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  • globetrott's Profile Photo

    Il Polpino: A great bar in Sestri Levante

    by globetrott Updated Feb 24, 2010

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Rumeria " Il polpino " offers great aperitivs and rum-cocktails.

    And on my pic-combination you may see " pipi " - also known as VT-member polpino ( BUT much more active in his bar than on VT !! )

    and Chiara, the boss of the taxi-company & travel agency " pollon " ( beeing active in both places, in the bar & on VT !! )

    You may click on this link and get a map of town, showing also Via Cappuccini in the middle below: - Sestri Levante

    Favorite Dish: It is great that in all these bars you may also ask for a non-alcoholic mixdrink , when you are driving a car.
    and in the evening, when you like to take an aperitivo before you go to another restaurant, you will get some great snacks with your drink.

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  • globetrott's Profile Photo

    Ristaurante Creperie Thermopolium: A nice restaurant on the boulevard

    by globetrott Updated Feb 24, 2010

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Ristaurante Creperie Thermopolium is a nice restaurant situated directely on the small beach-boulevard of Nervi.
    The best about it is the fact that your tables are directely at the sea and you might only be disturbed a bit by the pedestrians passing by...

    Favorite Dish: They had nice snacks, crepes and pizzas as well as icecream.

    You may click here in order to see, where to find Passegiata Anita Garibaldi: - Nervi

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  • Ristorante Thermopolium: Great value/ good food

    by ianandgilly Written Jun 6, 2008

    We were brwsing the menu when a local nudged me and said " so sorry but very good" - with that we went in! We sat by the door and looked out over the sea - what a great spot. The owner was hugely friendly and the food (cooked by his wife) was tasty, geberous in portions and great value. I had veggy cakes to start and an omlette and Gilly had a mixed Ors D'Oeuvres followed by a seafood platter. That plus puds (yummy icecream) came to Euros 44 - not bad by my reckoning even at the current £1.2 = 1Euro.

    Try it!

    Favorite Dish: Veggy cakes

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  • DanielF's Profile Photo

    Focaccia: It is not only about pizza in Italy.

    by DanielF Updated Apr 2, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Focaccia is one of the best known kinds of flat bread in Italy and some people consider it to be the ancestor of pizza. In Liguria, focaccias are readily available in every bakery and some shops are even specialised in this product.

    The focaccia alla genovese is a Ligurian speciality (fugassa, as they call it here). It is simple, but tasty and very healthy, as the flat bread is seasoned with olive oil and sea salt. A good focaccia must be crusty outside and spongey inside.

    Favorite Dish: Some locals enjoy dipping their focaccia alla genovese into the caffelatte. A bizarre combination, but why not give it a try?

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  • tini58de's Profile Photo

    Restaurants in Cinque Terre

    by tini58de Updated Mar 28, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Cinque Terre has delicious food - especially the seafood is awesome and really fresh, too!!! We went to a couple of places to eat, for more information, please do have a look at my

    Vernazza restaurant tips

    Favorite Dish: seafood!

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  • diver-x's Profile Photo

    Generic Tip: Getting Chow in Cinque Terre Villages

    by diver-x Updated Jun 26, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Most of the food available in the Cinque Terre villages that we saw were pizzerias, cafes and gelaterias, with maybe 2 or 3 sit-down restaurants in each town (aside from, maybe Monterosso, which may have more available). Most menus of course revolved around seafood.

    Favorite Dish: I'm partial to the focaccia sandwiches that are widely available all over Italy. Tomato & mozzarella and prociutto. We had especially yummy ones at a cafe-bar in Corniglia.

    Make sure you have some gelato too! I had some of the yummiest flavors in the Cinque Terre: pistachio, black forest, and the richest chocolate I've ever had!

    The main piazza in Vernazza
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  • deecat's Profile Photo

    Ristorante "Moresco": Last Night in Levento: The Ambiance, the Food

    by deecat Updated Apr 25, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    As the picture indicates, we gained some color on our last day in Italy. We were at Levante Beach for two hours, did some last minute shopping, and spent three hours
    This restaurant has such a romantic atmosphere with its frescoes on the walls, with its great Italian music in the background, and with its EXCELLENT food, which features magnificent sauces.

    After this "heavenly" meal, we took a long, lovely walk. This night capped off 28 days of absorbing the alluring, seductive, and captivating sites of ITALY.

    Favorite Dish: My favorite dish was Beef Filet with mushrooms in a wine sauce similar to Marchant Devin.
    Allan's favorite dish: Baked fish with an excellent sauce.
    We both loved the shrimp coctail because of, yes, the delicious sauce.

    Ristorante Moresco

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  • globetrott's Profile Photo

    I am not sure about the name: Another great restaurant in Boccadasse / Genua

    by globetrott Updated Nov 7, 2004

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Here on my picture, in the very centre of Boccadasse you will see the other great restaurant in Boccadasse - on the right !
    On this tiny square in the very centre of the old fishing-village Boccadasse - that was lateron simply "swallowed" by Genua / Genova - you will find another great restaurant, serving mainly local fish.

    And of course these boats in front of the restaurant are not only a nice decoration, but certainly still in use every day in order to get really fresh fish.
    You have to park your car in a distance of maybe 500 meters, walk down plenty of steps into the former fishing-village in order to find this special restaurant.

