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Ascoli Piceno Things to Do

  • Loggia dei Mercanti

    Wool. In Australia we know about wool. For many years there was a saying "Australia rides on the sheep's back". It was worth millions to our economy but, of course, the sheep came from overseas and, co-incidentally, these days the most expensive bales are bought by Italians.The Loggia dei Mercanti pictured here represents the commercial side of the...

  • Churches and places

    I want to advise every ones to come in ASCOLI PICENO this fantastic medieval town. it's composed in 2 parts . a lower and an higher part.the lower part is modern , with a big and very efficient hospital , lot of services ,office , police stations etc . The higher part is the older one : churches (form 1200 dc to 1760 dc) old places , museum ,...

  • Chiesa di San Francesco

    The Gothic-style church of St. Francis (begun in 1258). The dome was completed in 1549. In the side portal is the monument to Pope Julius II, while the central portal is one of the finest examples of local travertine decoration. Annexed to the church is the 16th century was the Loggia dei Mercanti, in Bramantesque style.From my email at the time: "...

  • The towers of Ascoli Piceno

    You'll see the odd tower or two around the town but, in a way, it's all a bit sad.The reasons are manifold. There are a reported 50 still there from an original number around 200. However, you'll see a lot less than that as many are only ruins or bits of other buildings.Also, a pair of the more prominent towers is not as old as the rest.A third...

  • Cloisters of Sant Agostino

    The Convent of Sant Agostino has a chequered history, and not all of that has been recorded. These days it isn't a monastery but is used for artistic purposes. Civica Galleria d'Arte Contemporanea is its official title.Personally, the thing I found of great interest is the fact that it also houses a library of over 200,000 volumes, one of the most...

  • Fountains of the Piazza Arringo

    They are in the Piazza Arringo and, sooner or later the Le Fontane Di Piazza Arringo or the the Twin Fountains of Piazza Arringo will catch your eye. Situated in front of the Information Center in the Palazzo dell'Arengo. The second identical Fountain is located closer to the Cathedral. Inaugurated in 1884 they were placed next to the new monument...

  • People's place indeed

    As we sat in the Piazza del Popolo in the Caffe Melleni that is one of Italy's 150 listed historic cafes we gazed over to the Palazzo dei Capitani, built by the Lombards in 1549. The central seated figure of Paul III Farnese was sculpted by Simone Cioli in 1544 while the adjacent clock, by Giovanni di Martino da Fossato, was done in 1543.At the...

  • Bridges of Ascoli

    On our next visit to Ascoli, we will check out every bridge. We only had time to walk over to Ponte Nuovo.

  • Wandering

    One of the best things to do in any medieval city is to wander. It's a great way to get a feel for a place and make "off the guidebook" discoveries.


Ascoli Piceno Hotels

Ascoli Piceno Restaurants

  • LaLiva - fantastic!

    If you are in Ascoli Piceno, this resteraunt is must visit. Marinella, the owner and chef, is a fantasicly outgoing woman and knows how to cook. She once asked us if we "trusted" her and of course we said yes, and I ended up having the hands down, best meal of my life! her Olive'ascolani are amazing, and I am not even a huge fan of olives! for a...

  • Tavola Calda on Piazza Arringo

    Sometimes one or all of us would not want to have the big slow lunch. When that was the case we would look for a "tavola calda". This one was fun because we had a young waitress that spoke no English (and our Italian is not so good), but she was up to the challenge. It often devolved to pointing at things and other gestures but ultimately everyone...

  • Sibille: A Laliva Original

    Trattoria LaLiva is at the top of innovation! Marinella, the owner and chef, is an outgoing and personable woman who loves to cook. She loves the people she serves, but, more than than, she loves to see the pleasure her patrons have with their dining experience at Laliva. The decor is simple but inviting; the staff is attentive. The food is...

  • What a Marvelous Eating Experience

    An enchanting evening was experienced on the 2nd night that Allan & I spent in Ascoli. At first we were disappointed because we wanted to eat at Trattoria Laliva which was suggested by the rave review of fellow VT friend, IandSmith. However, I had another suggestion from an Australian, Gavin Crawford, who had also visited Ascoli. Located upstairs...

  • Popular with locals

    I was staying at the pensione across from Cantina dell' Arte so decided to eat elsewhere. Just around the corner, I spotted Pizzeria Garden Rose, which was about half filled when I arrived. Most of the other diners were eating pizza, but I ordered a complete course of pasta, fish, salad, wine and fruit. Near the middle of my meal the pizzeria was...

  • Real "Deals" Offered at....

    If you are even on a more restricted budget than Allan and I were, you would do well to eat all your meals at the Restorante-Caffe Cantina dell Arte in Ascoli Piceno. Staying at the Pensione across the street, the Cantina dell' Arte, 2-star hotel, affords one the opportunity to eat here for breakfast, lunch and dinner for 20 Euro per person!We only...


Ascoli Piceno Nightlife

  • Coming to San Benedetto del Tronto

    15 minutes driving and Ascoli people come to San Benedetto del Tronto. Ascoli Piceno is very beautiful historical place, but don't have a real nightlife. In San Benedetto it depends by the place you'r going....

  • Couldn't tell you whether...

