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  • Tiziano
    by xaver
  • Tiziano
    by xaver
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Porto Recanati Things to Do

  • borgo marinaro

    Porto Recanati is booming... and the evidence is the recent construction of a complex of flats just off the main avenue - corso matteotti. it's a beautiful testeful complex, built around a square, with a nice garden and plenty of flowers... restaurants and bars are also being built. it's going to be the next happening place in town. So far all...

  • il colosseo

    Not many years ago there was an architect who wanted to build a remarkable holiday complex... and chose Porto Recanati for it... he wanted it harmonius, so he made it circular... Well, something went wrong as the complex is a real eyesore. Local people call it the "colosseum" in jest - and it's really one of the ugliest buildings I have ever seen...

  • Castello Svevo

    The Castello Svevo owes its name to King Frederic II of Svevia, the lord of the land where the castle now stands. The year it was built is still unknown, some people say 1229 - others later. It had defensive purposes, especially against the Turks, that in the past used to ravage the coast.The most interesting part of the castle is the quadrangular...


Porto Recanati Hotels

  • Hotel Mondial

    Viale Europa 2, , Porto Recanati, Marche 62017

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

  • Hotel Il Brigantino

    This hotel is about 3 kilometers far from the centre of the town.In summer it's a convenient choice...

  • Giannino Hotel Ristorante

    Viale Cristoforo Colombo 25, Lungomare nord, Porto Recanati, 62017, Italy

    Good for: Families

Porto Recanati Restaurants

  • Great and original dishes

    Last summer a friend that uses to visit every yer complained about the fact that all restaurants where I took him had the same menu, nice food, but always the same stuffs. I had never thought about it before but he was right so I started looking for something new. Finally I found this Tiziano that I had never heard about before. It's not in the...

  • Sushi on the boat

    This is definitly not the place I like to go, it looks like those restaurants where you go more to see and to be seen than to eat. I went because I knew the sushi chef and I was sure about his skills. The sushi was infact excellent, he is brazilian and so not everything is japanese style.The carateristic is that sushi can be served on a boat there...

  • Abruzzo specialites

    This very small restaurant is owned by a family from abruzzo region and most dishes are caracteristic of that area.The restaurant as I said is really small so it's better to book.They have a big choice of wines both white and red ones.Food quality is over standard but I must say it's a little bit overpriced, though worth if you like tastefull meat...

  • Vegeterians stay away!

    This is a seaside town so, practically all restaurant cook fish or may be pizza but hardly any meat.This is finally a smallrestaurant specialised in meat dishes.It's really small, about 30 people and no more with the old osteria style.Eating starter and a pasta dish and a main course meat dish with wine and a great grape to finish costs about 25...

  • somehow overpriced

    This is probably the most popular fish reastaurant in town as it is very centrally located.I think their cousine is pretty good but it doesn't change at all during the seasons, you can go in december or july and you have the same menu.The tourist menu at 25 euro is not bad though as it includes pasta, main course and water and wine. But if you try...

  • Classy but very nice location

    This is one of the most classy restaurants in town.It is the place you usually go for the people that you will find more than the food. You can have fish dishes or pizza ones but they are definitly overpriced if compared with standard restaurant prices, but I must say location and service are an additional value in here.In summer you have outside...

  • A hidden pearl

    This is a very old style italian trattoria, one of the few place where actually today you can have a good carbonara.The place is extremely simple, even ridicolous for some sides, for example they do not even have the same tablecloth at any table.The restaurant is very small so try to book. Ciabattoni is their best dish.It is a very big kind of...

  • ice-cream heaven

    Da ferruccio is not the real name of this ice-cream place, but everyone calls it so... maybe it's the owner, maybe a past owner... whoever Ferruccio is, it's a fact of minor importance. What matters is that its ice-creams are "made in heaven"... really. My favourite is "bacio", which is chocolate and nuts - but everyone else seems to agree that...

  • Donkey Anyone!!

    We went to this pub/restaurant and order Donkey meat. Call me adventurous....well you got to try anything new once and it was an interesting thing to do too. Yes it is really donkey meat and I tried it .. proof on the photo. Its eaten with bread just like a sandwich. Thinly slice like a prosciutto -the Italian style of dry-cured meat.Well it taste...


Porto Recanati Nightlife

  • In Summer

    This is a open air bar/Pub opened usually from late may untill mid september. It's on the seaside and i is very unformal, so the best place to take a beer or a mojito after dinner.It is the main pub on the seaside intown, so it tends to be really crowded after 10 pm.Important: it's one of the few places where you can still smoke, as an ex smoker, I...

  • The only real pub in town

    This is the only pub left in town as, all the others became restaurants, wine bar or just closed.It's a small place where you can find some good beers and eat pasta or some other dishes.You find people all the days at any hour from 9 am untill 4 am and it's the only chance to eat something you have after 11 pm.A pint of beer is 5 euro, so it's not...

  • Porto Recanati Hotels

    7 Hotels in Porto Recanati

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Porto Recanati Tourist Traps

  • Ice-cream

    Don't try italian home made ice-cream, if you are not going to come back to Italy. You will never enjoy any other. To me the best is in Firenze (one particular gelateria, the name of which I don't remember, but everybody knows where is it). My favorite kind of ice-cream was "meringa". In Porto Recanati i discovered one more preferito - nocciola...

  • fake palio

    Some medieval towns nearby in summer used to organise events like medieval games, races, musical festival or just dinners.So, 5 years ago, porto recanati decided to have its own historical event too.Theater? Brodetto(typical fish soup) festival? Miss over 90?No, a race among the historical quarters of the town.People have to run with boxes full of...

  • du iu spic inglisc?

    Today july 6th I went in a pharmacy and it was incredibly crowdy, a long queue waiting to ask for medicines or simply to pay a shampoo, I was pretty surprised as they usually sell you everything without even looking at your face, a kid 6 year old could buy pregancy tests or condoms, anyway all this mess was due to a poor german woman that was just...


Porto Recanati Off The Beaten Path

  • Suggestion

    If you want to relax at a newly opened ( i believe 2 years) and very beautiful beach club I suggest you to go to Pineta Beach. It is at a 5 min walking distance from the center of porto recanati and it is a wild and natural beach, different than the typical italian beach. It was windy and there were quite a large number of kite surfers. I also...

  • walking route

    There are two nice walking or biking routes that take you from Porto Recanati up to Loreto(a sort of pelegremenage) or to Numana.I prefer the one to Loreto, for sure not for religious pourpouses but just because its trough countryside and so totally traffic free.It takes about 2 hours and half or more to go and come back without being in hurry.Take...

  • winter

    In winter Porto Recanati itself is definitly an off the beaten path, it's practically a desert town where people live and, above all, sleep waiting for the next summer.The best time to visit is probably end of may/june when the weather is usually fine and there are just a few tourists around.


Porto Recanati Favorites

  • call_me_rhia's Profile Photo

    by call_me_rhia Updated Oct 16, 2002

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: Porto Recanati is a little town about 30 minutes south of Ancona, along the coast. It's also a sleepy town for most of the year, with roughly 10000 inhabitants. Off-season it's a really cosy place to be: beaches are empty, streets and roads not crowded, people friendly and unstressed. It's really a good place to wind down for a couple of days and recharge your batteries. It's also a the perfect place to catch up with old and new friends and have a smile and a laugh.

    Fondest memory: Porto means harbour in English, but Porto Recanati, strangely, doesn't have a harbour - nor has it ever had one. Logic? None!
    No wonder it's the home VT-member Xaver.

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