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  • View from our balcony.
    View from our balcony.
    by Henrik_rrb
  • Colourful boats in Vernazza
    Colourful boats in Vernazza
  • Portofino
    by kinkers
Map of Liguria



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La Spezia






Santa Margherita Ligure




San Remo






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San Fruttuoso








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See all 734 Genoa Tips
  • Palazzo Ducale & Piazza De Ferrari

    Genoa Things to Do

    Piazza De Ferrari is Genoa's most important public square. It links Genoa's historical heart with its modern, commercial centre. In the middle of the square a large fountain shoots jets of water into the air. Several important buildings are located on this square. The Palazzo Ducale which means Doge's Palace has its main entrance round the...

  • Best Western Hotel Metropoli

    Genoa Hotels

    It's good 3* hotel, rather centrally located (about 15 min walk to Duomo and 25 min walk to the...

  • osteria di vico palla

    4 out of 5 stars

    Genoa Restaurants

    Very popular with locals and visitors, Antica Osteria di Vico Palla was full when we turned up one lunchtime during the Christmas period. Not having a reservation wasn't a problem, though, and we were happy to wait the five minutes in their cosy hallway. This isn't a place to come if you want extremely attentive service or to have a leisurely chat...


Monterosso al Mare

  • Beach

    Monterosso al Mare Things to Do

    Besides Fegina beach resort Monterosso has another sandy beach which stretches right in front of the old town. The town beach is slightly smaller but equally so is perhaps less attractive for swimming, due to a fact that it is, at the same time, the port of Monterosso. On the one side, there where is a harbour, the beach is bordered with a pier and...

  • Hotel Villa Steno

    Monterosso al Mare Hotels

    My mother and I stayed here for 1 night on our way to Florence from the French Riviera, and I wish...

  • Hiking the Cinque Terre: CURRENT UPDATE:...

    Monterosso al Mare Things to Do

    An enormous amount of travelers come to the Cinque Terre to hike the fabled trails between the five villages in this UNESCO site. Yes, they're beautiful. Yes, you should do at least some of them if physically able to. Yes, you must purchase a pass to do that.No, it's not certain that every route will be open at any given time.• The heavily traveled...



See all 184 Manarola Tips
  • The Cinque Terre trails

    Manarola Things to Do

    Everyone else has written about this silly thing but what’s one more review, eh? The section of the Blue Trail (Sentiero Azzurro, #2 on a CT trail map) that runs between Manarola and Riomaggiore is more pedestrian highway than hiking path. It is flat; it is paved; it is short (about 1/2 mile); all of which makes it attractive to any tourist who...

  • Hotel Ca D'Andrean Manarola

    Manarola Hotels

    Very nice and extremely clean. This is a small hotel that has a little bar area in the lobby. You...

  • La Scogliera

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    Manarola Restaurants

    we had dinner here twice and both times it was wonderful. by the end of the second dinner we had met another guy from italy and the owner and him and myself and my husband were drinking limoncello and grappa and just generally enjoying life. i work in a restaurant here in montana and they let me explore the whole kitchen and restaurant. very...


La Spezia

See all 120 La Spezia Tips


See all 245 Vernazza Tips
  • Chiesa di Santa Margherita d'Antiochia

    Vernazza Things to Do

    As the legend goes, long, long ago a chest containing the finger bones of St. Margaret of Antioch washed up on the rocks in Vernazza’s harbor. I'll admit to some skepticism about this miraculous event ‘cause I’m not really sure how they knew who the waterlogged digits belonged to, plus various bits of her - or rumored to be her bits, anyway - now...

  • Camere Giuliano

    Vernazza Hotels

    Vernazza, Cinque Terre, Italy

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

  • La Lanterna in Riomaggiore

    5 out of 5 stars

    Vernazza Restaurants

    This was the best food we ate during a four week trip in Italy! This small restaurant is over looking Riomaggiore harbour, a couple of minutes walk from the train station. The friendly owner is flamboyant and multi-lingual, making all feel welcome. Try to get a table on the balcony. We ate there 2 days in a row on our first trip and went back...



