Liguria Transportation

  • View from the station.
    View from the station.
    by Henrik_rrb
  • View if you look the other way around.
    View if you look the other way around.
    by Henrik_rrb
  • boat to Portofino
    boat to Portofino
    by croisbeauty

Liguria Transportation

  • Trains

    Genoa Transportation

    Going to Genova by train is probably the wisest solution, even if not the cheaper one too. If you come from the North of Italy or from the Western part of the region (Savona and Imperia provinces), you will be lucky to get off at the Piazza Principe station. I am saying this because this station lies in the old downtown and is, therefore, a good...

  • walking

    Vernazza Transportation

    The area of Parco Nazionale delle Cinque Terre is relatively small and yet, one day trip isn't enough even to get an idea about it, especially if your agent has "run and gun" idea of visiting the park. The walking trail in between Riomaggiore and Monterosso al Mare is 9km long and it takes about 5 hours. The longest single distance is 4km and it's...

  • Train between the Cinque Terre Villages

    Manarola Transportation

    After our brief (less then an hour) visit of the town, we headed back to the train station for the quick 3 minute train ride back to Riomaggiore. Waiting at train stations in Europe and especially in small villages like this gives you time to collect your thoughts and take a view of everything that you are surrounded by. We were there on a...

  • train

    Liguria Transportation

    Trenitalia has trains running all along the coast. It is easy to get on a train from Genoa to a smaller resort town in the neighbourhood. We flew into Genoa airport from there took the shuttlebus to the trainstation. (It stops at several trainstations, just ask for Principe Station, one of the larger ones.) At the trainstation we bought a one way...

  • buses

    Genoa Transportation

    After our ride on the funicular, we decided to catch a Bus back down to the Port area. We asked the shop keeper, and were going to buy a ticket, but didn't have to. You see, our ticket from the funicular we still could use on the bus, as we had 90 minutes in which to use it. Great! Just look for AMT Buses, The Bus stops are marked clearly.

  • Ferry

    Manarola Transportation

    From approximately the beginning of April to the end of October, ferries are an alternate way of reaching most of the Cinque Terre villages and many others along the Ligurian coast including Portofino, Levanto and La Spezia. They’re not as fast or as inexpensive as the local train but are a nice way to get a different perspective of the cliffs,...

  • Genova by Funiculars

    Genoa Transportation

    Genoa Public Transport There are several funiculars (and lifts) in Genoa. The only one I have used is the one from Largo Zecca ( near Via Garibaldi with all the beautiful villas) up to Righi. It takes about 20 minutes, is a thrill in itself, and up top there is a fabulous view, at least one cafe, and a castle that is apparently worth the ten...

  • airport

    Genoa Transportation

    the Piazza Principi Station is only 8km far from the airport. here is the info about the bus service. and here the pdf bilingual printable foldout by taxi you can ask the flat fare at Radio Taxi

  • ship and ferries

    Genoa Transportation

    We arrived at Genoa by Cruise Ship. This was quite a nice way to enter the city as the views of Genoa from the water were pretty good. We could see the big buildings, and Cathedrals, plus the rest of the city. I was able to take some nice photo's of Genoa. Saw some interesting Ships with Cartoon character's painted on their sides! From the Ship,...

  • Walk!

    Actually walking is what the Cinque Terre is all about! There are lots of fabulous footpaths that will get you from one village to the other. They are clearly marked and you will get good information about the difficulties and distances and approximate time of walking.The easiest portion is the Via Dell'Amore - the (paved) footpath between...

  • Easy and not expensive

    Trenitalia has trains running all along the coast. It is easy to get on a train from Genoa to a smaller resort town in the neighbourhood.We flew into Genoa airport from there took the shuttlebus to the trainstation. (It stops at several trainstations, just ask for Principe Station, one of the larger ones.) At the trainstation we bought a one way...

  • Vola bus, shuttle from airport to Genoa

    There is no trainstation at the Genoa airport but there is shuttlebus service between the airport and the main trainstations in Genoa. The service is called Volabus. The tickets cost 6 Euro (2010 price)and can be bought in the bus or at the ticket machine outside the terminal.There is a timescedule but we found that the bus waited until the...

  • Seaside landing in Genoa

    The airport of Genoa is very small and has its runway next to the sea. It is a great sight landing here, that is if the weather is OK and not cloudy as we had for our trip.As it is a very small airport not many international flights go to Genoa. Lufthansa operates a flight from Münich and Air France from Paris, but most of the time you have to...