    You may click here in order to see, where to go : - Boccadasse

    Where the coast-road bends you may park your car and step down plenty of steps to the old fishing-village of Boccadasse

    Favorite Dish: Fish in all of its variations and certainly at least partly depending on the "catch of the day"

    a great fish-restaurant in Boccadasse/Genova
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  • globetrott's Profile Photo

    LAVAGNA - Pasticceria Antica Piaggio: Did you ever taste rusty tools ??

    by globetrott Written Nov 5, 2004

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This is a special bakery-shop that I saw on the mainstreet of Lavagna.
    They had very funny and creative sorts of bakeries and sweets...

    They also serve coffee and tea with their own cakes.

    Here you may see a small map of Lavagna : - Lavagna

    Favorite Dish: At first you might get the idea, they simply put some old, rusty tools next to their sweets...
    BUT, simply take a second look - these rusty old tools are made simply of chocolate - in an absolutely great and artistic way.

    They certainly make also a perfect gift for your friends at home.

    did you ever taste rusty tools ??
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  • globetrott's Profile Photo

    Da Maria: My favorite place in Genua & one of the cheapest

    by globetrott Updated Nov 4, 2004

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This is a place, you should NOT MISS as it is unique in many ways
    This great restaurant is in the old part of Genua / Genova and you will meet all levels of guests there .

    Large tables & most of them will be occupied most of the time

    A funny menu with explanations like " our xxx tastes really great today " or " try xxz, we use only real butter in our kitchen "

    The menu is in Italian ONLY, and when you order your dish it might happen, that the waitress comes back, telling you, yyyyy is not available anymore today, and she will immidiately take a pencil and cross it out on Your menu , that had lots of crossed out dishes already, when you got the menu ;-)

    Have a look on the pic, with the laundry around the windows, and the very small entrancedoor - in fact you rather get the feeling to enter a private house, than a restaurant.

    Favorite Dish: We came rather late into the fully occupied restaurant, found a place for 2, tried to order, but failed so often to get the dishes WE wanted ( as they had to get crossed out from the menu )...

    but finally it worked well with 2 dishes + mineral water we payed a total of 5,- €uro per person

    Da Maria in Genua
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  • globetrott's Profile Photo

    Bocadasse: A great restaurant with a view

    by globetrott Updated Nov 4, 2004

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    On my picture you may see a great restaurant directely in Boccadasse with a great view over the coast and the sea.
    Just have a look for the giant terrace high above the beach.
    You may click on this link in order to see where to find this restaurant: - Boccadasse

    Favorite Dish: There are plenty of good fish-dishes. Fruitti di Mare is never a bad choice in that area.

    the restaurant in Boccadasse
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  • globetrott's Profile Photo

    Restaurante Palazzo Ducale / Genua: A great restaurant in an ancient Palazzo

    by globetrott Written Nov 2, 2004

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Palazzo Ducale is a MUST, when visiting Genua / Genova and when you are exploring the old Palazzo you will also get to the great restaurant on the 4th floor of the building.
    Take the lift or the stairs !

    Favorite Dish: I had an espresso and some cake there, but the menu offered also great lunch-dishes and icecreams.

    Palazzo Ducale in Genova
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  • globetrott's Profile Photo

    bar delle carrozze: Apperitivo with Chiara

    by globetrott Written Oct 2, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    In the evening we also met Paolo (utttz) and some of his friends in "Bar delle carrozze" a nice bar in Chiavari.

    Favorite Dish: Normally I am not used to take an apperitiv, BUT in Italy "apperitivo" is much more that just a small drink before you go for dinner :

    Just click on my pic and you will see that apperitivo comes togeather with a big variety of appetizers:
    long crispy sticks, tiny tramezzinis, olives, onions, chips, nuts and even some noodels.
    and you actually pay just for the drink - around 3 Euros a person

    Cheers, Chiara !!

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  • globetrott's Profile Photo

    Falcone: Breakfast with Chiara

    by globetrott Written Oct 2, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I had my motorhome in Lavagna, just about 2 Km from Chiavari, ( in fact these 2 towns are so close to each other, that it is hard to know where they start or end).
    Chiara has a small appartment in Chiavari...

    ...and so "TaxiserviceChiara" came in the morning to start the day with me in a nice Pasticceria...

    Favorite Dish: Breakfast in Italy is always rather small, so Chiara could not believe that I was able to eat 5 pieces of pastry and had 3 cappuccions - while she had only one.
    This is a perfect place for breakfast & with Chiara it is even much better !!

    And for our excursion to Nervi we also bought 2 small pieces of "italian Sacher Torte" (the ONLY bad experience in that pasticceria - and maybe only for Austrians, as you may see in Chiara's page about Nervi !)

    Hmm, Breakfast with Chiara

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  • utttz's Profile Photo

    general tips

    by utttz Updated Sep 4, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    food to try (humble suggestions):

    snaks or similar:
    focaccia (genoa or the eastern riviera)
    panissa fritta (mainly genoa)

    pasta, for vegetarians too:
    trofie, trenette or gnocchi al pesto
    pansoti in salsa di noci

    pasta, not for vegetarians:
    ravioli (better if with the original tuccu)

    other food for vegetarians too:
    farinata (from savona to sestri levante)
    focaccia di recco (in recco)
    torte di verdura (eggs inside)

    other food not for vegetarians:
    stocafisso accomodato
    acciughe fritte/ripiene
    cappon magro

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