See all 290 Riomaggiore Tips
  • Saint Giovanni Batista

    Riomaggiore Things to Do

    Walk the upper part of the village and you will no doubt run into the church of Saint Giovanni Batista. The church which is located on the side of a hill was constructed in 1340. It was built under the direction Antonio Fieschi, bishop of Luni. A major reconstruction of the church was undertaken in the late 19th century. A commerative sign outside...

  • La Baia di Rio

    Riomaggiore Hotels

    Via Telemarco Signorini #177, Riomaggiore, Cinque Terre, Italy

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

  • Murals of Silvio Benedetto

    Riomaggiore Local Customs

    One of the first memories of arriving at the train station in Riomaggiore is the wonderful murals that are adjacent to the station and spread throughout the town. These murals so expressive of everyday life in the Cinque Terre were painted by Silvio Benedetto. Men and women in some cases are shown struggling to make a living. Benedetto was born in...


Santa Margherita Ligure


See all 135 Portofino Tips
  • Castello Brown

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    Portofino Things to Do

    Its name is Castle Brown. It was built on Roman foundations. Around 1000 it was donated to the Benedictine monks of S. Fruttuoso and was subsequently handed over to the consuls of Rapallo and in the 15th century to the Genovese. It was property of the Visconti of Milano between 1425 and 1435. It was restored at the beginning of the 1500 and...

  • Hotel Splendido

    Portofino Hotels

    My wife had always wanted to go to Hotel Splendido, Portofino with its picture postcard views. We...

  • boutiques

    Portofino Shopping

    Clothing is part of my job and I am always and everywhere checking shops which selling clots. Top touristic destinations usually have top quality shops with the cloths. Loro Piana is world's leading manufacturer of fine fabrics characterised by ultra fine cashmere and merino wool. Actually, Loro Piana is world's largest cashmere producer. Around 20...


San Remo

See all 31 San Remo Tips

    San Remo Things to Do

    Hi!I suggest you two places.BUSSANA VECCHIA an artists village very close to SanremoYou can get here by bus then walk inland for about 20 minutes.Information about the village:,_LiguriaTimetable: a true medieval hamlet.Information about...

  • Hotel Europa San Remo

    San Remo Hotels

    The Hotel Europa is located in the center of San Remo facing the Casino. It is close to the beaches...

  • seafood snacks and creative ice-coffees

    San Remo Restaurants

    Nice place... it's smaller than it looks, though - it's the huge mirror that makes it seem large. However the place is cosy and the staff really nice. It's a good place to go for breakfast, snacks, lunch - or else even just an ice-cream. I had a swordfish baguette (yum) and my friend had swordfish "carpaccio". He claims it was delicious. There's...



See all 84 Corniglia Tips
  • In the distance

    Corniglia Things to Do

    Here and there are several great spots for training a lens at the towering cliffs, tiered vineyards and other little villages that dot the Ligurian coastline, and you don’t need a map or directions ‘cause it’s pretty much impossible to miss ‘em in a town this size. Santa Maria Belvedere at the far end of Via Fieschi; the terrace behind St....

  • Da Cecio

    Corniglia Hotels

    Via Serra 58, Corniglia, 19010, Italy

    Satisfaction: Average

    Good for: Solo

  • How do I get up there?

    Corniglia Transportation

    There are five ways to reach Corniglia: • On foot via hiking trail #2 or #7a (if they’re open)• Little green park buses from train station• Hoofing it up the steep road from the train station• Puffing it up the Lardarina from the train station: a 382-step, 33-switchback stairway• By car - which I won’t even cover as it’s not recommended. If you’re...



See all 160 Portovenere Tips
  • Church of S. Pietro

    Portovenere Things to Do

    Built during the 6th century this church was renovated during the 1930's and gained UNESCO listing during the 1990's. Located within the fortifications of Doria Castle it can be seen from land and sea. We walked up to Doria Castle to view the fortification and take a photo of this church. We did not enter the church.

