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  • Antine: fried eggs with white truffle
    Antine: fried eggs with white truffle
    by JLBG
  • Antine: fried eggs with white truffle
    Antine: fried eggs with white truffle
    by JLBG
  • Barbaresco
    by JLBG

Barbaresco Things to Do

  • The belfrey and the medieval tower

    The church has no clock tower (I mean that there is no clock) but a belfrey. It sounds almost like the belfreys in the north of France and in Belgium with several clocks that give a small tune. Behind the belfrey (second photo) stands an old medieval tower that amazingly does not have any visible entrance. It is 9 meters long on each side, 36...

  • Barbaresco chapel

    Though Barbaresco has only 657 inhabitants it has a church (closed) and a chapel (open). The chapel shows on the first photo, half hidden behind an old tree. At first sight (second photo), the inside seems to be very sober, without any decor. Though, the third photo reveals an amazing setting of the choir. The fourth photo shows that the altar (?)...

  • High rows

    This photo was taken inside a vineyard and shows that they are planted as continuous rows and not as single plants. They are lead around a height of 2 m which is not very common but also found in Val d’Aoste (Italy) and Alsace (France).

  • Vines follow the contour-lines.

    The first photo was taken from the terrace of Ca’ da Rabaja on the first morning of our stay. It shows the vines that underline the contour-lines of the hills. If you enlarge the photo, you will see in the foreground a rose : they are often planted at the beginning of each row as it is supposed to “catch” the fungal diseases and protect the...

  • Barbaresco’s wineyards

    The first photo shows the wineyards that spread on every hill with in the background, the village of Barbaresco on its brow. The second photo was taken with tele lens from the same palce and shows better the wine yards underneath Barbaresco.

  • View from Ca’ du Rabajà

    This is the view on the wineyards taken in the morning from the terrace in front of Ca’ du Rabajà, the Agroturism where we spent four nights. Around Barbaresco, the wineyards cover entirely the slopes of the hills.

  • Another view of Barbaresco

    On this photo, Barbaresco is seen with tele lens from a distant hill. The village with the old tower stands in the middle (the belfrey does not show much). On the far right, the winery that was on the second photo of “view from the tower”. In the foreground, a hamlet belonging to Barbaresco, that should be Rabaja.

  • Another village

    This photo, taken with tele lens shows another village in the distance. Sorry, I cannot give its name, I am now unable to identify it as there are so many around ! Almost every hill is topped either by a few houses or by a village.

  • View from the medieval tower.

    From the bottom of the tower, one wiew is towards the village street and the “Cantina Produtorre” (wine producers’ cave) appearing on the first photo. It was created at the end of the 19th century.The second photo is a close-up of the back ground with a view on the wine yards and a winery on top of another hill.


Barbaresco Restaurants

  • Antine

    Antine is not the kind of place where they run after the customer. The door is closed and you have to ring to be introduced to the dining room, on top of the entrance. Actually, had not it be in the "Guide du Routard" for Piemont, which I have always found to be reliable, we would not have been to such an unwelcoming place ! That would have been a...

  • La Gibigianna

    La Gibigianna is a wine bar. Each day, they have three wines to taste by the glass for a very reasonnable price (sorry, I don't remember the exact price). They give you local "procciuto" (dried ham) and rounds of sausages to taste with it. Their wines are always among the best of the area. You can buy bottles of this wine, or just taste.

  • Trattoria "Antica torre" (following)

    Sorry, here five photo were not enough and this page is the following of the previous one that introduced the white truffles. The second photo shows the first meal (antipasto freddo), carne cruda (raw meat). It is made with freshly ground heifer meat, seasoned with salt and pepper, added with olive oil and sprinkled with lemon juice. It is well...


Barbaresco Nightlife

  • Sun (?) trying to rise !

    This photo was taken on a very hazy morning from Ca’ do Rabaja. This is not really nightlife, but is it day life ? The haze was so thick that for several minutes, the sun looked almost as if it were the moon ! On the first photo, it is just rising while on the second, it looks as a ball standing on the edge of the horizon !

  • Late evening landscape

    This is neither nightlife but at the very end of the afternoon (waiting for the restaurant to begin serving !) the landscape from the basement of the old tower, towards the valley with the river Sesia that winds among fields with crops of juicy fruits and vegetables.

  • Barbaresco Hotels

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Barbaresco Shopping

  • JLBG's Profile Photo

    by JLBG Written Nov 13, 2005

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    The enoteca ‘Vignaioli Piemontesi’ stands in Castagnito, at the cross of the road coming from Barbaresco (4 km) with the road from Alba to Asti. Though this place is a part of Castagnito, it is in the valley, far from the city's heart, on top of the hills. Actually, it is much closer to Barbaresco.

    The signs on its front say : Vini e spumanti, prodotti di Langa, confezioni regalo, grappe, tartuffi, salumi e formaggi, torroni e dolci, specialita. (Wines and sparkling wines, spirits truffles, sausages and cheese, torroni [kind of local nougat] and sweets, specials).

    It is open from 9:30 to 19:00, Monday through Saturday and 9:30-12:00 and 15:00 to 19:00 on Sundays. At first it might look strange that there is neither parking lot not entrance but the entrance (and the parking) are at the rear.

    What to buy: It is run by the wine producers of the Langhe and well kept. The inside is wide, with cute little woodden carts (second photo). I strongly recommand that you have a look and buy there everything that you want to take home, better than in the shops in Asti or Alba.

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Barbaresco Off The Beaten Path

  • Giant sundial

    In front of the Chapel, a giant sundial fills the whole side wall of a house. On top, is written “De laborem dabo fructus”. Sorry, I can’t find my Latin dictionnary ! It might mean something like “From work comes fruits” or “work is fruitful” . That makes sense !At the bottom “De Barbarisco turris et arx”, which means “from the tower and citadel of...

  • Sundial “Vita fugit sicut umbra”

    This sundial is on display on the front wall of a house in Barbaresco with the sentence “Vita fugit sicut umbra”, which, if I am correct means “life flows away as shade do”. Ot top, it is adorned by angels at play, that I have enlarged on the second photo. From left (lower row) to right (upper row) : angel writing, angel resting (thinking ?), angel...

  • Chimneys

    I have a crush for chimneys ! Wherever I go, I take photos of the chimneys : they are very different from one region to another. In Barbaresco, they are elegant, looking like small houses with a two slopes cover made of tiles.


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