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  • a beautiful church where the apparition happened
    a beautiful church where the apparition...
    by Chinggis_n_Borte
  • This must be the exact spot of apparition
    This must be the exact spot of...
    by Chinggis_n_Borte
  • We took photo of the church at night.
    We took photo of the church at night.
    by Chinggis_n_Borte

Tirano Things to Do

  • Pizzoccheri Festival

    Every year, around mid September is the “Pizzocchero d’Oro”, or "Golden Pizzocchero" in Teglio, not far from Tirano, to celebrate this much loved pasta.La Sagra dei Pizzoccheri, or The Festival of the Pizzoccheri is celebrated in July, also in Teglio.In plural, "pizzocchero" is "pizzoccheri".Pizzoccheri are a type of pasta - a flat ribbon pasta,...

  • War Memorial Obelisk

    In Tirano there is an Obelisk which has the names of those men from Tirano and nearby villages who died in World War One.Considering it is a place with a small population, there are quite a lot of names on the memorial. Many if not all Tiranese families were affected by the war, with many losing a son, a husband, a brother. On the obelisk, we...

  • Annual Chisciöi Festival

    Chisciöi is a Valtellinese dialect word, and sounds more Germanic than Italian. It is sort of pronounced like "ki-scherl". It is a dialect Borte's grandparents used to speak.Chisciöi are delicious rustic "pancakes" (that may not be the best word) made of buckwheat flour (also called black flour by the Italians, or "farina nera" in Italian, or...

  • Annual Apple and Grape Festival

    In early October every year in the Valtellina, there is an Apple and Grape Festival to celebrate the autumn/fall harvest of apples and grapes in the area. In Italian, the festival is called "Sagra della Mela e dell’Uva”, (The Apple and Grape Festival). The festival is held Villa di Tirano, and people from other towns and villages in the Valtellina...

  • Monument to Emigrants

    In a small courtyard or piazza in Tirano is a monument to the Valtellinese people who left the Valtellina and migrated to other places, many times far far away to places like Australia and the USA.Some of those Valtellinese emigrants were Borte's maternal grandparents. Borte's nonna left Roncaiola near Tirano with her mother and younger sister in...

  • The Annual Bitto Cheese Festivals

    Every year in mid-late middle October, not far from Tirano, in Morbegno is the annual Bitto cheese festival called "Mostra del Bitto" in Italian, and the Regional Festival of Products of the Lombard Mountain called "Fiera Regionale dei Prodotti della Montagna Lombarda", where products of the region including cheese and wines are showcased. In the...

  • The Tourist Office

    The Tourist Office, where I was given a map of Tirano, is located just in front of the railways station.There was a lady an dwas very nice. She informed me about an Internet cafe, where I could have lunch with good local wine and the prices of the train to Milano.

  • Church of Santa Perpetua

    Up on a mountain not far from the Basilica of Madonna di Tirano, and close to the Swiss border is a very old church called Santa Perpetua.The view of Tirano and Madonna di Tirano from Santa Perpetua is spectacular.It is possible to walk up to the church, but make sure to have good walking shoes which are not slippery if the weather is wet.


    This church, called either IL SANTUARIO DELLA MADONNA DI TIRANO or LA BASILICA DELLA MADONNA DI TIRANO is the landmark of Tirano and Madonna di Tirano. It is important to Catholics for the reason that it is said that on 29 September 1504, La Madonna (Mary) appeared to a man named Mario OMODEI. The church was built on the spot of the apparition....


Tirano Hotels

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Tirano Restaurants

  • Valtellina Cuisine - rustic cooking at...

    The cuisine is local Italian food from the region of Tirano, the village of Roncaiola and the Valtellina area in particular. This food is not typical of other parts of Italy and it is not the sort of food served in overseas Italian restaurants. That's a shame, because it is indeed delicious. It is like good home cooking. Very comforting food. Full...

  • Traditional Valtellinese Cuisine

    On our last night in Tirano, we chose to eat at the restaurant of Albergo Alt Villa because we wanted to have traditional Valtillenese cuisine. We did not stay at this hotel, but the restaurant is open to all people, not just those who stay at the hotel.They offer traditional Valtillenese cuisine which is a cuisine that one will not likely find in...

  • Simply the Best!

    I have eaten pizzas at many places - but for me, this restaurant serves the best pizzas I have ever tasted. The place doesn't look that spectacular from the outside. But the food is delicious, the people always friendly and in summer you can sit and eat outside and oversee the piazza with the basilica and the little red Bernina train that passes...


Tirano Transportation

  • Train between Tirano and Switzerland

    Tirano is at the end of one Italian rail line. And Tirano is close to the border with Switzerland.You can reach Tirano from Switzerland on the Swiss train, or from trains which originate in Italy, from Milano Centrale via Lecco, for example. The Swiss owned rail Rhatische Bahn Railservice operate trains (which are red in colour) that start and...

  • Train to Tirano from Milano

    It takes about 2.5 hours from Milano Centrale to Tirano by train. The final destination on the train line is Tirano. There are direct trains every one or two hours from Milano Centrale on weekdays departing at, 6:20, 7:20, 8:20, 10:20, 12:20; 13:20; 14:20; 16:20, etc.There are also options to change trains in Lecco. It is a beautiful scenic...

  • Tirano Hotels

    5 Hotels in Tirano

Tirano Off The Beaten Path

  • Baruffini - a tiny mountain village

    On the road up from Tirano, there is a T-junction, and signs pointing to Roncaiola to the left, and Baruffini to the right.These are both "frazione", little hamlets in the mountain above Tirano and Madonna di Tirano.And both Baruffini and Roncaiola are off the beaten path hamlets high in the mountains, near the border with Switzerland.Borte's...

  • Roncaiola - a tiny mountain village

    You cannot get much more "off the beaten path" than Roncaiola, a small village high up in the mountains above Tirano and Madonna di Tirano.Roncaiola has a small number of houses, a church and an excellent restaurant called Osteria Roncaiola which offers excellent traditional cuisine and the most stunning panoramic views.Roncaiola is perched on the...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Tirano Favorites

  • Schiatt ..... fried cheese balls ......

    Schiatt are a favourite snack food or part of antipasti/starter dishes in the Valtellina area of Lombardia and Italy. Schiatt is a dialect word, which means "toad". Borte's grandparents used to speak this dialect.Schiatt are like little fried cheeseballs. They are served up in a variety of ways, including putting a wooden toothpick through them, to...

  • Bresaola - A Valtellinese Delicacy

    Bresaola is a Valtellinese cured meat which is often served as an antipasto, or in Panini/sandwiches. It is air dried, salted beef that has been aged for two or three months until it becomes hard and turns a deep dark red.When we stayed at Casa Mia B&B (see our tip) we were served exquisite wafer thin slices of bresaola at breakfast. We ate it on...

  • chisciöl - buckwheat and cheese pancakes

    Tirano has a delicious cuisine which is good home cooking and rustic.Here is a specialty of the area: chisciöl There are of course variations to the recipe.Borte's nonna used to make these.They are cheesy buckwheat flour, (Saracen flour), (or black flour, la farina nera is another name you will hear) and white flour pancakes. Some people make them...


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