    Couldn't tell you whether Ascoli has discos or not. Maybe in the modern city outside the ancient walls, but that's a different and hideous world. Our evenings were spent having a beer at a cafe on the Piazza and watching the local scene. It's like an enormous cocktail party with shifting groups of people chatting, kids running around, families...

  • Ascoli Piceno Hotels

    11 Hotels in Ascoli Piceno

Ascoli Piceno Transportation

  • Easy Access Parking in Ascoli Piceno

    I am so glad that I did my research before I left home so that I was aware of the Car Park near the ancient section of Ascoli Piceno.This car park is really unique. We asked directions because we were somewhat lost, and young men got into their own car and showed us the way. We drove into the gated car park, took a ticket, and parked our car. Then,...

  • Getting to Ascoli isn't the...

    Getting to Ascoli isn't the easiest thing in the world without a car. Trains go there, but the timetable is confusing, and the climb up the valley from the coast is slow and full of stops. You may be able to get a train direct from Ancona or you may have to change at San Benedetto del Tronto. Our official Italian timetable was confusing and...

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Ascoli Piceno Shopping

  • deecat's Profile Photo

    by deecat Updated Oct 31, 2006

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    While visiting Piazza Arringo, which is the center of Municipality, we stopped at Libri Scolastici, originally to purchase post cards to send to VT friends. While inside the small shop, we noticed that it was also an Internet spot.

    We got online and checked our e-mails, and wrote e-mails. I purchased a book that included English for some of the places to visit in Ascoli Piceno. Of course, I purchased the wonderful post cards that I had originally intended to purchase. Allan purchased the International Harold Tribune.

    It was almost time for the owner to close up, but he did not hurry us. He was more than happy to let us stay to finish our internet business.

    What to buy: While Allan was on the computer, I perused this fascinating little shop and noticed that they sold all kinds of religious objects. Several older, local women entered the shop while we were there and purchased religious items. There were also various tourist-type gifts.

    They seemed to have the best selection of post cards that I saw while visiting Ascoli Piceno. I also noticed that these post cards were larger than usual. They cost about fifty cents American money.

    The photo is one I took of Allan while he was writing an e-mail to our daughter Jill. It was located in front of a sunny window, so the effect was almost like a silhouette.

    What to pay: The internet cost was supposed to be 5 Euro per hour; however, because we were there for a portion of an hour, he only charged us about 1.50 Euro.

    Allan using the computer at Libri Scolastici
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Ascoli Piceno Local Customs

  • Food and Wine of Ascoli Piceno

    It was great fun to try the many special foods and wines in Ascoli Piceno.This town is famous for its cheeses (formaggio), cold meats and salami, stuffed olives, mushrooms, honey, spicy bread, olive oil.We tried the Piceno olives that are filled with a mixture of different kinds of meat such as pork, beef, chicken, mortadella ham, cheese, lamb, or...

  • In Ascoli you had better be...

    In Ascoli you had better be prepared to speak some Italian. This is a small town, off the beaten track, and foreign tourists are rare enough to attract attention from the locals, to the extent that we got stared at fairly frequently. Absolutely no one made any attempt to speak to us in English, which I find to be quite rare in Italy, and it was...

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Ascoli Piceno Warnings and Dangers

  • dnwitte's Profile Photo

    by dnwitte Written Aug 24, 2002

    0.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    It's hard to issue warnings about such a nice town. Look out for the remote possibility of your bag being snatched. We did witness drugs being dealt in the Piazza del Popolo by shady looking teenagers. Otherwise it would be hard to think of an Italian town seeming any safer.

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Ascoli Piceno Off The Beaten Path

  • Palm Tree, Statues, Bridges, and Markets

    There were several times when I took a photograph, not knowing exactly what I was seeing but enjoying the view. This "Off the Beaten Path Tip" is the place that I've decided to place these images.The lead photo is the large statue across from the Chiesa Della Carita which the locals of Ascoli call "chiesa della Scopa" or church of the broom' from...

  • Be Sure to Check Out the Public Gardens

    While wandering around Ascoli Piceno, Allan and I literally "stumbled" upon what is known as The Public Gardens. To be honest, we saw a darling little girl about Sabrina Dee's age and wished to check it out. She was with her mother and pointing to everything, naming each item (in Italian, of course!)What an oasis this garden is for flower and plant...

  • Ascoli Piceno Hotels

    11 Hotels in Ascoli Piceno

Ascoli Piceno Favorites

  • The Longobardi exhibition

    The Langobards (or Lombards) were a Germanic tribe that began in southern Sweden and worked their way down into Italy by the 6th century. There they established permanent German rule in Italy, but became Italians in the process. This movement from Sweden to Italy was gradual, taking some four centuries. Their original name, Longobards, refers to...

  • Piazza Arringo

    Since the founding of Ascoli Piceno as a free city-state, this is the square where public assemblies were held. The word "arengo" means just that and so the corruption to Arringo. The buildings look like they were erected just recently and the splendid Cathedral of S. Emidio is a fine example of just that. On its left is the octagonal Baptistry of...

  • Post Office is Best Place to...

    Allan and I have found that when we visit a town in Italy, we always check out the location of the Post Office. Yes, I use the Post Office as most of you mail my post cards. However, we also use the post office to exchange our dollars into Euros. We learned this in 1997. The exchange rate is just a "tad" above the going price, and the...


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