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    Peschiera Maraglio
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    View from Ferry point
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Lago d' Iseo Things to Do

  • Visit Monte Isola

    This is nothing like the other islands on this lake or indeed any other Italian lake. It is a massive island which is the largest of any European lake islands (outside Finland). It is also the highlight of Lake Iseo which gives the lake a distinctive charm. The car-free (but not scooter free!) island oozes bucolic charm but entices the visitor with...

  • Get to love Lovere

    Nearly everyone who takes a boat to the upper part of the lake is heading for Lovere. This is a busy and characterful place with a good range of eateries to please. Its attractiveness is slightly detracted from by the busy main road that runs along the lakefront, but nonetheless this is a very pleasant place and has great views across the lake. I...

  • Take a boat to Riva di Solto

    This place is really special. As approach Riva di Solto by boat you see a glimpse of a faded palazzo through the trees. The village itself is tiny with a lovely cafe on the front facing a stupendous view of the mountains on the opposite side of the lake. When I visited this I couldn't believe the Italian lakes could get better - but they did.

  • Tavernola

    For some reason Tavernola caught my eye, one reason could have been the colourful streets following the contours of the lake.If you're into statistics, try the following:Tavernola Bergamasca had a population of 2.272 at the last census with an average of 2.71 per family and a town surface of 12,3 square kilometers. The place: The territory of the...

  • Take the walk around the pyramids of...

    At Cislano there is a tourist office for the Pyramids de Zone - which was closed when I was there as it was Good Friday - with a moderate sized car park, info board for the site and a signposted path that takes you around the outskirts of the privately owned residences and around to the viewing points.The entire circuit takes about an hour with...

  • Multi Activities

    I know lake Iseo well and although not so well known it has dramatic scenery and lots to do combining lake and mountain activities. There are so many including, multi pool complexes (3 at last count), windsurfing, treetop rope park, sailing, golf, Go Kart, horseriding, canoeing etc etc and not to mention winter for Heliskiing, snow shoe excursions,...

  • Cycling in Lago land

    It seemed at times that whatever corner you turned, there was another cyclist or bunch of same.Since it was almost impossible to overtake, on occasions I spent some time behind our two-wheeled friends. I say that advisedly as I race pushbikes myself, albeit at a considerably lower level than the professional teams pictured here!One advantage is...

  • Predore

    As you clear the mess of Bergamo and the southern end of the lake on the western side, you end up driving through Predore which is where you get the first real feeling that you are in a scenic area.This bright and picturesque little town is the first in an alternating display of ugly/pretty as you follow the shoreline up the western...

  • The streets of Riva

    Sometimes the contrast is on the same buioding as shown in this colourful example in the main street of Rive di Solto.Pink and green??Riva di Solto is one of the most picturesque localities of the Sebino. Some ruins, among which are the castle and a tower from the 13th century that are square in plan, on the most northern side of the village form...

  • Riva di Solto

    I had to pull up somewhere and take some shots and this town looked as attractive as any I had been through.Palazzo Martinoni:On the main street there are two gentlemen’s houses: Palazzo Martinoni of the noble family Martinoni and Palazzo Polini of the XVIth Century, an ex monastery with a beautiful cloister with frescoes.

  • The starkness of it all

    The further north you go, the closer to the alps, yet somehow this barren mountain had managed to divest itself of all the recent snowfalls and was seemingly at odds with the beautiful water below.It would probably not be described as pretty, but it was certainly picturesque.

  • Contrast

    One of my favourite Italian things is the way the old and the new meld together. Not always harmoniously, sometimes in a manner jarring to the senses. Here we see a rugged brick exterior competing with faded frescoes adorning the high walls of nearby apartments.

  • The bends

    See, I told you the cyclists were everywhere! This is actually the spot where I peered over the side after taking this shot and saw all the fish mentioned in the tip above.

  • Water activities

    I remember walking along the foreshore at some point and noting the millions of fry swimming underneath and wondering if there were any bigger fish in the lake. No sooner had the thought crossed my mind than a fish around 2kgs swivelled his way though the crystal clear lake right below me.It reminded me of things to do on the water like rowing,...

  • Monte Isola

    Though it almost looks like it is attached to the mainland from the western shore, Monte Isola is indeed an island, occupied and with its own church sitting resplendent upon the highest point and, just to make sure I saw it, just as I was taking this photo through the haze, the bells chimed out.


Lago d' Iseo Restaurants

  • Balam's Profile Photo

    by Balam Written Jun 19, 2012

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We called here for a drink and Vicki had a Pizza, it was a lovely place to sit and the Lager was the nicest i had while on this visit to Italy. the Pizza though was supposed to be a Margarita but it was quite frankly rubbish! it was like one of the cheap cheese and tomato ones you can get from the supermarket, there was no basil on it at all. They seemed to be using these as bases and then just adding things on top for different types of pizza.
    I would certainly call here again for a drink or two but i would not bother to eat here after seeing that pizza!

    Almici Pizza?? Almici
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Lago d' Iseo Transportation

  • by shakeitbaby Updated Apr 4, 2011

    There is an all Italian website for transport in Lombardy.

    We travelled from Bergamo to Lovere without any problems. There are also buses to Sarnico but I couldn't see any to Iseo town.

    "Collegamento tra le principali località della Lombardia (comuni e frazioni)"
    You will then find a form:
    Località di partenza: where you are leaving
    Località di destinazione: where you want to go.
    Giorno del viaggio: when you want to go

    "Visualizza tutti gli orari" then click the first option on the list and enter the station you want to leave or arrive at. Click conferma. You will find a list of all modes of transport with timetables.

    "Orario servizi di trasporto Navigazione Laghi " then "lage d'iseo" to get details of the ferries.

    I think the cost of 2 single tickets from Bergamo to Lovere cost 6.70 euros.

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Lago d' Iseo Off The Beaten Path

  • Iseoman's Profile Photo

    by Iseoman Written Jul 16, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Just above lake Iseo is the Spa town of Boario nestled between the Alps. Why do I mention this ...welll it's a great location for lake AND mountain activities and there is so much to do and it costs less ! There is a complete destination guide at giving directions from Boario.

    Lovere Lake Iseo
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Lago d' Iseo Favorites

  • by shakeitbaby Written Jun 26, 2006

    Favorite thing: Unless you want to eat pizza every night, vegetarians are very badly catered for in Lovere. We didn't eat out once whilst we were there. Everything seems to have meat and fish in it.

    When eating out, you must take a phrase book because there are very few menus in English.

    The supermarket to the north of Lovere is very good and we just bought raw ingredients and made our own food. On the last day we bought mini pizzas which were fab. Not like the rubbish you buy in the UK.

    If you are buying fruit and veg out of the supermarket, you need to weigh them and have a label printed by punching in the code marked on the main price ticket. We used to do this years ago in the UK and I only realised this is what is done in Italy because I saw some one else doing it.

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