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Monterosso al Mare Highlights

  • Pro
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    nanct45 says…

     Warm, blue water, great hikes, wonderful food 

  • Con
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    sikorka says…

     Too many tourists during some periods of the year 

  • In a nutshell
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    texas_bravo says…

     One of the most Beautiful places I been in my life! 

Monterosso al Mare Things to Do

  • Beach

    Besides Fegina beach resort Monterosso has another sandy beach which stretches right in front of the old town. The town beach is slightly smaller but equally so is perhaps less attractive for swimming, due to a fact that it is, at the same time, the port of Monterosso. On the one side, there where is a harbour, the beach is bordered with a pier and...

  • Chiesa di San Giovanni Battista - Church...

    The parish church of San Giovanni Battista is located in a small Piazza don Giovanni Minzoni, right next to Piazza Garibaldi. The church was built between the 13th and 14th century, completed in 1307, and later renovated in the era of Baroque. The facade, which dates from 1307, features a two-tone white and dark serpentine facing, a large rose...

  • Hiking

    An enormous amount of travelers come to the Cinque Terre to hike the fabled trails between the five villages in this UNESCO site. Yes, they're beautiful. Yes, you should do at least some of them if physically able to. Yes, you must purchase a pass to do that. No, it's not certain that every route will be open at any given time. This is one of...


Monterosso al Mare Hotels

Monterosso al Mare Restaurants

  • Il bianco di Monterosso

    Enoteca da Eliseo is one of those places to which each visitor would like to come back again, as soon as possible. Enoteca is a wine-bar, not a restaurant, although some snacks could be ordered too. Here people come to drink good wine, famous limoncello or grappa and more grappas. The location is in the heart of Monterosso, in an intimate piazzetta...

  • short break

    It was pretty hot day for the end of September and I usually don't each much in such a days. I decided to take some light food or sendwich and this bar, situated in a small porticoe, attracted me so much. Nice ambient in a deep shadow and very refreshing indeed.To be honest, this small bar was the only food-place that attracted my attention in...

  • Something is wrong, no smell of food at...

    I suppose this could be more likely an tourist trap tip rather than restaurant tip. When strolling and exploring new places our senses are very active, with eyes we looking for attractive sites while at the same time our scent is absorbing the odors that spread around us. Tasting local food is an integral part or our explorings. My practice is to...


Monterosso al Mare Nightlife

  • magical nighttime

    During the summer there are often dancing nights on the beach with a very good atmosphere.Anyway after your dinner at one of many restaurants you walk in the historical part where there are a lot of pubs with tables outside where you can meet people. Any special dress requirements are observed

  • Sunset Cinque Terre Style

    The Cinque Terre has some of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen.My favourite thing to do in the evening is to pull up a seat at a bar, just sit by the harbour and watch the sunset.It is also a great opportunity to do some people watching - as everyone seems to be out enjoying the view! Make sure you have a warm top - it can get cooler...

  • Great Music and a Friendly Atmosphere

    While a girlfriend and I were backpacking through Europe we happened upon this spot during our stay in the Cinque Terre. Located right on the main strip of Old Town Monterosso there were often many people stopping in for a drink and a quick hello. Open all day, from 9 am until 1 am, FAST offers coffee and breakfast rolls in the morning, delicious...


Monterosso al Mare Transportation

  • Boat

    Monterosso al Mare is accessible by sea, through the daily ferries that connect the various villages of the Cinque Terre with Portovenere, La Spezia and Lerici. The Maritime Consortium of Cinque Terre owns fleet of 16 boats of various sizes and the ferry lines between the different villages are very frequent during a day.One of the best way to see...

  • Walking

    The railway station of Monterosso al Mare is located in the new part of the town which is called Fegina. Out there is a long road called Passegiata Lungomare which connecting new and old parts of Monterosso. To reach the old town you must pass a single tunel which starts nearby Torre Aurora. The tunel is maybe 200m long. Somwhere around its end...

  • Train

    In 1870 the railroad line was built which opened up Monterosso al Mare to the outside world. Sounds funny but is true, until that period Monterosso was accesible only by sea or by mule paths that connected the villages of the Cinque Terre.In case of travelling and exploring Italy by car, it is advisible not to use it for visiting area of Cinque...


Monterosso al Mare Shopping

  • usual blabla

    Street shopping in Monterosso al Mare isn't better or any worst than in other touristic places, usual colourful "nothingworthcloths" which we occasionaly buy to remember the visit but never wearing them. The so called local souveniers are mostly plastic toys "made in China"....., but what the most is missing here are the local craft made souvenirs...

  • "give peace a chance"

    Even in the late September Mediterranean sun could be pretty hard, especially if the day is bright and cloudless. When spending time at the beach bright sun intensified by reflection from the surface of the sea could disturbing for the eyes, if not protected with the sunglasses.This beach-retailers know it very well and could be helpful to deprive...

  • Fivestones: Autentic Souvenir of Cinque...

    Fivestones is a very impressive line of souvenirs, all made with natural materials like wood, stones, twigs, twine, nails, paper and cork.This is a line coordinated and articulated, high aesthetic quality, easily recognizable.Fivestones is the creativity of Italian industrial production as opposed to the Asian market.In many Cinque Terre shops,...


Monterosso al Mare Local Customs

  • Thirsty?

    This interesting fountain, made in white marble, stands in the main street of Monterosso al Mare. Unfortunatelly it was out of use and we couldn't test the water not even refreshing ourselves. Composition of the fountain is suitable for a small town located on the seashore, big fish spilling the water into a stylized sea shells.

