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  • Ris e spargitt al Milanese
    Ris e spargitt al Milanese
    by croisbeauty
  • Street food, general, recipes....
    by vivimero
  • Street food, general, recipes....
    by Gundam74
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    See the list: A restaurant selection

    by mauro_pd Updated Mar 12, 2005

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    La Raclette: in the Navigli area this is a medium expensive restaurant where they serve this typical swiss-french fused-cheese dish; give it a try drinkin' 'Greco di Tufo' white wine.

    Osteria Le Vigne: again in the Navigli area this not so formal 'osteria' is quite ok with wide wines selection and italian food; med expensive.

    Osteria Collina d'Italia: this is more a wine bar with 'something to eat'; if it's cold outside try one of the many soups; mid-lo expensive.

    Il Merluzzo Felice: probably the only real sicilian restaurant in Milan: small, a little bit expensive, always overbooked but really good food.

    Taverna Morigi: very special 'trani' (the old name for wine bar) in the quite heart of Milan: not really a wide selection for food but wine (better if red one) is at his best here; taste the atmosphere as well: it's unique.

    Not far away from 'Porta Romana' area a new restaurant has just opened: it's called Sole (The sun) and it looks like a wine bar with kitchen more than a standard restaurant; quite good for lightmeal, NOT for a full dinner/lunch.

    Small & smaller: Horse Cafe', essentially a sophisticated wine-bar with a very interesting cuisine choice ... a little bit expensive mainly due to wines; ideally for a romantic dinner.

    Close to the latter there's an indian restaurant which is not so attractive from outside (and actually it's not so beautiful inside :-) but the cuisine is quite ok: Punjab.
    Another one which is quite good if you love places away from the crowded areas: La Piazzetta is an unusual greek-sardinian restaurant a little bit expensive but relaxing and usually not overcrowded.

    Away from the city: Scacciapensieri, a new restaurant in Vimercate (where I work), relaxing and well atmosphered: this is ok for a complete dinner as well as for a quick meal.

    Favorite Dish: And the list goes on here.

    In the northern part of Milan, close to the 'Greco' railway station & to the 'Leoncavallo' alternative spot, you can find Mandi, a typical osteria serving great food & wine from 'Friuli' region (east italian border).

    Again out of the city centre (yes sometimes it's quite nice to arrive in front of the restaurant and park your car without getting crazy to find out a free space !): Osteria di Gaggiano, in the south-west part of the area surrounding Milan. Check the 'location' field for details ...

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    There is a great number of...

    by croisbeauty Updated Dec 24, 2004

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    Ris e spargitt al Milanese

    Besides the other things, Milano is also famous for its excellent restaurants. The cost of an average lunch goes from 10 to 100 euros, all depends on how much money you can spend on it.
    No metter how expensive or cheap the restaurant is, you always have to start you Milano lunch by traditional "primo piatto" and that has to be the famous Milan's "Ris e spargitt".

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    Eating Out

    by Flamegirl Written Mar 7, 2004

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    I liked the variety of restaurants in Milan, and although eating out is less affordable than it used to be, chinese and sushi restaurants are becoming more popular. Several other international cuisines are represented too - nothing like in London, but more so than in the rest of Italy. A plate of pasta or a pizza are never difficult to find!

    A "coperto" or cover charge is usually included in the bill; if not, the standard 10% is always welcomed (but not obligatory). If you want cheaper food obviously you'll have a better chance heading into the backstreets.

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    Pozzi Gelati, Il Negozietto & Gelateria Solferino: Don't leave home without sampling their Gelati

    by Krystynn Updated Jan 28, 2004

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    Gelati.. Ice cream made in Italy

    A Gelato (singular) or Gelati (pleural) will certainly make you go weak in the knees. If you've tried these awesome Italian-made ice cream, you'll never want to switch back to the boring mundane ice creams that we've grown to love during our growing-up years.

    I reckon, the gelati's strongest ice cream competitor must surely be Haagen Daaz.

    A Gelato don't come cheap... but hey, it's worth it!

    My favorite places in Milan to feast on yummy Gelato?

    - Pozzi Gelati
    - Gelateria Solferino
    - Il Negozietto del Gelato

    Favorite Dish: Gelato.... GELATI! The best!

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    The Best Places To Dine In Milan...

    by Krystynn Updated Jun 21, 2003

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    A proposito di pasta!

    To the Milanese, and to the Italians in general, FOOD is definitely an art - as is fashion, language and most other things in life, ya know? I think I'll fit in just fine in this country since I ADORE those exact same things. ;-D

    Here's a list of my favorite restaurants (and I hope you'll find the food just as delicious as I do):

    Visit this chic restaurant on your pay day or when you feel like splurging a little. Located at the top of La Rinascente department store, Bistrot commands a breathtaking view of the entire area. What sort of cuisine can you find here? Why, delicious Milanese cuisine, of course! Feel free to choose from one of their 3 set menus.

