Italy, the local dialect is the very much the local flavor and the life blood of the local culture. Increasingly and awfully the local dialects are...

  • Wines of Cingue Terre

    The good climate condition and rich soil and even location make this area almost perfect for vineyard and wine making. The slopes of the mountains of Cinque Terre is decorated by grappes. Some vineyards are being cultivated with Bosco, Albarola and Vermentino grapes. The local wine brand is is the Lo Sciacchetrà. That word means "push and pull". I...

  • Fisherman's legacy

    There is still evidence of strong fishing tradition in Liguria, especially in area of National Park Cingue Terre. The ancient fisherman's settlements sets in new age as popular touristic attraction but somehow not on its peak yet, in my opinion. No, I didn't see any fisherman or any fisherman's boat in bay. But I saw plenty of boats (well maintain...

  • Languages in Liguria

    I visit Liguria as part of organized tour by touristic agency that include and many other nice destination within country. I order to maximize my travel experience I was spend some time online trying to learn so much about places that is in the itinerary. That is better to travel alone. Anyway, one of thing that I learn about Liguria is that...

  • Architecture in Liguria

    Coastal part of Liguria is very interesting for visitors not only for sea then and specific architecture style. The houses follow the rocks and steep cliffs and seems like they define gravity. In every part of world there is a places that people make to thinking what kind of reason is for person to make their living on some seemly the unreachable...

  • Genoa flag in Liguria today

    I notice the flags on buildings in Porto Venere hanging from windows. Red cross on white field. It looks like English flags. I find out that is old Genoa flag. That time was very festive with lots of cultural event in progress. Maybe that inspired that specific city decoration. I find it very interesting and wont to learn more. There is many online...

  • Churches, religion and spirituality in...

    Most of places I visited in Liguria is very small. The churches is usually main cultural objects there. Mostly of them, at least churches that I was visited, was Roman Catholic. I will summarize here some things I notice regarded this topic and some of impression.Elegant stone churches with rich interior located on hill. Mostly of them fit the...

  • Genua > great church-interiors

    Churches are in general decorated in the most beautiful and precious way.This is the interior of Cattedrale San Lorenzo in Genua .The pulpit - on the left of my pic - is made much smaller and has less ornaments than many of the other churches I saw in Italy...but it is made of solid marble with some great sculptures in it.And on my pic, you will...

  • Sagra del Pesce on 2nd sunday in May

    These are the 2 biggest pans in the world...they will be used to make a great pan of roasted fishes once a year during a big festivity In Camogli on the 2nd sunday in May :SAGRA DEL PESCE is the name of that festivity .These 2 pans and the handle of the pans in the middle, are fixed during the year on a wall that you will pass by, when you walk...

  • The Ligurian Cross

    In many places of Liguria you will see a special kind of cross with the 3 upper-ends beautifully decorated like the one on my picture.I could not yet find an explanation for this kind of decoration but it looks really interesting.The cross on my picture I saw inside Orario Santa Croce in Via Molinelli / Monterosso al Mare.This church is really...

  • Those windows.....

    What I liked most about all these villages in Cinque Terre were those green window shutters - designed in a way that allows you to keep the sun away and still have some light and air! Bending outward, with washed clothes hanging outside to dry - this is the typical image for me!

  • Winegrowing

    Despite the fact that Vernazza (and the rest of the Cinque Terre) have only very limited space, there is still room for winegrowing. All over the place you will see terraces with grapevines and when we were there in September, you could see lots of people harvesting.And the result - don't miss to try it!

  • For the vicitms of WW I & WW II

    In Santa Marghertia Ligure you may see several small monuments like on my picture for the victims of the 2 big World Wars.I made a picture-combination of 2 of them - you may see these monuments close to the place, where the ships will leave several times a day for Portofino.While waiting for your ship, have a look into the big church nearby, it is...

  • Fake facades

    At many places in Liguria, the structures on the fassades are PAINTED only.But it is done in such a perfect way, that even standing in a short distance, you may think, there are structures of stone instead of a totally even and flat wall .My picture shows a facade in Genua, close to the port and only the small "roof" above the altar is built...

  • Altars for the safe return of the...

    Liguria was always well known for its skilled captains of the fast Sailingclippers and its Marine-schools and in the old times almost all of the population used to live on fishing.These small altars, that you may see all over Liguria, were made in order to wish the sailors good luck and pray before going out on the sea.Just take a look at the great...

  • Great door-knockers

    Once that you had started to search for interesting door-knockers in Italy, you will see how many different great and fancy ones you will see:Look at this great work of art that was used to knock on the doors of Palazzo Ducale.These doors are really huge and about 6-8 meters high......and when you look up on top of these huge doors, you will also...

  • Every year on 17th August...

    Every year on 17th August portovenere inhabitants celebrate the White Virgin Day - the village is enlightened and the evening procession passes though the old village and reaches the church of San Lorenzo.

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Liguria Local Customs

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