  • Grand Hotel Portovenere

    Portovenere Hotels

    I booked the hotel by internet with Instead of the room i received the suite. The suite...

  • general

    Portovenere Favorites

    Portovenere is located in the Gulf of Poets, which is actually a nickname given to the Gulf of La Spezia. The nickname sounds much nicer and it has its historical justification. For centuries its beauty has attracted many writers and musicians, including English poets Byron and Shelley, French novelist George Sand or German composer Richard Wagner....


Sestri Levante

See all 31 Sestri Levante Tips
  • Baia del Silenzio

    Sestri Levante Things to Do

    Bay of Silence is a wonderful quiet romantic bay. It has a small boardwalk, but most of the houses come as far as the beach. It's a public beach where you will find many locals. In front of the boardwalk you'll find the typical boats called "gozzi", resting on the beach after a fishing trip. I liked this part of Sestri Levante the best.

  • Hotel Villa Agnese

    Sestri Levante Hotels

    Via alla Fattoria Pallavicini, 1A, Sestri Levante, 16039, Italy

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

    Hotel Class 3.5 out of 5 stars

  • new owner !!!!

    Sestri Levante Nightlife

    a nice wine bar just on the way to "baia del silenzio"... take care of pippi, excellent barman but really looking for women :-)))) just be decent



See all 34 Camogli Tips
  • Zeffirino Kulum

    Camogli Restaurants

    On our first night in Camogli as we walked along the promenade - we decided to eat here because of the outside, sea side dining - the tall apartment buildings standing side by side, facing the sea.  My friend started with a carpaccio dish and I had grilled squid salad. My friend carpaccio was delicious - my grilled squid salad was fresh, simple,...

  • La Camogliese

    Camogli Hotels

    We were disappointed as the price did not reflect the service - the only way in was via steps; we...

  • See the lights at night

    Camogli Nightlife

    The brightly colored houses of Camogli are a delight during the day, but its also interesting to see it all at night.



See all 24 Chiavari Tips
  • Caffé Defilla

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    Chiavari Restaurants

    Refined interior surroundings to sit and chat with friends over drinks and snacks Outdoor covered seating area A lunchtime menu is available Gelato - one of the best gelateria in Liguria (photo needed on my next visit) Aperitivo of Prosecco or Aperol with nibbles

  • Monterosa

    Chiavari Hotels

    Our favourite hotel in Chiavari. Comfortable, quiet rooms. Helpful, friendly, unobtrusive staff...

  • Oodles of old world charm

    Chiavari Restaurants

    Refined interior surroundings to sit and chat with friends over drinks and snacksOutdoor covered seating areaA lunchtime menu is available Gelato - one of the best gelateria in Liguria (photo needed on my next visit)Aperitivo of Prosecco or Aperol with nibbles


San Fruttuoso

See all 16 San Fruttuoso Tips
  • Take the trail to Portofino

    San Fruttuoso Things to Do

    When in San Fruttuso, a 1,5 hour trail can take you to Portofino. Sorry I did not experienced it by myself, but considering I have seen kids and old people, it must be quite easy. Do not forget hiking boots, an hat and your pic-nic. Rather than eating againg in a San Fruttuoso's restaurant, I'll starve!

  • Visit the San Fruttouso Abbey

    San Fruttuoso Things to Do

    The abbey worths surely a visit; it takes no more than an hour and, besides what you can see inside, offers you amazing view for taking pictures. Founded probably in the 13° century, it is said that San Fruttuoso has been buried there. It is not certain, while it is certain that the members of the Family Doria, which owned the abbey for centuries,...

  • better to avoid

    San Fruttuoso Restaurants

    A touristy restaurant which has the only advantage to be in San Fruttuoso! The quality is medium but the prices are really too high for what you get. Some example:Coperto 3,50 euro (normally 2 or 2,50)Trofie al pesto 12 euro (usually between 8 to 15 euro)Spaghetti ai frutti di mare 20 euro (more or less 15-18 euro normally)Pinched wine, as well as...


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