    Casa Fontana
    Have you eaten a rice meal - cooked in 23 different Milanese ways? Me neither. So, we headed this way one evening in Spring and have not looked back since. This restaurant certainly lives up to all the hype it's received.
    Address: Piazza Carbonari 5 (in Zara district)
    Tel. [+39] 02 6704710
    Closed Saturday lunch and Monday

    In a maze of old Milan streets, this restaurant offers typical good quality Milanese cooking with its classical Risotto Milanese and Ossobuco with Polenta. Expect to pay €31 - 50 for a meal (average cost - no wine - for 2 persons).
    Address: Via Santa Marta 11, 20123 Milano (located in Via Torino district)
    Tel. [+39] 02 86451991
    *Cosed Tuesday

    Ristorante Antica Cina
    Via G. Spontini 6
    Tel. 02-201527
    Of all the Chinese restaurants in Milan, Ristorante Antica Cina is my favorite. The decor is very 'Chinese restaurant type' with its fake rock garden and a trickling fountain. As you proceed further into the restaurant, you'll find elevated tables placed on a glass floor - and over a huge aquarium with huge goldfish. Very unique! Book in advance to avoid disappointment and don't forget to ask for "la sala acquario". ;-)

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    Donner kebab

    by d_d Written Mar 30, 2003

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    Donner Kebab

    In Milan, there are many Donner Kebab take-away and fast food.
    All the ones I've tried are really nice, cheap, with really good food and fast service.
    The posters outside are often written i German. i think that this happens, because in German there are so many donner kebab since many time, so maybe italian buy their posters from Germany.

    Favorite Dish: Taste how many dishes you can.... they're so good!

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    Any of them, they're all as bad.: AVOID THE STATION SQUARE

    by JohnnySpangles Written Sep 4, 2002

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    Avoid the restaurants in the station square, where all the big hotels are. Walk half a mile away from the square and you'll find some 'proper' Italian restaurants at half the price.

    Favorite Dish: Avoid Chianti in wicker baskets. It's dreadful and overpriced.

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    Pizza place behind the duomo.

    by Maralaat Written Aug 26, 2002

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    Pizza place behind the duomo.
    There was lots of locals eating and I can imagine why! Those pizzas were great.

    Favorite Dish: Bacon, Red pepper and mozzarella... maybe there was still one more indegredient, but I can't remember.

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  • Food is one of Milan's joys....

    by folletto Written Aug 26, 2002

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    Food is one of Milan's joys. Immigrants dish up eclectic cuisines to the delight of denizens and visitors alike. When you're tired of exquisite Lombard, Sicilian and Tuscan dishes, here you'll be able to find a fragrant bowl of pho or a spicy curry.

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    Shopping at Via de la...

    by prunila Written Aug 26, 2002

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    Shopping at Via de la Spiga…
    You can eat fresh pasta and parmesano cheese, standing outside of the shop. All bussines men do that at midday. I was shy to take them on my camera so you can only see the vitrine.

    Try all sorts of pasta and cheese in Italy:
    parmesano reggiano, gorgonzola, mozzarella, pecorino,

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    One of the best places where...

    by baserena Updated Aug 25, 2002

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    One of the best places where to go for a break is a greek sandwich bar where the most of Milan night explorers go past for a Giros sandwich. Don't miss it!
    It' a stilish greek take-away. Everyone eat his own sandwich out it's easy to find it for the crowd standing there.

    Favorite Dish: Giros with thaziki sauce

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  • Well, I don't have any...

    by anna15 Written Aug 24, 2002

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    Well, I don't have any favorite restaurant.Anyhow, I just want to tell that in the Navigli area there's a lot of good places to go for lunch or dinner or whatever. Many trattorias can offer you traditional Milanese dishes: they are simply delicious.))

    Favorite Dish: My favorite Milanese dishes are:
    1° - Risotto alla Milanese: a dish made of rice with saffron and sausages.
    2° - Cotoletta alla Milanese: a dish made of meat.
    3°- Gorgonzola or Taleggio or BelPaese: these are three different types of cheese.
    4° - Panettone: a cake made with candied fruit and raisins.We usually eat it for Christmas.

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    Eating in Milan

    by CliffClaven Written Aug 24, 2002

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    They call it a cotoletta milanese but the rest of the world would probably recognise it as a Wienerschnitzel. Whatever the name, it is just one of the delights of Italian cooking, although up here in the cold and gloomy north of the country the food tends to be heavier and more filling than in the sunny south. Don't expect to lunch outside in Milan in winter, as you would in Sicily.

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    deadyn's Restaurant Tip

    by deadyn Written Aug 24, 2002

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    Favorite Dish: in milan city the better food is a milan rise or see'risotto alla milanese' whit saffron,after there is a milan beefsteak. after you must to eat a panettone sweet.About the cheese important in milan too the 'Gorgonzola',that'is eat whit legumes,soup,gnocchi etc.

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