  • Wineyards

    The vine requires a lot of sunny days, especially in the period of ripening of the grapes. Plenty of sunshine favors grapes in order to get the sweetness and the saturation of glucose that is in the process of subsequent fermentation decisive factor for the quality of wine.It is not something what I learned from the books, that experience was...

  • Sending a postcards

    Do you send a postcards to your friends and family, I dont but my wife simply adore it. Wherever we travel together she must send postcards while I am always forgetting it.Damn gadgets made us to be unpolite and lazy with sending the postcards. It used to be nice habbit and a must, ages ago, too bad such a nice tradition almost disappeared.


Monterosso al Mare Warnings and Dangers

  • Don't Slip!

    If you are planning on walking between the villages on the Cinque Terre, then take care!!Some of the paths are pretty narrow, and along the edge of a cliff..... A lot of walkers carry large sticks with them to assist with climbing and helping to stop any slips and falls.Just ensure you have sensible walking shoes and take it easy - it is not a...

  • Beaches in Cinque Terre

    The only thing you have to watch for are the private beaches. The beaches will be sectioned off, the hotels will have part of the beach reserved for just their guests so you just have to look and see which part is public.

  • Cars

    I think this is what struck me most when we first reached Monterosso: after only having experienced these real small streets in Vernazza and not having seen any cars (where should they be able to drive in such a tiny village?) I was shocked to see those broad streets in Monterosso's new town, see the parking lots and have to pay attention when...


Monterosso al Mare Tourist Traps

  • Not correct prices!!!

    There is a bar in the historical part of Monterosso with tables at open air just in front of the beach, that try to cheat tourists.There is a waiter from Naples that confuse you acting in a funny way and make you pay more than you must.He makes bills quickly at tables without receive asking you more money and if you noticethat he just say:oh yes...

  • Fake Sciacchetrà

    Sciacchetrà is the most celebrated wine of Cinque Terre. The problem is that proper sciacchetrà CAN'T BE FOUND ANYMORE. The reason is simple: too much demand compared to poor supply. It takes a lot of grape to make a single bottle of Schiacchetrà and now, simply, it finished. What restaurant and pubs offer you is just a pale imitation of the...

  • Frozen Food

    Watch for *surgelato on menus. This indicates that the dish is frozen. These are horrible quality dishes, so avoid ordering them at all costs! Order a panino, or anything not marked as frozen or pre-prepared. Small grocery stores usually have a fresh deli section where you can create your own sandwiches or mix and match for a summery Italian...


Monterosso al Mare What to Pack

  • Shoes and Camera a must!

    Don't forget to pack some shoes suitable for walking/hiking along the cliffs between the towns on the Cinque Terre.When we were walking, we saw one lady in high heels about to set off.....we advised her to turn back! A camera is a must. The coastline is spectacular. Digital is best - that way there is no limit to the number of photos you take!!

  • Sarong

    A sarong is a lightweight, fast-drying article of clothing that can be used in a variety of ways. Lay on it at the beach, then use it to dry off after a swim or to cover up that new sunburn.Bring one with you, as they sell for minimum 10 Euro in Monterosso.

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Monterosso al Mare Off The Beaten Path

  • Genova - Genoa

    The last day of our stay in Monterosso we decided to go for a day trip to Genoa. It takes only 1,5 h to get there by train. The trip is very interesting by itself because the train pass thru many little towns of Riviera Ligure (this part is called La Riviera di Levante). Unfortunately we did not have time to stop in famous Portofino or Rapallo and...

  • View of Monterosso al Mare from high...

    This is a view of Monterosso al Mare from one of the high surrounding hills. It shows the main car park, monastery and castle.

  • Snorkeling, cliff jumping, mopeds and...

    A friend of mine, Sean Risotti, runs tours through the Cinque Terre. Although all of his tours begin in Monterosso he takes people all over the Cinque Terre. While I was there we went cliff jumping (I believe the highest point was about 45 feet), snorkeling (some of the most fantastic fish I have ever seen!), hiked the Via dell'amore (a trail leads...


Monterosso al Mare Sports & Outdoors

  • Take a Hike!

    The highlight of a trip to the Cinque Terre is a hike between the 5 villages. The distance from Riomaggiore to Monterosso al Mare is 12kms, and a lot of the trail is steep and rocky.The walk from Riomaggiore to Manarola is the easiest. It is paved all the way, and the hardest part is probably the flight of stairs from the station at Riomaggiore up...

  • Hike across all five villages

    The neat thing about these five villages, is that in one day you can hike between all five and then take the train back to where you are staying. There is only a few kilometers separating each villa if that and the train stations for each villa are right next to the town. Bring your camera and plenty of sunscreen. Stop in each town for a snack of...

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Monterosso al Mare Favorites

  • Punta Mesco

    Punta Mesco is the mountain that closes the gulf in front of Monterosso al Mare, it is on the right side if looking at the sea. This mountain has very impressive cliffs and is characterized by steep slopes that descend to the sea. If staying couple of days in Monterosso the locals would suggest a walk of about one hour, in direction to Levanto, in...

  • Fegina

    Fegina is, al already mentioned, new part of Monterosso al Mare constructed mostly in the 19th and 20th century when the vocation of this village has strongly changed in favor of tourism. The decisive moment occurred in 1870 when the railroad line was built which opened up Monterosso al Mare to the outside world.Can you imagine that before 1870...

  • The old Monterosso

    In its past the town used to be walled to protect against the attacks from the sea front, especially African pirates, but not much of its fortifications left in Montreosso today. Monterro al Mare has always had a vocation for agriculture and maritime. Agricultural vocation because of the mild climate which allows the cultivation of the vine (and...


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