  • Take the ship in 5terre

    Take the ship in order to explore Cinque terre, as this is the traditional way to arrive there.In the ancient times only a secret system of paths led to the 5 villages and the ship was the main means of transportation of the local goods.Landing is NOT always safe in these small ports, and when I remember the lovely , calm waters we had when I took...

  • Getting thhere by Train

    To figure out what works best with your schedule, Go to Type in your departure town, and Arriving at either riomaggiore (southern of the 5-terre) or Monterosso (Northernmost), your travel date, and see what the schedules are.From say, Lucca: You'll have to make to train change(s), one at Viareggio, and...

  • Trains

    The Cinque Terre can easily be explored by train!We arrived at Pisa airport and took a train from the trainstation Pisa Aeroporto to Pisa Centrale, on to La Spezia and then to Vernazza. Since we had an evening flight we did not have much choice but to take the Eurostar train (1st class only, reservations compulsory), but it was no problem to get a...

  • Closest airport

    The closest airport to the Cinque Terre is Pisa, which was very convenient for us, since Ryanair just started to fly from Karlsruhe/Baden to Pisa in 2006! There are a lot of budget airlines flying into Gallileo Gallilei Airport, but of course all the regular airlines as well!There are buses and a trainstation right there at the airport, so it is as...

  • Driving & Parking in the Cinque Terre

    There's no vehicle traffic in the towns themselves, and driving and parking is a little tricky. We've driven and parked a couple times at different locations.The views along the road connecting the towns (SS370/SP51) are splendid; go slowly as the road is narrow and curvy. Parking:Riomaggiore - there is a fairly new, multilevel garage at the edge...

  • Foot Paths of Cinque Terre

    Being a national park, it is a nominal fee to enter the walking paths (spring 06 it was 3 Euro). For just over 5 Euro you can get access to the paths as well as transportation in the trains/busses for the day. Even for those not in top physical condition, there's a path for you. There are a number of trails connecting the towns (you get a free map...

  • Take the train from Levanto to the...

    This picture shows me at the train platform of one of the five Cinque Terre Villages. Their train system is really unique because there are lots of tunnels right through the cliffs.We would catch the train from the depot in Levanto to go to the particular village that we wished to visit. Sometimes, we would walk between two villages, then take the...

  • Train to Cinque Terre Villages

    We took the train from La Spezia to the Cinque Terre towns to start our hikes. The train was on time and only took a few minutes to get to the first village. The ticket costs 5.20 Euro for one day, which includes the trail fee. You can also buy a pass that covers you for 3 or 7 days. Make sure you validate your ticket at one of the little yellow...

  • Genova - the Lift to Castelletto

    Genova is built on several hills and for some of them you will find lifts and cablecars to get up quickly.You may enter the house on my picture on the right and walk a rather long corridor backwards into the mountain, where a lift will take you on top of the small hill called Castelletto, where you have a great view over Genua.The fee for the lift...

  • The vinyard-roller-coaster

    This is a very special way of transportation for the local workers and farmers inside of their vinyards in the area of Cinque terre.It is a small train running on a single-rail running up and down the hills like a rollercoaster, taking down the grapes on these small wagons.Just imagine the effort without such clever vehicles. This is the terminal...

  • Always go by train in Liguria !

    The trainsystem in Italy offers good connections to all important destinations for a tourist.Click on my picture and you will see :1)Camogli 2)Portofino3)Chiavari4)Lavagna5)Sestri Levante6)the direction to 5terreHave a look for special offers like e.g. there is a dayticket to 5terre, including all trains,buses and even the entrance-fee to the...

  • Genua - Stazione Principe

    This is the main train station of Genoa - just a few hundred meters off the cruise-port and in the west of Genua / Genova.It is nothing special there for a tourist, except a big statue of Columbus and a rather expensive internet-cafe across the big square.You may click here to see the station on a small, zoom-able map - Genua /...

  • Genua - Statione Brignole

    It looks rather like a Palazzo - BUT it is one of the 2 big train-stations :Genua Brignole - on the east part of Genua .When making an appointement or hotel-reservation simply make sure, you leave at the right station !!And if you are lucky and have an appointement with Chiara......THIS is the station, where she will meet you, as it is less...

  • Sailing...

    Even if all tourist guides suggest you to take the train from a village to an other, let me suggest you to prefer the boat instead.You can get off in each village and wait the next boat to continue your visit...


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